HDUH – Chapter 72

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Tensky
Meme finder: FacelessEntity The Degenerate

Chapter 72 is out, Enjoy!

Okay, I don’t usually do this. And I don’t like it. Nevertheless, if there is a kind soul amongst you, my dear readers; and if you can afford to, can you spare a few bucks so that I can make both ends meet this month.

On another note, the pink-haired girl below is Kur.

Hey, you, psst. Yes I’m whispering to you. How about joining our sect on Discord.?



Access the chapter by clicking the link below :

Chapter 72 – Military work


7 Replies to “HDUH – Chapter 72”

    • Humm, you really think so? But then I’d need to maintain a schedule and I’m not sure I can do that while I work.

      • Schedule in Patreon? No. In Patreon for translators it is simpler. Some translators provide early access to the chapters, others not and just gather donations. Some translators oblige themselves to release X chapters per week. Others X chapters per month. And another ones release it when they can. In Patreon you decide the rules of release. Those who like them – will support you, those who don’t like them – won’t. Those who got disappointed in something might suspend or stop donations. By default all donations are withdrawn monthly (at 1st of the month) from donators according what they defined and sent to translators. If translators have early access chapters deployed on Patreon, they utilize instant pay & join mechanism, where money withdrawn from donators instantly upon pledging. It worth a try, because beside being potential source of funding it also becomes advertisement for the project.

  1. Donated a little.

    What happened? anything you don’t mind disclosing to the interwebz?

    Either ways, i’m njying HDUH. Keep up the good work!

    Also i noticed the first chapters ae … lacking in editing. Would you like someone to take a look at them? I have some time atm. Contact me on my E-Mail if your interested.

    • Thank you a lot for your donation! I’m much obliged. This month I had a huge bill for my yearly car insurance. And I didn’t expect to have another expense which brought me in the red. Yet, I usually have a few “emergency food” like pasta and rice but a week ago I was invaded by Floor mite and had to trash out almost all of it.

      It’s not that bad I guess, just missed a few meals. But it’s just that I didn’t want to ask anything from my family. So thank you again, your donation helped me a lot!

      Regarding your suggestion, I’ll contact you soon by mail because I am really interested in your proposal.

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