Chapter 19: Afterwards, The consequences

Chapter 19: Afterwards, The consequences
Finally, we are back to the Dungeon.
A village, a place to train and the foolish party will arrive into the Dungeon. The main protagonist will appear a lot more too. Ahah.
Afterwards, The consequences

Side : Herge . Rau . Rochelle

(Yuki) 「Oh work ~! I don’t like you! Terettetettetetete…」

After Yuki-San heard the report of Father, he was remodelling the Dungeon while singing a strange song.
Older Sister Seraria together with my Clone went to the Royal Capital. Yuki-San, Oriel and me are here.

(Herge) 「Euhh, Yuki-San, Why did you force the responsibility onto the Demon King? You went as far as camouflaging me with a fake death.」
(Oriel) 「Herge, that’s…」

Oriel wanted to restrain me. However Yuki-San, while working, answered like it was nothing.

(Yuki) 「I think that you can understand, but if we did not set another target, Rochelle would suffer an attack from both Galtz and Ritea.The public will think about it as a battle to avenge Herge’s death.In this scenario, the death had to happen in public to make the Holy Country Ritea believe it. The fact that Lulu witnessed the death was especially convenient」

I understood the reason.However, was it really something a good person should do? Such a feeling wriggled inside me.」

(Yuki) 「If you don’t like this, you can suggest something else to the King. I also want to be lessen the sacrifices and raise the benefits for everyone. if you can do it while finding another victim, I will gladly support you.] (Herge) 「What!」
(Yuki) 「If you can’t bear it emotionally… That’s true, if you go to the Holy Ritea Country and protest, a miracle might happen. The kind of miracle where they admit their wrongs and bow their heads to us.Well, if they could do that, they would not try to kill you.]

It was as he said, but.. but…!

(Herge) 「The Demon King was totally unrelated to this case!! And in particular, to make him responsible…」
(Yuki) 「Then, should it be one of the Powerful Country remaining in Lemera? Or, should we put the responsibility onto one of the small Country?」
(Herge) 「Why does the humanity have to fight amongst them??」
(Yuki) 「No, you were the one saying we could not use the Demon King here.」

Yuki-San ignored me, he was really easygoing and wrote something down onto a really clean paper I had never seen before.

(Herge) 「Th,then, why did you push the responsibility at the Demon King?!」
(Yuki) 「Because of the real damages, and because I heard that Seraria and the King would be the next one after Herge. I have no way to know whether it is the truth or not. But if it’s the truth, then the Demon King is a good reason to form an alliance and stop it」
(Herge)「However, we are talking about the Demon King!!」
(Yuki) 「It is unrelated. The Demon King is an evildoer, that’s enough to make his involvement in the matter convincing. If it is able to save hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of lives, wouldn’t you agree with it? 」

It became impossible for me to continue.

(Yuki) 「I’m sorry, I know how you feel but I can’t understand it properly.」
(Herge) 「Why Desu!! Many lives were lost!! By denouncing Ritea and apologize…」
(Yuki) 「To use Ritea… would there be any difference ? You are the reason, by using the name of Holy Woman, they used it against you and your surroundings. Do you understand?」

My sight suddenly shook and became blurry… It was caused by me?

(Oriel) 「Yuki!! What are you saying!! Herge-Sama was trying to save lives!!」
(Yuki) 「What led to the conflict this time? How was it good? The lives saved by the Holy Woman and the lives sacrificed in the conflict, Which was more?」
(Herge) 「That…」
(Yuki) 「If you understand Herge’s feeling then don’t whine on the current result.Don’t act as the heroine of a tragedy.Even if no one would say it to you, I will.You are the cause of this conflict.」

In front of my eyes, everything was dark.No, I can see but, I was not able to see anything…

If you and Lulu did not became Holy Women, then the Holy Woman of Ritea would be needed.And the citizens from Ritea would remain calm instead of making a ruckus.」

(Herge) 「S..stop.」

(Yuki) 「Minister Loire would never harbour such ambition and would stay still as a small villain. Mauve and his friends would stay happy as well, with their families…」

(Herge) 「No」

(Yuki) 「The King, Aria and Seraria would not have to suffer from an assassination either.」

(Herge) 「NOOOooooooooo!!!」

(Oriel) 「Herge-Sama, don’t panic!! Yuki, why did you have to make things like this! Keep your promise and protect Herge!」

Yuki kept working indifferently… What kind of nerves is he made of?
I could not look straight at him, I could only stand still, muttering.

(Yuki)「No, I only answered a question.Do I have to ask for your permission every time?」
(Oriel) 「Don’t be silly!! You drove Herge-Sama to the wall completely!!」
(Yuki) 「She selfishly cornered herself on her own.It must be easy for you Oriel, you are always agreeing to whatever Herge says or decides, you can just put all the blame on her afterwards.」
(Oriel) 「What did you say!? Where!」
(Yuki)「Really? If you were a bit more aware of your surroundings, then even if the information leaked. Would everything happen the same way it happened? Is it different?」

The things Yuki-San said were heavily infiltrating me.

(Herge)「How could I know, I’m not aware of the future… Being a Holy Woman, I thought I had to do my best for everyone.」
(Yuki) 「I guess, I don’t know the future too.Therefore, I do everything I can desperately.」
(Yuki) 「With your circumstances, why are you cornered that much Herge? I assume that you were the cause Herge, but no one will blame you. The whole Country would rather feel sorry for you.」
(Herge) 「What are you trying to say…?」

(Yuki) 「Indeed, if you look at the whole picture, within the current situation, Herge being a Holy woman dealt a great amount of damage. However, the Holy Woman also saved many lives right? Was it also a mistake?」
(Herge) 「No way, it was not…」
(Yuki) 「I’m certain you can understand. If you can, then you will be able to do everything you can to save people in the future. To make them believe that the lives saved by Holy Women was not a mistake」
(Yuki) 「Do you think that it is hypocrisy? But it is not good to stop it now.Am I clear?」
(Herge) 「Yes you are, however, I’m not able to accept it…」
(Yuki) 「Isn’t it fine as well? Compared to someone who would choose to suicide in your situation, you are doing really good Herge.」

We remained silent for a while. Oriel relaxed a bit after she saw that my complexion got better.

(Oriel) 「Yuki, wasn’t there a better way to say things? There are some words you should not say」
(Yuki) 「 This discussion had to be a bit harsh, otherwise, It would be useless. I don’t think anyone can live completely clean without having done anything dirty.To someone not able to understand the meaning behind words, it would also be useless.I heard that all kind of guys are gathering.We can’t have Herge answer「Yes!! I Understand!! Without her knowing anything about the situation」

Yuki-San put his pen down after he was done speaking and took the cup next to him.

(Yuki) 「That’s why Herge, I think that it is good for you to change your attitude a bit. While the King is dealing with the Country. Do you get it?」
(Herge) 「Yes, now we can save a lot of lives.」
(Yuki) 「Seems like you still have some misconceptions, but I guess it’s fine. Who do you think is the most disadvantaged person in that case?」
(Herge) 「The Demon King?」
(Yuki) 「Try to think things a little more in depth. The Country will certainly press things on the Demon Lord. However, the one disadvantaged the most here are the people living in the land.」
(Herge) 「Huuuhh…Yes, you are right」
(Yuki) 「Will the persons living together still be able to it? How many do you think have fallen into slavery?」
(Herge) 「Many people, I’m sure of it… What do you want me to do? I am supposed to be dead now.I’m no longer able to do anything.」
(Yuki) 「Yeah yeah, think about it. And stop getting stuck at the same thought every time. Do you know what I plan to make inside the Dungeon in the near future?」
(Herge) 「A village or a town… Impossible!!」

(Yuki) 「That’s the point, although I don’t know how many slaves are available on the market… I asked the King to gather them for me up to an extent. Because the other side would probably don’t accept to sell anything to the Dungeon.」
(Herge) 「Are you going to force them into work!!」
(Yuki) 「Think carefully. Would you manage to turn a blind eye in the future! If I gather the slaves and allow them to live freely here by freeing them from slavery, what would happen?」
(Herge) 「If they can live here freely without being oppressed, wouldn’t they be happy?」
(Yuki) 「It’s worth a try, although I don’t know if it will be well received.After some time, the slave dealers, instead of selling them at shady place will probably come here to sell directly.」

Yuki-San ended is talk and was staring at me.

(Yuki)「To make use of the previous experience, although I don’t know if it will be a village or a town yet, I want to entrust Herge with the administration. It will help your father relieve a bit of his trouble as well.」

After he said that, he handed me the paper he wrote a short while ago.

It was written on it 「Plan for the Dungeon’s village」

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