Chapter 38 – The wolf girl is participating as well

Chapter 38 – The wolf girl is participating as well.

side : Tori

How do you do? It’s Tori. I intend to advance the story about the Dungeon’s management from my point of view this time. To follow with my talk, what hanged next on Yuki-san’s agenda was the making of the residents room. First, the one for Lutz-san, Ellis-san and Millie-san. Next would be us, the beastkins’s turn. The children couldn’t participate.

I wanted to thank Yuki-san, I tried to help1)the word used by the author can mean help/maid him. However, I’m not too smart and this was one of my weaks points.
My proudness was how well I was able to move my body.

(Riel)「Hey, Tori. Won’t we say anything? I was thinking, it’s baffling to not be of use to Yuki-san」

The girl from the cat tribe Riel came to consult me.
It seems, she wanted to help Yuki-san in her own way.

(Tori)「Well … But, Ellis-san and the girls shared a lot of things… Can we find any idea to share?」

(Riel)「… Even while my arms aren’t strong, I still want to use them and help. Not only to Yuki, I want to help Ellis and the others as well.

What Riel said, I understood it well. Yuki-san said that someone always had something he/she was good with. Even we could find a place where we could be useful. Furthermore, as long as we tried our best, even though we were not useful right now, we could still have our place here no matter what.
I said that, but we could still sit at the conference and share our opinions.
That’s why, because we couldn’t help at a time like this, it was frustrating.

(Riel)「Hey, Kaya, you don’t have any ideas too?」

It was Riel, she called out to Kaya who was relaxing while drinking cocoa until now.
Kaya was from the fox tribe. Unlike Riel and me, she was good at handling black magic, with her abilities, she was able to take part in wars with pride.
It was a good idea to hear an opinion from a different point of view.

(Kaya)「… No. Soon we will have our private rooms, that will settle the matter. With my poor mouth, I’m not able to intervene with their talks.

Kaya seemed to be not good at talking. She was listening to everything that was said, but she had the idea that she shouldn’t intervene.

(Riel)「Kaya, it’s not goodー. I think that a private room is a good thing but don’t you want to live with everyone? No need to get embarrassed. Especially you, Tori and Kaya since you are from beast tribes. Even if your habits are a bit different, they will understand, don’t you agree?」

(Kaya)「… I think the same. However, a private room is certainly more useful. My room, I want to decorate it with photos…. And treasures」

I understood what Riel was saying. Actually, we have spent our time together so far. No one was complaning.
But as Kaya said. The pictures gotten earlier from Yuki-san, I want to decorate my room with them.
Me and Yuki-san. Me, Tori and Riel. Me and everyone. Me and Aslin…
They were many, but it would be annoying to display them in a room with everyone.
At any rate, I had 10 photos.If someone threw them away by mistake, I would get angry and squash that person like a pulp.

(Riel)「We~ll, because we have things we want to keep and that can only be done inside a private room, should we favoritize one? The person who could come here for the first time will not be able to see what we are proud of…」

(Kaya)「… As Yuki said. For now, we can individually do some shopping and try our private rooms」

It seemed too difficult for Riel to give up the room with everyone.
Huh? Speaking of Aslin and the two children, will they sleep inside their own private room too?

(Tori)「Err, Yuki-San, I have something to tell you」

(Yuki)「Alright, do you have any good idea?」

(Tori)「No, you said that you would give us a private room, and I’m looking forward to it. Will you give one as well for Aslin and the children?」

(Yuki)「Oh, naturally. I will give one for everyone, including Aslin and the two children」

(Tori)「In that case, you won’t sleep together with Aslin and the other two anymore?」

(Yuki)「Since I have a private room as well. There is no reason to sleep together anymore right?」

After Yuki-san said that, as he turned to the other way, Aslin’s group stiffened.

(Aslin)「Th-that can’t be!! Onii-chan, you should ask us first!!」

(Philia)「Nii-sama, why would we want one!! We don’t want to be excluded, it is really sad!!」

(Labiris)「… Uh uh, Yuki you’d better pay attention at the way you speak a bit more」

Aslin and Philia began crying. They were clinging to Yuki-san.

(Yuki)「Sorry, sorry. Now, stop crying. There is nothing wrong with sleeping in a separate room. Besides, the fact that we all have our private rooms doesn’t mean you won’t be able to come to my room.

Yuki-san after saying that stroked Aslin and Philia’s head in order to calm them down.

(Tori)「We-well, I understand your point but I expect you to hear me for a minute. Like the two little girls said, I believe that it is not necessary for them to have their own private room. Until now you were together so it should remain like that」

When I talked to Yuki-san, Ellis-san came to a conclusion and she began talking.

(Ellis)「… Indeed, what Tori said is justifiable. We agreed upon the benefits of a private room but we didn’t disregard shared rooms. How about giving a private room only to those who wish for one?」

(Yuki)「Well it’s most likely Aslin’s and the two children’s plan. In addition, a place to live together must be prepared」

(Lutz)「If that’s the case, Onii-san. When we get our private rooms, should we rent them? Living together with the people you like and working for it make sense, I hope we can all be like a big family. Well, I’ve decided to completely separate my work and the family」

(Yuki)「Let’s see. I’m okay with Lutz’s method. The private rooms will be installed as a goal and we will begin with a joint room first. It’s good if you could get used to learn about the rules and life here. If someone wants to stay in the joint room, they can. But if someone decides to live in a private room, then that person will become an example for the upcoming residents」

Ellis-san and Lutz-san neatly organized my story and told it.
This meeting, I was really appreciating it. Even the opinion of someone uneducated like me was taken into account.

(Lutz)「Onii-san. To follow that idea, rather than building 300 houses for 300 people, why don’t we make a mix of joint rooms and private rooms that can accommodate up to 1000 people?」

(Yuki)「In that case, we need to be careful. A large amount of 300 people is not an easy task to manage. But in contrary, thanks to the cleaning facilities it might be easier. Tori, for sharing your opinion, thank you. You have collaborated with everyone」

Yuki-san said those words to me and patted my head.
I wasn’t a child like the three young girls but Yuki-san did it whatsoever. That couldn’t be.
Huh… It’s my ear… Kiyuuuu~n

Which reminded me, not too long ago Aslin and her two friends cried. Were they okay?
The crying voices couldn’t be heard anymore.

(Labiris)「… Aslin, Philia. If you listen to what I say, you can sleep alongside Yuki anytime」

(Aslin)「Is it true Labiris-chan!?」

(Philia)「Together with Nii-sama!!」

Oh, it was Labiris who appeased the two girls.

(Labiris)「There is a one sure hit method… And that is, you must become Yuki’s wife!! You’ll always remain together if you can give birth to Yuki’s child!!」

(Aslin)「I will!! I will marry Onii-chan!!」

(Philia)「I’ll bear the child of Nii-sama too!!」

(Labiris)「A good answer. If you have the desire to do so, you will definitely become a good wife」

Labiris chuckled after bringing this topic.
Over and over, the thought that Labiris was wicked reached me.

(Yuki)「Wait, Labiris. What are you teaching to Aslin and Philia!? They are kids who know nothing yet…」

(Aslin)「Please don’t look down on me Onii-chan!! I know how babies are made!! Oni-chan’s peepee has to 「Zukyun!2)Thrusting」 and then 「Bakyun!3)Pulling」 right?!」4)She used sounds for the description

(Philia)「Then, after Nii-sama’s peepee has done 「Zukyun!」and then 「Dokan!5)Sound for explosion, you get it」 right?!」

(Yuki)「Why do you know such things!?」

(Labiris)「… Yuki, a slave girl is usually used for that, they know it even when they’re young. Did you know? They receive training in order to not disappoint their buyers」

(Yuki)「Gya!! Why does this awful story sounds so real?」

Yuki-san’s innocent behavior seemed strange, or perhaps I should say it was beautiful.
Why would I say that? Because it was about us, slaves.

(Lutz)「Onii-san, stop wasting time. You must quickly summarize Tori’s opinion and we must decide together with everyone a plan about the housing. There’s still many things to do before Seraria-sama’s arrival in 15 days. Please don’t fail on the first stage, the construction of the buildings」

(Yuki)「Let’s see. I understand that Aslin and the other two are trying hard in order to meet their hopes. But for now we need to put that aside and get ready for the migrants ahead of their arrival」

(Yuki)「Huh? I agree with what Ellis said about Aslin ans Philia」

(Labiris)「…? It can’t be helped if you want to deny them, but are you sure? Those two are motivated, won’t they force themselves upon Yuki-san in the future?」

(Lutz)「Look, Onii-san. Leave this place for the time being and inspect the three floors. There’s at least 3 days before we have to start building and we still need to fix various things in between」

Hence Yuki-san was being pulled by Lutz and Ellis-san.
We left the room, following behind them.

(Riel)「Hooray Tori. We too were useful!!」

(Kaya)「…Amazing Tori」

(Tori)「Huh? You two came with many ideas that helped me think. Please take care of me from now on」

Well, there was still time for us to take our turns before Yuki-san reachs his goal.
Hence started the real thing.
We shall produce a happy place as Yuki-san wishes.
Do you have a strict Impression of Lulu too? There were many opinions, so here’s mine.
Both Herge and Lulu caused Millie’s distress.
Because Herge was identified as a Holy Woman it brought confusion.
The fact that the Lulu wasn’t recognized by the Holy Country Ritea brought this rioting.
Furthermore, Lulu doesn’t have any connection with the Holy Country Ritea which proved harmful.
Herge was still linked to Rochelle unlike Lulu.
That’s why a more severe demand came for Lulu.To pay the compensation.

This time it was a small achievment for Tori. But all she said was needed for their life.

As usual, thank you for reporting the errors.

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References   [ + ]

1. the word used by the author can mean help/maid
2. Thrusting
3. Pulling
4. She used sounds for the description
5. Sound for explosion, you get it

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    (Yuki)「Huh? I agree with what Ellis said about Aslin ans Philia」
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