Chapter 22: Bathing is a culture Japan is proud of

Chapter 22: Bathing is a culture Japan is proud of.

(Millie)[Heh, did you just say Dungeon Master?]

Millie stared at me with a twitching face. In the meantime, Labiris looked at me with a strange gleam in her eyes.

(Ellis)[You own one of the Appraisal skill!?]

Ellis also seems surprised and raised her voice.


At this reaction, Labiris shrugged her shoulders. After closely looking, I somehow discerned bruises on her body. Was it related to something sexual?

(Yuki)[Please wait. As for me being a Dungeon Master, I don’t plan to harm you in any way. And for now, I will have to postpone the explanation. Then, let me ask you. Is there anything wrong with me having a skill from the appraisal skill tree?]

When my eyes met with Curse, and I asked him, he seemed surprised. While I was waiting for him to call me out, I stared at Labiris.

(Curse)[Ahhh. It’s only natural for you to not to know, Yuki. The effect of the appraisal skill is identical to his name. By looking at someone, you will be able to view his status. The ones who practice advanced Appraisal can even see through lies. That’s what the problem is about. You must always tell the truth ]

(Yuki)([I see, you are really able to use that skill. Can you explain a bit more about it?]

(Curse)[Yeah, it makes it possible to conspire against your allies and fabricate the truth. And in your case Labiris, we have a problem.]

(Yuki)[Labiris will become an obstacle … Right?]

(Curse)[That’s right, although her value is immeasurable if she can actually see the trough the truth, she can also become an obstacle. After all, she can see everything about status, and nothing can be hidden. In the adventurer guild and town, there is an appraisal crystal, but that one can only view the level and class. An item that can see the status more clearly doesn’t exist and can’t be created]

(Yuki)[However, you can still understand the status and levels of the whole town thanks to that.]

(Curse)[Regardint that, the kings of the various kingdoms thought that it was enough ant that revealing anymore will bring different problems. That’s why, for people with the appraisal skill like Labiris, they will be swiftly erased if they manage to find them. What is unusual is that she managed to stay safe until now.]

In that case, why did Labiris reveal herself just now? Because she didn’t know us yet, she still had the possibility to end up killed on the spot when she did it.
I stared at Labiris while pondering about her actions. And as if she understood my thinking,,,,,,,.

(Labiris)[People here were all friendly to me… Especially Aslin who didn’t get scared even after knowing about my skill… I will protect my new friends by all means]

(Aslin)[Labiris-chan!!I… am sorry!! Please don’t hurt Labiris-chan!! Please don’t torment her!!

The usually quiet Aslin bounced towards Labiris to hug her protectively. It seemed like Aslin was a strong child on the inside.

(Yuki)[Did you not think of anything after knowing my real identity?What about the rest of you, what are your thoughts?]

I said so and looked around.

(Mauve)[Us 3 don’t really have anything to say. On the opposite I admire you. And Labiris, she will become a formidable woman in the future]

The lolicon said so and laughed.

(Ellis)[Please excuse me. I got along really well with Labiris on the way here. There is no way I will injure here after all this time]

Ellis brought back the earlier words, showing her acceptance toward Labiris.

(Millie)[As for me, I personally think that this child will be useful in many ways in the future. Of course, I am also aware that Labiris is a good child] (Lutz)[eeeeh, so Labiris had the appraisal skill huh. So what about it? Won’t it be profitable if we work together?]

Millie and Lutz also talked to her in a friendly way.

(Riel)[I don’t have any particular problem!! I think that Labiris-chan is cute!!]

(Torri)[I am also fine with Labiris being here!! I guarantee it!!]

(Kaya)[Labiris isn’t a bad kid…]

Riel, Torri, and Kaya also seem to adore Labiris.

(Philia)[Um, the appraisal skill? If she had it, does that mean Labiris is a bad child? I don’t understand very well, are we still friend ?]

Philia didn’t seem to understand very well, in a way her answer is the purest and truthful.

(Labiris)[ I’m fine with anything you want to do about me, but don’t harm everyone else… Please…]


Because she didn’t know my real personality, I understand why she tried to protect everyone. That’s quite an achievement for a kid, however, how should I explain it to Labiris.

(Yuki)[Then, I’ll do as I please]

(Aslin)[What!? Please stop!! I beg you!!]

Aslin clung to my feet. But even with that, she wasn’t able to stop me. Labiris’s body became wrapped by light.


(Labiris) [Aslin…]

Am I a villain in such an inspiring story? Damn lolicon.

(Yuki)[Perfect! With this, all the bruises on your body should have disappeared]

What I did was using one of the healing magic skills. The high-leveled Extra Heal.


(Aslin)[Labiris-chan, all the bruises on your body disappeared!! What a relief!! I’m so happy!!]

Aslin buried her face into Labiris’s chest. Can someone tell me the size of Aslin’s head? Wasn’t It heavy?

(Yuki)[You girl have no ill will towards me. Nevertheless, If you had, I would have dealt with you already. The reason why I can’t appear outside is that I am the Dungeon Master, and I can’t actually go out]

(Labiris)[What do you mean…?]

Labiris questioned me while caressing Aslin’s head.

(Yuki)[Millie and Lutz. If I said that this Dungeon had a bad popularity, would you understand?]

(Ellis)[So that’s what you meant before. Labiris, he sent a fake here to check if he could trust us]

Ellis informed Labiris with a face that showed her understanding.

(Labiris)[I don’t understand…?]

(Millie)[It’s simple. If he really is a Dungeon Master, and if he died, then the dungeon will get destroyed. As for why it will happen, it is because the Dungeon Core is connected to the Dungeon Master]

Millie advanced the discussion. However, it was different in reality. Now was not yet the time to reveal.

(Lutz)[I see~, Oni-san is very sly~. So, how are we? Can you trust us?]

Lutz stared at me while looking impressed.

(Yuki)[Yeah, it seems possible for me to believe in you. Besides, I will release you from the slave contract, and you will have to enter my Guardian Appointment skill] [Guardian Appointment..? does it mean, you already trust us Yuki?]

Labiris stared at me and tried to confirm my words. Everyone else also seemed to be waiting for them.
After that, I did a straightforward and brief explanation of the rules and conditions of Guardian Appointment.

(Lutz)[haaah~ that’s a really useful skill. I want it as well. Oops, we strayed from the discussion. If Onii-san’s story is true; I will really benefit from this power. I believe in onii-san]

Lutz accepted everything without a problem, and everyone else didn’t have any particular problem either… and finally.

(Labiris)[I understand… I will put my trust in you, Yuki. But promise me that you will come out often to see us after you apply the skill]

Labiris set such a condition.

(Yuki)[I’m okay with that. So now, I will begin]

Like that, I applied the Guardian Appointment skill to the nine. There was no mistake, unlike the time I did it with Oriel. That’s good.

(Ellis)[The slave collar actually came off…]

(Millie)[For real…]

Ellis and Millie were doubting if what was happening to them was real.

(Lutz)[ You are amazing~Onii-san. The future will be interesting!]

(Tori)[Thank you very much!! I will give all my strength to the dungeon village!!]

(Riel)[I will too!!]

(Kaya)[Thank… you…]

Lutz, Torri, Riel and Kaya bestowed me with words of thanks and promises for the future.

(Aslin)[that’s a relief Labiris-chan!! The collar was taken off!!]

(Philia)[I am glad!!]

(Labiris[Un. If everyone is happy then I am happy too]

Aslin, Philia, and Labiris all looked satisfied.

(Yuki)[Good! But once again, I am glad to meet all of you. And although you already know, I am this place’s Dungeon Master. I hope to get along with you from now on]

Talk done, I sent my clone to the back, and my true self appeared.

(Lutz)[Ooh~ Onii-San is wearing very unusual clothes. Where are you from?]

As expected of Lutz, she had the instincts of a merchant. She didn’t need long to notice.

(Ellis)[Before that. Although we already understand that Yuki-san isn’t dangerous… How do you plan to build a village or a town with so few people? Will any support come later? And do you plan on having us camp at the plains of the Dungeon today?]

What Ellis was asking about was justified.

(Yuki)[I will first answer to what Ellis said, please wait for a little Lutz. Allow me to explain the circumstances of this place.]

(Ellis)[Sorry sorry, today’s sleeping place is top priority.~]

Saying that I start the ‘Soko Hore WanWan’ ability, I consume DP to quickly build enough of the buildings and be able to shelter the people here.
(TL: name of the skill appeared in the first chapter, I will stick with how he translated the name.)

Due to the recent incident with the knights who foolishly surged inside, I was able to gather around 500000 DP. Also, because another 400 died before the end of the battle, they finished absorbed by the dungeon. They gave around 1000 DP per person. Thanks for the meal.

(Lutz)[fuwaaaa~ you are really amazing Onii-San. So this is the real power of a Dungeon Master huh~ I understand now, with your ability, manpower is unnecessary. ~]

Only Lutz was able to talk about the buildings that were abruptly appearing in front of them. The other members had their eyes wide open from the shock.

(Yuki)[For the time being, please enter. Ah, and please take your shoes off at the entrance. It’s a custom from my homeland]

(Lutz)[heeee~ You came from a really unusual place huh~? What is the hometown of a Dungeon Master like?]

(Yuki)[ I will explain everything after we enter the house.]

Encouraged by me, the group followed inside the house. This house was an inn built using DP. Of course, it had an outdoor hot spring along with it. Although it had a considerably high price, around 2000DP, it wasn’t something a Japanese person like me could compromise with.

(Yuki)[Alright, let’s wash away your sweat before talking. Please follow me]

(Ellis)[Wash away the sweat? Is it a well?]

Ellis followed while restlessly looking around at the unfamiliar Japanese corridor we were passing through. The others were all roughly doing the same.

(Yuki)[Are you aware of something called bath?]

(Millie)[Isn’t that something only the royal family and aristocracy can use? By any chance, do you mean there is a bath here!?]

Millie looked surprised and stared at me.

(Yuki)[Of course, it’s a bath… More importantly, the real name of this bath is an outdoor hot spring!!]

(Lutz)[An outdoor hot spring? If Onii-san said it, then it must be amazing~]

Lutz followed me, she looked really excited. Her curiosity seemed to be fairly strong.

(Mauve)[kuwaa, it has been so long! A bath!! Yuki, since it is new, you should be the first to enter!!]

(Curse)[Oh, that’s right. Yuki, do you have liquor here? Sake is fine as well?]

(Raija)[So this is an outdoor hot spring, huh, this bath is just as Yuki described it]

The three of them realized how great are the bath after they followed me here.

However, I had never drunk anything like Sake or Liquor inside baths. But I will try it diligently.

(Yuki)[Hehe. Here we are! Mauve and you two, this is the men’s bath. Ellis and the others here is the ladies’ bath. Because I will be explaining to the girls, you three can enter first. There are yukatas inside. You will also notice the place where the liquor is kept when you see it. Alo, Raija and Curse, please try to hold back Mauve for me]

(Mauve)[Yahhoooo!! It’s a bath!!]

(Raija)[ I understand. I will help myself to the liquor then]

(Curse)[I will put some effort. But Yuki your culture is too luxurious for me. Regardless, I will take it easy for a while]

After they had said so; the three passed the curtain and entered the men’s bath.

(Yuki)[Well then girls, this way, please. Since there are many things to explain, please follow me]

Following that, I took our female members into the ladies bath.

(Lutz)[huwaaa~ for the time being, it seems there are various amazing things, but I don’t know how to use it proberly]

(Ellis)[That..that’s amazing]

(Millie)[ So this is an outdoor hot spring,,,,,]

Lutz, Ellis, and Millie stared at the outdoor hot spring. They gave a feeling of tiredness because of so many surprising new things.

(Yuki)[ For starter please use this basket to put your clothes in it, because you will wear the yukatas to go inside. You wear it, like this,,,,]

I quickly get dressed right there.

(Yuki)[Because your current clothes are going to get washed, please put on this yukata after you get out of the bath. You can also wear a towel when you want to enter together. Please bring the small towel with you when you get into the bath. Because it will become soaked of soap after washing, the big towel over there can be used when you get out of the bath. You use it to wipe the body]

(Kaya)[You even have soap here…!?]

Kaya seemed surprised at my statement. Aah, come to think of it even soap appeared to be a luxury in this world.

(Yuki[Do you know about shampoo… Or rinsing?]

(Lutz)[No~ very sorry Onii-san. I don’t know at all]

Lutz scratched her head and laughed. For some reason, she was standing naked with a towel in one hand. Yet it wasn’t only Lutz, all of them came here completely naked, just like her.

(Yuki[Oi, I am a man. And you are women. Don’t go around walking naked like that]

(Lutz)[but you see~ We don’t know how to use it, and we thought that it will be quicker if Onii-San shows us how to do it after we enter with you, right?]

(Yuki)[The problem is not that, you girls aren’t slaves, and you have human rights. It’s precisely for that reason that I didn’t force the Guardian Appointment skill on you]

(Lutz)[Un Un, we understand Onii-san’s kindness you know~. However, the truth is we would have been violated and turned into flesh slaves already. So, us entering with onii-san like this is only to thank you. And we can at the same time listen to a proper explanation on how to use bath]

When Lutz said that, Ellis and Millie who were at my side stiffened immediately.

(Yuki)[in that case, which do you believe is better, to be stripped forcibly or to take it off willingly?]

(Lutz)[I don’t know how to use it. Please just give up]

(Yuki)[I understand… if you are all doing it on your own accord… Please wait,…]

I had done it, I resigned myself and entered the Ladies bath with them.

(Lutz)[If Onii-san desires it, I don’t mind going further though~]

Here are the pictures for the bath scene this chapter, they are inside spoilers because they are NSFW

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    • 9 ex-slaves of various races, helped by him and some having sparkly eyes. Well, anything could happen. Really depends on how well the author deals with this. Yuki’s character doesn’t have an established reason to reject other’s advances, and they’re not slaves, which removes the “I don’t want to force it” card.

  1. I’m sure there is an error at the start. From what I understand and what’s written later on, it’s Labiris that has the appraisal skill, so it shouldn’t be her questioning about having it and Yuki shouldn’t be asking if there’s a problem with him having the skill, since he doesn’t have one. Took me some time to understand, but there has to be an error with that part.
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  5. When Lutz said that, Ellis and Millie who were at my side stiffened immediately.

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    (Lutz)[I don’t know how to use it. Please just give up]

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    And then said the 2 sentences next…..
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