Chapter 20 – Encounter with the King 2

(Book 2 Chapter 8) Chapter 20 – Encounter with the King 2

(Tetsuya)「Oh, you can enter without the maid. Then, shall we go, King?」

(King Diethelm)「Yeah. But how did you do that thing a little while ago?」

(Tetsuya)「It’s ordinary magic. My item is automatically linked to that magic.」

After he (Editor’s note: I believe it’s the King) had instructed the annoying maid from before to not follow, Tetsuya went out of the carriage accompanied by the King. The item Tetsuya received from the previous Emperor God was the 『Sokuseki ke (Instant home)』that he modified when he was still inside the Fool’s Abyss along with the 『Kuukan Kani (Space key)』


In front of Tetsuya, a black hole with the size of 3 m x 2 m appeared. The King went together with him into the hole.
Here are some specific features of the Kuukan Kani. The first one is for opening the space, 「《Kaihou《Open》》」. The second one is for closing the space,《Heisa《Close》》. The third one is for opening Tetsuya’s door, 《Kaijou《Unlock》》. The fourth one is for closing Tetsuya’s door, 《Sejou《Lock》》《Kaijou》 . It was 《Open》 before. However, Tetsuya changed it.

But let’s return to the story itself.

(King Diethelm)「Oh! What’s that!?」

The King groaned after he followed Tetsuya and entered the place. The cause of it was a grassy plain he found when he passed through the hole. The remodeled space previously created by Tetsuya sized 300 km x 300 km. Not only that, but there was also a mountain, cherry trees and four seasons.

(Tetsuya)「That’s my house. Well, let’s return.」

(King Diethelm)「Eh!? Moo… already 「returning.」」

They went out as soon as they went in because the only purpose of Tetsuya was to show off his house to the King. After that, the King was a slightly… No, he was completely regretful.

(Sasha)「Be respectful!」

(Tetsuya)「Silence, you!」

Doshin! Baki☆

When Tetsuya got out of the place, the attacks from the maid were the first thing that welcomed him. However, this time, because Tetsuya was fed up by the attacks, he grabbed the girl’s right arm and threw her behind him. As a matter of fact, it was the first skill taught in the Kanzaki slaughtering art(Which at first should only be known by those inside the Kanzaki family, but known to someone like Mana-senpai.)

(Tetsuya)「What about your frenzy this the beginning? You still attacked me even when you were ordered not to? What did I do to you? I did nothing aside from helping you. Well, that King probably didn’t need my help with his strength, though.」

Tetsuya said while he was looking at Diethelm’s stats.

Diethelm Walen Emberg (King of Adol)
Age: 42
Sex: M
Human [Demigod] Job: King of Adol , Swordsman.
Condition: Healthy (Due to the effects of the Holy Sword Iris, age is maintained)
Lv. 264
HP 1250000/1250000
MP 2500000/2500000
STR 2700
AGI 2300
VIT 1500
INT 3200

Skill (Due to the Holy Sword Iris, some of them have exceeded the limit)
[Magic precision Lv. B] [Body strengthening Lv. A] [Magical body strengthening Lv.B ] [Demon Armor Lv. B] [Chantless Aria] [Parallel thinking Lv. D] [Poison resistance Lv.A] [Negotiations Lv. A] [Moral raise Lv. B]

Unique Skill
[Swordplay Lv. S]

Original Skills
[Heavenly Armor Magic] [King’s Personality] [Four elements of magic(Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light)] [Holy magic] [Recovery Magic]

Unique Magic
[Magic Sword]

Divine Protections
Divine protection of the Sword God, favored by the Holy Sword Iris.

Titles: Holder of the Sword

(It’s impossible, this guy bears even more cheats than the Heros…… The Sword Iris… Let’s check it out.
『《Sekaiju no shoko《Yggdrasil library》》showed in my brain [Sword Iris]…………【Search for the complete results?】……Yes….【 [Sword Iris] A long time ago, a storm was rampaging for six months. It only stopped when everyone believed in the rainbow. As a result of their faith, the God left them with a gift. It was the compression of the rainbow that fell to the ground. The power of God to still resides in the sword as the King of Dwarves and the King of Elves allied together to forge it. Moreover, the sword Iris chooses her owner herself. The person must have a pure mind to be selected. Furthermore,(Under the sole guidance of Iris)the selected person is able to win Iris’s favor and remain young eternally altogether with attaining God-like powers. 】…..』
This is a considerably overpowered weapon.)

While Tetsuya was reviewing all the information in his brain, Diethelm asked.

(King Diethelm)「Hmm? What is it?」

(Tetsuya)「No, the question is why didn’t you do it by yourself? That was what I just thought. By the way King of Adol, the Maid…… Do all the Maids from the country or all the Maids attending to the Princess attack their benefactor?」

Tetsuya always wanted to know the answer so he asked Diethelm. When he heard that, Diethelm gave a wry smile to Tetsuya.

(King Diethelm)「No, she’s just overreacting. Do not get angry」

The King bowed. After hearing that, Tetsuya made a proposal.

(Tetsuya)「Apart from that, how about telling the truth? The Knights are injured, the luggage is destroyed, and it’ll be nightfall soon. Frankly speaking, the night is dangerous and many may die」

(King Diethelm)「Oh, yeah… I didn’t know it was so dangerous.」

(Tetsuya)「I could invite you into my house…. Would you like to?」

(King Diethelm)「Will you truly?」

(Tetsuya)「Well, if you want to enter, no one is allowed to break anything, to complain or to try and attack me. Otherwise, I would throw them out, and the attacker might even end up dead.」

(King Diethelm)「It’s only natural if we want to stay in a safe place, please let me request it of you…」

(Tetsuya)「Okay then it’s settled. However, train your bad mannered maid properly」

(King Diethelm)「I’ll do so.」

Thus, Diethelm followed Tetsuya and stayed over inside his house.

The King seems stronger than the heros!
We will see when we know about the heros’ new equipment!

Shizu : You can delete my notes…It’s just that I didn’t know how to edit it and I couldn’t access the links you gave… sorry.

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  1. If he could just toss his attacker over his back like that without harming them (too much), then why didn’t he do that to the bullies in his school and get them off his back?

    • “low profile” – (use Dr. Evil from austin power meme)
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    • Not really. If he is, we should see this hesitation in his monologue, but there’s none. This is more like he doesn’t care.

  3. I cant get over the fact even though the maid could do zero damage to him, he sent her to be raped and killed. Sorry but that’s were you lose me, Fuck this POS novel, im out.

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