Chapter 25 – JSDF vs High Orc

Chapter 25 – JSDF vs High Orc

Through the skill『Telephoto』, I use Observation on the helicopter.
The helicopter is already near the mall.
I am fortunate, there’s not much shielding for my sight.
The shopping mall of that area, I can see it well.

「……. They’re not trying to land with that helicopter. 」

The helicopter is circling around the mall.
Well, with the scars resulting from the High Orc’s scream all around, they have to make sure no monsters are around.

At least, there’s nothing dangerous visible from the sky.
The High Orc is probably inside the mall.

Maybe it’s hell inside the mall…..
The person who meet it will be killed without a doubt.
If they’re alive supposedly, it’s only to be the plaything of the Orcs.
I’m alive….. So I shouldn’t speak.

「Oh, are they going to land?」

The helicopter that kept turning finally got near the parking lot.
People who seems to be working for the JSDF come out from the inside.
One…… Two….. Five people in all?
Oddly the same numbers as the Orcs who fought the battle at the shopping mall yesterday.
Holding guns, they’re carefully looking around.
After all they’re amazing.  There’s no waste in their movements.
At the same time, I thought they were truly amazing trying to fulfill their duties even when the world became like this.
One of my acquaintances made it to the JSDF but I never got to hear the content of their training from him….. It’s impossible for me to imitate them I suppose. In the end, he eventually got hurt and was put on hold by the doctor so he retired.

「Do they have levels and skills?」

This is such a world.
Many opportunities to stand up against monsters should have arisen for the JSDF and the police.
They have weapons anyways, it’s a civilization with guns.

「Because I got experience when killing something with my car, they must definitely win some when they kill using guns. 」

Everyone from the JSDF is progressing carefully, they make sure no one breaks the formation.
Judging from their movements, it’s clear they have already won battles against monsters at least a couple times.
There’s only one thing that bothers me.

「…… Are? Why does some of them have guns while others don’t?」

No, to be precise, the guys who don’t have guns are holding knives.
…… Why is there a difference between their armings?
In this world, the most dependable weapon should be firearms.
Why are they holding knives?
Are they out of proper equipment? No, that shouldn’t be such a stupid story.
Maybe there’s a 『reason』why? There must be a reason their equipment varies.


Momo barked. 1)Anth: Does Momo have powerful eyesight too or something? Idk about the distance but it should be quite far off x). [[Maybe he took the scent or something]] Watching in the direction of the shopping mall, a lone Orc came out from the entrance.
He was completely off guard.
In such a carefree manner, he yawned.

「You haven’t noticed, Orc?」

Ah, I see. From his position, there’s no way he can see the JSDF.
But the sound of the helicopter didn’t alarm them?

After going out, he’s line of sight finally found the JSDF.
He seems to have noticed their existences at last.
However, the JSDF are already on the move.

They held the Orc in their aim and shoot.
After a storm of bullets, the Orc fell on the spot.

「It’s amazing….. So unilateral….. 」

The fighting ability of the Orc, I’ve estimated it and it should be several times that of a Goblin.
So easily, just like that….. Guns are foul play after all.
The corpse of the deceased Orc disappeared and a blue magic stone rolled on the ground.
The magic stone of an Orc is also blue in color?
I’m marveled at the performance of 『Telephoto』, thanks to it I can clearly see from this distance.
Once the level rise, I’d be able to see things from very far.

Two more Orcs appeared from the entrance whether they heard the sound of shooting.
But after another rain of bullets, the two Orcs died.
Another two magic stones rolled on the ground.

「Hm?Just now, those people apparently entered a shooting stance before the Orcs came out of the entrance….. ?」

It’s not something possible just from intuition.
Their movements combined perfectly when the two Orcs came out, they knew beforehand.
Definitely, the JSDF have skills.
I don’t know if it’s either 『Hostility perception』or 『Search』, but there are some members who have skills to sense.
Unlike me, they probably have shared intel and it’s certain that everyone have a skill and a profession.

「…….. In this situation, I still don’t know if it’s good to follow. 」

My fist clenches in a spontaneous manner and I let out a smile.
Overwhelming firepower.
Means to attack from long-distance.
Supported by level and skills with leadership and command for organizing.
Unless it’s a battle of close combat, no way an Orc would win against them.

「If it’s this——–」

It’s safe.
That’s what I thought.
At the next moment.

———-『Cry』was heard.


A roar that ecoes even to this far distance.
The atmosphere trembles and the earth shakes.

Taking Momo in my embrace, I prepare for the shocks.
Immediately, Momo expand its 『Shadow』.

「It-ll be fine Momo. There shouldn’t be any effect at this distance….. 」

「Kuun…… 」

Momo’s staring anxiously.
There’s no doubt.  That’s『him』.
This is clearly the 『Roar』 skill from that High Orc.

「——–h!?!? Then, the JSDF…… ?」

Are they safe?
I raise my body and look at the shopping mall.
Somewhat staggering, some of the men are kneeling. They all seem to be alive.
The person, probably the captain, is giving instructions to the helicopter behind.
What was he saying?
It’s not possible to catch the voices.

「…… What about the High Orc?」

Where is he?
There’s no way that roar was released from inside the building.
The High Orc should be already outside somewhere……

「Nah…… ?」

My expectation was right.
There’s a roaring sound and tremors.
Suddenly, the helicopter that brought the JSDF exploded.
It was destroyed by something which had 『Fallen』from the top.
Among the blazing flames and soaring smokes, the brown colored High Orc came out.
He held the same huge butcher knife in his hand.

「No way, he jumped and crushed ….. ?」

What kind of leg power does this monster have……… Ah!
In his other hand, the corpse of the man, most likely the pilot of the helicopter, was grasped.
The High Orc casually threw the corpse.
With an unbelievable speed, the corpse is going straight towards the members of the JSDF. It looked as if the monster only lightly shook his arm.

Having one of their nakama thrown.
It gave rise to an instance of agitation.
One of the crew members could not avoid the throw, he got struck alongside the dead body at she shopping mall’s wall.
This crafty move made the person collapse.
I don’t know if he fainted or was dead, but probably already……

The two men with guns scream and fire.
However, the High Orc crossed his arms in front of his face and rushed through the storm of bullets.

「You’re lying….. !?」

The High Orc advance in a great manner within the storm of bullets.
It’s not working?
No, if you look closely the places where the bullets hit leave scars.
But that’s all.  Nothing fatal.

…… Hm? What?
At the moment when a bullet hit, something like blood vessels float on the body of the High Orc.
What kind of skill is that…… ?

In any case, the power of the guns that took away the life of the Orcs so casually are not getting anything out of that High Orc.
The monster is approaching the JSDF Force, and with the huge butcher knife he has in his hands, he took the heads of the two gunners.

The person who appears to be the captain is holding a knife and approaching the High Orc.
His knife is brought in an attempt to cut at the High Orc’s armpit.
But it’s only an attempt and the man’s arm got caught instead.
The person resembling the captain desperately struggles, but to no avail against the High Orc.
The gripped arm bends in a strange direction. The man’s expression is distorted in agony.
Resistance came to an end, the arm got torn apart resulting in the man’s death.

One person remaining.
The member who fell on his knee from the roar previously.
He’s looking at the scene, shaking.

The High Orc slowly approach the last standing man.
He did not even try to escape. Maybe he knows that even if he run away what await him is death.
The High Orc shook his blade.

In just a minute, the people from the JSDF. Wiped out.


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1. Anth: Does Momo have powerful eyesight too or something? Idk about the distance but it should be quite far off x).

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    • Appraisal tends to work on things in sight. The high orc wasn’t in sight, and even if they used it after they saw it, they wouldn’t have been able to outrun it.

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