HDUH – Chapter 28

Translator : Antheor
Editor : Seele
Proofreader : Seele

New chapter of Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou !

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(Can you guess from which anime is this gif? The last one was from Zankyou no Terror, if you didn’t watch it yet, you better do! I really liked it)

Dear readers! I want all of you to welcome with all your might Seele! He kindly offered to help me by proofreading and editing the chapters! As it’s the first time we worked together, please tell us if you find any mistakes, or say if you appreciated the chapter!

And I need you guys for something else. It’s really important to me.

I’m a bit broke these days… So if you liked this chapter, could you give me as little as 0,50$? If 60 of you do that, then I will have more than enough for the next days.

Would you help me and reach this goal of 30$?

If I reach that, instead of the usual one chapter of HDUH on Monday… You’ll have three! It would truly motivate me and help me keeping my current passion toward translation.

0,50$ is less than a coffee and would makes tomorrow a beautiful day for me!


Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 28 – I love you, my master.


8 Replies to “HDUH – Chapter 28”

  1. The scene from the gif
    Tina : Yube wa tanochkatane onii-san
    Last night was fun onii-san , it was scary at a times but i’m happy i could learn many thing from you
    Heroine :i’m calling the police!!!

    Ah black bullet ….prepare some tissu if you want to watch it .

    (little did our translator know. There no falsehood in my words yet when put together those same words are nothing but lie)

  2. Quite the oposite jii~ is not a sfx for stare~ but just me being lazy at writing jibril . So technically i’m a long lived angel…ho did many bad thing in her life and still doing them even in the lastest translated chapter….still!!!! It’s an angel nothingless.( and lately the plot of angel=bad guy demon=good guy is used everywhere)

    *ahem* to prove how good willed am i ,i shall give you a big hint to this easy to slove mystery that even that stupid detective in detective conan can slove!
    “How do you deceive people ?”

  3. Black Bullet so much dying lolis…

    And that scene in last episode when heroine gone freak and killed her brother
    (She wants kill all her family)

  4. It’s the creepiest scene from Black Bullet. Although it’s a bit sad it’s still on my list of fun anime, you know those ones that don’t take things too seriously and are full of bright colours. Things like No Game No Life and the first series of 7 Deadly Sins.
    Hopefully the author of the Black Bullet LNs gets writing again so we can get a series 2.

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