Chapter 18 – New possibilities

Chapter 18 – New possibilities

Momo and I are walking the city again.
Due to yesterday’s rain, there’s a puddle here and there.
Doing my best to avoid them, I’m looking for monsters.
The ideals are lone Goblin or lone zombie.
Two of them…… No, even three I should be able to deal with them using a quick combo with Momo’s 『Shadow』.

The problem is when other monsters appear.
Especially Orcs.
After seeing the battle of yesterday, not only that High Orc, but also normal Orcs boast of quite the high ability.

I wish they had some weaknesses….
Even in fantasy, there are such weak points like fire against zombies or holy water against vampires. But Orcs does not have any of these weak points.
Their strong urges are heavy sexual desires, I can only think of a woman knight as a staple.
Well, if you meet one you have to run away or get past through.
At least for『Now』.

「There are so many corpses….. 」

Since they died they have been left unattended.
There’s no one to clean up.

「Speaking of which, what is the government and Japan self-defense force doing right now?」

Already two days had passed since the world became like this.
There should be rescue activities taking place in various areas I think, but in this situation where I can’t use TV or the Net, I have no way to confirm.

「More precisely, is the government even functioning properly in this situation….. ?」

Before, when I watched that producer’s 1)Dunno of who or what it is シン◯ジラ movie, a special countermeasure office was set, and anyone, be it JSDF2)Japan Self-defense Force shortened as JSDF or various officials were put on the move.
Actually, is it possible for it to run like that now?
No, it might be the image I have of politicians and bureaucrats who are biased.
Something like that happened! I’ll run away! That’s the kind of image I have, they would probably flee to the shelter or to a safety zone first, furthermore making wasteful usage of their authority.
Am I watching movies too much?

In the first place, did monsters only appear in Japan?
Or all around the world?
I’m of the impression that monsters are everywhere in the world now.

「Unexpectedly, there should be more people surviving in developing areas of the world. 」

『Safety』and『Survival』are totally different things.
If you’re a person already in a conflict zone, you probably won’t be shaken even if a monster comes out?

「They could even use nuclear weapons….. 」

Even the citizens, they might be annihilated together with monsters…..
Later in the news,「They were precious sacrifices. We must carve their lives in our heart and we must live. 」could be reported like this.
Wow, that’s some horrible thinking.
But I’m still scared because I know there are countries capable of doing this.

After all, I should also gather information together when raising levels.
But, I can’t use internet or TV.
To begin with, it really hurts me that there’s no electricity.
Even if the water supply and gas are still usable, there’s absolutely no electricity.
Is this only in this neighborhood, or everywhere?
If electricity can be used in other areas, I should head over there.

「Once again, I can understand the blessings of civilization…… 」

Electricity is truly great.
Because it’s great, we depend on it.
For some of the all-electric houses in this area, it can already be considered hell. They’d have to leave the house.
You can still use battery-powered appliances such as flashlight or alarm clock, but their numbers are quite limited.

「Wan. 」

While I was thinking, Momo barked.
There’s a goblin at the corner of my view.
Only one.
Let’s aim for the right timing.

「Yosh, Momo. Let’s hunt. 」


With a stealth approach so that it doesn’t notice me, I swiftly stabbed it to death.
I was able to defeat it without a problem, but my level didn’t rise.
How many hunts will I have to do until the next level?

After that, we walked around the city and hunted three more Zombies and two more Goblins.
Somehow, there are fewer encounters than yesterday…..
I’m not encountering a lot of living people either.
Because —–

「There are many people who are unexpectedly staying at home. 」

When I was walking through the streets, I saw many people hanging flags and towels of SOS from the veranda of their apartments or from windows or porch of their houses. They’re probably poised to hold a siege.
As the time goes by, the difference between『Running people』,『Fighting people』and『Unmoving people』 is clearly increasing.

「But you know… 」

If it’s a zombie, you may be able to hold him out until rescuers come.
But now the city is full of monsters actively hunting people.
Even if you hold a siege against such monsters, isn’t it a meaningless way to answer?
Actually, when I got out yesterday, the Goblins were exploring the rooms of my apartment.

「Well, if they have a『Job』or『Skills』it is a different story….. 」

For example, 『Shut-in』was one of the suitable jobs for me.
It’s the type of job that exerts stronger powers by staying at a house rather than going out.
No, in the first place I’m not a 『Shut-in』but.
That’s something I’ll never choose.
Would there be a person foolish enough to kill a monster, raise his level for finally select the job『NEET3)Not in Education, Employment or Training. ?』
There shouldn’t be anyone obviously.

「Well, basic skills right….. 」

There seem to not be a lot of merits awarded to someone who just sits and wait for rescuers.
If it doesn’t go well, you’d have to defend yourself.
In this situation, it’s impossible.
Rather, it’s troublesome.

I’m still thinking about my struggle to raise this level.
So, I decided to ignore any sign asking for rescue and went on.
Well, over there.
Pray for『Good People』to appear before they get attacked by monsters.

After that, Momo and I kept hunting monsters.
Thus it happened when defeated two Goblins who wandered together.

≪The experience has reached a sufficient level. ≫
≪Kudou Kazuto rose from level 5 to level 6. ≫

Good. The announcement of the level-up sounds in my head.
After confirming that I received the usual 20 SP and 10JP.
My balance of JP is now 15.
The level of 『Spy』will immediately be raised to ten.

≪Do you want to increase the LV of spy by consuming 10 JP?≫

Of course, I choose yes.
Then now….. What will happen?

≪The Spy job reached a sufficient level. ≫

≪You can now select among the following advanced jobs or derived jobs. ≫
≪The second job is unlocked. ≫

≪Advanced job『Assassin』unlocked. ≫
≪Advanced job『Agent』unlocked. ≫
≪Advanced job『Thief』unlocked. ≫

≪Meeting certain conditions regarding jobs. ≫

≪Derived job『Informer』unlocked. ≫
≪Derived job『Hunter』unlocked. ≫
≪Derived job『Crisis thief4)Chrisis thief: It’s a thief that take advantage of crisis』unlocked. ≫
≪Derived job『Beast user』unlocked. ≫

New possibilities.
New stages.
They’re offered to me.


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References   [ + ]

1. Dunno of who or what it is シン◯ジラ
2. Japan Self-defense Force shortened as JSDF
3. Not in Education, Employment or Training.
4. Chrisis thief: It’s a thief that take advantage of crisis

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