Chapter 16 – Adventurer registration 2

(Book 2 Chapter 4) Chapter 16 – Adventurer registration 2

(Branch Chief)「Oups, I made a mistake!」

Branch Chief Thomas muttered

(Tetsuya)「What? You made a mistake? But it didn’t look like you did one.」

Tetsuya asked Thomas after he heard the mutter.

(Branch Chief)「I did not, but I used the wrong material for the Guild Card. For now, listen to my explanations. I’ll create another one later」

(Tetsuya)「The explanations? Which kind?」

(Branch Chief)「About the adventurers guild」

(Tetsuya)「Oh, I see.」

Thomas began describing things about the guild to Tetsuya.

(Branch Chief)「Well, first of all, concerning the guilds.The adventurers guild, akin to other guilds, are independent of the country. Because of that, we can easily refuse to answer the summons from the country. Nonetheless, it’s the same if something happens to a guild. It will simply disappear from the country.
Then, the adventurers guild’s primary job is to register and bring works for adventurers. Mainly, it’s about Monsters subjugations, Collect of materials, and escorts.
Next, I will explain the different ranks for adventurers.Adventurers’ strengths are like this:
From G to XXX, where XXX is the top.
SS, those are the so-called ultra elites. Normally, it’s the utmost limit.
On top of that should be SSS to XXX, they are “Monster” levels.
For example, ten SS ranks may not be able to win against one SSS rank.
As of now, only ten persons are ranked SSS, three X and one XX.
So far, someone XXX ranked never appeared.
When an adventurer rises in rank, the difficulty of his quests increase.If someone of G rank can help an orphanage, a dragon subjugation would be of S rank.
Because there is a lot of requests regarding monster subjugation, you can do it without taking on the quest first. You only need to bring the demon core of each defeated monster as the proof.After that, it’s possible to sell the materials of the monsters at the guild.
In the case of a request for materials, you have to sign the form made by the client and bring the goods directly to the guild.
It’s the same for the escorts’ job.
The monsters are rated as follow :
From F to XXX…… No, more likely up to something immeasurable.
More than XXX is impossible to measure.
Finally, I will explain the guild card and the facilities.
A guild card can act as an identification card. Only the owner himself can use it. On it are displayed name, age, rank and the amount of deposit. It’s also possible to view the subjugation history at the guild. It can act as another proof of quest completion. The other features will be explained a little later.
Next are the facilities. The Guild own an instrument which can measure the demons cores. It can understand the level of the monster and estimate his rate. If the expected rate is higher than the one displayed at the request, an additional reward will be added depending on the difference between the two. When you subdue a monster stronger than your own rank by a certain amount, you will be able to rise in ranks quickly. Because each demon core is different from his pairs, with his own ranks, it’s impossible to recycle one and use it to raise rapidly in ranks. Also, you can’t sell a demon core.
Then, there’s the guild bank. You can depose fund at the guild and then use your guild card to buy things. Of course, you lose some small changes.
You’re now taught the general outline. Do you have any question?」

(Tetsuya)「I don’t. By the way, can you measure this demon core?」

After Tetsuya had finished hearing Thomas’ explanations, he took the demon core of the monster 『Sun〇Sky』he killed along the way.

(Branch Chief)「This is……」

When Thomas received the demon core, although he wanted to say something, he went straight to the corner of the room and immediately installed the demon core.
After a few seconds, the result came out. And when Thomas saw it.

(Branch Chief)「Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!??」

He cried out of surprise.

Sun〇Sky Lv. 89653
Rate:Impossible to measure
Damage… … Zero
Excepted magical power saved ……985237969
demon core individual identification … … Sun〇Sky 386
Expected status
HP 580000000
MP 990000000
STR 5000000
AGI 80000000
VIT 5000000
INT 2500000

(Tetsuya)「How are they?」

Tetsuya who ignored the reaction of Thomas asked for the results. However, Thomas didn’t respond to it.

(Branch Chief)「This fellow, where did you kill it!?
But how! I never heard of something like this before!?」

And then Tetsuya answered the questions asked by Thomas.

(Tetsuya)「He is a monster from Tenjiku(Heaven), it’s a dungeon.Oh, and it’s not impossible. In fact, I met him deep inside. I think this dungeon had something like 1200 floors. I had to go through them to reach here. By the way, even one of the heroes from the capital wouldn’t be able to do it. Well, you heard the details. So what was the result?Regarding your reaction, his rank should be considerably high, right? But I didn’t have my guild card yet. Would my rank still increase accordingly? Oh, well. I got several thousands of them if you want to, you can purchase them.

(Branch Chief)「That forest? Even with cheats, it’s impossible……Come back here the day after tomorrow. I will arrange a meeting for your XXX rank」

After Thomas answered, he received an “OK” as a reply and Tetsuya went out of the room. Staying inside, he called each of the other guild branch asking for a meeting the next day. At first, Thomas thought that they wouldn’t agree to the meeting, but everything went smoothly.
The next day, with the help of an artifact, Thomas went to an Island called “Neutral Island”. Whenever a Branch Chief wants to meet with the others, it’s supervised by the guild master.

The content of the meeting will be skipped.

But as the result, the council decided that Tetsuya would become XXX rank.
The day after that, Tetsuya went to take his guild card and met with the Branch Chief. The guild card was processed from a black diamond and decorated with gold. The name and rank were carved with a blood colored diamond (crimson diamond).
Thus, although he caused a little disorder at the city’s wall, the first XXX ranked adventurer of Asura was born.ed from a black diamond and decorated with gold. The name and

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  1. I;m really over the edge with this one, the plot is just.. I’ll give it a couple of chapters more, thanks for the translation, really a good job there

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  3. Thus, although he caused a little disorder at the city’s wall, the first XXX ranked adventurer of Asura was born.ed from a black diamond and decorated with gold. The name and

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