Trap 6 – Resident problem.

Trap 6 – Resident problem.
Preface of the Author
This time it’s a serious “chat” about heavy matters.
A resident problem.

side : Tori

As per the usual, I’m in the office working as a police officer.
Recently there was a massive immigration project from Ritea though and that caused an accordingly massive amount of problems as well.

(Police officer)「Representative. There is an uproar at the training center. 」

(Tori)「Can Riel deal with it? 」

(Police officer)「Representative Riel is currently addressing an issue in the Residential District. 」

(Tori)「Why haven’t the guards at the training center stepped in? 」

(Police officer)「How should I explain… the culprits are demanding to meet with the representatives. They want to talk about human rights. 」

(Tori)「Haah, another baka1)Baka means idiot in Japanese. How about sending the fairies? 」

(Police officer)「”Because the fairies are not humans, they should just shut their traps.” Apparently. 」

(Tori)「…… fine. Please brief me on the situation. 」

(Police officer)「They have been confined inside a lecture room of one of the training buildings. There are 13 people. 」

(Tori)「Very well. Let’s go. Give me more details on the way. 」

I said as i stood up from my chair.
I opened the door and headed towards training centre.

(Tori)「So, where are they exactly? 」

(Police officer)「Yes, they are in the 4th building, lecture room B. 」

Due to the increase in number of immigrants, we’ve added two more training buildings. Now there is a total of 5. According to preliminary plans, there would have been 400 students undergoing basic education, in which case 2 buildings would have sufficed, but all education regarding general hygiene, such as toilets and baths, is taking much longer than expected, thus the increase in size of the education centre, so now are using up to 4 buildings, with the last acting as a reserve.

(Tori)「How is the cohabitation between the different tribes and the humans coming along, well besides the fairies and humans… ? 」

(Police officer)「Yes, the beast people and the fairies are getting along quite well together. 」

(Tori)「….. I hope everyone learns from that example. 」

(Police officer)「I do as well. Don’t be too happy though, a lot of humans are still acting haughty and elitist. Like this times “customers”. 」

(Tori)「So it’s like that huh. Well, for the time being, let’s try to persuade them calmly, but be ready to subjugate them for exile if it doesn’t work. 」

(Police officer)「Yes, please focus on persuasion. I will properly prepare for the use of force. 」

Situations like todays, be they small or large scale, simple or complex, we’re receiving ever more cases like this everyday.
I’m seriously doubting whether they’re even lending a single ear to our explanations.
Even if we explain everything perfectly, it feels like their views are just too narrow2)as in they are idiots.
While I was mulling over doubts, we arrived at the scene.

(Hoodlum)「Stay back!!  Call the representative!!  There’s a story I must tell them!! 」

(Hoodlum)「That’s right, that’s right!!  The problems we’ve found, we need to talk about them with the representatives!! 」

「「「Yes!! 」」」

Ah, what a bother.
To go so far as to use a desk as a barricade, haah there’s the cleanup afterwards you know?

(Tori)「Yes, I’m representative Tori. Please remove the barricade immediately and come over here. Or do you want to be charged with damaging public property?  So why are you doing this? 」

(Hoodlum)「Oh, you came at last!!  We wish for the restoration of human rights!! 」

(Tori)「Huh? 」

(Hoodlum)「The lord here is Seraria!!  So why are we treated like any other race?!  We ought to be treated like the more direct subjects of the lord that we are!! 」

(Hoodlum)「That’s right!!  Us humans are in charge!! 」

(Tori)「So, what rules do you wish to have revised and in what way? 」

(Hoodlum)「…… 」

(Hoodlum)「…… 」

They became quiet and their gazes turned into glares.

(Tori)「How would you improve the rights?  Can’t you tell me?  Or perhaps you can’t accept the policy Herge-sama and Seraria-sama established in which everyone’s equal? 」

(Hoodlum)「Well, that’s … 」

(Tori)「Shall I remind you? In this place, it’s possible to use every facility and receive a high level of hospitality from the stores. 」

(Hoodlum)「Well, that’s natural!! 」

(Tori)「Don’t be foolish. Please be honest. Isn’t the only thing you want money? 」

(Hoodlum)「「「Huh… !? 」」」

They all had their eyes rounded from the surprise.

(Tori)「We have checked the identity cards and their history of everyone here. For what reason do you think we issued identity cards and made you register your family?  You guys are bringing trouble to every facility you use and most stores you visit. What’s more, you frequently commit acts close to robbery. We have traced the flow of your money and we know that you are scattering it in an improper way. Considering all of this, what could your goal here be, besides money? 」

When I revealed one of the uses of an ID card, the eyes of the other immigrants who were watching the situation grew very cold.
That’s natural. They realised these protesting people are merely acting selfish, just like kids.
After I said that, I took a look at the material I received from another staff member.
Hum?  This is… Should get some consultation about it afterwards?

(Tori)「There is no value, nor reason to accept your request. Then, here is your final warning. If you don’t behave obediently henceforth, you will be arrested and sent for forced labor for months. Since you seem to hate the Dungeon and can’t behave, the only alternative is exile, do you understand? 」

(Hoodlum)「Yo-You can’t do that!!  If you drive us out, we will spread a bad reputation!! 」

(Tori)「We are in contact with the neighboring country. We will place a slave collar on you before your exile. Don’t worry though, you won’t be treated like a slave. You would simply be unable to return to this Dungeon. Well, that collar also holds the implicit meaning that you were expelled because you were a nuisance to our Dungeon, so do your worst. Our friendly countries will just turn a blind eye to you. End of Story. 」

(Hoodlum)「「「… Huuh!! ? 」」」

They seemed pretty upset and tried to vent their distress on the beast person and culprit before them.
… To be honest, even if it’s a bad thing to say, I had already known that it would turn out this way.

(Tori)「Then, I’m restraining you. After the arrest, you will be expelled, so please do your best. 」

(Hoodlum)「Wait hhhh…!! 」


(Tori)「…… that’s what happened. 」

(Riel)「In the case i just resolved, an elf and a cat person in my neighborhood were quarreling. It was a classic case, with a difference in tribes as the root cause. 」

(Lutz)「There’s too many cases to count on my end, most of them are cases attempting to steal products from my shop. Well, since there is a magical barrier and they get paralyzed when they try to leave, they haven’t actually stolen anything. The crime rate is especially high in Super Lutz, since there are a lot more commodities there. 」

(Naruja)「We’ve also got cases at the hotsprings in the entertainment facilities. Recently it has been on the decline, but there are still many fools who try to take out soap and shampoo. I was seriously angry at them. 」

(Millie)「…… Naruja-san was kind enough to lend a hand. Thanks to her intercepting the thieves was much simpler then it would have otherwise been. 」

After I returned to the Inn at nighttime, judging by today’s events it seems that everyone is having the same type of trouble.

(Yuki)「Well, society is like that. Gradually raise the morals of the inhabitants. This is not something that can be achieved quickly. Educating a large volume of people is surprisingly difficult. One by one, residents will understand, they will in turn, then teach others. The most important thing is that. Are there improvements? 」

(Tori)「Yes, the troubles are decreasing on the whole, though it doesn’t feel like it. The issues that are arising are on average lessing in frequency, though they are also becoming more extreme, so each case needs more effort to resolve. Rather, most residents cooperate and try to stop inappropriate behavior that does not align with Herge-sama’s wishes, there are ever more cases like this being reported too. 」

After hearing the theory from Yuki-san, I recalled the various events of the last few days.

(Ellis)「That’s good. If you think about it carefully, there were a lot of issues in the beginning. 」
(Lutz)「I know right? All of a sudden, it wasn’t possible for them to live in the same room as other races, even though they were fine up until that point!!  They are just idiots. What they try to do makes me want to facepalm. 」

However none mentioned any trouble equal to the one Seraria-sama mentioned next.
But for the first time, Seraria-sama seemed to have stumbled upon this one personally.

(Seraria)「Assaulting a woman. Assaulting a child. Followed by rape. This kind of person should be slain. Seriously, I’ve seen something so filthy. The documents will arrive tomorrow, please process it Tori. 」


(Seraria)「Labiris. This is an outrageous crime I will never forgive, so please convey to the populace the situation during the next public information exchange meetup. 」

(Labiris)「… I understand. 」

(Seraria)「Ugh, there was waste everywhere. 」

Seraria-sama said that, and jumped into Yuki-san’s embrace.

(Yuki)「I’m sorry. 」

(Seraria)「… This is not your fault. There’s still hope for our goal. Such a thing happens everywhere, it’s just that when I saw the scene, I couldn’t suppress my emotions……. A woman in such a way….. 」

Yuki-san held Seraria-sama kindly in his embrace.
… Recently, Seraria-sama seemed to be clinging to Yuki-san more often.

(Seraria)「And, enough of that topic. My dear, whatever happens, never resort to rape. 」

(Labiris)「Death wish. 」

「「「Buh」」」3)most likely SFX for spitting

With that single word, a heavy atmosphere set in.

(Yuki)「There are many things in this world and even more kinds of people. I don’t think it’s possible for everything to turn out well. Even if simply because things turning out well for one person might mean things turning out badly for the next. Henceforth, please rely on each other more than ever. 」

When Yuki-san said so, everyone nodded.
He’s right.
This incident was sad, but this is not the end of everything.
I have to diligently tackle the next case.
Ah, it looks like tomorrow is going to be another busy day.

Afterword of the author
Nothing is truly just.
Even where I live, there are various deep problems.
However, it is important move on, past them, and keep improving, doing your best everyday without forgetting.

Oh, it’s impossible for Yuki to rape.
I think it would end up the other way around lol.


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References   [ + ]

1. Baka means idiot in Japanese
2. as in they are idiots
3. most likely SFX for spitting

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