Chapter 31 – The Holy Woman who became a commoner and the growth of the children

Chapter 31 – The Holy Woman who became a commoner and the growth of the children

The last chapter「To use the uselessness of futility」
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The Holy Woman who became a commoner and the growth of the children

Side : Lulu
I was still alive thanks to Herge-sama. She saved my life.
No that’s not right, the one who truly saved me was the Dungeon Master from this place.

Now, this strange room had cushions over a mysterious grass1)Tatami:
, should I sit there?. They were paved around a
somewhat large desk where all the persons living in the Dungeon were sitting.

(Yuki)「Well, it’s good that we finally helped Lulu. Now that we’re done with her treatment, what’s everyone opinion on the matter.」

The ruler of this Dungeon should be the one called the Dungeon Master, Yuki.
I heard legends about him. He was the one who brought disaster to the Demon King, a true dragon amongst men.
With the help of the skill he named 『Call』, we were able to talk twice without seeing each other, but it was nothing like meeting face to face.
He looks fairly young.
Regardless of that, he was the one who stopped the civil war. The one who saved the losing country Rochelle from the invaders Galtz and Ritea.
The one who created the plan that stopped this rioting. The one who saved many lifes in an instant.
Therefore, I didn’t understand why he was uneasy.

Why did he ask for the opinions of the others?

(Lutz)「Onii-san?…Err, Onii-san what are you planning?」

The person who said that might be one of the slaves bought by him.
The rabbit girl returned the question wondering as well what he wanted to know.
Rather, how could a slave make this kind of remark?

(Yuki)「At last we ended with that question huh…I think that it’s slightly early. Nicely said Lutz. Hence, I will comment now that the operation had ended. Should I say that I had expected this developement?」

(Lutz)「Yes, and I want to help…」

(Yuki)「If I bring my opinon first, it will be hard for you to reject it, isn’t that right?. I want you guys to help me. I don’t want your opinion regarding what I said but regarding what you feel, alright?」

(Lutz)「However, that isn’t what you wish from us Onii-san, am I wrong?」

(Yuki)「Oh~, my words were confusing. Lutz… Well everybody. I gave you food, clothing and shelter but I am a Dungeon Master, and from now on things will get seriously so, didn’t you think that I was only doing that for my own convenience?」

(Lutz)「… I don’t think that anything you did until now was wrong Onii-san.」

(Yuki)「Like you said, everything went smoothly until now. But I doubt it will continue. Don’t misunderstand, I am only a person. Sometimes, I may be wrong. That’s why I want your help. I ask everyone, please lend me your power. You can express your opinion here without worry. When I make a mistake, please hit me until it stop me. If its necessary, you may even do it until it kills me off. Like this.」

After he said that, he bowed. it was towards the slave that he bowed.
I couldn’t hide my surprise from what he said.
He was so low profile that he stood out, he didn’t care about dignity.
To a Country, a King is a symbol. It was the same when I was a Holy Woman, I had to made a lot of things, everything in order to keep my dignity.
Until now, there was no ruler who didn’t take their dignity seriously.
Something like bowing down to a slave is seriously unnatural.
In this place, the slaves are free to do whatever they want now.


The woman called Lutz probably had the same idea as me.
She seemed to be embarrassed from his remarks.
Furthermore, the others didn’t know how to react at all.

(Lulu)「…I wil call you Yuki-san. Forgive me Yuki-san but your way of thinking is not the one fitting for a country. You as the Dungeon Master should lead the way. Like the ruler of a country would do to his kingdom…」

Altought I tried to correct Yuki-san’s misunderstanding…

(Yuki)「Lulu, I don’t want to become a ruler or something like a King nor a representative. Instead what I want is to be a typical person who lives in the country. I will protect it, nurture it and listen to everyone’s opinions. Until now, the previous Kings have been symbols only by chance.」

(Lulu)「That kind of thinking…You can’t do that!!. The King is a symbol!!. It’s necessary for a country!!」

(Yuki)「You’re a symbol too, the Holy Woman, didn’t the people took it and use it for a rebellion?」

(Lulu)「Huh!!. There was some circumstances, I was prepared to it…」

(Yuki)「You didn’t listen to other’s opinions, as result didn’t that happen?」


(Yuki)「In the end, the Holy Woman is barely a symbol that could be replaced anytime. Haven’t you realized?. And the only necessity of a Holy Woman is for  decoration.」

… It was as he said.The King and the Holy Woman just have the highest power of speech.
All the retainers opinion are ignored. The King is the only one as a symbol.

(Lulu)「… What about the nobility?… And the persons from the church?, the law?, and the relatives by blood?」

Somehow, I said everything I could think of.
Laws are something humans decided upon.
And it’s already set from your birth.
Unless you don’t respect the Goddess unlike me and don’t practice enough, there are things you would never be able to reach.

(Yuki)「You make me laugh. Hey, since when were the country of Herge and Lulu created?」

(Lulu)「…?. The Holy Country of Ritea was formed 400 years ago. At that time, the people from the former country Reus were impoverished. The first saint took over the country and founded it anew. 」

(Herge)「The country Hiruni was in ruins 300 years ago. To save the people from this country, a swordsman journeyed with other people, defeated the tyrant lord and founded the current Rochelle Kingdom.」

While I was wondering why he asked us about such a thing.

(Yuki)「Like you said , their ancestors were commoners. They became rulers without being from a lineage of nobles. They were strangers coming from some far away place.」

All the things said by him came in waves into my mind.

(Yuki)「The people who made your country saved your people. Then, they used it…How?. Because they had heard how to do it. They had seen how to do it. And since they knew that, that’s why they had the confidence to save your people and that’s why they did it.」

Yes, the ancestors who saved our country were free people.
Therefore, our countries…No, I understand what they where seeking with it.

(Yuki)「That’s why, you and the other girls had to lower your heads. Then you met with slavery, commoners, family, nobility and other things. Can you see it?. Listen, in my Dungeon I will make a village or a town which would be it’s own symbol… And I think that representatives would be suitable to manage it. Many would be able to make a better job than me. I would be an arrogant if I say that I’m absolutely right. I only have some knowledge and abilities that may surprise some guys but that’s all.」

That was what he wanted to say.
He wants to make a special place where people can share their opinions.
And he wants to make that kind of place here.
Even though he is a Dungeon Master.
He wants the people from the country to become his representative.

(Lulu)「Err, emm Yuki-san, why do you have that kind of wish?. What is it that you seek?. If every man and woman had this kind of knowledge 2)about politics, leadership, etc, then there would not be any meaning anymore in having our current society. It’s a tremendous dreamlike story. There’s no way such a sweet country could ever exist.」

So what he wants to do is, to have the people from the countries with knowledge to become representatives and have everyone think about the laws.
A commoner can’t know something like that.
And giving such knowledge to everyone from the other countries is impossible…
That’s why the knowledge is only limited to nobility.
Because of that, I said to him that it was merely nothing but a sweet dream.
A superficial story, just like in a tale.
But he easily answered back.

(Yuki)「Sweetness?. That thinking is only child’s play. Just because nobody could think of that, such a country can’t exist?. Does anyone not wish for a place where dreams, hopes, and where any person disregarding of their race and gender can express themselves freely, can such a country not exist?. The thing you are calling 「Sweet」 is only a mere excuse.」

I was dumbfounded. Yet, he continued further with a smile.

(Yuki)「In the over optimistic and sweet country Lulu is talking about, anyone can give his opinion and propose a law that would involve many people. That will certainly bring various hardships along. However, I think that this kind of country would be fun. Even more, I’m sure that it will be a good Country. It goes without saying. Therefore Lutz give me your opinion. Do you think that a place where the King has become the absolute ruler is a good thing?」

When he declared that, he turned his sight to the way Lutz was sitting.

(Lutz)「…Onii-san, it’s an excellent opinion… With that we will become really busy from now on…」

(Yuki)「I’m in the middle of making the Village or Town inside the Dungeon. I will entirely rely on you for the Management~」

(Lutz)「Gya!?. You said an amazing thing so casually!?. We are amateurs you know!?」

(Yuki)「Well, I already knew about that. In this meeting I will give you the specific parts and ask you to express your opinions. In the end, we will make amendments for whatever thing could be missing. To keep everything in order, I would have you from the Rabbit Tribe become the head representative.」

(Lutz)「What is it with that crazy title!?. I know what it means but I don’t understand!!」3)Lutz will always be Lutz

The many women from the different tribes seemed to be surprised as well.
…Well, even thought they were from different species we couldn’t see that here at all.

…They didn’t feel different from my status either.
So far, I only thought that I had to lead people alone.
Because of that, I worked hard, worshiped the Goddess and mastered my Magic.

Yes, it was like that. I became like this because of my own efforts.
I didn’t do anything special. I became special.
Why is it that I thought it would be impossible, I just didn’t know.
… It was arrogant. It was natural that my position as the Holy Woman was aimed at.

(Lulu)「Yuki-san no, Yuki-sama. Did you help me only because you wanted to hear my opinion?」

(Yuki)「Eh?,Sama?. Oh, whatever. Lutz and the others, should we move forward with the City’s talk?」

(Lulu)「Even if I’m a stranger, I would like you to shelter me inside this Dungeon.」

When I said that, everyone became quiet for an instant and the girls were looking towards me.

(Lutz)「You said something quite funny there. And now there is no merits for us to hold Lulu-sama here. I mean, Onii-san wants to know about our opinions. So I will say mine clearly… You are an absolute hindrance, please leave this place now, just go outsite and die ok?」4)Here Lutz changes her manner of speech to one of a total despot

When Lutz said that, the young women agreed, nodding with their heads.

(Herge)「What are you saying!!. Lulu-sama doesn’t need leave!!. Please Yuki-san don’t do such a thing!!」

Herge-sama came in front of me and faced Yuki-san. She wanted to plead for my protection.

(Lulu)「Herge-Sama, our opinions and emotions don’t have any value in this place. However, I’m really happy for your intentions, but can you fall back?. Please, listen to this carefully. This world is something that Seraria-sama, Aria-sama, and the King of Rochelle dind’t want to show you」

When I said that, Herge fell back behind me.

(Yuki)「Lutz and the girls seem to be against we protecting you. Even if I raise my voice, You will have to confront Lutz and everyone by yourself.」

Yuki-sama was relaxed. He said that while sipping his tea.5)The nerve xD
Now my status seemed to be even more useless.

(Lulu)「I had that intention.」

I answered back to Yuki-sama. I wasn’t the symbol of a country only for show.

(Lutz)「Hah!, then go ahead. Explain yourself please. However, I don’t know how an official or the Holy Woman of Ritea could benefit us at all?. And Lulu-sama was about to be assassinated just now. Even 12 of your guards cooperated to try and assassinate you. What will you do once you reach back to the Holy Country Ritea?. If you go back now, you’ll be handled as a fake. Even if you can return it would be a situation where you’ll be surounded by assassins at anytime.」

Lutz who seemed to be highly educated turned around to see me.
As expected of the representative Yuki-sama bowed his head to.
However, they shouldn’t take me lightly.

(Lulu)「As Lutz-san said now, I am a simple person. And I would go out of my way for the people important for me. I know that I would bring no benefit to this Dungeon. However, if I should go outside and die, the event until no and all the informations from this Dungeon, I will tell them to the Holy Country Ritea. Then I would accomplish my revenge against this Dungeon which didn’t want to shelter me.」



(Lulu)「I swear that if Yuki-sama shelters me and gifts me with his Guardian Appointement, my actions will be limited and restricted only to this Dungeon. And I swear to answer about everything I know regarding the Holy Country Ritea, different informations such as the military and the laws. I am now ashamed that I was one of the top positions in Ritea. Also, I’m certain that I can help Lutz regarding the Management.」

(Herge)「No, you can’t!!. If you do that Lulu-sama, then you will betray your country!?」

Herge wanted to stop me.

(Lulu)「Herge-sama. The fact that I can’t return to the Holy Country Ritea is definitive. That’s why it’s not like I am betraying them. And if I don’t do that, for how long would I be able to continue this kind of random life」

(Yuki)「As for you Lutz, what do you think?. She says that she can be useful.」

They didn’t seem to react the same as they did when they said those remarks. But they don’t seem to be as kind as a breeze yet.
I’d also like that they would follow up.
Yuki-sama will tend to agree with Lutz-san and the young women wouldn’t he?.
So if Lutz-san say that she wanted my death here…

(Lutz)「…To kill you here or to throw you outside, both are good options right?」

(Lulu)「Would you go that far?. Do you really want to do that?. It could be possible that once they find me, there would be accusations against your Dungeon right?. Am I disgusting to the point where you don’t want my help?. In the first place, even if you hide it Lutz-san and the young women, if by any chance the truth gets discovered, what would happen to this town?. For Ritea, it will become a good reason to condemn this place.」

(Lutz)「If we killed you here, do you know that you would become a good fertilizer?. In your case Lulu-sama, I wonder if you will become a lot of DP~」


Oh no!. If they kill me here then they won’t meet any problem.
Something, I must find something to stay alive…

(Herge)「That’s no good!!. I’ll never let you kill Lulu-sama!!」

Herge raised her voice, threatening Lutz-san and the girls.

(Lutz)「The useless Holy Woman over there please fall silent. Now, you don’t have the right to speak anymore. Do you understand?」

(Herge)「I do!!. If you agree with me and help Lulu-sama, I’ll see with Father and we will give you even stronger support!!」

(Lutz)「Ho?… Onii-san, did you settle the affair with the country of Rochelle already?」

(Yuki)「No, because we stayed here, so I don’t know. We will get the details when Seraria arrives」

(Lutz)「Ufufu, hopeless Holy Woman, Herge-sama. What will happen if you can’t hold your promise?」

Lutz-san said that and scowled Herge-sama.
The legs of Herge-sama where trembling. It couldn’t be helped. Because the negotiations hadn’t happened as of yet.

(Herge)「We-, well… that!!. If at that time we fail then!!. Lulu-sama’s… by my owns hands I’ll behead her head !!」

I couldn’t understand her words.
My head was not yours, kind Herge-sama. You can’t wage it like that.

(Lutz)「…Going as far as betting her head, well it’s a dangerous gamble because the members of the royal family are rotten. Hmm~, if Rochelle increases their support and if you give us information about Ritea I can compromise. But I don’t know if Rochelle will hold their promise so…Please wait a minute, I’ll talk with everyone. As Onii-san wished~」

When Lutz-san said that, Herge-sama body sunk to the floor, shivering.

(Herge)「Huh huh, I’m so sorry. At this rate Lulu-sama will…」

(Lulu)「No, Herge-sama. Thank you so much for trying to save my life. If it was just me, I wouldn’t have been able to convince them. You don’t need to hold a grudge againt yourself even if I die, Herge-sama.」

I grasped Herge-sama’s trembling hand and said thank you.
She was so small but she kept growing up. Even if I die here, I’m certain that she would stay positive.

The meeting of Lutz and the young girls was over.
And Lutz-san was coming over here.

(Lutz)「Very well. We have decided to shelter Lulu-sama. However, there will be a few conditions, I will tell them to you in a short while.」

Apparently, I managed to survive…6)They totally forgot about Yuki’s intentions there…
I think that the negotiations were easy to understand.
For Lutz and the others, Lulu’s submission and the information from the country weren’t enough.
If Herge helped, it would increase the help from Rochelle.
But because there was no security, Lutz and the others didn’t agree immediately to it.
However, Herge proposed the decapitation of Lulu.
Like this, they could confirm how much Herge was prepared to do.
Although they didn’t have the guarantee that they would receive an increased amount of help,
the chance that it would happen and the information of Ritea where enough to maintain her
Even if Herge would bet her neck there, she was under the protection so it was useless.


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References   [ + ]

1. Tatami:
2. about politics, leadership, etc
3. Lutz will always be Lutz
4. Here Lutz changes her manner of speech to one of a total despot
5. The nerve xD
6. They totally forgot about Yuki’s intentions there…

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        • Have you read the story at all. The action that caused so much sadness that she took was literally god giving her a blessing and her acceptin it. She was used as an scapegoat on the war that she tried to stop, the assassination attempts were because religious asshats cant accept that goddessess can bless people that live out of their country. She is naive, she is sheltered, she dosent know lot of things but all she has been trying to do is help as many people she can and grieved when she could not. All the horrible things have been instigated by others and blame bushed to her. She didint order the massacre of the village that started the war, she went there to heal them but got the blame nevertheless. Regarding Lulu shes like older sister to her so her actions are quite normal.

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    • Yuki said himself something about that, and I believe it was a few chapters ago. Basically, he stated that he had to open a school, but he didn’t know how to do it since it would remove the children from their freedom. He said something like it would be challenging.

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