Chapter 17 – The Transcendental Deity blacksmith and the Emperor God

(Book 2 Chapter 5) Chapter 17 – The Transcendental Deity blacksmith and the Emperor God.
Tetsuya’s weapon and more………

This story comes after Tetsuya went to the city wall and Branch chief held a meeting.
It’s a story of the blacksmith god who was talking about the Emperor God Tetsuya’s smithing skill.
The story of Tetsuya’s equipment becoming even more overpowered.

〓God World, Asura〓

(God)「Well, that won’t do.This equipment is not up to date with the last methods. Still, his talent in smithing was far less than others.
Before that, it would be clearly impossible for him… But right now, he became a Transcendental Deity with absolute blacksmithing skills.
This fellow’s skill can produce a weapon at least ten times stronger than that of the actual best weapons.

Yosh, I’ll take you head on. This number one blacksmith amongst gods will show you the strongest Katana.」

After the long haired man with a stubbly beard said that he walked away from that place.

At that moment, Tetsuya.

(Tetsuya)「Something feel strange.」

Felt that something was wrong with his Katana.

(God)「H-ey. How are you doing? Why are you staring at that sword?」

Next, the man whom should have been inside the god’s world appeared in front of Tetsuya.By the way, Tetsuya was currently on the highest floor of the city’s finest hotel.

(Tetsuya)「Oh? Who are you.」

(Todoroki)「Me?I am a Transcendental Deity, the God of Blacksmithing Todoroki (The famous). I thank you for asking, Emperor God.」

The man called Todoroki answered Tetsuya. He was a Transcendental Deity like him.

(Tetsuya)「Hmm? Isn’t a Transcendental Deity something like a first pillar, very ordinary?」

(Todoroki)「Each God have a Transcendental Deity as a pillar. The former Emperor God was a Transcendental Deity of the Technology God. I became the Transcendental Deity of the blacksmith god three years ago.
Oh, were you interested why we didn’t kill the Demon King yet? Each Transcendental Deity is ranked by his strength. Likewise, the Emperor God was listed first, leaving far behind the military strategist god. Although he was the strongest Transcendental Deity. The Demon King was really close to him in term of strength. But no damage have been done yet by him. So we have no reason to attack the Demon King yet. Well, even if we had one, we couldn’t」

(Tetsuya)「I Understand. So what is your purpose, Transcendental Deity of the blacksmiths?」

Finally, Tetsuya asked the question Todoroki wanted the most to answer.

(Todoroki)「Let me reforge this Katana, because it’s dull.」

Todoroki said a shocking thing.
The sword made by the Transcendental Deity Emperor God was dull.At the very least, that’s what he said. It would have been a typical reaction of anger to detonate against Todoroki. However, Tetsuya was wise and didn’t blame him.


The little mutter was used as an answer.
Tetsuya didn’t need his remainder. He was already aware of that. This Katana was bad… Even worst than an imitation. Although it was a sharp sword with incredible sharpness, it was actually different that your regular sword.

Tetsuya told Todoroki what his thoughts were. Todoroki who heard all of it responded while laughing.

(Todoroki)「Well, even though I said that It was still his best masterpiece.
However, now that you know.
And now that I’m here.
Won’t you have it rebuild or fixed? I think no one would dare to say that a stronger blacksmith than me exist.
So please.」

Todoroki bowed and asked Tetsuya. Tetsuya listened to him until the end and asked for one condition.

(Tetsuya)「It’s all good for me, but I have one condition.」

(Todoroki)「What is it?」

(Tetsuya)「You have to make the best Katana absolutely. The length of the blade should be roughly the same, around this size. Therefore, I won’t spare any effort in our cooperation. I have plenty of materials too. Would it be alright if I accelerate the time?」

(Todoroki)「Ahh, thank you!I will do it by all means!」

Todoroki readily agreed to Tetsuya’s condition. Next, he ordered materials from Tetsuya.

(Todoroki)「Then, can I request for materials first?」

(Tetsuya)「It’s okay. What do you need?」

(Todoroki)「First of all, I need Heavenly Dragon materials from the Dragon God. Also, I need Dream Crystal, adamantium, mithril, orichalcum and scarlet colored gold. Also, I’ll need a God Crystal and God blood.Are you okay with this materials?I will also require Emperor Wisdom」

(Tetsuya)「Everything is good, but how is God Crystal made?」

(Todoroki)「You don’t know that? It’s a crystal that can only be made by Gods who can compress their divine power.」

(Tetsuya)「And the blood?」

(Todoroki)「I’ll use it after the fusion end. It’s for engraving runes.Although I say that, it’s mostly for decoration.」

(Tetsuya)「Then it’s not needed.」

(Todoroki)「I was joking! It’s really useful! I absolutely need to carve those runes! Otherwise, it would never be called the best Katana!」

(Tetsuya)「Alright, calm down!Because I have everything on me, would you like to start now?」

(Todoroki)「Bring them to my forge.Also, I will need your fire.The flame of the Emperor God.」

(Tetsuya)「I will do that.」

After that discussion, Tetsuya brought the materials and followed Todoroki until his forge.
Then, Todoroki started the preparation to make the best sword. Tetsuya used his magic to accelerate the time within the workshop.

The different steps of the production will be omitted.

Approximately one hour later, after several years inside, Tetsuya’s new sword was finally completed.

The main reason why it took so much time was because the Katana needed a long time to increase his sharpness. Meanwhile the production, Tetsuya took a nap at the hotel.

Well, regardless of the place Tetsuya was at that time, he climaxed once again to the top with his newly equipment. His dress used for battle went through the same process.

Heavenly Dream Katana. Emperor flower

With the help of materials, Emperor Wisdom, and Emperor God’s flame, the blacksmith upgraded the Godly Katana of Heaven and Dream. The blade length was now 82 cm. It was slightly curved and possessed Emperor Wisdom. Indeed what you would call a long Katana. The rune carved, similarly to Emperor Wisdom, were able to increase the power of Emperor flower through the use of magic.
As an aside, in addition to the materials stated above, were used materials from Excalibur, Durandal, and Dáinsleif. The attributes had yet to be seen. What Todoroki said as the reason was『It smell like Tetsuya. Besides, there’s romance in it.』

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
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    • As soon as Tetsuya became the Emperor God, look like everyone’s (the god) opinion changed regarding him.
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