HDUH – Chapter 27

Translator : Antheor
Editor : Antheor

New chapter of Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou !

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(For once the picture doesn’t reflect the chapter. Can you tell from which anime is this gif from? It’s one of my favourite)

I am in the mood of talking today, that’s why this post will be a bit longer than usual!(This chapter had refreshing parts nihihihi)

Do you know what? Today I made a big step! I actually created a contact page. And I thought of something about myself. I clearly lack oral practice.(Not this kind, I know where you are coming from.)
What does this have to do with the contact page? Well, if you are kind enough and want to lose time wisely, would you get in touch with me and have a conversation through skype? Please if you do that, don’t … laugh at my accent >.<

And as you know, I’m looking for an editor. But no one came to me regarding this. Not even a lost soul! xD

Sorry for the delay. HDUH chapters are long. And because of that, and my tiredness of yesterday, I … slept halfway.

Today I tried to be creative with my writing. I used a bit of present tense as well. So if I made any mistake, I’d be glad if you point them out! As I often do, I think that a good job was done here, but I know how bad I can do. So I’m waiting for review and tips!

And to the one who don’t like how I translate, you can translate HDUH by yourself and prove me that you can do a better job at it than me, I don’t mind. Or you can help me with the current translation (Proofread or Edit…). Help is always appreciated as well as a developed remark.

Enjoy the chapter while I enjoy tonight’s dinner!

Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 27 – Usagi-san, Usagi-san


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  1. Link not working it stuck or not loading. Cannot open with my tab. and Linkshrink work ok after waiting 5 second and continues send to you website.

  2. Recommend put picture sad puppy or anime character cry in direct link to encourage reader to click link adds so we (the reader who have no way to send money) can sapport you with click adds link 😀
    Put loli girl holding donate box in adds link to encourage us to click tht link xD hehehe.

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