Regarding the earliest chapters (9-12+?)

Hello Mina-San.

I know that the firt chapters I translated were especially bad. Now that I’ma bit better, I will edit the first chapters this week-end.
So you may want to wait for a bit and read them once again afterwards.

I hope that everyone will share his doubts regarding the translation and help me. I would like to improve without delay.

I don’t know… But I think that I’m doing a way better job now than when I began translating.
I hope that you can understand, I’m not a Japanese speaker. And not a native from England. But I’m having fun translating and I want to share it with you Misses and Misters.

Regarding the Novel itself, I hope that you like it.

Thanks for everyone support until now.

Quality is something that I want to improve with every chapter.

So, for everything I didn’t do good from the start. Let me apologize to you.

And everyone one, please, share with each chapter what are your thoughs regarding the chapter AND regarding my translation, as they are two different things.

I’m open to any kind of feedback as long as it is constructive.

I’m reading every comment without fail, even if I don’t answer to every of them.


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