Chapter 23 – Relaxation

Chapter 23 – Relaxation

I somehow managed to keep my sanity. I was on the verge of spiritual enlightenment.

(Labiris)[Please take care of me… I don’t understand how to use any of this]

(Aslin)[ Please]

(Philia)[I will do my best to memorize everything!!]

I had no problem with Aslin and Philia. There is no problem as they only had the figure of a child.
It’s like an adult accompanying a child to the bath.
However, Labiris had two melons attached to her chest and I had to calm down. I was not a lolicon. I was an excellent gentleman.

(Lutz)[ Although I feel sorry for Onii-san, since you are the one who understands these things the most, please get along with it~. We are going to enjoy this to the best of our abilities.]

Lutz said so while pushing those three in my direction. Of course, the other members are naked as well. Ah geez, maybe my heart could relax a little if I considered this as work.

(Yuki)[Well, there is no use in remaining embarrassed. There is no point either in staying here. We will catch a cold.]

Afer I declared that, I stopped hiding. Nonetheless, I was not an exhibitionist.

(Lutz)[ uwaaah~Onii-san. If you do something like that with a businessman’s face… We can’t help but get noisy over here. But as Onii-san said, there is no point in catching a cold, so there is no helping it]

(Yuki)[I am sorry. Let’s leave that for another time. Before entering the bath we first have to wash our bodies.]

Starting my explanation, I turned the faucet of the shower.

(Ellis)[That’s amazing! When this one is turned, hot water comes out. And when that one is set, cold water comes out…]

Led by Ellis, everyone seemed to be surprised and gathered around the faucet.

(Yuki)[Adjust the temperature to your preference, then use the proper amount of the bubbly soap along with the towels in front of you to wash your bodies. Don’t wash the hair though]

(Millie)[Ara? Can’t you wash hair with soap?]

Millie threw such a question at me. Her big chest full of bubbles.

(Yuki)[You use the shampoo to wash the hair and then the rinse. First please wash your bodies with the soap. Once you washed away the soap, use the shampoo. It is in this blue bottle, and the rinse is in this pink glass. About how to use the shampoo… well I will just demonstrate to you. So please wait for a minute.]

Aslin, Philia, and Labiris washed their bodies on their own. But maybe because they were still children they forgot a lot of places.

(Yuki)[Aslin, make sure to wash behind your ears properly, just like this. You too Philia, make sure to clean the back of your feet. As for Labiris… since you have a big chest, it will become ugly if you don’t wash it properly…]

I … did I just sexually harass Labiris?
(Aslin)[Etto, is it done like this?]


(Labiris)[My breasts are too heavy… Please help me and support them. I don’t have enough strength in my arms]

Was this legal… No, since I was just helping her there was no problem. I resignedly lifted Labiris’s two melons with my hands while she was washing them with all her might. I wonder how it ended up like this including that I could enjoy these various things.

(Yuki)[Good, now wash it all away properly]

I looked around after those three had washed away the soap.

(Lutz)[Onii-san our side is ready as well]

It seemed like we made Lutz group wait for a while.

(Yuki)[Lutz, let’s start with the shampoo. Please consider shampoo as soap but only for hair. We use it first to wash all the dirt off the hair. Then we use the rinse to finish taking care of the hair. I believe you understand the meaning of caring for the hair]

(Kaya)[Understood… I will try it]

Kaya took the lead after she heard me and began washing her hair. After that, everyone else followed.

(Yuki)[Aslin and you girls, will you wait for a little.? I will do it for you]

(Aslin)[Please do]

(Phillia)[Thank you very much]

(Labiris)[I am relying on you…]

Afterward, I washed their hair one by one.

(Phillia)[Fuwaaaaaaah~ it feels so good. additionally, the smell is refreshing]

(Aslin)[The feeling is strange. But I am happy]

(Labiris)[My hair became silky… it’s amazing!]

These were the firsts impressions of the three little girls. As for the others…

(Lutz)[Onii-san!! Amazing!! We should sell it!! It will be very popular!!]

(Ellis)[ heeeeh~ this is amazing indeed]

(Millie)[Even though it’s amazing, it seems somewhat useless]

These were the impressions of Lutz, Ellis, and Millie. As for the beastman group…

(Tori)[ Haaaah, I can only say that it is amazing!]

(Riel)[This is a first for me!!]

(Kaya)[My hair silky… feels good…]

It was also popular with Kaya, Torri, and Riel. However, the real show starts now!!

(Yuki)[Good, now start real thing!! We will enter the outdoor hot spring. Because the temperature is usually very high be careful and don’t jump in.] When I said that, the three who seemed about to jump in stopped moving .

(Yuki)[Jumping inside is forbidden since the water would rise in the air when you do so. Go in slowly. As for Aslin’s group, because you are short you should enter using the stairs over there]

(Labiris)[I understand. Let’s go you two]


(Aslin)[Wait I’m not ready]

As they went slowly, holding their hands, I followed right after them. Everyone experienced something new. And a short while after they entered, each of them had a different opinion .

(Lutz)[kuaah~ what is this. Onii-san I feel like my body is melting]

(Yuki)[No, you are not melting ]

(Ellis)[But this is wonderful isn’t it. Even though we are just soaking in hot water]

Everyone seemed satisfied with the outdoor hot spring,,,, but there is still something left.

(Yuki)[Hey I am sorry, but can you watch over the three little girls for a bit?]

(Millie)[Yes, I don’t mind but where are you going?]

(Yuki)[To bring what makes the real charm of an outdoor hot spring]

The discussion ended, and I went to search for the sake and juices.

(Lutz)[Ooooh~ Onii-san even though this bath is already incredibly luxurious, you made it even more huh~. I am already willing to be Onii-san’s bride!! It’s decided!! Even if I can’t become the first wife, I’m also fine being a concubine!!]

(Yuki)[Well, just calm down. When you mention an outdoor hot spring you have to enjoy sake while admiring the scenery and the starry sky ]

I distributed the sake usually used in Obon festivals to everyone here.

(Ellis)[this is,,,, is it alright for us to have something like this?]

(Millie)[For some reason, I have become calmer]

Ellis and Millie leisurely enjoyed the liquor and the sky filled with stars.

(Torri)[For a warrior like me to be able to enjoy something like this,,,,]

(Riel)[It made me feel strange. But I don’t find it unpleasant]

(Kaya)[It feels good…]

Torri, Riel and Kaya also seemed pretty relaxed.

(Labiris)[Yuki-san, thank you very much,,,]

(Phillia)[I don’t plan ever to leave the village Yuki-san is building…]

(Aslin)[I misunderstood you until now Yuki. I am sorry…]

As for the three children, they were thanking me with faces full of tear. So you would cry if you are given something like this huh.
It seemed that this was not standard in this world. From now on, I will do my best to share it with them.
While I soaked in the bath, I heard a voice from the men’s hot spring.

(Mauve)[Oi, we are going out ahead of you!! Because we want to relax in the changing room!!]

(Yuki)[Understood, we were going to get out soon anyway. Please wait!!]

I replied to Mauve and then looked at everyone else.

(Yuki)[Since I can enter here anytime, although I am somewhat reluctant, let’s get out. Otherwise, we will end up suffering from a heat stroke.]

(Lutz)[ Heat stroke? What is that Onii-San?]

(Yuki)[A disease that exists in places with high temperature I guess? For example, are you feeling dizzy right now?]

(Lutz)[Aaah~ I see. So you are the type that does everything in moderation huh. There is no helping it then. Let’s enter here again later.]

Like that, we all went out of the bathtub. Damn, so many breasts!

(Yuki)[ Now, squeeze the towel you brought from the dressing room firmly and use it to wipe your body. Since your skin had already turned saggy.


Like that, our bath time came to an end.

(Ellie)[ooh it’s food!! Since it’s from Yuki I wonder what type of surprise is this?]

(Yuki)[Well here it is]

I showed them the food after guiding them from the forefront of the group.

(Yuki)[Hey do you know about a kind of food called sashimi? Does something like that exist here? It’s tasty you know.]

(Millie)[Yeah, it matches well with sake]

(Ellie)[Since it is made from raw fish, I was surprised that it tasted good but got used to it]

We were now inside the banquet hall.

(Riel)[Ooh, here it is. I don’t mind if the young ladies decide to leave the raw fish for me you know]

(Lutz)[This, this is amazing. Really? O, Onii-san is this fine!? For us to get a feast like this!?]

Lutz seemed surprised to see on the table in front of herself a whole serving for one person.

(Yuki)[Yes, it’s fine since this is normal here!]

(Lutz)[Once again, I swear to become a faithful and loyal servant to Onii-san!! I will follow you no matter where you go!!]

(Yuki)[It’s fine, just eat for now. Although I placed chopsticks, if you can’t use them, it’s fine to use the spoons and forks]

Everyone ate the Japanese food arranged in front of them using their different ways.

(Lutz)[It’s delicious… this cooking style, I’ve never seen it. Extraordinary dishes like these exist after all.]

(Ellie)[It feels like a part of my common sense is leaving me]

(Tori)[Is this thing called soy sauce? It’s delicious!!]

(Riel)[The meal is so nice!!]

(Millie)[Fried food… Is so godly!]

After I had heard the voices of praise, the three children neared me.

(Phillia)([Ano, I am sorry!! I can’t eat anymore…]

(Aslin)[I am full, sorry]

(Labiris)[I was able to use the sticks skillfully…]

(Yuki)[Aslin, Philia don’t worry about it. The amounts you took was for adults in the first place. Labiris, these are called chopsticks, not sticks. They are quite convenient once you get used to them]

Also, it seemed that Mauve and the others already enjoyed their meals here and had already left.

(Yuki)[Well then, you are probably tired, so let’s leave the detailed discussion for tomorrow. Ellis, I will hand this key to you. It opens the room next to the one used by Mauve and his friends. Since there is a mattress big enough for ten people, it should be sufficient for your use. I will meet with you again tomorrow to begin the explanations.]

(Millie)[Ah, yes. I understand]

(Labiris)[Yuki where are you going?]

(Yuki)[I will go to my room and sleep]

(Labiris)[I want to follow you as well. Is it fine?]

(Yuki)[Mmh, what do you think Ellis?]

(Ellis)[Wouldn’t it be fine? Besides, I think there will be no problem even if you lay a hand on Labiris]

(Yuki)[I will pretend that I haven’t heard this… Whatever, come this way Labiris]

(Phillia)[I, I want to go as well!!]

(Aslin)[ Labiris-chan, I will come with you!]

In the end, I inherited with the troublesome job of taking care of the three kids. On the way to the room, Labiris talked to me.

(Labiris)[Nee… Why does Kazuya call himself Yuki?]

(Yuki)[About that huh, you knew and managed to keep silent. Thank you.]

(Phillia)[eeh, Is Yuki-san using a different name?]

(Aslin)[What are you talking about??]

(Yuki)[I have a little problem with my name, you see? That’s why I want everyone here to keep this a secret.]

(Aslin)[ I understand…]

(Phillia)[Got it]

(Labiris)[I won’t talk about it!]

Their replies worried me a little. But I guess that it will be fine. I am already exhausted today and about to reach my limit, so I want to sleep quickly.

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