Chapter 26 – Near miss

Chapter 26 – Near miss

Staring at the conclusion I was stunned.

「You’re kidding……?」

These were the only words I managed to spit out.
The JSDF who had overwhelmed the normal orcs were wiped out by the High Orc.
I can’t swallow that.

「Too strong……」

No matter how you look at it.
Even another higher ranked species like the Hobgoblin who I fought previously, the difference between the two species is like heaven and earth.
The Hobgoblin’s strength is still in a satisfactory range.
Truly what you would expect of an advanced Goblin.Thought so.

But this one, he’s not like that.

There’s clearly a wall between the normal species of Orc.
Clearly an abnormal『Strength』.
When the High Orc confirmed the member of the JSDF death, he raised a shout of victory.
Whether that voice was a signal, more Orcs came out of the mall.
They numbered eight.
More than yesterday.
Do they have even more friends?

The High Orc aims the butcher knife he held in his hand in a certain direction.
There are a few figures ahead of the tip.
They’re not the same as the people I saw earlier.
Maybe they are the other people who rushed to look at the helicopter.
They began to flee everywhere once they saw the corpses of the Orcs and the JSDF

However, the High Orc barks again.
To that signal, the other Orcs begin to run.
It’s different from me at that time. Here it doesn’t look he’s going to overlook them.
I was very lucky.
The Orcs are displaying quick movements not suiting their big bodies.
Perhaps they will catch up.It’s not hard to imagine what will happen afterwards.
I stopped watching at that point.


I’m so screwed……. What to do.
After I received my new jobs and skills, I managed to gather my strength and fought until I killed the stronger species of Goblins.

「……. Do you want to run Momo?」


Giving such suggestion, I hold Momo and go Mofumofu.
But Momo’s answer was somewhat saying it don’t care.

「Run away to a place that High Orc can’t reach.」

This would be the best to survive.
But Momo tilts its head.
What the heck?


After thinking a little, I finally found out.
『Where』do you want to get away?

Monsters are overflowing everywhere in the town.
There’s no safe place anymore already.
The fact that the skillful JSDF came to this place shows that other towns and prefectures would have monsters as well.

The worst of all, a case where our escape leads us to a 『More powerful monster』.
Like a dragon or a phoenix for example.
If it’s like this, it will eventually be a never ending succession of running away again.
There would be no end to this theater drama. Someday I’m sure I’d stumble.

「So we have to do the opposite Momo?」


Momo nods.
Momo seemed to have reached the same idea.
No, maybe it catched more on the reality than me.
Deep sigh.

「….. After all, if you find a stronger monster, you have to give it to leveling little by little.」

That’s all there is to it.
For the sake of survival.
Raising your levels by hunting monsters.
Enhance your skills.
There is no other way.

I mean, it’s what I have been doing until a while ago.
But I was irresolute, troubled of a potential injury.
Ah, I see.
Somewhere in my heart, I was still searching for『Someone who will do something』.
Then I found the JSDF helicopter and that feeling hence reached my mind at once.

「I must fix my spirit.」

I beat my cheeks.
SFX:Paan! And a satisfying sound echoes.


Okay, even if I can’t help being irresolute!
We have to work hard, raise our spirit somehow!
Taking water out of the Item box I drink it at once.

「Yosh! Let’s go Momo. We need to be stronger!」


Different than the previous time, Momo strongly nodded this time.
Let’s live! It seemed to be saying.

「For the time being, will you follow me to the home center?」

The home center is in the opposite direction to the shopping mall where there is the High Orc.
In there I should find stronger weapons.
The kitchen knife I have has become useless now.
I’m wishing for a grindstone and stocks.

There’s also a drugstore nearby.
Hospitals won’t function properly, so I want to keep all sort of medical products even if only a little.

「Let’s go, Momo?」


Okay, our next destination is the home center.
We stood up and went back from the roof.

——- And then, a little girl appeared from the shadow of the rooftop after they left.
For her small build, the little girl is carrying a very long rifle.

「…… Looks like he’s gone.」

Muttering a few words, the woman stares at the place they were a moment before.

「……. They didn’t notice in the end.」

Yes, she’s been on the rooftop for a long time.
Suddenly as she was eating lunch on the rooftop, they came; and if it wasn’t for the shadow, she thought her heart would stop.
Thanks to her 『Skills』they didn’t notice her until the end, but…..

「Although it was okay to stay a little more…..」

Then they might have noticed her.
Or rather, she thought of calling them herself repeatedly, but she gave up each time.
At all her tries, she sweated slowly, her heartbeat became intense and she felt dizzy.
Even though she can keep calm whenever she looks through the scope, why couldn’t she do the same when being face to face?
She sighed greatly.

「Speaking to an unknown person is a big hurdle nonetheless…..」

That mutter didn’t reach anyone’s ear, quietly, it disappeared into the wind.


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