Chapter 28 – I love you, my master.

Chapter 28 – I love you, my master.

Tonight, right after dinner, I was wondering what I could do.
If I want everyone to work with the Dungeon, I have to remodelate it beforehand.
What would be the more efficient? Restructuring the Dungeon? Increasing our Monster’s force?

(Yuki)「And what about the traps?」

Was something I muttered while being in my room.

(Labiris)「Traps…?You mean, for the Dungeon?」

As usual, Labiris was staying on my knees. And while she said that, she looked at my face.
She had long purple hair arranged in a twin tails style. With her alluring eyes, she was as beautiful as a doll.
Her chest was big, way bigger than Aslin’s.Without a doubt, they were the size of melons.That being the case, they were way too large.
I think that I already said it before, but her height should be somewhere around 140cm.Like everyone, I want to know her three sizes.
No, there is no additional meaning.It’s for my own sanity. (TL to ED : not sure if he speak about himself or about her, please check). (Ed: Healthy reasons XD)

(Yuki)「Because tomorrow we will all work together to improve the Dungeon, I was thinking about a few related things.I have to change them immediately.So right now, I’m thinking about what kind of new traps I want to implement.」

(Labiris)「I see, I will think about it too.」

(Yuki)「Okay, shall we think about them together?」

(Labiris)「I’m just surprised that you are thinking about more traps.」

(Yuki)「Well~, it’s necessary to protect the Dungeon.There’s various matter to take into consideration. Firstly, I need to think about our own forces and their care. Secondly, I need to think about the enemies’ behavior and how to kill them efficiently.」

(Labiris)「That’s hard…」

After a little while, the two of us thought various ideas for new traps and later copied them on paper.

(Yuki)「Oh right, Labiris can you read these characters? Aslin as well, can you do it?」

(Labiris)「No… I don’t know many characters since we don’t use them normally.」

The literacy standard of this world seemed to be far behind… It’s funny considering they are on the level of Japan’s infant literacy, I think?
Still, they remain under the current level of Earth.
Look like I’ll need to implement a school here~.
It’s a magnificient plan but I guess it will take a part of their youthful time.I wonder if I will be able to manage that smoothly?.

(Labiris)「Nee, something like this?」

(Yuki)「Oh, you thought very far already.Hey here… Did you come from a higher place Labiris?」

(Labiris)「I don’t want to speak about it…But you can believe me, I’m on your side Yuki 」

(Yuki)「I don’t mind and I don’t want to force you anyway.」


When I stroked her head, she closed her eyes and smiled widely.

(Yuki)「Listen, Labiris.Why are you trusting me so much?To be honest, I think that it’s a bit too early to pour that much trust in me.」

Regardless of what Labiris says, I plan to hold my promise toward her.
Moreover, I need to keep my other promise and protect her.

(Labiris)「But Yuki, you kept the promise you made on the first day.Moreover, I think that in the future, we won’t be treated badly anymore.」

(Yuki)「Oh, do your eyes have the power to see the truth? Or can you really read minds?」

(Labiris)「Not anyone would trust me from the bottom of his heart like you…And that condition is needed for my power to work.」

(Yuki)「That’s not very convenient, isn’t it?」

(Labiris)「…?Are you not afraid? As soon as my mother, my father and even my grandfather found that I had the power to read their minds, they disappeared from my sight…」

Ah, the typical cliché. (TL: Wikipedia )
Nasty persons don’t like to have their minds read.
It’s scary not to be able to hide anything…and for her to loose the support of the people she was close to, I can understand… but what about her parents? That, I can’t.
I think that to be listened day and night without break can be really draining for the mind though.

(Labiris)「Yes, when I was little, my parents were happy and played with me often.But now, it’s different.」

Althought even now you are still small.

(Yuki)「Sorry for asking…」

Still on my hips, she raised herself on the spot, putting all of her weight unto me.No matter how small she was, this sudden bounciness of her was truly hard to deal with.(TL to ED : not sure about the 2 past sentences)

(Yuki)「…but there’s something I want to ask. What was the real reason in Labiris becoming a slave? Might you want to say it?」

(Labiris)「I won’t tell…but I can explain my skill. Is that okay?」

(Yuki)「Well, I’ll try to guess on my own. But that doesn’t mean I will give up on your circumstances.」

After working for a moment, I stopped to think about the traps and dropped my pen.
I laid a futton for the two who were now taking a nap. (Ed to TL: their presence is as thin as air xD)

(Philia)「I slept well~」

(Labiris)「…yes, I didn’t think that the two of you would show me these kind of faces today.Thank you.」

(Yuki)「Aside from that, did you understand?That my goal isn’t to merely use Labiris and the others. It’s more profound than that」

The things I intended to hide from the begining, I will said them now.
I said them because I want them to cooperate willingly and not forcibly and I’m a bit fearful regarding this aspect.


Labiris laughed at my unusual face.

(Yuki)「What do you think? What I said was very cool, right?」

(Labiris)「Well…It was a bit cold but gentle.It was warm albeit weird.Cold but warm?」

(Yuki)「You just said that out of sympathy uh?」

(Labiris)「Though it was a bit tactless… Yuki is aware of his responsibilities. Therefore,Even if it was a bit cold, I have nothing to say about it and it won’t affect our relationship.Our bad reputation from that time can’t be washed away like that regardless of what happens here.And yet, Yuki took the time to explain to others, and to me.So what could I say, other than your words are cold but warm at the same time?」

(Yuki)「I am sincere.Labiris and the other girls, my aim is not to bind you」

(Labiris)「It’s not about what you said…Right now, even though I can’t believe it, we received so much peace and happiness from this place. And yet, you’re still feeling guilty Yuki.You can be certain, since you helped us so much, then no one who will refuse to help you.」

Labiris said that, firmly looking at me.
I mean, she literally looked at me.

(Yuki)「I wonder, how well you can read minds?.Because from now on, a mountain of problems are likely to arise from that, will it be okay?」

(Labiris)「I expected that to some extent already…Even a child like me can understand how much troubles can bring many differents tribes living in the same place.I realized that up to some extent, because I looked in your head, Yuki.Nevertheless, I know that it will definitely happen.」

(Yuki)「To be honest, I didn’t want to involve anyone. And especially, I didn’t want to involve you.Hereafter Labiris, we should have a little talk.」

To use them as pawns in order to achieve my goals… My Japanese’s heart is aching.
Until now, I could only murder to survive.
Although they died by the traps in the Dungeon, I was still the one who planned everything.
However, if I want to keep progressing, I’ll need some advantages like 「sacrifices」 to reach my goal. (Ed: sacrifice can also be read as scapegoat)

A situation where the Dungeon could get attacked will happen unfortunately.

And the one who will bear the brunt of all this is Labiris.

Everything is clear for her. She knows that I will use them for my own purposes.And if the worst thing happens, they’ll die.
For me, that arrangement is the most upsetting.

Rather, wouldn’t they be happier if they lived in peace…?
They’ll meet a lot of dangers while on the front lines. But when they don’t, they won’t have to suffer dangerous experiences.

When I was lost in my thoughts, Labiris slapped my cheek.

(Yuki)「Huh…?Why did you slap me?.What was the purpose of that skill?」

(Labiris)「Ah, indeed.Yuki, it’s fine to do as you think, I will allow it. But, as expected of your unreasonable level, you received no damage.」

I see, I don’t have enough practice yet. To the extent that a slap was needed to stop me there.

(Labiris)「No matter what, I will have you throw those thoughts away.It’s unpleasant, we are not some kind of little chicks.It’s my own will. And I want to follow you, Yuki .」

Labiris had her eyes firmly glaring at me.Don’t say this kind of things after slapping me.
I understand your thoughts and why you acted so insolently but even so.
I was doubtful… What if the girls died? And if I died?.
Rather, maybe Labiris should be the one to manage the Dungeon.

(Labiris)「Haa…I think you’re a good Dungeon master Yuki .And it isn’t just sweet talks.I think that you took us in the safest place.Unknowingly, I’m certain of it.」

What she said seemed to be possible…No, It wasn’t like that.
Labiris got off of my knees and made a beautiful bow.
She wore a Yukata, however…Because I didn’t have the time to make new underwear yet, and because everyone’s underwear were drying…

(Labiris)「You couldn’t stay serious until the end uh? Yuki…」


Was it reflected on my face?

For the second time, Labiris bowed respectfully to me. Then, she started to tell me.

(Labiris)「My dear Master…I swear that, until my last moments, through happiness, or misfortune. As your sword and as your shield ; I’ll cherish you. I’ll always be together with you. Let’s pledge together.」


Those words were told by Labiris with her most dignified voice.

(Yuki)「Hey wait there… Why do you say such suicidal words like this about yourself?」

(Labiris)「If they are suicidal words… Then Lutz and me would die together」

(Yuki)「Just now, was it your own declaration?」

(Labiris)「Of course it was MY own declaration.Because there’s no such a thing like a wedding without consent from the partner」

(Yuki)「That… Even if I would like to, I can’t deny it.」

(Labiris)「If you accept,then you may say the oath for the marriage now.」

(Yuki)「Uh, sorry…Regarding the customs of my country, you’re still a bit too young for that, we will have to wait for a little bit.And I’m still a bit hesitant.」

After I answered, Labiris showed a bored face and once again sat on my lap.

(Labiris)「The customs from your home, I hate them…There is no helping then… I’ll wait patiently.」

(Yuki)「Be soft/gentle with me.」

Thus, once again, the two of us thoughts about the traps.

ランダムでごめんよ!! あ、土日は気分がのれば四六時中更新するよ?

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