KYNE – Chapter 17

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Antheor

The seventeenth chapter of Heroic tale of the Emperor God Hero’s《Ryokou Tan》 is out!


I’m still looking for an editor. Any help is appreciated!

If you find any mistake in my translation, please state it to me. Any tips is really appreciated :). By the way, I used 2500 different English words since two weeks ago. Tool sensei told me that it was larger than the words used by 99% of the people. I don’t know if it’s true though.

As stated in my announcement for HDUH chapter 27, my speaking skills are lacking, I would like, if some of you are interested, that you get in touch with me. My aim with this is that through Skype or something else, we can converse a little. You can easily contact me with the new contact page I added today!

Here is the result of the poll! Look like I will have to keep translating KYNE for a long time *WIDE SMILE*



Have a lovely time reading this chapter!

Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 17 – The Transcendental Deity blacksmith and the Emperor God


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