Chapter 79 – The King’s ride.

Chapter 79 – The King’s ride.

Side : Aria・Ral・Rochelle Rochelle’s next Queen.

(Seraria)「Welcome, please come in. Onee-sama.」

Before me stands my important Imouto 1)Younger Sister.
But honestly, I’m not pleased.

(Aria)「Seriously, after all that turmoil you ran off and committed to something unthinkable.」

I barely managed to resist retorting by grinding my teeth. 2)Not sure 私はそう返すのがやっとだった。
Seraria for the better or worse had chosen to live by the art of Bushido.3)Literally: The way of the sword; a samurai like set of manners
But the previous turmoil ended up with Seraria making active moves and getting married to an outsider and, albeit only to an extent, unknown man.
Father was particularly opposed, and the amount of support she received4)monetary support for Dungeon was the bare minimum, but to her all of it was totally meaningless.
After all, in Seraria’s eyes, that man, the master of a Dungeon seems to be seen as abnormally prestigious and powerful.

(Seraria)「Something unthinkable? I wonder why? For the sake of giving myself territory and wealth, I just went to the neighborhood and negotiated? 」

This girl ~
While pressing my thumbs to my temples, I was trying to swallow what my sister said.
Yes, from a certain point of view, it looks just like she negotiated a marriage.

But the opposition parties have received a lot of dirt5)political kind because of this. Princess marries herself off to [some man]. They loved this entire event.
No well, they at least pretend to be loyal to our country, but they are obviously overly friendly with other countries too.
But the opposition only leaned towards our country and could break easily if we make a bad move. 6)Not sure : だが、裏は下手をすれば一国が傾くようなことばかりしていたのだ。
No, that’s what they pretend to our country but they could lean towards any other.

Taking advantage of trivial things like this is common among nobility.
It’s our responsibility, my father’s and mine, to stand at the top of the country and make decisions. Not Seraria’s who brought upon us this situation at her own convenience…….

(Seraria)「But, how can you have the nerve, respectable father, distant ane-same7)Not sure, the honorific used was “とお” in the sentence “とお姉さま”, as if she held no respect for her sister, calling her “distant”. , to judge me, when the two of you have left the Kingdom unattended. Leaving it wide open, after such an incident has only just passed.」

We were now on our way to visit the Dungeon that Seraria assumed as her territory.
Ostensibly worrying about my younger sister, in truth, we are heading there to ascertain the danger level of this Dungeon.

(King)「That’s not true. Chasing after the throne when we’re so close is a bit too much.」

(Aria)「That’s right.」

(King)「Well then, I want to enjoy a slow and leisurely talk about this village of yours… But I believe the fewer the questions, the better for Seraria?」

(Seraria)「What do you mean?」

(King)「…… No, I think that these are solid buildings, firmly carving that amount of trees in a mere couple of months after coming here is amazing. However, I have heard there were 7000 migrants from Ritea currently present.」

As otou-sama said 8)She shifted from using “Oyaji” earlier to “Otou-sama”, a more respectful way to address her father., there are buildings outside the surroundings of the Dungeons but it’s the size of a small village. True, I wonder if there’d be enough space to house such a large number of adults, as addressed in the letter? Though he’s mixing up the front gate with the mansion.

(King)「And what’s the meaning the son-in-law not appearing before me?」

His last words carried a little anger within.
Otou-sama was clinging to his daughter.
If Seraria herself didn’t make some extravagant show this time, to showcase her new husbands power, he planned to marry the daughter of an appropriate noble to the Dungeon Master and retrieve his daughter.9)Anth: Like hell he could have done that lol, they don’t know yet about the scourge called Labiris. Chill: Yikes! Stop him before Labiris declares War on Rochelle! Tensky: The girls are more likely, nope, this girl doesn’t measure up to requirements, toss her to the goblins Face: You guys are scary….Especially you Tensky….Still not as scary as those girls
The royal family itself bothered to visit.
It’s a matter of course that otou-sama is angry when that man didn’t appear before his wife’s father, that’s beyond disgraceful.

(Seraria)「Ha, what are you talking about. Pushing a member of nobility onto him, a girl that you would use at your own convenience to monitor and spy on him, what reason would there be to pay respect to royalty after having that done to you?」


(Seraria)「In addition, to try and pick up taxes. Are you stupid? Although father has a good image right now, you originally tried to overthrow the Dungeon Master with your ironically poor plan. I’m not sure if angering him is wise, just deal with it huh.」

(King)「Nunuh!? However, the collection of the tax in 5 years…」

(Seraria)「…… Are you seriously saying that? It doesn’t matter how many years it is, this place was originally established as an independent state. You don’t collect taxes from smaller neighboring countries do you? Despite me saying that, it is currently considered to be part of Rochelle for the time being. My husband won’t show his respect for that in such a small way as by paying taxes. 10)Not sure : 税を取ろうとする姿勢だけで、夫に対して敬意を払っていないわ。… Kuso oyaji,11)“Kuso” is an insult, could be translated as B*sh*t, Damned or F*ing, “Oyaji”is another way to call a father, it’s more familiar, it also means old man , as many of your necks as my husband asks me to rend, I will present to him that many heads in a heartbeat. 」

There’s a tremendous aura of something more than just fighting spirit coming from Seraria.
…… When did she get this strong?
But, no matter how hard you fought against the hardliners of Ritea, your level shouldn’t rise so much that you could feel it like this…..

(King)「Lo-long ago… My…You said that you would become your father’s bride…」

(Seraria)「…Shine 12)Die


Otou-sama, playtime is over.
You know that if you talk about this, Seraria becomes enraged!!


(Seraria)「 Oops.. 」13)yeah, really not sure

Otou-sama’s body that took Seraria’s sheathed sword took flight and until it found a wall.


Wh-wh-with using just her arm strength she blew father away!?
Otou-sama also have a high level of 92.
And his sword’s level is also at the humans peak, 5.
And yet he was blown away by a strange sword that was still in its sheath!?

(Seraria)「… Please do not try to play dead like a child. My husband is currently busy evaluating Dungeons. Therefore, I am the one who has come outside to pick you.」

Seraria looked down with a bored expression at the rising dust.

(King)「Oh, oh, it seems that you have raised the strength of your arms yet again. However, about this much. Wait, you came outside to pick us up? Isn’t this village the Dungeon’s city?」

Otou-sama walked over as if nothing had happened.

(Seraria)「… Huh, well, please come along.This place is inappropriate for a proper talk. You happened to come at the time when my husband will shortly be at the meeting room, so let’s go there after a quick tour of the Dungeon.」

Seraria said so and headed for the center of the village.
We walked until reaching the entrance of the Dungeon.

(Seraria)「Kur, good day. Be especially firm with the security today.」

(Kur)「Ha!! I don’t think anyone will be able to pass this entrance and remain safe.14)You shall not PASS!!

(Seraria)「You said something stupid. I will reduce the pay of anyone who bothers the hand of my husband.」

「「「We will initiate full security checks and patrols!! 」」」

The unit in direct control of Seraria returned a salute after hearing her words.
As usual, they are well trained, if a little obnoxious.
…… From within the depths of my heart, I felt like they have become significantly stronger in just 2 months……

And when we entered the Dungeon, our common sense collapsed.
All the ministers who had words of complaint regarding our matters this time were simply dumbfounded as they stared at the inside of the Dungeon.

(Seraria)「This time I’ll do the explanation of the city myself. Though I think my husband would do so as he is soon to return, but he’s busy at the moment, so please make do with me this time.」

Seraria was speaking to us, but we were all unable to respond to the sight which was spread out in front of us.
Then, as we were led around by Seraria, I looked around the city within the Dungeon.
How? I couldn’t explain it at all. A perfectly divided and organised town in a way that makes sense, simple and efficient. There are also lots of unbelievably luxurious goods and facilities, like an amusement facility that could be called a national treasury and all of it was made to be of use to the common people.
And also, a classification using floors. A place where knowledge15)library anyone?, which normally would only be obtainable by aristocracy, was available at everyone’s fingertips. A school where they have secured the human resources to educate the children.

Everything is different from the Kingdom.
…… To be honest, I was lost.
The way people are managed, the technology of this place, and the advantages it brings.
There is no waste at all.

「Then, how was it? There are still many places that can’t be explained in detail in a day, but one week should be good so please enjoy tomorrow carefully.」

Seraria took us to the conference room called 「Sougou chou sha16)I have no idea what it is supposed to mean そうごうちょうしゃ」where we took seat and she served tea.

(Seraria)「But, for the sake of enjoying tomorrow, shall we first ask for what purpose you came? If you don’t finish your work, there’s nothing to enjoy.」

(King)「O,oh, that’s right. However, for Seraria’s groom to not come…..」

When father said that, the door of the conference room opened and the man who I saw only once on the call screen entered slowly.

(Seraria)「Right. Dear. How did the rating of the Dungeon go?」

(Yuki)「It’s only the third day, there’s still some time before we begin. And if it’s done poorly, the period for the rating may as well be extended.」

(Seraria)「It can’t be helped. There are at least 6 medium Dungeons.」

… I didn’t expect to see a scene where Seraria would happily talk to a man.
Both otou-sama and the other ministers are aware of Seraria’s temper, so seeing this with my own eyes, I was completely surprised.

(Yuki)「Well, I am sorry I wasn’t able to welcome you this time. But In order to fulfill the duties of a marquis which I received from the King, I have worked very hard so far to support the lives of the people. At any rate, I don’t have any more funds at hand.」

That man talked with sarcasm without hesitation.
It was us that said we wouldn’t give money when entrusting you with that discretion, so to tell us that was an unskilful complaint…..

(Minister)「Marquis Yuki-dono, how impetuous are you despite being the groom of Seraria?」

One of the minister started to attack the Dungeon Master… Yuki-san.

(Yuki)「Yeah, so let me apologize here this way. I am lacking in capacity, but I want you to show me a sample. If someone brings 300 slaves with 300 white gold coins, if he can do more than what I’ve done here in two months, please introduce him to me right away. Let me take him as a reference by all mean. Or maybe minister-dono, may you be able to show it to me?」

(Minister)「…… N-no, that thing.」

The denounced minister made a face crushed with bitterness.
Yes, nobody owes him.
Rather, all the members in this place had been borrowing from him.
A loan the size of the country……

(King)「It is nice to meet you. I have also heard the circumstances of this place from Seraria.The Grand Master of Ritea’s Adventurer Guild headquarters has come to this place to assess this Dungeon, it’s a justified measure. So instead, should I have your seat removed minister?」

When Otou-sama said so, the minister’s face who had complained became completely blue.
Yes, the Adventurer Guild has a headquarter in Ritea, but its size spreads throughout the whole continent.
No, rumor says that the adventurer guild spreads even beyond the continent, to a land haunted by wicked men.
Their strength is said to have no enemy among the countries.
Either regarding human talents or wealth……
The chief of that Guild is coming, you can’t make light of it, otherwise it would be the same as picking a fight with the Adventurer Guild.

(Yuki)「That point is right. Today is the third day of the assessment. It has just begun. The Grand Master is interested in this life, he rised early to work and enjoyed doing various things.」

(Seraria)「Well, that being the case. Let’s move on to the main suggestion, what is your explanation for this ride17)Same word as in the title, could also mean passenger or something along the line.?」

(Yuki)「Haa? In the meantime, goods sent individually from Ritea and Seraria were used effectively in the reconciliation with Galtz. Is that a problem?」

(King)「Ab-about that it’s good!! The problem is why have you held war against Ritea and then retreated!! 」

Abruptly came up a big sore spot.
Well, this time we came to ask about the responsibilities that lies in the battlefield against the hardliners of Ritea, but the battle was a victory under the commander Seraria’s leadership.
As a result, the hardliners lost their position and retired superbly, saying they had angered Seraria, an opponent with overwhelming strength. Their private properties were confiscated as a mean of apology towards Seraria. Rochelle then used that in compensation towards Galtz.
The total value of the hardliners personal property amounted approximately to 30 000 white gold coins.
It’s about a fifth of the annual national budget for one year.
The dispute this time with Galtz was due to a strategy from the Demon King. But the damage which each other suffered were as such.
However, neither of the countries wanted to give compensation, it fell into a vicious circle.
Seraria gave me money and I was able to use it freely to that end.
After Galtz had received compensation, they also sent their own compensation and used their legal tools to solve the tension.

(Seraria)「Indeed, Otou-sama, onee-sama18)Dunno if it’s because of Yuki’s presence, but here Seraria began to talk respectfully to her father/sister., the ministers, you would like us to kill Lulu and for the hardliners to keep their regime so that the three countries could remain in a situation of war?」


(Seraria)「Well then, shall we get back the reparation that I gave to Galtz first? That’s why I have handed the money over to the country, but indeed to have expected war…..People would then be sent to Ritea with Lulu’s head and Rochelle would then immediately entered in a state of war.」

The ministers who intend to squeeze attention and compensation from this Dungeon were pale, as they originally were the one putting the country in danger.
The ministers and us to a certain extend, wanted to use the lack of the feudal lord’s self-awareness…..19)Aria is probably referring here to Seraria as the feudal lord of this Dungeon, since she should be muscle-headed.
It seems that it was instead us that lacked awareness.
With Seraria’s attitude, the three countries could have entered war at any moment. But that girl instead chose to take such actions.

(King)「You don’t have any objections? Then, let’s execute Lulu in this town at once first into to enter a state of war.」

(Aria)「There’s something that make me wonders, I know that you sheltered Lulu-sama here and that you sent her to Ritea. However, in Seraria’s story, it was like Lulu-sama was still inside the Dungeon?」

(Seraria)「She is now. As an apology, and for our reconciliation with Ritea, Lulu has also married my husband. If I send Lulu that serves at the proof of the reconciliation back, the current Holy Woman Alshtail-sama will instantly bring trouble.」

It’s bad, beyond problematic.
No way, how did Lulu-sama marry Yuki-san as well.
If you want to condemn the face of this Dungeon, it can be publicized as a mistake that helped Ritea.
But to say that Lulu-sama is married, the importance of this Dungeon for Ritea must be considerable, and now it wasn’t possible to play a wrong card…..

(King)「Did you understand? So now, let’s proceed to take Lulu’s head…」

(Aria)「Wait, just wait!! Seraria!! 」

(Seraria)「What, onee-sama?」

(Aria)「Your responsibility doesn’t matter!! So stop the Lulu-sama’s execution!! Our country doesn’t want war!! All right, otou-sama!! 」

I would use that momentum and ask father for consent.

(King)「Well, I don’t care this time. However, for acting independently there’s a punishment and won’t be any reward. Is everyone okay with this?」

The ministers shake their face up and down on the spot.

(Seraria)「What, and now you don’t want to give us a reward?」

Seraria looked disgusted.

(King)「…Ahem. Then, we will proceed to the inspection tomorrow. However, Seraria… There’s still another case with my son-in-law.」

(Yuki)「With me? Not with Seraria?」

(King)「Umu. I was worried about how Ritea would react this time, but there is nothing wrong with Lulu’s marriage already.」

(Seraria)「What do you mean?」

(Yuki)「Do you understand that this time, you got a large amount from Seraria and that you have reconciled with Galtz?」

(?)「Yes that’s true.」

(King)「However, this concerns the face of the country Galtz. No matter the scheme from the Demon King, it’s Rochelle that opened hostilities first and went to war with them. In the end, we just dropped our head and paid a lot of money.」

(Seraria)「Oh, and you think Galtz would be rude to the other countries and not respond with a gift?」

(King)「Well, I was entrusted with the princess from the country Galtz.」

(Yuki)「……I have an incredibly bad feeling.」

(King)「The seventh Princess, she has been sent to our country as the return gift. In return for the gratitude of us foreign countries…..」

(Seraria)「Is your real intention to get rid of a nuisance?」

(King)「……It is some difficult topic to speak of. It would be untactful to have one of the ministers take her as his bride.」

(Seraria)「The seventh Princess… It is troublesome to deal with knowing the circumstances of Rochelle, and if not deal well it would break the trust with Galtz?」

(King)「Let’s see, for other side it’s a loss that doesn’t itch. After all, the seventh princess already has no position anymore within her home country Galtz.」

(Seraria)「Yeah, she is the seventh. Her brothers and sisters will succeed her position. It is a seriously troublesome payment.」

(King)「Then, son-in-law!! For not understanding the detailed circumstances of Rochelle, following with Seraria for welcoming Ritea’s biggest heavyweight Lulu-dono. Son-in-law will have to take care of the Princess, let’s convince Galtz!! 」

(Seraria)「…… No way, are you bringing someone else in?」


When Otou-sama answered, Seraria stepped towards him in a tremendous manner.

(Seraria)「Kuso oyaji!! Shineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!20)Shine means die! 」

I understand Seraria’s feeling, but I would be troubled if they don’t accept it.
Would it be up to Yuki?

Ah, could it be taken as a little revenge?
Afterword of the author
Yet another bride.
Well, more details and whether she will be under house arrest is another matter.
In a sense they were able to tie with Galtz. Lol.
(Face: Sorry everyone complain to Antheor in the comments to let him know how much you hate missed him)


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References   [ + ]

1. Younger Sister
2. Not sure 私はそう返すのがやっとだった。
3. Literally: The way of the sword; a samurai like set of manners
4. monetary support for Dungeon
5. political kind
6. Not sure : だが、裏は下手をすれば一国が傾くようなことばかりしていたのだ。
7. Not sure, the honorific used was “とお” in the sentence “とお姉さま”, as if she held no respect for her sister, calling her “distant”.
8. She shifted from using “Oyaji” earlier to “Otou-sama”, a more respectful way to address her father.
9. Anth: Like hell he could have done that lol, they don’t know yet about the scourge called Labiris. Chill: Yikes! Stop him before Labiris declares War on Rochelle! Tensky: The girls are more likely, nope, this girl doesn’t measure up to requirements, toss her to the goblins Face: You guys are scary….Especially you Tensky….Still not as scary as those girls
10. Not sure : 税を取ろうとする姿勢だけで、夫に対して敬意を払っていないわ。
11. “Kuso” is an insult, could be translated as B*sh*t, Damned or F*ing, “Oyaji”is another way to call a father, it’s more familiar, it also means old man
12. Die
13. yeah, really not sure
14. You shall not PASS!!
15. library anyone?
16. I have no idea what it is supposed to mean そうごうちょうしゃ
17. Same word as in the title, could also mean passenger or something along the line.
18. Dunno if it’s because of Yuki’s presence, but here Seraria began to talk respectfully to her father/sister.
19. Aria is probably referring here to Seraria as the feudal lord of this Dungeon, since she should be muscle-headed.
20. Shine means die

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        That woman fell in love almost at first sight at the man’s –Yuki’s– power to do that and yet wanting almost nothing from it. Never mind that he saved her, her family and her country with almost prophetic insight and scheming, but then proceeded to clean it up in a way that would not stain Rochelle’s standing as a country. To top it off… he saved hundreds of the war made slaves and lessened further national burdens with more layered scheming.

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        The problem now would be dragging Gai into their Dungeon and the political mess it may cause.

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