Chapter 1 – Summon

Chapter 1 – Summon

(TL : When you see the bracket (words), it means that these are the thoughts of someone. In this case, they’re the thoughts of Tetsuya. The first block was one hell of a block…)

After the lights disappeared when the summoning ended, Tetsuya saw that they were now in a new place. It was a grand hall. Magic Formations were drawn everywhere under them. There were different kinds of people were present. Several had robes on, some wore full plate armors, and there is even one that seemed like a princess.

(Where am I? No, I will think about it later. First, I need to confirm the situation here.
Everyone is here… senpai as well. Our belongings… no use…
I couldn’t find my smartphone anywhere even though it should be inside my pocket. Next, I need to figure out what is going on.
Where are we? I don’t know…. the buildings gave a kind of medieval Europe feeling.
Who were those people over there? I don’t know either….the girl looks like a princess, the same ones you could find inside a picture book. After that, there were people wearing clothes which seemed to be coming from the same era. And are those over there Knights?
This magic circle… it seems to be the same as the one in the classroom. I couldn’t remember everything. I only have memories of up until 10 years ago. And is this possibly… a transfer to a different world?
The first thing we should find out is if we can go back to our original or not. Well, we should be able to… Based on the knowledge I had from novels and other stuff, the way back home should be lost ages ago but whether he can return or not, a hero would usually stay in the new world. And that was because of cheats. When someone has these kinds of powers, he will try is utmost to keep them.
Finally, that voice? Seal? It was what the voice said. And that was probably why I couldn’t move my body really well since we appeared here.)

(Somebody)「What is this!」

(And Nobody)「Where are we! What is this place!」

After he came here, Tetsuya had already thought of various things in a short time but his classmates were still in a state of panic.

(Hoshina)「Everyone! Please, calm down!」

Someone raised his voice and tried to settle things down as he gave his opinion.

(Hoshina)「First, we should calm down. I don’t know where we are for now. Next, we should hear the story from the people over there」

(Girl)「If Hoshina said so…」

After everyone cooled off a bit, Hoshina displayed an ikemen’s aura. Still, he was inferior to Tetsuya by an astronomical value. However, an ikemen is never unattractive. Out of ten people, nine would say he was handsome. He didn’t match Tetsuya nonetheless.

(Hoshina)「Nice to meet you. I am Hoshina. I wonder, could you tell me your name?☆」

(Cerise)「Yes. I am Ingrassia’s Kingdom First Princess, Cerise El Von Ingrassia.」

(Looks like she was a Princess after all.)

Cerise, the splendid and beautiful girl, answered politely… And while she answered, she blushed slightly. After that, Cerise started to explain what Tetsuya wanted to know.

(Cerise)「I will now explain to everyone. First, everyone here was summoned into this world as a hero. And this place is what you would call a different world. I implore everyone to kill the demons and subdue the Demon King after his revival in a few years to save the world! It’s inexcusable but we still summoned you for our own convenience and for that, I’m terribly sorry! However, we had to do it in order to save the world. Everyone had received strong powers as a hero. Please, use your power well and help us!」

(Hoshina)「I understand! We have to subjugate the Demon King, his demons, and save the world!」

As soon as the splendid Cerise finished her explanations, she received an answer. When Tetsuya heard the talk, he became confused and he hurried to join the conversation.

(Tetsuya)「Wait a minute, please! Even if you said that…」

(Hoshina)「Kanzaki, you! Would you leave the humans of this world to their death? Are you still a hero?」

(Tetsuya)「It’s different. The thing I wanted to confirm first is… Your highness the Royal Princess, is returning to our original world possible after we help you? Even though I don’t think that it will be possible for us to return, I am at least expecting to know the answer because we were originally not from this world.」

What Tetsuya said was a simple and usual setting from fiction. However, after Cerise heard Tetsuya, she was really surprised. She was blushing as she responded.

(Cerise)「That’s right ~desu. It is as you said Tetsuya-san. There is no method for the being 「Tetsuya」 to return. Tetsuya-san’s method of returning was incorporated within the summoning magic formation … And…」

(Hoshina)「Was? What do you mean?」

(Cerise)「The summons must be prepared three years beforehand and should not be started or stopped in the middle of preparation. It was only a month ago that I noticed that a spell to erase your knowledge of the former world was embedded.」

(Hoshina)「I understand that, but why is it impossible to return?」

(Cerise)「It turned out that a previous First Princess had inherited the magic from an Oracle. After that, the magic had been passed down from generation to generation. And according to the Oracle, a powerful hero would always be summoned from the upper world and that it is impossible to go from the lower world to the upper world.」

Everyone gathered in that place stiffened after they heard the news.

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  1. Thanks for te chapter!
    《Tetsuya-San’s method was incorporated within the Summoning magic formation》????

    • Thank’s for pointing out, I forgot a word.

      It should be :
      《Tetsuya-San’s method of returning was incorporated within the Summoning magic formation》

      He can’t return now because the Princess messed with the summoning circle in order to brainwash them. It didn’t work on Tetsuya, though.

      Basically, something like a formula should have been written within the magic circle and is now altered or destroyed.

  2. Oh no. Seal? That sounded really bad for Tetsuya… But on the other hand, he was so strong that a God’s power couldn’t override his original power? Talk about OP.

    • It’s not really betrayal if they had their mental processes fucked with. If your best friend is under mind control and attacks you, even if you find out this later, you stop hating your friend and start hating the person that took them from you.

      Basically, even if he is turned on, 99% sure that he’ll find out the princess was the cause later and kick her ass.

  3. “Everyone was here… SeNpai* as well”. as far as i know it is senpai and not sempai because the letter “M” doesn’t exist in japanese…

  4. Firstly, I thought of giving this a try, despite of the poor response this is getting from NU. Simply because it looks similar to Arifureta.

    Secondly. Did that Pretty boy-kun just used (emitted) a star(kira~) at his question? A friggin star? srsly? Yosh. this guy needs a beating.

    Third. I’m thankful that the Author, Steel Bambou-san, adressed first that he is not good at writing. It saved me from the headaches that will entail. Really. Because I don’t have to expect anything grand.

    Fourth. Just with the Prologue and Chapter 1 alone, it’s not hard to see why #3. Any further comment/s will be after I catch up with the recently released chapter.

    Cheers for the hardwork~
    TL quality is actually good. I’m honestly surprised.

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