Chapter 21 – Caught off guard

Chapter 21 : Caught off guard !?

(Yuki)「Well, now that we kicked out Mauve for good, all that’s left is Raija and Curse, please go on」

I think that I need to point something out here. For whom you ask?
It’s for the reader, it’s something that you absolutely have to read.
All the characters in this story are 18 years old or above!!
Did you hear well, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or above!! That’s why, this story is legal, no matter what the outcome is.
No , I didn’t think about that. Alright?

(Raija)「Understood. Then let’s begin with me. I’m sorry, Curse」

(Yuki)「no, the order doesn’t have any particular meaning」

When I said so, Raija and 3 of the slaves stepped forward .

(Raija)「First, the ones I selected would be something like guards or sentinels in the story Yuki just explained I guess? I selected them based on their firmness.」

Raija explained the reasons and motives behind his choice. It was a different and extremely welcomed way of choosing personnel, unlike Mauve. On the contrary, it made criticizing difficult.

(Riel)「Hello! My name is Riel ~Desu, a member of the cat beast man race ~Desu. As Raija-San said, I can handle weapons up to some extents. I believe that I will be able to help if you plan to build a village or a town here.」

Riel’s level was 18. Around 150 cm tall, she gave the feeling of a freshman high school student with short hair that was a mix of black and white. And of course with cat ears. She had a slender figure which would be good enough to be considered a model. Maybe if she wasn’t of this height?

Are? Up until now, there has been no ugly… Why were all the gathered slaves extremely beautiful women?
If this was the standard of this world, then I definitely had to beat the god who set the one on earth.

(Kaya)「I am Kaya, I am from the fox beast-man race. I am good at fire magic. I mastered the art of fighting with a stick. Happy to meet…」

(Riel)「Awawawa, that’s no good. Kaya-chan, it is rude if you don’t properly introduce yourself you know. This man is going to become our master after all. Please excuse her!! Kaya-chan isn’t always like this」

Riel hurriedly followed up. Well… it was not like I intended to ask for their respect by ordering, for example, to kneel.

About Kaya, she had the look of a senior high school student. Her height was 155 cm I think? She had long and blond hair, with fox ears and tail.
Her figure was normal, but because it’s well balanced, it was still a real pleasure to watch. Hey; this personal assessment, but compared to any of the persons present here, didn’t my look appeared to be the worst?

Oh, her level was 12 and she had a considerably huge amount of magical power. I see, did Raija choose her because of her ability to use magic? After all, it would be troublesome if there were only soldiers who relied on physical strength.

(Philia)「u,um!! I am called Philia ~Desu!! I am a dwarf ~Desu!! Eto… Since I am young, I have yet to meet another blacksmith!! But I will do my best!!」

Philia-chan, like Aslin, had the looks of a young elementary school student with a height somewhere between 140 and 145 cm . She answered vigorously like a good child. Her hair was brown and was arranged with a ponytail.

Her level was 2 which was appropriate for her appearance. Curiously her skills were centered around blacksmithing like 「The Priestess of the Blacksmith God」 and 「The blessing of the Blacksmith God」.
Are , wasn’t she amazing, this child?
Well, only those who dig such gems would be able to recognize them.
But why was someone like her mixed with them… How on earth did you find a child like this!!

All the characters of this story are absolutely 18 years old or more!!

(Yuki)「I am looking forward to working with you in the future. And Riel, don’t think you will be useless because you only know how to move your body or use force. It’s good enough if you try to find something you want to do. Kaya, I am eager to interact with you. You have to work hard from now on. Like I said to Aslin, Philia, even if you can’t do anything right now, it’s fine if you just do your best. Let’s all put some good work into use in the future.」

(Riel)「Yes, I will try my best!!」

(Kaya「I understand…」

(Philia)「I will do my best in studying!!」

This time, as well, I had to pat someone. I patted Philia’s head because she was youngest in their group. Wouldn’t it look like discrimination if I didn’t pat her head, like how I did with Aslin?

(Yuki)「Raija. I understood principally how you selected them. But I can’t find the reason for your choice in regard to Philia’s case?」

(Raija)「Yeah, I just felt that she was likely to have useful talents. I thought that she might show outstanding growths if I entrusted her to you. Curse has the same thought as me. And besides, you didn’t have a child yet, am I right? If you want to develop a village or a town here, it won’t do if you don’t consider preparing a successor.」

I see, different from the lolicon out there, it seems he properly considered her future.

(Curse)「Then It’s finally my turn. The ones I gathered fall under the description of civil officers. Except for one who like Raija-san said I hope you would observe her growth. It’s what I wanted to argue about, but the main reason was a problem with the money. Because we are in a state of war, the prices for educated slaves increased exponentially. So, I would like you to forgive me about this.」

Curse said that with a wry smile on his face. Even though I had not expected them to bring back 9 slaves, the problem with money still came nonetheless.

When I sent Mauve and the others for shopping, I gave them some jewelry that took a considerable amount of DP to obtain. Objectively, this was still a freshly made dungeon.
They likely had very little money left.

(Millie)「Please, excuse me. I am called Millie. I am from the human race. I worked as a receptionist in the guild branch in the town were Mauve-San and his party had an exclusive contract. I can process documents and do arithmetic to some extent.」

Millie-San huh, she gave the impression of a college student. She has short black hair and her height was around 160 cm.

Her level was 14. And her figure? Voluptuous.

Indeed, what Curse said was true. She will fit perfectly with a job as a civil officer.

However, for someone from the town of Mauve’s group to be a slave was…

Millie-San guessed what I was thinking when she saw the change in my expression.

(Millie)「I was the only one who was bought by Curse-San among the survivors. So I feel somewhat guilty about it. But would it be possible for me to save everyone if I do my best here? If so, please allow me to work here!」

There was no anxiety on her face. In that case, I will have you do your best.

(Lutz)「how do you do~, I am Lutz. I am from the rabbit beast-man race and I used to work as a merchant. I turned into a slave during the mess this time, though … Oni-San, It’s a relief for me that you look like a kind person!」

Lutz gave the impression of a high school student, I thought? She was tall, somewhere around 170 cm I believed.
Her hair was long and wavy, the color was pink… PINK!!? Why couldn’t anyone feel the strangeness within the color of her hair!?
Wait wasn’t Lulu’s hair blue!?
Her level was 16, It seems that I wasn’t really able to understand the average level of this world yet…
Of course, she had rabbit ears!! Her figure was of the balanced type.

(Lutz)「Although I said that I am a merchant, I am used to traveling by feet most of the time. I am very confident in my physical strength you know~. I believe that I will be of help one way of another」

Ah, now I understood better why her level was high for a merchant.
Finally, the last child was… .

(labiris)「I am labiris. I am from… the succubus race. The things that I can do… they are none in particular」


Labiris had the appearance of a young elementary school student. She was averaging the height of 140 cm.
Her purple hair was done in a twin tail hairstyle. Even though it’s a really strange color, there wasn’t any sense incompatibility.
The problem was laying with her body. Because that was the first time the slaves came here, they only had some light clothing to cover their bodies.
Even though I had not yet heard about the way of handling slaves in this world, it might be because of the feeling these 9 were giving me.

So the problem in Labiris’s body was that, despite her small stature, her chest was way too big! Because their clothes had no sleeves, you could easily testify about their authenticity.
In order for you to understand how big it was, even if you compared her to the current members of the big breasted group; Ellis and Millie; she was still considered big.
If you include their heights and sizes, wouldn’t she have the largest size overall? The Succubus race, how fearsome are they? Or could this child be a special case?

(Yuki)「I’m glad to meet the three of you. Let’s work hard Millie in order to save your acquaintances. Lutz, I have highs expectations in your knowledge as a merchant. Labiris, let’s do our best together with Philia and Aslin」


(Lutz)「Aiyo~~, leave it to me」


I patted Labiris’s head to avoid discrimination. I was certainly not a lolicon, not in the slightest.

No one can make my steel like will waver.

And then, Labiris opened her mouth.

(Labiris)「Are you a Doppelganger…? Are you not Yuki huh? Where is the real one?」

That’s right, the current me was the ultimate remote-controlled dummy 「the Doppelganger」 which was created using DP.

The fake Herge was also created using this Doppelganger skill. I will fully explain it later on. But that wasn’t the problem now…

(Labiris)「I have a skill that allows my eyes to see through the true appearance of thing… Are you the follower of the dungeon master? Even though I don’t understand it very well, I want to have a proper talk with Yuki… Call him.」

My real identity was revealed so frankly in front of the 9 slaves. Well, I didn’t know whether those 9 will believe it or not, though.

I can’t let my guard down against the children of this world. There was no way that I would be defeated by some breasts. Not like this Lolicon out there!!

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