Chapter 13 : Looking at the big picture

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「Well, what’s left now, is only to wait until they surrender. Our opponents are still too vigorous right now, they would most likely refuse.」

He, Yuki, said as if the work was already done. I want to scream. I don’t want to admit.
Nearly 1500 people are already inside and invaded the dungeon. From them, around 340 died from a pitfall… without fighting?
The remainder is left alone in the Dungeon. With no food, no water, and no help. The front is their only option, they can only go forward, and at most, with a small group of 6. After that, come the long corridor. Within, there is the perfidious, unbeatable trap. You can’t back from there as a pitfall is wide open at the entrance.
When you enter, your only choice is, going forward and fall or going backward and fall. After that, the trap reset.

Elite soldiers, from the Country of Rochelle, are mercilessly dealt by the traps.

Anyone will understand. This is perfection. Only one person, defeating more than a thousand foes.
However, that’s the power of a Dungeon Master?
I’m puzzled.
All he did was setting pitfalls, but, he eventually caught the whole army.
Wasn’t Yuki the one who spoke about 「Strategy」 and 「Planning 」?
According to Yuki, it’s how to fight with your head.
Even regarding the stronger opponents, they still can’t do anything.
But is this really adequate? Why offer the choice to surrender?
By now, all the soldiers from the army of Rochelle should be inside pitfalls.

「Hey, Yuki… Why do you want them to surrender? After seeing your previous action, wouldn’t they die inside the Pitfalls?」
「Oh oh, that’s the first time you called me by my name. Putting that aside, it’s as Seraria said, I can choose to end their life.」

Yuki admits it. But I don’t know about his real intentions…If he killed them here, he wouldn’t need to take care of them. Is he considering our feelings?

「You don’t want them to suffer, Seraria, the one manipulated by the Minister?」

Yuki stared at me so seriously.


As for Herge, her face was red, her eyes swelled tears.

「A lie. Definitely a lie !! In the first place, it should be impossible for Yuki, while only use his head, to reach this situation. What did you say earlier? A hundred battles? [always think of ways to minimize damage] was it? This must hold another meaning!」

So, [always think of ways to minimize damage]? If you set such a policy, you wouldn’t shelter us. Even if you know the circumstances, you should throw us away. We bore too many risks.
To be honest, it’s just guessing… It’s my intuition. But, no matter how much I try, I’m stuck, I can’t comprehend any further.

「It’s as Seraria said, I have another motive.」
「What is it?」
「Think by yourself! Do you think I will tell you so readily?」
「I don’t understand !!」

It’s annoying, really annoying. I can’t understand at all. But, if Yuki doesn’t help, we’re totally helpless.

「Explain your plan already. We need your help to understand Yuki.」
「…Is it good? It will take sometimes, I will talk a bit about my circumstances after all.」
「If it’s only about time, we can have as much as we want.」
「Not really, if the soldiers surrender now, I will need to act accordingly.」
「Say it already !!」
「Ane-Sama, please, calm down!!」

Herge caught me. If she wasn’t here, I would have probably hit this guy many times already.
The man in question, Yuki, is looking at me as if I was nothing but troubles.

[ Where to start…that’s right. Don’t be rough, please, wait until i’m done talking before asking your questions.] 「Got it.」
「I created this plan in order to help you. It would be nice, once you leave, to not leak about how I manage the Dungeon in public.」

That’s true, Herge explained it to me, he became a Dungeon Master recently. He doesn’t have any common sense at all.
But, by chance, regarding Herge being saved as an accident, isn’t this the only reason could stay alive?

[Thus, after that incident, I helped Herge return to her country.
After that, when hunted by the soldiers, I gave you shelter.
I judged that they would capture and kill you if I didn’t let you enter. However, a good opportunity arises when Herge wore the name [dungeon master」. Thanks to this, you will be able to persuade the soldiers. They will not kill you, and even help you to return to Rochelle. The more soldiers die here, the fewer allies remain. After you return to the capital, and take over the control, with the help of the soldiers, I will be able to spend my days leisurely.]

「I understand, if I am able to return safely to the capital, I will help you.」
「Thank you very much for saying this in advance, before your return.」
「Didn’t you think we would get rid of you?」
「In the end, it may turn out like this. That’s why, this time, I used the soldiers in order to train, in case you would become my enemy. Indeed, thanks to them, I managed to learn many precious things.」
[I see, so it didn’t matter to you how things will turn out…..You are truly terrifying. However, why did you have Herge act as the Dungeon Master? Was it that it would have been fine for you to leave, Yuki?] [that was a simple matter. All I did was transforming the idea of [The Dungeon Master is safe」 into [The dungeon is under the control of the powerful Holy Woman」 which one do you think is more acceptable nationally? And by the upper echelon as well?] [it will definitely be the latter. Though the former is not impossible, in front of such a dangerous bridge, the choice of having Herge act as you intended is much safer.]

Really? I might fall for Yuki… Moreover, it is not a mistake to say that Herge is attached to the Dungeon Master as well. To have him as an enemy is really fearful. But, to have him as a friend is heartwarming and encouraging. Honestly, if Yuki turns into my enemy, It’s impossible for me to even think about capturing his dungeon.

「However, we need to think about how we can deal with the Loire. Otherwise, you would not be able to make allies and revolt against the Royal Capital.」

We needed to do something about Loire, who drove us into this situation huh? Until we do this, the capital will be dangerous. Even if we do return now, how many would hear us? we will probably be disposed of immediately using the fact that we are monsters.

「Ah ah, I think it’s fine already.」
「Uh, what do you mean?」
「I received news from Mauve.」
Mauve? The man who turned Herge into a slave? And threatened her? Even if Herge forgave him, I will never. I will beat him to death.

『First, As Yuki said, Oujo-Sama and the king got assassinated .』


『Hey, did I just heard Oujo-Sama?』
「Ah, explain more please.」
『I’m not done. I’m not done. With the help of our collaborators, we could prevent the assassination.』
「Eeeh, Collaborators??」
『That’s right, according to the schedule, the King sent a messenger, with the notice. 『Because I got assassinated, return immediately.』The soldiers will return in a few days.』

Only…The things Yuki and the others are talking about…


My scream was definitely not a funny one.

(TL: an entire chapter from Seraria’s PoV. Please, no more…)

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