Trap 2 – The true charm of the hot springs.

Trap 2 : The true charm of the hot springs.



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The true charm of the hot springs.


Side : Riel





With Ellis, Millie and Tori we were playing table tennis at the Inn’s playground.


It was a slight amusement of the bath.

I mean, it is a luxury.

In normal times, when you had your fill with a meal before sleeping, you were doing well.

Although you could have a meal at a cheap hotel, with bedding covered in dust. It was far from being the case in this Japanese styled hotel which even had an amusement center.

Here you didn’t have to worry about using anything but you had to properly clean after yourself.




(Lutz)「Yes, Ellis, point.」


Said the referee, Lutz.



(Ellis)「 Riel, carelessness is a great foe. I’ll charge you half of today’s caesar salad!!」

(Riel)「Wow, are you serious Ellis!」

(Ellis)「Of course I am.I’ve requested Caesar salad today and it was somehow accepted. To increase my share of my favorite food, I’m willing to do anything!!」

(Riel)「Don’t you also like meat?」

(Ellis)「Meat is good too!! However, it does not stand against the Caesar Salad!!」


Ellis said, proud of herself.

She shook her ample chest up and down… Tchh.


(Riel)「Sure, you’re an elf and yet you have tremendous breasts!! Your race is normally flat-chested!!」


This was said using all ounce of power from my body.


(Ellis)「We might only have a few large ones. But I’m still a proper elf!!」

(Riel)「That’s a fake!! Your chest is obviously fake!! My chest is like this naturally while you have something to increase your size!!」

(Ellis)「You .. What nonsense are you saying !?」


Filled with hatred, I returned the bullet.

And then Ellis replied to it.

Every time, a beautiful bulge was seen shaking under Ellis’ Yukata.


Bayun, Bayun.1)Shaking sfx


Tapun, Putun.2)Shaking sfx


(Riel)「Shamelesssssーーーー3)In fact, each ー emphasize the word!! It’s so fat!!」

(Ellis)「What with your misplaced grudge??」


Frustrating. Why were mines so flat?

I hated when the other party had an unnecessary large chest!!


(Ellis)「Riel, you seem to be filled with a lot of hatred.I wonder why?」

(Millie)「Ah, Tori. What do you think about my chest?」

(Tori)「Millie’s chest is it? Big and soft. I believe that it’s feminine.」

(Lutz)「……Umm, that’s not straightforward hating, so maybe it’s jealousy?」



Tori who was looking at the conversation tilted her head with a puzzled look.

Hearing the question from Ellis, Millie with her large chest smiled wryly.

I’ve been had.Tori was too naive. She couldn’t understand my troubles.


(Tori)「Can you explain Lutz?」

(Lutz)「Mmh, it is.Tori, this lady is proud of herself because she has bigger, softer breasts with a better shape. In other words, the bigger the chest, the better a woman is.」

(Tori)「Hmm is that so?」

(Lutz)「Well, in general, yes. In short, Riel for some reason after comparing herself thinks that she is inferior as a woman.

(Tori)「Oh, I see. But when you have kids, don’t the small breast increase in size?」

(Lutz)「…… An increase in the chest size this way is another matter.」

(Tori)「In that case, I don’t think the shapes does matter too much. Because the one who will love me will surely accept me.I don’t think the person loving me would like to change my shape forcibly.」


Hey, as you could see.

Her naivety was dazzling.


(Riel)「Alright. I understand!!」

(Ellis)「Uh, what!?」


Even after what she heard, Ellis repeated yet another blow to me.


(Riel)「Tori can afford to say this because her chest size is larger than mine!!」



The one panicking wasn’t Ellis but Tori instead.


(Ellis)「You almost confused me.Riel.」

(Lutz)「Well, I can’t not understand your feelings~」


Millie and Lutz had a wry smile that didn’t stop them in their tracks.

They seemed to understand my feeling somehow.


(Tori)「Hmm, Riel. Did I do something wrong?」


Tori was uneasy.

Uh, I had to apologize at a later time.


(Ellis)「Here’s my chance!!」





That was the sound made by the ball after hitting my chest. It then rolled to the floor.

(Ellis)「Riel, I understand well what you want to say. Because I was often jealous when I was at the elve’s village. It’s big but it wasn’t a good thing.I had to suffer the disgusted gazes of the men, and choosing an armor fitting my size was a horror.」

(Riel)「Fussy–!?!! I don’t want to hear such extravagant trouble!!」


I drove all of my hatred in the ball.!


「Kya4)High pitched female sfx!?」


Ellis not able to react in time had her chest hit by the ball.


Poyon.5)Sfx of the ball hitting the chest



(Riel)「With this, it’ a tie!」


The ball was slowly rolling toward my feet.

When you (the ball) hit me, you didn’t emit the same sound…


(Ellis)「Say, Riel. Do you want to continue?」



I said so and jumped out of the playground.



(Millie)「… Well, this is bad Ellis isn’t it?」

(Ellis)「… Right.Leave it」

(Tori)「Ehh, what did I do wrong?」


Their talks were heard throughout the playground.

Breast this, breast that!!

For now, I was trying to calm my head in my private room.


(Philia)「…… Mmm? Riel are you there?」

(Riel)「… Yeah」

(Philia)「Riel Onee-chan, you can’t run by the hallway, it’s too dangerous.」

(Aslin)「Apart from that, nii-sama will make caesar salad per Ellis’ request today.」

(Riel)「Yeah yeah, I see.Do your best with today’s cooking.」


(Aslin)「… I can understand your circumstances Riel somehow.Because we Aslin and Philia are below her…」


That day, Ellis ate a lot of caesar salad. Riel divided the meat between everyone. She did not run away nor did she bring up the topic to the table again ahah.



For reference purpose

Lulu > Labiris > Millie > Ellis > Lutz > Seraria >  Kaya > Tori > Herge > Riel > Aslin > Philia


As I said before, Riel is also cute.

Because she is a cat person, with ears and tail, she is a slender beauty.



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  1. I’m noy really a Lulu fan, but to think the oppai loli succubus has the 2bd biggest ones..Though, if you consider that Lulu isn’t part of the main group(presently) then Labiris really is the number one girl here in so many ways.

    Well, she is my favorite so it’s fine.

    Who knew Riel worried about her chest though.

  2. Lulu > Labiris > Millie > Ellis > Lutz > Seraria > Kaya > Tori > Herge > Riel > Aslin > Philia
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