HDUH – Chapter 39

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Antheor
Mighty helper (The one without who this chapter wouldn’t be able to go out): Tensky

Here is it, chapter 39 of HDUH!
If you read this, then you noticed the name of “Tensky” he gave me the confidence to bring this chapter and brought a few edits to the chapter. Don’t forget to thank him!
Also, please join me and pay your respect to “Shadow“, this holy friend donated a blazing amount!

Seele is having some hard earned holiday, so I’m sorry if you spot any error in this chapter, please send them to me so that I can check them promptly.

I will use this announcement to explain what happened and why the translation halted.
Long story short, I graduated, pressure from school disappeared, but workload increased at my job (They even disregarded the date I asked for my holidays). I renewed links with old friends, and I went back to meet with them on weekends.
Something like “Cooling a steam machine” happened. Every kind of motivation I had flown away and I ended up halting all of my projects. In short, I became lazy and tired.

What I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart is: I am sorry. I’ve let you down.

And so, because I can’t assume to do so many chapters per week, as my will isn’t strong enough, I will do 1 – 2 chapters per week and per novel.

I will try to do more of HDUH if I can. I will bring down the system of sponsored chapters, for now, as I’m not fast enough to answer the number of donations I received hence I’m sorry for all of you who donated thus far hoping for quicker releases.

The last thing is, I still plan to change my domain from to as I explained in a previous post.

I can’t display today’s chapter without a good picture!

Laziness overpowered me. The schedule reduced to 1-2 chapter per week and per novel. No more sponsored chapters. A new domain will replace

Access the chapter by clicking the link below :
Chapter 39 – The primary and the second Holy Woman


2 Replies to “HDUH – Chapter 39”

  1. Hi antheor, just glade you didn’t give up on the chapters!!! If you need time let us know k?? There’s nothing scarier than having one of your favorite novels stop!! Thanks for everything!!!

    • One day I’m going to make up a form and a history behind the form and see whether I can convince everyone it’s real, e.g. The raisonnet is a medieval form that was popular in Bruges, consisting of fifteen lines of teaeemrttr, with beginning instead of end rhymes.

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