Chapter 24 – Good night

Chapter 24 – Good night

My room was just next to the others’ room. Well, that was natural because I had just built the inn. I entered my room with the three children following behind me.
(Yuki)[Well then, how should we deal with the futon? should I create an additional one for each of you?]

(Phillia)[We can’t sleep together? it will be lonely sleeping like this]

(Labiris)[The three of us always slept together until now]

Philia and Labiris replied like this, but Aslin seemed to be struggling with something.

(Yuki)[What’s wrong Aslin? Is there a problem?]

(Aslin)[A,ano, is there a place where I can pee? Should I do it in the courtyard?]

Aah that’s right, in the middle ages in Europe, it seems that the servants did their business through a window in the castle…

Since Japan started to use its oldest sewage system during the Edo period, something like that hasn’t happened since then.

Or was it established under the reign of the shogun Tokugawa after the Edo period?

Well, it didn’t matter for now. In this world custom, they are probably using something like a river to do it.

(Labiris)[Are, are you already… at the limit!?]

(Yuki)[Wait, wait! We have a restroom here!!]

I grabbed Aslin in a hurry and dashed toward the toilet.

(Yuki)[Aslin sit down onto this. Have you heard about a potty before?]

(Aslin)[ Yes!!]

Under the emergency, I brought her bottom towards the toilet. It felt so wrong!! Nevertheless, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t think that she had ever used one, let alone encountered.

(Yuki)[ Wait a second, Ei!! Sorry Aslin!!]

(Aslin)[Hyaaa!! This is bad Yuki-san!!]

Aslin was already on the verge of bursting. The only thing I could do was to lift her and place her in the right position.

(Aslin)[Don’t look !! Don’t stare so much like that!!]

Aslin put her hand on my face to stop me from looking. More importantly, was it really fine for your back to be in that position? Aah did she get embarrassed that I was looking directly at her ?

To be a guardian was an impossible task…


Afterward, When Aslin came out from the restroom, she displayed an embarrassed expression. She went behind Labiris and tried to hide.

(Labiris)[ Yuki, to act weird all of a sudden is not a good thing… You should have brought her normally.]

(Phillia)[What do you mean?]

(Yuki)[Daaaa!! Labiris why do you seem like you already knew about this!! You mustn’t listen to her, Philia!! I am exhausted, so I will just show you how to use the toilet!! Remember this!! Because I am going to demonstrate how to use the toilet to you girls, please help Aslin calm down]

After I had said that, I left the room with a dash. I felt like I would turn into a pervert if I stayed one more minute here. I am normal! I have no particular preferences!! What was I thought hard.

(Yuk)i[Hh sorry. I forgot, I was asked to explain how to use the toilet]

After I had entered the bathroom, Lutz ran toward me with full speed.
(TL : ABunny girl running toward you, Yuki, you should have been scared so much Fufuffu)

(Lutz)[Nice timing Onii-san!! I was just about to collapse!!]

With her thighs clamped tightly, Lutz hurried here hoping skillfully. Her movement felt natural. Was it because she was originating from the rabbit-kin?

(Lutz)[Eeeh!! what is it!!Do you want to see it, me wetting myself right in front of you!! It’s here you know, and I might literally do it here you know!!]

(Yuki)[NO hold , hold on!! Get in here!!]

As expected even Lutz couldn’t afford to talk while walking with such ‘~’ hurdle.

(Yuki)[Hurry, just sit on the chair!!]

(Lutz)[Eeh!! There is not enough space for me to enter!!]

(Yuki)[Just do it on top!!]

(Lutz)[ Yes!! I understand, Onii-san!!]

I took advantage of this moment to close the door. I am a man who learns from events I won’t repeat the same mistake as I did with Aslin. Immediately after I closed the door, I heard the sound of flowing water. I should at least have the strength to endure the urges caused by such sounds right?

(Lutz)[fuwaaaa~ this is heaven] (Yuki)[After you’re done, you should find some paper next to you. You wipe yourself with it then discard it, can you see a silver handle? Water will flow out if you push it.]

(Lutz)[What!! I should use paper to wipe myself!? How luxurious!!]

(Yuki)[ I understand that you might be reluctant, but you have to get used to it. It’s ordinary in this place.]

(Lutz)[The water will flow? Should I use it like this? ooooh it is flowing]

Lutz came out from the restroom with a satisfied expression.

(Lutz)[What kind of thing is this heavenly place? Toilet was its?]

(Yuki)[That’s right. Please teach everyone else how to use it] (Lutz)[Haai~ I understand. But wouldn’t it have been fine if you held me and brought me into the toilet?]

That was what I just did with Aslin a while ago.

(Yuki)[Ellis, how did you find using the futon? Were there any problems?]

(Ellie)[Etto is it really fine to explain our feelings like this?]

Looking at the mattress, Ellis displayed a restless face.

(Yuki)[Of course! Like it being hard to sleep on or too soft to get comfortable in something like that.]

(Ellie)[I am fine with the toilet but I still feel like everything is a part of a strange dream…]

(Yuki)[Just give up and get used to it]

(Ellis)[I will take it one step at a time…]

(Yuki)[We will discuss on various subjects tomorrow. You should just try and get a good night rest to prepare for it]


Ellis couldn’t get her heart to rest at all. That was what her expression told me. But this lifestyle is normal for me, and I can’t part with it. So they will have to deal with it.
(Yuki)[Ah, in case you are thirsty, there is a water bar like the one you saw in the bathroom a short while ago. if you put it in this kettle like thing and press the button, you will get hot water. The cups are here. After that, you can make either green tea or black tea by putting one of these tea bags inside the glass]

(Ellis)[Honestly… my common sense can’t keep up with this place at all]

Ellis shook her head while putting a hand on her forehead.

Do your best I leave the task of explaining to everyone to you. I am going to sleep already. I didn’t push too much onto Ellis because it was troublesome for her. I came back quickly because I was worried about those three in the room. That’s right it’s my duty as their guardian!!

(Labiris)[You are late… Philia went to sleep already]

(Aslin)[Ano, will it be fine if I lie down on the grass on the floor?]


When I returned to the room, I discovered that Philia was already asleep. As expected, it seemed like coming back a bit earlier was the right choice.

(Yuki)[ I am sorry, it seems the four of us will be sleeping together today huh. I will lay the futon quickly then]

At that moment, I quickly spread the futons. One For adult and three for children, I think this much is enough.

(Yuki)[Because I will be sleeping in the middle you two should choose your favorite sleeping position. Where do you think should I place Philia?]

(Aslin)[Etto, because I have the habit of holding her hand while sleeping, I believe that it will be good if she sleeps next to me]

(Yuki)[Okay, next to Aslin then It will be stupid to waste time about meaningless things. Today Labiris will sleep on my right, Aslin on my left and Philia will sleep next to Aslin.]

After everything was said, I gently held Philia and placed her on the futon. Aslin lied down next to her and held her hand. I also lied down in the middle.

(Yuki)[ Hmm? What is it Labiris, are you unhappy with this?]

(Labiris)[No… It’s just that I never thought that there will come a day when I can sleep like this. I had mostly slept on my own.]

(Yuki)[Is that so! Then, if you never tried it, come over and just try!! Here!!]


I approached Labiris who was staring at the futon and simply pushed her on it.

(Yuki)[I will turn off the electricity… I mean the lights]

(Labiris)[I would like you to treat me more gently…]

I turned off the lights and slipped into the quilt I had put earlier on the three kids.

(Labiris)[It’s fluffy…] (Aslin)[You are right… It makes it feel like all the time before today where everyone huddled together under a rag is a lie]

(Yuki[You two, can you please raise your heads for a bit]

(Labiris)[ Like that?]


I slipped my arms under their heads.

(Yuki)[It’s better like this. I will feel bad otherwise if you suffer because you sleep in a wrong position. It’s also because I might injure you if I move my hands while we sleep. I am sorry but you will have to press down with your heads]

(Labiris)[I understand]

(Philia)[I will keep that in mind]

I had already reached the limit of my carelessness. Aslin and Philia were already letting out the regular breath proving they were sleeping. Today must have been really tiring for them. To be a slave and proceed to a Dungeon with tiny bodies. After I had thought about them this way, I became even more considerate with them.

(Labiris)[hey Yuki… Are you still awake?]


Labiris who had her head on my right arm was staring right at me. But I only replied with a half-hearted answer.

(Labiris)[Thank you for everything… and good night]


The night passed after that.

Their replies worried me a little. But I guess that it will be fine. I am already exhausted today and about to reach my limit, so I want to sleep quickly.

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