Chapter 16 : Discussions and explanations about the way of Dungeon management.

side : Kazuya Torino alias:Yuki

After the king cried for a while, I resumed the talk.

(Yuki) 「I have no evidence, so it’s up to you to believe me.
If you’re worrying about it, I did not help you out of good will.」

Although it was only good intentions at the beginning, it’s fine to assume that I will use them to survive in the future.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Listen clearly. You can say that you are working from behind the scene and that it was not out of good will. But this one doesn’t believe it, in fact, this one even has a good impression of you. Nu ahahahah…! !』

Rochelle the sixth said this and laughed. How old is this guy? The King’s appearance and his behavior didn’t match. It wasn’t a bad feeling, though.

(Aria) 『Father, how about hearing the Dungeon Master and what does he want for now?』
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Let’s see. Dungeon master, what exactly does thou wish for? What would you like us to do? And is there any advantage for us?』

Well, It was already checkmate then. But even if they refused, I can destroy any of the subjugation forces they have.

(Yuki) 「With your help, it is a simple matter. I want to create a Village or a Town inside the Dungeon and I would like you to tell everyone that this Dungeon is Harmless.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『A Village or a Town inside the Dungeon? Why would you do such a thing?』
(Yuki) 「I have to explain it. It might be a bit long and troublesome. So Herge, Oriel and Seraria, please listen once more because this time’s discussion will include all my hope.」
(Seraria) 「Yuki, what do you mean? By any chance, where you keeping something secret from us?」
(Yuki) 「You know, I am not someone who show every of his skills at the beginning.」

I stopped for one breath. The gazes from everyone gathered on me.

(Yuki) 「Let me start with some questions. Because my explanations are long, I’ll be likely to forget and not ask it.」
(Seraria)「I understand.」
(Herge)「I’m okay with it.」

Those three accepted.

(Aria) 『I don’t mind either way.』
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『This one can’t see any problem.』
(Lulu) 『…Okay』
(Mauve’s Party) 『For our party, it’s the same as them.』

The other side was okay. Let’s get it started.

(Yuki) 「First of all, I want to ask you. Why do you think places like Dungeons exist?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Hum? Doesn’t they occur naturally?』
(Aria) 『That’s not the case Father, why would they occur naturally? I would like someone to explain what fundamental he know about them.』
(Lulu) 『Then , from my own interpretation and what I could read in records, Dungeons are made with the purpose of luring persons and beasts inside them. You cannot found any record of the existence of a treasure chest inside any ordinary cave, but that is not the case regarding Dungeons. In other words, a reason for Dungeons to lure people inside is, for example, to bring foods in order to live.』

Oh! This Holy Woman, Lulu, could really use her head. I had the feeling, I could not neglect her too much.

(Yuki) 「You’re almost right about this Dungeon. Even if you think otherwise, please listen ’till the end…」

I explained the concept of DP and how they were provided.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『I understand. As the Dungeon Master, it’s a more efficient way to earn DP if people live inside the Dungeon than doing one fight after another.』
(Yuki) 「I hope to change it. Try to compare it. Imagine your own country being abducted. It’s the same as putting a tax in order to not let people starve to death.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『That is a possibility. However, how can you explain the actions of the other Dungeons? Among many old records, it is said that a Dungeon’s Master only bring disaster.』
(Yuki)「How should I explain it if I want you to understand? That’s fine. If your Country is overflowing with money and power, can you say that the nobles are not blinded by it?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『It’s not different, the current situation is enough to demonstrate it.』

The King shook is head, his face seemed tortured.

(Seraria) 「… Wait a moment. If that’s the case, isn’t the present situation bad?」

Seraria meddled in.

(Herge) 「What do you mean, Ane-Sama?」
(Oriel) 「Now I understand. Herge-Sama, How does a Dungeon seems to look for the world these days?」
(Herge) 「That’s… Something that must be subjugated immediately once it appears. But some Dungeons also become places used for the sake of training. Compared to the Dungeon Yuki-San is making… Hahhh」
(Seraria) 「Yes, that is the problem. We didn’t know about this Dungeon before the Royal Guards came here.」
(Herge) 「Now that it completely won against the army of Rochelle…」

Seraria had a headache.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Wh..what, even if they were not that numerous, the best of our army!?』
(Lulu) 『Huuh!?』

The King and Lulu were completely surprised. But not Princess Aria, she was smiling. Something is wrong with her.

(Seraria) 「Then Yuki, What will you do about it? The Dungeon now look the same as the one from legends. The worst kind of Dungeons.」
(Yuki) 「No problem, even though it was a complete victory, not much damage were done to the enemy. If around 1500 of them return safely, this shouldn’t be any problem, no?」
(Seraria) 「Yuki, that’s wrong. Only sending the Royal Guard back without doing anything else will connect to this Dungeon reputation.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『If This one promote the construction of a village inside your Dungeon. This one will earn the disapproval of the citizens and the officials. Then, this one would not be able to support you.』

Fufufufu, we already reached halfway throughout the plan

(Yuki) 「Well, This Dungeon may get a bad reputation out of this. However, what would happen if another Country learn about this army’s defeat?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『When you consider the recent actions of the Holy Country. They will have an opportunity to conspire with Galtz against Rochelle. Using what happened with Herge, they will say that the fake Holy Woman is disturbing the order of the world.』
(Yuki) 「Oh, that’s probably what will happen. So, did you think about a solution?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Spread the news, we succeeded in the Dungeon’s subjugation and place a gag order about the defeated army.』
(Yuki) 「What do you think is better?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)『A better solution? Do you have any?』
(Yuki) 「Yeah, if Herge dies, it’s also a good solution. If you do that, everything can be settled. Internally and Externally.」
(Herge) 「Eeeh!? Am I going to die!?」
(Yuki) 「Calm down Herge, we’re talking about impersonation. I will definitely protect you, so don’t worry!!」

Ohhh, you didn’t have to be so loud near me, did you? It was about the time I get to the point now.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『Herge being alive is an obstacle for the Holy Kingdom of Ritea and they are bound to know that the Herge living inside the Dungeon is the real one. They are surely going to try and assassinate her. What more, this matter is bound to be leaked out. It will become a reason for Ritea to come and attack us.』
(Yuki) 「That’s the point. It’s fine if the Dungeon gets a bad reputation. I will make a separate Dungeon and you can promote the construction of a new village here.」
(Seraria) 「Come to think of it, you said before that you could create a fake Dungeon Core… Yuki, you’ll be fine either way. 」
(Yuki) 「I told you before right, it was an experiment. This way, I can firmly deal with my opponents. This way, I will be able to improve and strengthen the next Dungeon event more. In order to protect the one living inside the Dungeon.」
(Seraria) 「Strenghtening it more, even if it’s already this strong huh… That’s fearsome.」

Seraria said it with an amazed look on her face.

(Lulu) 『Wait!! Are you saying, it’s possible to create Dungeon Cores!? Wasn’t it impossible for a Dungeon Master to survive without a Dungeon Core!?』

Lulu seemed very surprised. Probably because I forgot to explain it, huh.

(Yuki) 「You most likely got the wrong person. The one you were talking about was a Dungeon Boss. If they disappear when the Dungeon Core is stolen, that means they were controlled by a Dungeon Core.」
(Lulu) 『You said an amazing thing. Doesn’t a Dungeon Boss is equal to a Dungeon Master?』
(Yuki) 「The next part of the story is a bit complicated. You should hear it from Herge or someone else. Real Dungeons Masters like me are very few in reality.」
(Lulu) 『Wha…what are you saying… How do you generate a Dungeon Core!?』
(Yuki)「You can, of course, do it with DP.」
(Lulu) 『Please, wait a moment if we dive in the Dungeon right now…』
(Yuki) 「Other Dungeon masters can obtain DP but refining the Dungeon Core, it helps them expand their Dungeons. But if the Dungeon Master dies, congratulation! No more construction. The Dungeon Core will only accumulate DP.」
(Lulu) 『Perhaps even the Dungeons used for training are…』
(Yuki) 「The possibility exists, in my case, I can take control over a Dungeon Core by touching it.」
(Lulu) 『Then come immediately!! Rather than Dungeons made by someone unknown, you’re a much better choice right!?』

The shout was made by Lulu, with an expression full of astonishment.

(Yuki)「No way! I don’t want to die yet. If you want me to go outside of my Dungeon, you have to accept my conditions and calm the Country.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)『If this one cooperates, and this one says that he conquered you, would you mind it?』

Rochelle’s King looked like he was ready to try.

(Yuki)「I told you, either way, are fine to me. Although I won’t show mercy if you repay my kindness with hatred. I will definitely kill you all and turn you into DP. And if you break your promise, I can always abandon this Dungeon and create another one in a different land. I already got the prerequisites to create a small Dungeon. and it only takes from 3 to 20 days anyway.」
(Herge) 「Huummm, Yuki-San, by the present situation, those who entered the Dungeon until now are…」
(Yuki)「Until now, it was only Herge’s group and the army.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『You managed to obtain a complete victory over our army with a Baby Dungeon… Like Seraria said, that’s fearsome.』
(Yuki)「What will you choose?」

The King loosened his shoulders.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『This one will accept your proposal. But this one hope you can hear his only request. Could you shelter Herge with you? There is no safest place than your Dungeon actually. This one may sound selfish and be the lowest kind of parent. But between his people and Herge, this one will choose his people. You can think that this one is Heartless. 』

The King made a deep bow toward me.

(Yuki)「Judgement is an essential thing for a ruler. King of Rochelle, I’m trusting you. As long as you don’t betray this trust, I promise to protect Herge. If you manage to stay alive and settle the situation, Princess Herge will one day be able to return to the outside world.」

I was looking at my surroundings after I gave this answer. No… Should you return a bow with a bow?
(Seraria) 「Yuki, what are you doing all of a sudden… It suits you but… It doesn’t seem like something you would do.」

Saying so, Seraria looked as if she saw something unbelievable.

(Herge) 「Yuki-San… Thank you… ve,very much…」

Herge was sobbing.
I had a strange feeling about this.

(Yuki) 「Since it has already been decided that we will cooperate. Because Ritea is going to discover this eventually, I might need your help and change my strategy and the way I manage the Dungeon.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 『This one understand. What is your plan?』

While laughing, I kept going with the conversation.

(Yuki) 「First, you need to smoke out the bugs inside Rochelle. Seconds, you need to keep Ritea on check.」

Isn’t this the final act already?
I still need to plan the stabilization of the country, though. Altogether with the management of the Dungeon once it stabilizes. I know that I would eventually be a part of this in order to achieve my goal, to think that I had to lend a hand this early…

Lucky or unlucky?

Author’s word :
The storm of the report of omitted or wrong characters are as impressive as ever and I am really sorry.
But thanks to you, I can keep writing with ease.
Please keep on reporting column, characters, pasting errors and more…
I write this story as a hobby. But for everyone’s cooperation until there, thank you.

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    • You need to look at the difference between Brackets.
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