Trap 11 – Third part: everyday, the promise.

Trap 11 – Third part: everyday, the promise.

Side: Yuki

(Yuki)「Ah, hello. 」

(Jama)「Hmm, ah who are you?」

(Yuki)「No, I’m more or less the representative, the name is Yuki …… 」

(Jama)「Oh, you are Yuki , this is the first time I’m meeting you. I am Jama Labrousse. I’m part of the group who came for this time’s inspection. 」

Somehow, his response is totally normal and polite.
No, he’s not the duke, but still to be honest I don’t care.
Well, I guess he is behaving like he’s going to be the next head of his household.
If it becomes known to Seraria, it will rain blood……

(Yuki)「Haa, do you have any businesses with Shera? 」

(Jama)「Oh, that’s right. You treat Shera like one would handle a nuisance. 」

(Yuki)「No, that isn’t th… 」

(Jama)「You don’t understand the reason why you were entrusted with Princess Shera!! If you treat the Princess like that, there will definitely be protests. That’d definitely be bad news. Do you know why? She has to be treated carefully. It seems that the King has faith in you, but it’s not going to work. You have to give me the Princess. 」

(Yuki)「Eto, what would happen if I give you the Princess Jama-san?」

(Jama)「You will be released from the burden of handling the Princess, I will treat the Princess carefully and Galtz will see Rochelle in a good light. You know, we’d both get advantages that way.」

Ah, isn’t he the type of person who changes what he says according to the opponents facial expression?
Oh so it’s because of the relationship with Galtz that he can stand firm before Seraria’s husband.
There’s a big question here, so I should thank you.
Well, I don’t know if Labrousse territory is amazing, but it’s the truth that there’s a reasonable amount of trade due to proximity with the Royal Capital of Rochelle.
If Shera accepts this then she could fulfill her initial purpose. Even though it would be disagreeable to be away from the Royal Capital of Rochelle, she can still investigate properly and it can’t be compared with scouting from here.
It would be a suitable reason to criticize the Dungeon.
Anyways, she can choose between her loyalty towards her country and her faith towards God who blessed her to be with me.

Well, regardless of all of that, it needs to be Shera’s will to leave, or else she isn’t going anywhere, regardless what this man says.

(Yuki)「No, all my excuses. Shera wants to work here and besides our relationship isn’t bad so I’ll refuse that proposal. 」


Oh, you didn’t expect me to refuse so clearly.

(Jama)「Just wait a little. Did you hear what I just said?」

(Yuki)「Yes and I refused. Moreover, she is also a reward bestowed upon me by the King himself. It would be a big problem if one just hands on the King’s gift to some nameless person, who hasn’t even been granted land yet, do you understand?」

(Jama)「I am nameless? I am the eldest son of Labrousse, the next… 」

(Yuki)「For now, you’re just a son. To be honest, based on your conduct, I must doubt the education of your father who is the Duke. 」

(Jama)「What doubts do you have regarding my father!! 」

(Yuki)「They’re because you’re trying to snatch the wives from someone else by strong-arming them, regardless of the wives feelings. Do you want me to report this to Seraria and the King of Rochelle? Can your house shoulder this? Oya, impossible. You won’t claim that it was your father’s suggestion, right? Since that’s the case, it can be addressed as treason. 」

(Jama)「Guh… !?」

Fumu, do you understand now that what you say is unreasonable?

(Yuki)「Well, Shera is a beautiful person so I can understand your feelings too. Therefore, let’s pretend nothing ever happened this time. Concerning this youthful indiscretion. 」

(Jama)「…… Does Princess Shera want to live here?」

(Yuki)「Yes that’s right. Enter Shera. 」

(Shera)「Yes, Yuki-sama. 」

When she was asked to, Shera entered the room.
Of course, she immediately sat besides me.

(Shera)「Jama-dono, I desire to work inside this Dungeon and It pleases me to be Yuki-sama’s wife. I am grateful for your solicitude, but I haven’t been treated like a nuisance would in any way, rather, I’m glad to be here. 」

(Jama)「Is that… So… 」

Jama says slowly before dropping his head.

(Yuki)「Are you convinced now?」

(Jama)「… Yes, I’m sorry. Marquis Yuki, about this matter, can I ask you to remain peaceful as you had said?」

(Yuki)「Well, it can’t be helped. This matter will remain between these four walls. Then, it would be awkward for everyone to receive a visit from Jama-san. Please return and be safe. 」

When I open the door, Lutz and Ellis, who must be wondering about what’s going on, are stood there.

(Jama)「Oh!! That reminds me, I haven’t seen your husbands? Princess Shera was disappointing, but if you come it would just be a trifle. 」

Come on, are you really saying that in front of Shera?

(Kirue)「…… Yuki-sama, is it okay to kill this rude man?」

(Yuki)「Calm down Kirue, it’d become serious. Kirue, that was a joke, please put your knife aside. 」

(Kirue)「…… Yes. 」

Though she answered reluctantly, she did as told. But it seems that Lutz and Ellis are also getting restless.

(Lutz)「I am not an item to own!! What do you know!! 」

(Ellis)「…… Well, please remain silent. Or would you rather get beaten up by our husband?」

(Jama)「What are you so angry about?」

N-not good, this fellow can’t read the atmosphere at all.

(Ellis)「Our husband is Marquis Yuki there. 」

(Lutz)「So stop being irresponsible. Do you want me to call Seraria?」

(Jama)「Ah, your husband is Marquis Yuki? Wh-what!? A Duke is much greater though!? Why are these women gathering for such a guy, it’s impossible!! 」

At last you’ve reached the stage of despair.
You don’t seem to have ever done anything on your own.
Well, I might not be a handsome guy, but isn’t he piling up too many things?

(Lutz)「Ah, it’s useless. 」

Says Lutz, with a smile.

(Ellis)「Regardless what you look at, Yuki-san is superior. 」

Ellis is expressionless, the pressure she is exuding is rising.

(Shera)「Yuki-sama. I’m sorry, but it’s inexcusable. As a wife, I cannot afford to overlook a verbal abuse towards my husband. Isn’t that right, Kirue?」1)Chill: lol so even comparing himself with Yuki was downright abuse XD Face: guess we found why it has the yandere tags. Pretty mild compared to what it could be though.

(Kirue)「Just as Shera-sama says, degozaimasu. 」

Shera and Kirue are taking stance for a battle.

(Jama)「Wh-what!? You guys….. 」

Thus, Jama spent the rest of his inspection inside a bed at the hospital.
Incidentally, after he went Gyagya2)complained, Seraria who heard about this matter showed him more hell.

Later, this story was called, Don’t put your hands on someone’s wife. It will be handed down as a classic story.
In addition, Jama in the role of a disturbing insect, became a fixed character who got beaten in every tale.

(Yuki)「Somehow….. Amen. 」
Afterword of the author
With this, the episode end lol.
It was prolonged lol.


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1. Chill: lol so even comparing himself with Yuki was downright abuse XD Face: guess we found why it has the yandere tags. Pretty mild compared to what it could be though.
2. complained

18 Replies to “Trap 11 – Third part: everyday, the promise.”

  1. Good.

    The tool was summarily beaten to a pulp. Just as he so richly deserved.

    I’m kinda amazed Seraria didn’t kill him though, and I’m glad Labiris wasn’t there…because she would have killed him… without any hesitation. At the very least the guy’s limbs would’ve vanished.

  2. goddangit !! Seraria didnt at least slice their hand or leg !?
    who is that and where is the real Seraria !!

    • She’s still a Princess of Rochelle, and that asshat is the son of a Duke.

      A Duke is, at least as far as I understand, the highest rank of nobility you can get under the royal family. Beating him for being stupid is one thing, but killing or maiming would… be a real problem, especially by a royal of the same country. If he insulted HER though, it’d be different. Yuki is only a Marquis though. High, but definitely lower than a Ducal family.

      Labiris wouldn’t care, but Seraria needs to exercise some restraint, unfortunately.

      But I kinda wish she would’ve done more though…

      • yeah, too bad they have to be in ‘low profile’ …..
        i wonder what their face will looks like when they know the true ‘fighting force’ of the labirynth (with the DP i wonder if Yuki have already buy the Armored Core that was in the DP shop)

        • He could prolly buy hundreds of those by now I would imagine.

          By the time Ritea had attemped t9 invade at the relay point, Yuki admitted he could’ve EASILY deployed TEN THOUSAND Blood aminotaurs if he wanted.

          In terms of numbers, he could easily take over Rochelle or Ritea with little to no effort, and not a single soul could stop him.

          Sheer numbers aside, he’s a genius at both raising troops and instilling tactics.

          I mean, he only needed a month to turn his wives alone into walking armies of mass destruction of all over Lvl 110 to 150. He has a younger brother at close to 250, and a mong his wives is a Demon King of over Lvl 400! Yuki could, if he so wished, be the worst scourge of a conqueror in the continent.

          Fortunately for this world, he’s a borderline Saint and is doing LOADS more good than either Heroes or the Church! …And he’s only a Marquis…. A mid tier noble that nobody really knows or respects. Kinda funny really.

          • and also…. like it or not…. he is (kind of) supported by the damegami….

  3. Well, Jar Head Jama certainly deserved his beating, but worse for him is that he ended up being the butt of a joke in many tales from then on out. Even if he gets the dukedom, he won’t be able to get any respect for it because of this incident. If he tried to feud with Yuki, like some of the battles in Lord Marksman & Vanadis, Jams would be lucky to be killed, as the more likely outcome would be to be paraded around the kingdom in manacles in a kind of walk-of-shame.

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