Chapter 7 – Matcheless Item

Chapter 7 – Matcheless Item
Added to the material of the items.
(Tetsuya)「Uuu……What was I… A little while ago…」

After 10 minutes had passed, Tetsuya was able to wake up. His figure seemed slightly more divine and intimidating than before. However, Tetsuya still had the scar left from the magic Sato fired.

〓God World, Asura〓
「Why did Tetsuya scar remain even after he drank the Elixir?」
「It was perhaps because he received the wound before?」
「Oh ~ I guess it was like this」
「Incidentally, he now wears the title of Emperor God」
「That’s right~」
「How are his new skill, can we compete against him? And what about his martial art?」
「Let’s see… do you think the military strategist God supreme existence will be able to win against him? Since his status should be around the same? Well, he would win of course if they were on earth, but what about here? I think that even if he fought against the twelve of us, we wouldn’t be able to win.」
「Well, it’s a relief that we are safe for now. We should depart immediately.」
「Although it’s unfortunate, but I have to work in《Asura》and I can’t follow you.」
「See you Yusuke(Dog)」

(TL : I don’t know the name of the differents God, so I didn’t put them on.)

When he woke up, the first thing Tetsuya discovered was that, although the wound he received from the Mad Bear 《Berseker》disappeared, the wound he received from Sato’s magic did not. Next, he wanted to investigate the cause of the strange light emanating from his body. That was when he saw the status.

(Tetsuya)「What is this! Is it a cheat……?」

Tetsuya became dazed while he confirmed the movement of his body and discovered his new status

(Tetsuya)「My body is indeed easier to move. And look like I can think of more movements at the same time compared to before. Is it thanks to Parallel thinking?」

Satisfied after seeing how well his body was now able to perform and after reviewing his new skills, Tetsuya was now looking at his surroundings.
He was now reading a letter found next to the place where was the elixir before.

『Nice to meet you, the Emperor God of the next generation. Well… Although I talk about generation, I am the first Emperor God. Perhaps you already became the new Emperor God, or you are another kind of deity. But if you are neither of them, use this elixir for this purpose.
Let’s get down to business. First, I want to apologize. I am sorry. Toward what I am apologizing I don’t know yet. But now, I will explain to you the main subject. For starter, there is one guy from Asura, the Demon King. He is known as a demon inside this lower world but is just like us, a Transcendental Deity』This person is madly rampaging the world. I have to stop this Demon… To go and kill him, but I probably can’t beat him. No, I can’t win against him. My skills were original and godly. But I had to do something more than that. (I can win if I use the Seal) It what I thought. And if I cannot win, I should entrust it unto the next generation. I had built a lot of ultimate items with every material I had at my disposal. I will give all of them to you. I can’t force you but please, defeat this guy. To the same kind of Transcendental Deity, only the strongest man can beat.

PS : The Demon King 『Transcendental Deity』was an irregular amongst middle schooler irregulars.

PS2 : This house is a magic item. Therefore, you can take it with you when you leave. Although it looks merely like a house, because it’s buried inside the Dungeon, outside it will look like a palace. And you can access it from everywhere if you were the bracelet.』

After reading the letter, Tetsuya exhaled a deep breath. He understood a considerable amount of things thanks to it. The answer Tetsuya had on his mind after that was…

(Tetsuya)「I will only receive the items and enjoy the other world!I’ll try to befriend the Demon King…. Only if I can’t, and he becomes a disturbance, I will kill him. That’s enough.」

The only thing he didn’t want to was to hold regrets. Later, Tetsuya headed toward the arsenal of the House. There was a Katana with runes carved into and a black leather coat(Decorated with golden ornaments). There was also a mountain of battle dresses, a bike, a car and a battleship which could be used either in the air or in the sea.

Godly Katana of Heaven and Dream. Emperor Wisdom

The katana was forged from claws, fangs and horns 『Heavenly Dragon materials』which could only be fused and made into 『Heavenly Dragon Ore』 which could only be taken from a supreme dragon, no less than that. And together with orichalcum, adamantium and a crystal called 『Dream crystal』, they are fused to make the 『Heavenly dream dragon ore』. It was how the dreamlike sword was made.The length of the Katana was a bit long with its 85 cm. Only the Emperor God could use the Katana. And he could even increase the sharpness by infusing his power into it. Magic could be infused and used as another mean of attack. Nonetheless, the runes carved into it had no meanings. However, when magical power is inserted, the runes would shine.
Fallen Series -Heavenly Dream Dragon

It was made with『Heavenly dream dragon ore』along with the dragon leathers and scales.It can increase the strength of the owner by infusing magical power. The coat was decorated with a thread made from orichalcum. It’s delivered with all functions.

Tetsuya remodeled the motorcycle even more than it was before.The modifications were done about one month later(He made the flow of time slower using magic).
After that, along with his cheats and items, Tetsuya went out and started to capture the Dungeon.

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