Chapter 23 – Reflection and new development.

Chapter 23 – Reflection and new development.

Momo and I are sitting on the floor after the battle—– It’s a place from where we can see the entirety of the store.

「I’m tired. 」

Maybe it’s because the thread of tension is broken, tiredness comes pouring at me in a dash.
No matter how much my level goes up, this feeling of fatigue isn’t something I’d likely end up accustomed to.
There is no skill called 『Fatigue resistance』
Because there is the Stress tolerance and Tamper tolerance skills, it’s probably not strange.


Momo barks at me to say “good work!” she licks my face, going peropero.
Kawaii.  I go Mofumofu to say my thanks.
Momo then gladly answered with「Kuuun」.
That’s a win-win relationship. I’m healed~ Haa.

After I enjoyed stroking Momo for a while, my spirit settled at last.
It’s hard to stop Mofumofu.
When I’m trying to stop,「Are you truly stopping? You’re not doing it anymore?」Its gaze comes at me….. I can’t bear it.
People who say that they’re going to stop smoking are probably feeling like this afterward.
Fuu, good grief.

Because my brain had calmed down, I’m trying to recall the battle.
It was a good test of my new skills and improved status. But there seems to be plenty of room for improvement.
About my combination with Momo naturally and also about my balls of Tabasco and my Item box.
But I think my biggest harvest was to find that small tools like Tabasco balls are effective against monsters.
Going to the home center and the drug store might be a good idea.
If I’m able to obtain pesticides and chemicals, there’s the possibility of achieving even stronger effects.

But the biggest problem is『Myself』.
To be exact it’s my body.
My senses can’t keep up with my dramatically improved Agility status.
Is it okay to it describe as『Being swayed by my own body』?
The difference between『Body』and『Mind』.
Quickly I have to adjust to that.
I managed it this time, but if anything goes wrong within a time gap and I can’t fix it, damage would be fatal.
Can’t be prideful, absolutely not.

「Well then, I shall allocate my points. 」

Having received the usual 20SP and 10JP.
The JP are used to raise 『Assassin』 and 『Hunter』 respectively to LV3.
This way all the skills these jobs made me acquire will also rise in level.
Sure enough, the newly nine skills I acquired all increased by 1 level.

However, the skills acquired with『Spy』. Their levels weren’t raised except for the 2 skills integrated in the advanced skills.
Since I changed my 『Profession』the skills that are leveling up with me apparently changed.

After using my 20SP, I raise my Item box to LV9.
That’s my strategy.
Let’s preserve the remaining 3 points.

All the magic stones I got are handed to Momo.

「Here, Momo. 」


Momo munch on them deliciously.
By the way, the name displayed on the Hobgoblin’s stone was『Goblin’s magic stone (Small)』
When it’s a Goblin, the size is 『Minimal』and when it’s a Hobgoblin the small is 『Small』?

Hm? Which reminds me, the Shadow Wolf I struck first at the beginning was also displayed as 『Small』.
If the size of the magic stone reveals the strength and status of a monster, Shadow Wolf and Hobgoblin should be about the same strength?
The Shadow Wolf didn’t fight so I can’t tell.
Well, I can understand it in the future when I fight other monsters.
For now I don’t have enough information.
Ah, even then ,『Appraisal』, I want it…… !

After that, I sort out the things inside the store and add what I can to the Storage of my Item box.
It seems that vegetables, meat and so on were heavily eaten by the Goblins, there wasn’t much edible food left, much less than what I expected.

「Yes, there’s some bento at the side dishes’ side…… Almost bad at that….. 」

The half-price tag is also strung, does this neighborhood leave them unattended?
I’m not particularly bothered by food so it’s fine.

「Hmm, shall we move soon?」


There’s no point in making a long stay.
Those expelled Goblins might come back so we have to move quickly.
We can also wait for them, it’s another possibility. But here they could bring another or more Hobgoblin and many more monsters.

Momo hide alongside me and with 『Soundless movements』and 『Awareness isolation』we silently go out of the Cooperative.
There’s a drugstore nearby and this is our goal this time.
I would like to have not only foods, but also medical items.
While hunting monsters, let’s increase our savings of necessities.
That is another reason why I raised the level of my Item box.

But when I thought about it again, it’s painful that I can’t go to the shopping mall after all.
Almost all the things I need are over there.
If it weren’t for that High Orc……

Maybe, but that High Orc could still be there.
The direction I came from.
Because the feeling 『Awareness』gives me is still unpleasant.
I don’t need more reason to avoid going in that direction.

「….. Hm?」

When I was walking, I heard something strange.
Rattling sounds. This is…… Wind noises?
Moreover, I hear it from the sky.

Don’t tell me…. !?

Momo and I looked up at the sky.
There’s camouflage pattern on the helicopter there.

「That pattern….. Does that mean, the JSDF….. ?」

Have they come to rescue me?
Or to defeat monsters?
Why are they in the downtown of the suburb ?It’s convenient but there’s no limit to my doubts. If you are with the JSDF, you will never have to be afraid of monsters anymore.

We should join….. probably.
But where does that helicopter want to get off?
This area is in the suburb, far away from the city center.
Speaking places where refugees around here are gathering, and where the helicopter is likely to land safely——.
Thinking so far, I stopped thinking.

「……… The large parking lot at the shopping mall. 」

As if to support my expectation, the helicopter of the JSDF crossed over the sky and went toward that direction.


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