Chapter 24 – Rooftop

Chapter 24 – Rooftop

What to do?
Should I chase after them?
But the direction the helicopter is headed to is the same shopping mall where the High Orc is.

That fellow is probably still there.
Evidence comes from my 『Crisis perception』with a throbbing warning.
Don’t go there『yet』.
It’s appealing to me that I shouldn’t go.

Last time, I prioritised my curiosity and acted in defiance of this alarm.
As a result I encountered the High Orc and risked my life.
Just utilising that reflection, I decided to not approach that side again.

Is the JSDF a good enough reason to overturn my judgment and rush there?
No…. But…. Dunno.
The JSDF is excellent.
Their levels in hand-to-hand combat is top-notch in the world and they even have firearms.
The JSDF should have weapons far outweighing the killing ability of the vending machines. Here I can’t believe they would lose even to so many monsters.

「Hum…… 」

Scratching and scratching my head.
What to do? Should we follow?
Or should I look at the situation from somewhere for a while?

Right now, I can use the 『Telephoto』skill to see what’s going on without getting close.
An high ground in this area….. If it’s from the rooftop of an apartment, I might be able to use『Telephoto』to see the shopping mall.
Hereafter it won’t be too late to decide whether it’s safe or not, will it?
Yes, perhaps it’s good.
Always go with safety first.

「Very well….. That apartment in the neighborhood should be good, right?」

That mansion is located a hundred meters away from the front of the cooperative.
From the rooftop there, I’ll be able to see things far away.
Also that building gives no『Bad feelings』.
There won’t be any problem even if I go.

「Momo, just go into 『Shadow』. I’ll be the one moving」.

「Wan. 」

With this Momo used『Shadow』to enter mine and we began to move.
Of course, 『Awareness isolation』,『Soundless movements』,『Hostility perception』 without forgetting 『Search』 are all activated.
You must always watch out for surprise attacks.

On the way, we kill three zombies.
Instant kills. Against zombies I have no more sufferings.
But surprisingly, there are few signs of monsters.
There isn’t much monsters around here?

「Are…… ?」

Suddenly, I found something to worry about on the ground.

「…… It’s a magic stone. 」

Red magic stone.
When I throw it in my Storage, 『Zombie’s magic stone (minimal)』was displayed.
Was it the same guys who left the convenience store and left without noticing after defeating you?
Well, I’ll be grateful.
We start moving again.

「Are?Again. 」

Moving a few dozens of meters, I found another one.
It’s my luck.
However, as I approached the Mansion, I began to feel uncomfortable.

「….. Again. 」

Another mana stone had fallen on the ground.

「How many times have I seen this already…… ?」

The number of magic stones I picked are already not less than twenty.
Weird. If anything, it’s strange.
By any chance, a different person defeated the monsters and left the magic stones without noticing their existences?
Is that even possible?

Then, why would that fellow would leave the magic stones?
Why not pick them up?
Because he didn’t notice?
Or maybe he 『couldn’t pick them up』?……. What’s with this situation?

「…………. Hmm?」

When I was troubled on the way 『Search』suddenly showed the life signs of a person.
That’s not the only one though.
What got caught in the scope of Search was no less than 5 people.

「Momo, I’m moving a little. 」

「Wan. 」

It’s just beside the destination and I was a little worried, so I headed for the sign.
When hiding behind the walls and looking at the situation, it seems that several adults rush out of the windows from condominiums in a hurry.

「Hey! Look! t’s a helicopter! The JSDF has come to help us!」
Over there! It’s the shopping mall!」
「Help! We’re saved!」
「Hurry! Come on!」
「Oh, dear wait…… !」
「Don’t be an idiot! Get your handbag and come! Let’s go faster than that!」

There’s no end to the expressions of the people who shout.
They wanted to be saved as soon as possible, they were showing their desires to get out of this situation.
After muffling yourself inside houses and quietly looking, finally seeing the JSDF’s helicopter you started panicking?

Yes, I can understand this feeling very well.
There was even one guy panicking too much, he is running barefooted.
Those people without caring for anything are running for the shopping mall.

Oioi, if you behave like that prominently, you’ll attract monsters you know?
You don’t even have a weapon or anything like that.
I think it’s better to have a kitchen knife in your hand rather than such a heavy backpack?
Well, it’s not like I’m going to give you any advice.

Having looked at them for a while, we went to the mansion again.
Yes, of course.
Because there’s no merit for me to be with them.

I arrived at the mansion.
Eventually, I picked nearly 30 magic stones before reaching the place.

「It seems deserted….. 」

There is only a little response coming from Search.
Fewer persons are keeping siege, but their number is scarce compared to the size of the mansion.
Using the stairs where there isn’t any sign of people, I head for the rooftop.
The mansion also had an elevator but it’s most likely unusable.
No sign of monsters.
Like this, I reached the top floor in a short time.

「……. There’s no lock on it. 」

Usually, the rooftop is off-limits.
Why is it open?
……. Is there anyone?


Slowly opened the doorknob and go to the rooftop.
Using 『Search』, I confirmed that nobody was on the rooftop.
Comfortable wind tickled cheeks.
Yes, it’s okay……. Nobody’s here.
However, the rooftop of the mansion is uneven.
There’s a feeling of freeness coming from the wide-open space. 1)Anth: not sure; がらんと空いた開放感あふれるスペース。If I can make use of this place freely….. What kind of illusion am I having?
After moving to the rising part, I could enjoy the view of the city.
Ooo, it’s a better view than the one I had at my old flat.
With the use of『Telephoto』, I could see the situation around the shopping mall well.

「Yosh, come out Momo. 」

「Wan. 」

Momo comes out of the Shadow and cuddle besides me.
Hence I held my breath and decided to look at the state of the helicopter.


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1. Anth: not sure; がらんと空いた開放感あふれるスペース。

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