Chapter 35 – Melon’s feeling

Chapter 35 – Melon’s feeling

side: Labiris
(Yuki)「Okay, shall we contact Rochelle now? Because we can’t choose the land before receiving the details.」

Yuki to end the conference ordered the results of the meeting by order of priority.
In the end, it seemed that we had to start with selecting the land inside the Dungeon.
After that, Yuki gave a ring to each of us.

(Yuki)「As I said a little while ago, this ring has the ability to teleport.By saying the word『Transfer』, you will instantly move here.If you say the word 『Floor』 before saying the word 『Transfer』, you will move to the floor you specifed. Then please gather at the outside of the Banquet Hall.You will be transfered over this small stage.Try the word『Transfer』」

When Yuki said the word, after wearing the ring, he vanished and suddenly appeared on the stage.
This was a handy tool!
Even after being kidnapped, you can escape unless it was removed.

(Yuki)「Don’t worry, you won’t overlap in case someone is already here, you will simply shift to the closest location.」

What Yuki said, I didn’t understand it really well.Would we become squashed if we teleported at the same location we were at first?

After Yuki said his words… A video appeared with Aslin and me…
Our body disassembled and suddenly grew up on that place, we were assembled together… Burp…
I saw terrible things… Why did you talk about that kind of thing.

(Yuki)「Sorry, sorry.For the strange thing I showed to you.」

Seeing me in a bad mood, he carried me like a princess.1)Princess carry:!.full.319001.jpg
… It felt so good.I wondered, what would Lutz feel?
My arms were entangled around his neck.
Although It’s hard to throw me away when I did a piggyback, the princess carry wasn’t bad as well.
Because my body was small, he could held me easily with one arm without difficulty.

(Yuki)「Okay everybody, put your ring on.I want everyone to practice this on their own.For the next plan to select the land.You can check about its status inside the Dungeon from this map.Because using DP, the interior of the Dungeon can change anytime.」

Lulu-sama came closer to him when he removed the whiteboard and the map of the Dungeon appeared.

(Ellis)「However, Yuki-san, isn’t Seraria-sama aware of that? Isn’t there any way to know what the country of Rochelle will send?」

Ellis mentioned her doubts.
Because in this situation, according to the others, we couldn’t select the land yet.

(Yuki)「Well, I don’t have enough details to reach a conclusion yet.But the rough number was determined.Let’s see. The number might fit inside 1 floor to live and 2 floors for the safety.Is a river or wells necessary? Should we make the residential area as one big place? Or should we add some entertainment facilities as well?」

(Lutz)「Haha~, I see. Although I don’t understand the scale, I understand the necessities.Will you divide it by floors? I think that that, is a good idea.」

Lutz approved of it.

Yuki always thought of many things at the same time.
There were a lot of meanings I couldn’t grasp about the Dungeon. Nevertheless, I was thankful because he always thought out for our concern.

And we will be used to manage the place.I was anxious about that.
To have placed children and women as representatives and managers, as expected of Yuki.
Yuki was aware that he might get despised by the residents. That’s why he made us as representatives.
This place will become a place where everyone can share their opinion. That way, it was easier to have us, women and children, for that job.
Those words held another meaning. If someone tried to hurt us, he would probably be smoked out.
By using women and children, even a strong male representative might get discouraged.

In this place, everyone had the same position.We couldn’t look down on someone else nor did we need to.

I think it was a really good idea. Although Aslin and Philia were afraid, they only needed to not work as representatives.
I got this.I understood it.They could use Ellis and me for that.
We would bear it with pleasure.
The future that Yuki hopes for and showed us with very promising things. In addition, he helped me with slavery, it’s natural for me to help him in return.

However, Yuki was worried about that.
After he freed us from slavery and he treated us so well, it was easy to accept.
When Yuki said that he contrived, I decided to support him deliberately.

He manipulated us.

And I may not be able to speak for Lutz, Ellis or Millie either.
They may indeed had agreed with him.
However, I think that Yuki wants to do very cool stuff, I was convinced and decided to cooperate.

He was a very friendly and very sweet person.
Because I’m smart, he was worried about that.
He was worried about it for a couple of days, then he decided to tell everyone the reason of why he contrived.

But now, this warm feeling we feel… I want to be the only one feeling it.2)Yandere route unlocked!

(Yuki)「Uh? Labiris, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?」

Unknowingly, I had embraced Yuki really tightly.

(Labiris)「… No.I’m just glad.You already held Aslin and Philia like this, but this is my first time experiencing it.」

(Yuki)「Okay that’s good then. But if you’re not feeling well, please don’t overdo it.」

(Labiris)「Un」3)onomatopoeia for nodding

In the future, there would be a need for negotiations with Aslin and Philia.
Should we had turns? Or some rotation system?
Since I already had this feeling with the left arm, would I receive a stronger feeling with the dominant right arm?
However, I couldn’t forget about piggyback riding that easily.I could also cling onto Yuki’s head.
When I pushed my breasts on his head, he looked a little pleased with it. And I’m afaid that Aslin and Philia wouldn’t be able to substitute for it…

(Yuki)「… Then, should we make three floors? I believe it’s a good idea.」

(Ellis)「I understand, if the first floor gets attacked, we can gain time with the second floor too. That way the residents could easily take shelter while the defense system is set in place.」

(Lulu)「Yes, although we can’t know the number of persons, with the first and second floor, we can move them more easily.When a large scale attack happens, the distance will prove advantageous.」

(Yuki)「It’s fine to look for a good place. Nevertheless, we can’t forget about safety.This way, the merchants who want to trade won’t complain.」

(Lutz)「Uh huh~, hopefully you thought about that Onii-san.We should consider safety over the accommodations for transportations4)Logistics.Also, with the increase of thieves and monsters, two floors for defense are better than one.Moreover, if the place is safe, no one should complain.」

(Yuki)「It is as you said Lutz.However, the second floor might as well be accommodated with a hotel for those who are in a bad timing at night.」5)I think he means a garrison of sorts for patrols and merchants

(Lutz)「If we do that, someone who can stand on par with ruffians will be needed~.Well, if we keep this in mind I think your previous point is a good idea.」

While I was still thinking of my own things, the talk advanced in various ways.

(Yuki)「Okay, so we can do one floor for defense and one floor with a blank area, is it good?」

(Aslin)「Ano, Onii-chan… I am sorry to interrupt but there is something I want to hear from Yuki-san.」

Aslin called him Onii-chan.
She too was taking a like to Yuki.
But different than a woman, she was liking him as a young girl.
In that case, Yuki-san was fit to become her older brother.

His eyes became round for an instant but shortly after, Yuki showed a warming smile.

(Yuki)「You don’t need to apologize Aslin.Even though I’m not especially a great man, you can call me brother as much as you like.Philia, what about you?」

(Philia)「Is that true!? Then I’ll call you Nii-sama!! Nii-sama!!」

(Aslin)「Onii-chan is the best!! It’s all right!!」

The two had their heads patted. They were really happy.
Everyone stopped the meeting to look at the spectacle.
You were splendid, Aslin and Philia.
I think of you two as angels.

(Herge)「We–well…Aslin-chan, Philia-chan.Can you call me Onee-chan as well?」

Herge jumped on the occasion to ask the two angels.

(Oriel)「Eeh, but…Herge-sama is a Holy Woman…」

(Aslin)「Ano, Oriel-san…」

(Herge)「I am not a Holy Woman anymore… Oriel!! I won’t allow any further interfering!!」

(Oriel)「… I have a problem with that.At least use Ane-sama for Herge-sama…」

Oriel, you were quite struggling, right?
Well, in the end it will be for Aslin and Philia to decide… I don’t know what they were thinking.

(Aslin)「He–Herge onee-chan!!」

(Philia)「Herge ane-sama!!」

(Herge)「Kyaaaa!! Yes, I’m your older sister!! I know what my Ane-sama feels now!!」

Herge-sama lifted Aslin and Philia happily… She was just a moron.

(Yuki)「Well then, did you have anything to ask me Aslin?」

(Aslin)「Uh, yes.Onii-chan, since we are in a Dungeon, why is there a sky? And even night?」

(Yuki)「That’s because I consumed DP to create it.I can change the weather freely as well.Well, I limited it to seasons, it was cheaper this way.」

Indeed, the night at the inn was because of the night in the sky.

(Lutz)「Please wait a minute.Onii-san, if we need to change the weather in the future, how much DP will it cost?」

(Yuki)「Let’s see, to change the weather around the hotel, it would cost around 5000 DP.」

(Lutz)「Pfft!? Although you have earned 500 000 DP… you find that expensive?」

(Yuki)「Even if it doesn’t look expensive at first, for a whole floor it becomes way more expensive.If the area is one floor wide, the ratio will be better, don’t you think?」

(Lutz)「Indeed, and the floor which has the farming land should be as wide as possible.A floor like that will benefit more from an expend of 5000 DP.」

(Yuki)「Well, it will be…. Hey wait, if it were a floor with snow only, skiing and snowboarding could be possible and unlimited!! I just noticed a wonderful thing!! Cheers for one of this Dungeon future leisures!!」

Yuki was somehow glad for something he found out himself.
I wonder what are a ski and a snowboard?
When I’m looking at the images coming from Yuki, what I saw was a wooden plank and snow? After attaching it to his foot, he slid.
Really, I didn’t know that could be used like this.

(Yuki)「And with that, I can also spread the winter olympic games…」

When Yuki said that, a screen suddenly opened in front of him.
As for what appeared in there…

(Seraria)『Yuki, what a strange face you are doing.The preparations on our side almost ended.We would like to report it to you. Are you happy? Because we didn’t meet each other faces for a long time.Honestly, aren’t you happy to see this Seraria’s face?』

The moment I saw her face, I became annoyed.
Sorry, I was busy with various things today.

As usual, thank you for finding the errors in the 『Title』and inside the 『Lines』

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1. Princess carry:!.full.319001.jpg
2. Yandere route unlocked!
3. onomatopoeia for nodding
4. Logistics
5. I think he means a garrison of sorts for patrols and merchants

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