Trap – 12 : On a certain summer day

Trap – 12 : On a certain summer day
Preface of the Author
Rice terrorism… That’s not it?

Side : Tori

(Tori)「…… Hot. 」

(Riel)「It’s hot huh~~ Why bother matching the climate of the Dungeon to outside… just make it nice… 」

(Kaya)「…… Yuki said that if the place was too comfortable, then it would affect our lives too much, and that living outside would become difficult. Besides, there is proper air conditioning. 」

(Riel)「I know, but….. But outside is… Look Tori, my ears are all dried up….. 」

(Tori)「…It’ll be fine. 」

(Riel)「Lies!. 」

1)Cre: …Cute

While we were talking about random things, we patrolled around the Residential District of the Dungeon …and, it really was as hot as Riel said…

This continent had four seasons.
It seemed Yuki-san’s homeland also had four seasons, so there wasn’t any confusion there..
Well, according to him, there was an area with a constant climate in the north and south poles though.

Although we complained a lot, the Dungeon was made according to Yuki-san’s preferences… In other words, it matched the temperature outside.
As Kaya said, air conditioning was installed inside buildings and helps cool the Dungeon’s various facilities.
That was one reason why the children weren’t particularly willing to go outside.
Or more precisely, even the adults tended to stay indoors unless they have errands to run.
A ban had been placed on the use of our air-conditioners during the day.
Yuki-san said that his physical strength had started declining since he started spending too much time indoors, so there was no leeway against it.
Well, the air conditioning was still inside shops, coffee houses and restaurants so there were plenty of places to cool off.
Of course, there was also air conditioning inside the hospitals and the smithery, which was hotter than most other places anyway.
However, Naruja-san and the master of the dwarves both said「「You must not become half-hearted because of the air-conditioner, you need to make your spirits rage and keep hammering!! 」」And because of the stubborn soul of a blacksmith, they weren’t using it much… Pity.

(Riel)「Nee, Tori. Let’s hide in the room for filing documents… The air-conditioner in that room should be okay. 」

(Tori)「That’s no good, we can’t. We would be setting a bad example. 」

(Kaya)「…… Riel. Will you visit the agricultural area together with me? It shouldn’t be too hot there after all. 」

(Tori)「Noo way. 」

Today was unusual as the three of us were patrolling together. However, Riel was a bit exhausted from the heat. It was also a little hard for me too, but was a reminder of the season this time of year. Kaya somehow became acquainted with the agricultural lands, and was working outside everyday, so she didn’t seem to mind the heat that much.

(Riel)「Oh, are you going to buy some ice cream during the break?」

(Tori)「Yes!! 」

(Kaya)「… Money. 」

(Riel)「It can’t be helped!! 」

And, inside the biggest store of the Residential District, Super Lutz.

Due to the recent increase in population, the stores increased with the opening of Super Lutz 2 and 3. Well, it was very hard to sell goods to more than 10000 people with only one store. 2) Anth : it’s getting quite big there, interesting Chill: but isn’t that still more than 3000 people per store? / Cre: large super markets can handle that, and it’s not like it’s 3000 ppl all at once every trip, right? Still pretty high volume though.
Even though there were some families, more than half lived alone.
When things were unlucky, there were 5000 people coming to shop daily at least! Between the 3 stores, that would’ve been around 1800 people.
In the beginning, Lutz collapsed daily from the busy schedule, but thanks to Yuki-san and the new sales staff, growth progressed smoothly. Nowadays, those shopkeepers were divided between the following roles: store managers, vice managers, sales clerks, product restockers, and assistants for each store. Lutz managed the inventory and organized the logistics for products.
It might’ve looked simple, but involved a lot of desk work and was very taxing on her.

(Lutz)「Oya~~! it’s unusual to see you three to be together. 」

When we entered the store we were welcomed by Lutz, who was working at the entrance.


(Kaya)「… It’s hot, so we came to buy some ice cream. 」

(Riel)「Yeah, that’s why. 」

(Lutz)「Ah, I understand. It’s harsh being outside. 」

Lutz left her work to the other clerks and came our way.

(Tori)「Is that okay?」

(Lutz)「Well, there’s not too much work to do right now, so it’s no big deal. Let’s move over to the Representatives’ meeting room. Let’s go while eating some Ice cream. 」

We headed over to the ice cream shop with Lutz in the lead.

(Riel)「But the supermarket sure is cooler isn’t it? I’m healed. 」

(Kaya)「…Yeah, it’s refreshing. 」


(Lutz)「Well~. For a guest it might be good, but for working in, it’s a little extreme don’t you think?」

(Riel)「What do you mean?」

(Lutz)「The sales staff don’t move much, so when there’s not a lot of people around they get cold easily. 」

(Riel)「Ah, that’s a blind spot. 」

(Lutz)「But, the people managing the stocks, since they move back and forth from the warehouse, end up all sweaty. In short—the difference in temperatures inside the store is too big. 」

(Kaya)「…It’s serious in the stores too. 」

(Lutz)「That’s how it is. 」

While they chatted away, I was searching for ice cream inside the refrigerator.

(Kaya)「Nee, which one do you recommend?」

(Lutz)「Why are you even asking, aren’t you always getting the Black Mont Blanc?3)

(Kaya)「…You know, sometimes it’s good to change things up once in awhile. 」

Hence Kaya, per Lutz and Riel’s recommendations, grabbed an ice cream.

(Kaya)「…Yukimi daifuku.4)

(Riel)「That’s also delicious. What about you Tori?」

(Tori)「Well, I’ve already had one before~. 」

Riel generously handed out Ice cream and sweets from the refrigerator in front of her.

(Lutz)「Well~. Then how about Azuki beans? 5)Azuki beans are the beans inside this ice cream : http://www. imuraya-webshop. jp/img/goods/S/RA5551000066S. jpg

(Riel)「What is that?」

(Lutz)「I bought it yesterday. You know, there’s rice cake and red bean paste inside. 」

(Riel)「Yes, it’s sweet isn’t it ~. 」

(Lutz)「They freeze the bean paste and make it into a bar. Of course there’s not only azuki beans, but the ice base is vanilla. 」

(Riel)「Eh, it’s a beautifully colored ice cream. I’ll take one of these. 」

(Lutz)「Thanks for your patronage~~!」

We grabbed the ice cream, quickly paid, and then headed for the store manager’s office.

(Riel)「Fuwah, delicious!! But they really are red beans, to accompany their sweetness, I want tea!! 」

(Lutz)「Yes yes, here you are. 」

(Riel)「Thanks for the treat Lutz. 」

Lutz looked cheerful taking care of Riel.

(Kaya)「…Yukimi daifuku is as delicious as ever. 」

Kaya elegantly went ‘PakuPaku’ as she ate her ice cream. 6)Anth: Papu paku >///<

(Riel)「But Tori has a vanilla ice stick. 」

(Tori)「I like this. 」

The white stick was inside my mouth, going ‘PeroPero’.

(Tori)「Yeah, tasty tasty!」

(Lutz)「It’s a popular choice. 」

Lutz said, as she opened the lid to her ice cream cup and started eating.

(Riel)「Are? Lutz, this ice cream didn’t appear inside the shop, did it?」

(Lutz)「Oya, you noticed? This is an item that Naruja specially requested. 」

(Riel)「Oh, it’s the new product from Haagen dazs?」

(Lutz)「That’s right. It’s matcha7)Matcha is a green tea… WTF I didn’t know this ice cream existed xDD. Chil: trust me, they have green tea flavoured EVERYTHING

(Tori)「It’s lovely isn’t it~. Naruja-san said it too. 」

Naruja-san also liked ice cream… She loved it so much that there was a dedicated freezer for ice cream in her room.

Now, shops were selling three different kinds of Haagen Dazs…..

(Riel)「But, isn’t Haagen Dazs very expensive? You have a lot of it in stock, are they that popular?」

Riel asked Lutz, still eating the azuki beans.

(Lutz)「Even if you say it’s expensive, it’s only about twice as much as a cheap one—so about 4 coppers. If you’re a resident, you normally have a steady income, and your wallet wouldn’t feel too bad even if you buy them every day. Actually, demand is surprisingly high. 」

(Riel)「Oh, so it’s like that. 」

(Lutz)「There are many kinds, and they are also tastier than regular ice cream. How should I put it… There’s some regular customers who only eat Haagen Dazs. 」

(Riel)「There are people similar to Naruja-san, so to speak」

(Lutz)「Yeah, there are many people who buy them because they are a little luxury. And also since the ice cream don’t have a “best before date”. 」

I understood somehow.
Haagen Dazs was indeed delicious.
But only once in awhile, since you’d get intoxicated if you indulged in sweets too much.

(Tori)「Come to think of it, today I’ll hear about everyone’s favorite ice cream. 」

(Riel)「Ah, let’s do it!」

(Kaya)「… Interesting. I’m certain Yukimi Daifuku is the most popular. 」

(Lutz)「Ho ho. That sounds interesting, doesn’t it?」

After that, we finished eating and chat for a while.

(Lutz)「Now, let’s finish our jobs properly before talking about that. 」

(Riel)「Eh? It’s not over yet?」

(Kaya)「… Skipping out is no good. 」

(Lutz)「Yes yes, please do your best. I’ll see you at home later. 」

Dragging Riel with, we left the store from the back entrance.

(Riel)「IyadaaaaAaaaaAa!8)Don’t wanna!!! Tooo hoottt!! 」9)Cre: Riel… you brat.

…Come on, work work~~!
Afterword of the author
Well, do not hesitate to write about your favorite Ice cream!!
You have to!! Ahah.


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References   [ + ]

1. Cre: …Cute
2. Anth : it’s getting quite big there, interesting Chill: but isn’t that still more than 3000 people per store? / Cre: large super markets can handle that, and it’s not like it’s 3000 ppl all at once every trip, right? Still pretty high volume though
5. Azuki beans are the beans inside this ice cream : http://www. imuraya-webshop. jp/img/goods/S/RA5551000066S. jpg
6. Anth: Papu paku >///<
7. Matcha is a green tea… WTF I didn’t know this ice cream existed xDD. Chil: trust me, they have green tea flavoured EVERYTHING
8. Don’t wanna!!
9. Cre: Riel… you brat.

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