HDUH – Chapter 129

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Chillnova, Crevanille, and Tensky 
Quality Checker: FacelessEntity The Degenerate and Crevanille
Meme finder: FacelessEntity The Degenerate

Cheers readers! Chapter 129 is out today.

Thank you so much Ruben.E for the donations mean a lot to me!
I’m currently translating characters introduction written by the author of HDUH, they are long but I think it’s time I commit to them. Got the first part done and awaiting edit. I know most of you want a glossary or something like that, well you’ll have them coming soon.

For your information they are as follow :

  • Up to chapter 32
  • Up to chapter 80
  • Detailed explanations about appearances of the characters right after chapter 128.

Chapter 129 is out way later than what I wanted, we all had something happening and just know that I’m eager to continue this project so I hope everyone is still going to enjoy the journey!

If you want to support me, the website or the translation; you can make a donation Here, or on the sidebar.

Please, everyone, keep commenting from now on! I’m really enjoying the translation thanks to all of you!

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Access the chapter by clicking the link below :

Chapter 129 – Route choice.

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