Chapter 45 – Trafic jamming?

Chapter 45 – Trafic jamming?

side: Yuki
real name: Kazuya Torino

(Yuki)「I’m setting off. See you later!」

This was the entrance to the Dungeon. I was waving at everyone when I said those words.

(Lutz)「Take care Onii-san. Please take advantage of this trip to look at the continent.I’m sure it will prove useful.」

(Ellis)「You can rest assured Yuki-san and leave the management of the Dungeon to me. I will try my best not to borrow too much of your hands.」

(Millie)「If you fall upon any delicious liquor please bring it to me.」

「Be careful, even if this body is a fake I’m still worried about you.」

(Riel)「If you do as I said, your adventure will pose no problem!!」

(Kaya)「… Take care. And watch out.」

(Aslin)「Onii-chan, I… don’t want you to leave~~!!」

(Philia)「Nii-sama! If you can find any weapon or armor shop please bring me some sample!!」

(Labiris)「… Please entrust your body to me. I can also help with the lower part…. I don’t have any problem as long as you feel comfortable.」

That sounded bad, Labiris would unmistakably torment my body.

(Yuki)「 Labiris.I’ll diligently return home, please be patient until that.」

Grasping Labiris hand, I imagined her in a wedding dress close to a marriage hall.
After what I showed her the image of the bridal night.

(Labiris)「…!? You can trust me. I’ll work properly.」

A convincing success.
Incidentally, my body was sleeping on a futon.
Because my metabolism was healthy, at the time of meals or toilet, my body moved in auto mode… It was strange as if it moved by the will of the doppelganger.
And because I took over him for so long, his habits were now similar to mine.
If I had a younger brother, It would feel the same. I mean the personality.

(Lulu)「Herge-sama. The treatment facilities are summarized in the following documents. I’m sorry, I could not help until the end. But If I can return to Ritea, I will definitely…」

(Herge)「Okay, Lulu-sama please take care. I’m all right. Also, I believe we will meet again.」

(?)「I pray that Lulu-sama’s wish is fulfilled..」

Like that, Herge- exchanged parting words with Lulu

(Aslin)「Oh, Mauve oji-chan1)uncle and the others, don’t be unreasonable!! You promised to play with Philia-chan and me so return soon…. Take care!!」

Aslin called out to the completely forgotten group of Mauve.
The party was surprised but soon harbored smiles.

(Mauve)「Yes, this promise I Shall protect!! I will buy various souvenirs for you!!」

(Aslin)「… You will return home, So…」

(Mauve)「This is definitely a promise I must fulfill!」

Like this, he returned words to Aslin.
But it was dragged on. Did you have to go over it once again?

(Mauve)「Okay, I should say this again.This promise…」

「「「I’m going!!」」」

「「「Be safe!!!」」」

Thus the hero went on a journey.
Let me correct myself. He was a Dungeon Master.
More accurately, he was a doppelganger.
This was only an image of a hero going on a journey for the first time.
Hoy, I was excited!!
You could see the tension palpitating.
Although it was employing a fake, I was heading outside for the first time!! To the outside world!!

Well, after 30 minutes I eventually grew tired of watching the same landscape which didn’t change.

But this continent and Japan are very different.
Because unlike the time I was in Japan, all I could see was an endless plain.
There was a forest in the neighborhood, and a mountain that turned bluish from a distance.

(Mauve)「We will need around 1 month to reach the nearest village to procures horses,.」

The composed Mauve said that.

(Yuki)「Oh, you don’t have to worry. I will take a vehicle out of my items box.」

(Mauve)「Oh, is your items box able to hold living creatures?」

(Yuki)「No, it’s not a living thing.」

Because I was tired of walking it seemed the right thing to do. I had felt like imitating a “green world conquest vehicle.”
Well, I fetched something similar.

(Yuki)「Oh oh~.It is bigger than a hummer. The strongest ever made vehicles which even C4 couldn’t break. The Maraudeur!2) !」

I saw this on the internet recently. It’s about 40 million yen.
Of courses with bullet-proof glass, Thick armor, Two spare tires were even included.
Furthermore, they were special tires used to counter. It could trample any ordinary car!!
Going off road was also easy. Indeed useful for this primitive land!!

But did it seem expensive?
No no, surprisingly it was only 30 000DP.
Oh, incidentally 50 000DP were used to level up the doppelganger.
Huh, there was only 500 000 DP so how did I do it? I was going to say it to you.
In this world, false reports are necessary.
In spite of that, I was safe because I bought it before anyone came!!

(Yuki)「Come on. Get in, get in.」

For some reasons, the most rustic said.

(Mauve)「… Is this… A vehicle?」

This reaction was as expected.

(Yuki)「That’s right. Grab your sword Mauve and try to hit the glass with full force.」

(Mauve)「Huh? It will break?」

(Yuki)「Do not worry about that, you’ll know about the usefulness of this vehicle then. Also, Raija and Curse, try it with your spear and magic.」

(Raija)「Me too?」

(Curse)「Magic would be bad as expected.」

(Yuki)「No no, there’s no way with attacks of your level to break this car. Just go with all your strengths. Lulu as well?」

(Lulu)「No, I will refrain.」

This way, the bonus stage from street fighter 2 was ready!
Hmmm, but because they wouldn’t be able to break it the bonus couldn’t start.

… Ten minutes later…

(Mauve)「How come?This glass!? This glass… Don’t talk about breaking it we can’t even scratch it.」

(Raija)「What with those weird wheels… The thrusts don’t pass… What is it made of?」

(Curse)「……He, it’s still withstanding the flow…。Impossible!」

The three people ended out of breath.
With the help of various magics, I had raised the vehicle’s abilities. They probably won’t even be able to scratch the paints. Magic, what a scary thing.

And then, the Marauder

「Okay, the durability seems safe. Come now, guys get on!」

That way I went to the driver’s seat.
…Huh? I should have thought this through, wasn’t I the only one able to drive?3)That remind me of the first trap story ahah
Damn it; I won’t be able to relax in the passenger seat!?

(Mauve)「… Hey you, come back.Is there a platform to enter?」

(Yuki)「…Nay, I will open the three places.」

They had no concept of cars so they couldn’t understand how to use this one.
An explanation was given about how to enter and leave.

(Yuki)「Luggages are to be discharged on the back. Put them in a way to not interfere with your sitting.」

(Mauve)「Is it some sort of horse-drawn carriage?」

Mauve and company were muttering while they climbed into the back seat.
As to say this was the evolution of horse-drawn carriage was perhaps not a mistake.

(Yuki)「Come on the passenger seat Curse, you’ll give me directions.」


Curse went to the passenger seat.

(Mauve)「… What about this chair?… The quality to withstand ride is top notch.」

Well, you couldn’t compare that with a wooden carriage.

(Mauve)「Incidentally Yuki .Does such a lump of iron move? No, does it even move fast?」

(Yuki)「That, just watch.」

Saying so, I started the engine.
By the way, you didn’t need a key to initiate the motor. Instead, it was with the fingertip and magic.

The highest security combined with magic!!

(Yuki)「Did you close the door? I will lock them」

Because it would be a problem if a door was to be suddenly opened I installed locks.
With a simple manipulation, the door would be locked.

(Lulu)「… Strange, it doesn’t have a keyhole.」

Lulu moved toward what locked the car, making sure that there was no key hole.

(Yuki)「Do not open now. Because we will start moving」

Cautiously, I stepped on the accelerator.
The car began to move slowly.
Okay, there seemed to be no damage to the car and the body.

(Mauve)「Wow. It’s working fine, but the speed is a bit…」

Mauve started complaining.

(Yuki)「Then, I’ll speed up.」

The speed raised from 10 kilometers per hours to finally reaching 40 Km per hours.
Because the ground wasn’t firm, any more than this and the car would flip.

(Curse)「Hah, fast!?」


(Mauve)「… With this, we may not even need a week.」

(Yuki)「It’s great huh? We can safely travel while enjoying the scenery.」

Because I was the only one who could drive, I played some music for my leisure. Didn’t the top theme 「Danger Zone4)」fit our ride perfectly?

(Lulu)「What’s this sound!?」

(Yuki)「No, that’s music.I’ve put it out for my enjoyment.」

(Lulu)「What did you just do? Did you play it?」

(Yuki)「Ah no, I didn’t. You start it from within this application. It has a function to record and play sound.」

(Lulu)「This is quite the luxury.」

No, because if you didn’t have this for long distance travel, you would become tired.

It could lessen the burden, making the drive more relaxing and comfortable.
The current speed was now roughly 70 kilometers. Let see, with this speed I should be able to escape from any of the small provinces in about an hour or so?
Things like traffic laws… They shouldn’t exist, should they? Because we were off the road, it was shaking to some extent.

(Yuki)「Then, Curse. Toward which town or village do you think we should head first? Oh of course we will descend in the vicinity. After this, and now I will speak about an important issue. We should hide the car so that no one can reproduce it.」

(Curse)「… That’s right. With this speed, we can move forward in a straight line. There is a small town. Kilis.5)キリス街It’s near the borders of Holy Country Ritea and Rochelle Once there, we will have to move by foot to cross the barrier into Ritea.」

(Yuki)「Do we need something to go past the station?」

(Curse)「Basically all we need is money. There is nothing else bothersome whatsoever…. However, it should take around 4 days to reach Kilis with a fast horse. With this thing here nonetheless… We will reach it in one day …

Watching at the flowing scenery, Curse said seemingly amazed.

(Mauve)「Hey, Yuki. Don’t we have to make this rest?」

Mauve’s voice came over from the back seat.

(Yuki)「Not at all.This vehicle has yet to reach his serious speed.Besides, it’s not a living being. So there is no need for it to rest. Rather, the matter should be about cooling it down instead.」

(Mauve)「Seriously?How conveniant」

(Yuki)「Incidentally, we have to take proper food and drinks.Time is about noon.」

(Mauve)「Oh that’s right, I have some proper drink here.」

Said Mauve. After what he pulled a plastic bottle out.

(Raija)「Hey oh, stop drinking alcohol.」

(Mauve)「Baka6)Means fool/idiot Raija.Stay silent!!」

That bastard. Did he fill a plastic bottle with alcohol?

(Yuki)「It’s all the same, don’t drink. By the way, we didn’t seem to see any monster?」

(Curse)「Yes, here is the main road. Strong monsters have been eliminated, but not weak monsters nor thieves. Hey for now Mauve just stop. Yuki he… Is still an amateur After all.」

(Yuki)「Who is an amateur?」

(Curse)「Well, isn’t it your first time outside?」

(Mauve)「Hah, after a drink it’s time for bed.」

Oh, he looked like a 15-years old innocent boy.
I arranged for Mauve and others, to assist me. When the time came, I expect to be able to count on them.
Lulu too wanted for Mauve’s party to follow.

After disguising.

(Mauve)「Neeーchan7)Sister.Give me some tea.」

(Lulu)「…Hah!? How did you call me!? It makes me feel great discomfort…」

(Yuki)「Give me some tea」

(Raija)「Ha, yes. Please too」

From the back, I was offered tea.
Opening the cover, I drank with one hand, the other still on the steering.

(Curse)「You’re skilled.」

(Lulu)「If you get to know how to, Curse, you also can.」

There, a few carriages passing by were surprised at our sight. But since I had hidden the vehicle in the item box, they could only believe that we were from the neighborhood. Amen.8)南無 any other meaning fitting the context better?

After an idle other-worldly safari tour operation of about 3 hours, Curse noticed something.

(Curse)「At 10 o’clock.Right now in the forest… There is about 5 to 6 troll」

Curse had learned the meaning behind the clockwise direction by watching the Goblin’s training.It was Incredible.
Then, looking at that direction…

(Mauve)「Oh, they are certainly trolls. It’s a species ranging from 3 meters … to 5 meters, I dislike them.」

Mauve also checked the direction and confirmed the troll.

(Lulu)「What do we do? We can also ignore this but?」

(Yuki)「Here we are traveling in a rush. That said, thanks to the Marauder we are moving at an incredible speed.Either are fine?」

(Curse)「A Five-meter troll, with Mauve and Curse we will need about 1 hour to subjugate it. Well, since we have the Holy Woman and the Dungeon Master, it won’t take as much time.」

Stopping the Marauder at once, we were having a short meeting, which one was okay? Then let’s take a decision.

(?????)「KiyyaaaaAAAA!! Don’t come!! DO NOT COME!!」

A girl-like voice echoed in the midst of the trolls group.

(Yuki)「… huh, can you see someone?」


(Curse)「…… No, I can’t see it’s too far away.Strange voice… something like a kid?」

(Mauve)「…!? Yuki I advise you to help.That’s one of the fairy tribe!!」

(Lulu)「Eh!? What, fairy tribe!? Why do they appear in such a place!?」

First of all the engine then the accelerator.
For such a distance, should I raise the speed up to 60 km?

(Yuki)「Everyone, get your seatbelt!! I’ll crush the trolls all at once!9)Masaka, Yuki-sama…!」

「Don’t you go down to fight!?」
「… No way!」

Mauve’s and friends’ face paled.

(Yuki)「Well, there’s a lot of those monsters. I’ll just speed the car and trample them?」

Troll-san held a seemingly fat club. This troll looked akin to Dracula.10)I believe だドラク○ means Dracula
Even so, it was still 5 meters. And besides, he wasn’t against a bipedal but a four-wheeled lump of iron.
I tackled with the Marauder, aiming at its legs.
Look at the power of an iron mass at 60kmh!!

(????)「Someone ahhhHHHH!!」

Looking closely, a person from the fairy tribe was held by someone else.
Well, by the sound of my Klaxon, the troll disregarded them and turned its attention toward us.
The first one was the leader of the trolls.
It was a monster which died by a car accident.


From the girl’s point of view, it was as if the troll was blown up by a strange thing coming from the side.
The human shaped body was … no, the awful troll body was bent in the form of the character く.
We didn’t feel any shock. Magic was amazing to mitigate the impact.
It seemed to also reduce the impact from mortars and canons.Let’s think about it later.

Troll-san, he turned so weak after being trampled all the way over there that it was no trouble anymore.
The remaining trolls were all knocked away. I felt sorry.Was it the feeling I had to have when knocking someone?
All of this took only 5 minutes.
Imagine「Striiike!!」It was not too bad. I mean, because it was like bowling.
Although one had a club, with the Marauder, it was quickly repelled.
You might say it was an armored vehicle. Was it impossible to produce living beings with strengths enough to destroy it?
Finally, after we swiftly crushed the heads of the trolls and cleaned up.

(Mauve)「It, that’s absurd.」

(Curse)「… Can you even attack castle with this?」

(Raija)「What is needed to stop that thing?」

(Lulu)「….. Please, don’t use that in the capital of Ritea, okay? Huh?」

Most of the riding members raised their voices of discontent, but they were ignored.
Quickly, I brought the car in front of the fairy girl.

(?????)「Hish…!? Wait, don’t come!?」

Had she fainted? The other person was retreating, holding her to protect.
That was because we were inside an unidentified object that just got rid of all of the trolls.
For now, let’s get out of the car and talk to the girls.

(Yuki)「There is not any intention of hostility here. If you can’t trust me, I’ll leave immediately. But if you permit me, I will treat you… so what will you do?」

Words were arranged in a business-like way.
Like a hero from somewhere, I spoke to them as if they were some cat/dog that were saved on a whim.
From the conversation of Mauve and company earlier, I believe that they were from a rather rare species.

(????)「This, eh? Humans?」

She was confused, but she had not settled down yet.
It was my chance.
If I act while she was confused, before she could gather her thoughts…

(Yuki)「Excuse me.I will answer all of your questions one by one later. If you follow us, we will treat you. But if not, we will leave as it is.」

(????)「Eh, ehh?」

(Yuki)「Alright. Then I’ll pray for your luck from here on.Then…」

I said and turned back.
So, that was it for this situation. Unless…

(????)「Huh, wait!! I’ll follow!! I will follow you!! Please save this child!!」

That happened psychologically.

With her mental state, after she suffered a huge defeated by the trolls, something unknown came and crushed the laters.
Then I came down, displaying my good will to treat them.
Even if the one who offered treatment was human, her judgment’s ability was flat.
And she had no time to think.

The girl with the pieces of information given to her as 「The trolls are defeated」「I was saved」「He is mysterious」「He offers treatment」「It’s hard to decide」「There is no time」.

With only those information, and her judgment…
・He defeated the troll he’s「good」
・That helped us, it’s 「good」
・I didn’t know his real self, it’s「bad」
・He want to treat us, it’s 「good」
・He didn’t act as indelicate. He is both「Good」 and 「Bad」
・With the lack of time, for the girl it was「Bad」 but her judgment could determine「Nothing」.

As the verdict, there is 4 「Good」 .And 3 to 2 「Bad」.
She couldn’t do but stretch her hand with her obscured judgment.

Oppositely, if she didn’t stretch it, that meant her village or something equivalent was around.
But if she was to display no reaction, that meant I didn’t need her, and she was unnecessary to my journey.
Even if they were from some rare tribe, it’s not worth making a friend if they disregarded my hand.

While thinking about such a thing, I brought them to the back seat and gave them to Lulu who was in a daze.

(Yuki)「They need treatment. Then, which part of the troll act as a proof of subjugation? Quick, I want to take the harvest and leave.」

I kicked the rear of the dumbfounded Mauve, Raija, and Curse and we ran to the destination to collect the loot.

(????)「It hurts.What’s going on!?」

Receiving the treatment at the back sit, the fairy girl uttered a cry.
Well now, how should I kill time?
He was careless.
All the burden he accumulated until now dissipated this way!!

About the error and misspellings thanks ahah.

Also, I am playing Pokemon.
Does someone play Pokemon and wants to have a competition or exchange?
What version are you playing? Will you hand over a Carbink? 11)岩・フェアリ
Because I have all the others Pokemon in stock!!


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References   [ + ]

1. uncle
3. That remind me of the first trap story ahah
5. キリス街
6. Means fool/idiot
7. Sister
8. 南無 any other meaning fitting the context better?
9. Masaka, Yuki-sama…
10. I believe だドラク○ means Dracula
11. 岩・フェアリ

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