Chapter 33 – The meeting (First Half)

Chapter 33 – The meeting (First Half)

I wanted to clean myself…
At that time, I took the crying Aslin and Philia under my arms. We were heading down the hallway.
After everyone suddenly disappeared, they seemed to have remembered something fearful.
Naturaly, they remembered things of the time before when they were still slaves.
Assuming that I though everyone was here, but they disappeared right when I woke up, I would be afraid too.
I was able to survive that day thanks to these two angels.1)Almost raped in chapter 32
This time, I will serve them delicious things.

And now, we were once again gathered inside the banquet hall to discuss our future plan.

(Yuki)「Today, I want to earnestly talk about the future Management of the Dungeon. Because my intention is to listen to everyone’s opinion.」

Saying so, he looked at the face of everyone present.

(Yuki)「Although I already said that, but you’re no longer slaves. You are now proper official subjects. I know that what we will be doing now may be hard to understand so suddenly. That’s why, I will hold the meeting until you get acustomed. Hope you will forgive me for that.」

Lutz and the girls nodded.

(Yuki)「Okay the first thing is to decide whether to make a village or a town. I wonder what will be better inside this Dungeon?. Even though it’s boring, we have to start from the basics, that’s why we need to write everything down. Right now, besides everyone there is a sheet of paper. Please write the necessary things on the sheet, the ones who can’t write please pair up with the ones who can and share your ideas. As you see, because there is a lot of paper you can write everything without worry. Let’s think for 10 minutes at first and share everyone’s ideas.」

By the way, the ordinary people from this world didn’t have a watch.
Apparently, a bell rang inside the towns and villages to announce the time.
Only the royalty and a few amount of people were able to afford luxury goods.
Everyone was surprised at first, but I had to teach them how to read a clock, it would prove useful in the future.

Here, some of the members spontaneously separated from the others.
And the ones who could write attracted them. It was natural, but the people gathered and united with their prefered partners.
Well, there might be troubles in some of the groups but I assured ahead that there would be none.

First of all, Labiris, Aslin and Philia.
A set of three people. They had no problem at all.

Next were Lutz, Ellis and Millie.
The educated members went together. Prety stable there.

After that came Kaya, Tori and Riel.
Here was the furry group as expected.In a sense, an opinion specific to beastmen appeared here.

Last were Herge, Oriel and Lulu.
The Princess group. Herge was a guest from another country so she shouldn’t be participating here.

But Millie accepted her, so she was.
Something seemed to have changed yesterday or today with her.
But truly with Lulu there, no problem should happen.

By the way, I wanted to hear Mauve’s opinion as well.
As an adventurer, he should know many things and help in many ways regarding the Dungeon.
But I was turned down 「Bothersome」he said.
Well, it’s not bad since we had an objective side listening.

Thinking about this, I prepared the white board and 10 minutes had already passed.

(Yuki)「Okay, well…time’s up. I’ll hear Ellis’s and Herge’s group at the end. Looks like you wrote a lot of things. The first should be Labiris’ and Tori’s. Which one of you would like to start?」

(Lutz)「Well~.It’s fine to start with Labiris-chan I think.」

(Labiris)「…Is that So? Thank you.」

Labiris said that and passed the paper she wrote to Aslin and Philia.

(Aslin)「Well, that’s about it. We want a place where we can play!! Surely I think that it will be fun!! We’d like something like a plaza with a squar shape!! We also want a field where delicious foods can be made!!」

(Philia)「Also, together with that, I want a workshop where I can produce many things!! Because I will do my best!!」2)Remember she’s a dwarf, and acordding to fantasy lore, dwarves are born-artisans

The former was Aslin, the later was Philia.3)For your information we are the ones who put the name of who is talking before the conversation, the author kinda hopes that the reader will identify who talks and from time to time mentions them like in this sentence
It seemed that they said what they wanted. But rather than wanting, these things would be absolutely needed.
Well, It will be strange if things like this pop up out of nowhere inside a Dungeon where nothing should have existed before, but it’s something good to do in the future.

(Labiris)「…As expected of the children, don’t you agree? I think that from now on I will need to live at a place where other people live.」

It was Labiris opinion. She was helpless when she didn’t have a place to live.

(Yuki)「I see, I see.Everything you said was justified.Then, what do you think? There is the possibility to not make that depending on the given opinions.Furthermore, if the Beastkins and the Humans want to live together, we need to think of the disturbances beforehand.」

I was encouraging everyone to participate.

(Lutz)「Haa~, indeed.This is a meeting to exchange opinions~.Thinking alone, a hole is likely to appear.It is the same with what Aslin-chan and Philia-chan said, there are also other implications in that as well~.」

(Ellis)「Yes, there is also the main street of the town and the meeting room which should correspond to what Aslin said.Now that she mentions about a field too, I think that it’s natural. And the forge, although Philia is the one who wants to use it, the number of people who will want to use it too, will probably increase. For a workshop, we will need to take various things into consideration.」

Lutz understood the meaning of the conference while Ellis understood the advantages of Aslin and Philia’s proposition.

(Millie)「That’s right, listening to the opinion of others, the opinion we wrote might change, insn’t it? That reminds me, I had a question, can Yuki-san make the daily necessities created in a Workshop or a field, consuming DP? If he could, won’t a workshop and a field be unnecessary?」

Millie, I understood you, but did you want me to cover everything?

(Yuki)「Well, I may be able to do it. However, that won’t resemble a village or a town afterwards.If we want to make something that works, we will need livestocks and other things .Because at first when the immigrants arrive, I plan to substitute anything we are lacking with DP but please don’t rely on that forever.」

(Lutz)「That might be the case…however, won’t the conflicts reduce if onii-san took care of them? Rather, wouldn’t this place become a paradise? Because of food and safety? Could the DP drops because of the corruption?」

If that easygoing method that Lutz is talking about is used, it wouldn’t do any good.

(Yuki)「The Dungeon will be safe as long as I remain alive. But if by any chance I die, leave this place.」

(Labiris)「…This paradise can collapse in no time, that’s it? That’s why, even though you will give them protection in the beginning, you want them to become pro-efficient enough to be able to protect themsleves?」

(Yuki)「In that case, because I thought of a way to protect you all, I created emergency means. And I want you to use them when the time comes.」


(Yuki)「After hearing everyone’s opinion, I will decide on what to do and the range of which I will interfere. That’s because it takes too much time to answer about each separate topic.」

Everyone nodded. For the time being, I wrote all the opinions on the white board.

(Yuki)「Now, let’s continue with Tori’s group.Is that ok with you?」

(Tori)「Yes, it’s fine.For starters, I think that it’s necessary to bring the outdoor hot spring, they would love it!! Without a doubt, it will surely become popular!!」

For an instant, I remained silent.To answer what was said before, Aslin tilted her head in agreement.

(Lutz)「…Indeed, entertainment facilities…We could offer a place where people could watch theater, or a place where they could drop money, a place they would call extraordinary4)Casinos, etc…. If we do that, we might be able to collect money without using DP. Tori-san, you’re awesome. As for how to create various entertainment facilities. If we perform well, it can become our center of interest. While we do business with others countries, it will be easy to catch the interest of people. They will easily understand what benefits they will get for living here.」

(Tori)「Eh, ehh? Th–at…such intention…」

(Lutz)「Ahahahaah, it seems that I have said something different than Tori-san.However, I thought that Tori-san would be delighted as well with this plan. Ellis, would the inhabitants sometimes enjoy preferential treatment? If we set the price for half, after a few people start living here, won’t more migrate later?」

(Ellis)「Hmmm. Lutz as a merchant should be the one do undertake that job. However, the method to see throught the inhabitants…」

That way, the things Tori said were left behind. Lutz and Ellis were deepening on various subjects.

(Millie)「If you make outdoor baths in the town or village, please put a lot of sake inside it!! People will complain if they can’t find any!!」

Millie said that, leaning forward…. Please calm down.

(Yuki)「Ellis, Lutz don’t go that far yet. We’re still not finished, we need to hear out the rest of the opinions. Also Millie, keep your composure.Because I’ll write it, Outdoor bath (Sake required). Now, we will continue with Kaya and Riel.」

To get the rushed things down, I wrote her idea on the board. Outdoor bath (Sake required) = entertainment facilities.

(Riel)「I want a place like an adventurer guild and a place where I can move my body freely. Some traning grounds maybe?」

(Kaya)「…I want a lawn or a small place to grow grass. Especially onto the ground of the place… It’s hard to breath there」5)As in the cities

To Riel’s opinion, I’m able to consent. But a training ground… how should I handle that? Apart from that… to make an adventurer guild?
Howevern Kaya’s idea was somehow…different? The earth was suffocating? Her opinion, was it like the modern Japan which was increasing its greenery?

(Ellis)「Well, I understand what Kaya said」

(Lutz)「I agree ~」

(Oriel)「Actually, I thought the same thing.」

(Yuki)「What do you mean? Is it important for the Beastkins and the Elves?」

Ellis and Lutz agreed in addition with Oriel.

(Lutz)「Ah~, onii-san you’re from the Human tribes.Therefore,You may not feel that too much…」

(Ellis)「The Elves and Beastkins need a place like a forest to live, or a place overflowing with greenery.」

(Oriel)「Altought it might not be so uncomfortable for the ones who where born inside a town/village. But the ones like me who grew up inside one of those places6)Cities… For us, a life in the Royal Capital is the ideal.」

(Yuki)「I see, the differences in environment is somehow too much.」

(Ellis)「Well, they won’t die or anything… However, it will be difficult to makes the Elves and the Beastkins that live inside or close to a forest to migrate here.」

Indeed, the green sceneries were important for the curent Japanese people as well.
This may be an unexpected loophole. Because when one is living in a determined place, he or she would attract troubles and may harbor unreasonable stress.
Kaya’s opinion was an unexpected find.
Scratching the white board, I filled it up with her opinion.Green (Important).

(Yuki)「Well, Ellis’ group, would you continue?」

(Ellis)「Very well. Because of the last opinion, I’m impressed.That a meeting is important.That’s why, I’ll make my opinion for that purpose as well.」

After that, everyone gathered here stared at Ellis.

(Ellis)「Then, to start with an unpleasant fundamental. What is the general hierarchy of the dungeon? Where would you place the village or the town? Which size will it have? How long would be needed to construct everything? Depending on that, an outdoor hot spring might not be possible. So first of all, I think we need to select which land to use.」


The faces of the members who gave their opinion hardened.
First of all, the place is important. The opinions they said were important, but shouldn’t we secure the basic firmly before?

The girls learned “that” only after doing things this way for the first time.
It may seem childish and amateurish but everyone would act like that at first.
There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Because now you should have hopefully learned it.

However, I’ve decided on one thing.
Only toilets and toilet paper would be make inside each household using DP.
I’m uneasy regarding the hygienic aspect of this Dungeon, if everything would be discharged here, it will become quite nasty.

The noble oath was confirmed once again and we moved onto the latter half of the meeting.
I could have done in various other ways and suddenly skip the creation process of the town and the village, but it won’t be good if I did that so I want to do it throughly by all means.

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References   [ + ]

1. Almost raped in chapter 32
2. Remember she’s a dwarf, and acordding to fantasy lore, dwarves are born-artisans
3. For your information we are the ones who put the name of who is talking before the conversation, the author kinda hopes that the reader will identify who talks and from time to time mentions them like in this sentence
4. Casinos, etc…
5. As in the cities
6. Cities

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