Chapter 72 – Military work

Chapter 72 – Military work

Side: Seraria

(Seraria)「Fuu, today is the assessment of the Dungeons. 」

I looked through the last form and applied the stamp.
The stamp was useful.
If you sign dozens of paper with hand it’s hard.
And then, I divided the documents to the appropriate place.

(Seraria)「Now, let’s eat lunch and set for the adventurer Guild? 」

(Kur)「Yes, exactly. 」

Kur was also working steadily as my subordinate.
Even now, she assisted me as a military representative of the Dungeon.

(Seraria)「Hey, Kur. 」

(Kur)「What would it be? 」

(Seraria)「From your eyes, how do you see our force? Are you getting used to this Dungeon? We’ve been here for almost two months. Somehow, no matter how much I see it lately, I feel like there’s something wrong. 」

Yes, one month passed since the defensive battle.
We had come here one month before the defense.
This past month, we had accepted many immigrants and that brought various trouble for the military patrol.
Idiots were everywhere.

(Kur)「… Let’s see. Can I be honest? 」

(Seraria)「Yes, please clearly say what you have in mind. Saying what matters is important. 」

Some of my personnel was dissatisfied, so I planned to replace them with people from my remaining unit in Rochelle.
I was conscious that I acted quite irrational so far.
Especially in the defense, no matter how higher our level was, we had still fought against about more than 10 times our number.
This was really serious.
… That’s equal to a miracle that there was no deaths in my unit regardless of the scale of this war.
But, no matter how brave they were, they were still humans.
After all, when I couldn’t see the face of my husband, or Herge, my heart was going wild;
whenever I couldn’t see Philia and Aslin within a day, I grew worried.
Well, I was also responsible for the communications with my country.
Lately it was about the matter of Ritea. According to Yuki’s and my own judgment,
If we dealt poorly with Rochelle, they would raise an uproar.
After I sent a letter to my father, he replied immediately with a schedule for a meeting.
I guess he must have been panicked. Fufufufu……
This was another story.

(Kur)「Then, let’s be honest. 」

Kur halted the time of a breath, she had a serious expression while looking at me.

(Kur)「That’s something I’m not entirely sure but…… 」

(Seraria)「…… Entirely ? 」

(Kur)「I’d like you to promote the technological level of the Dungeon so that’s the outskirts match the inside of the Dungeon. 」

I hit my head against the desk.

(Seraria)「Huh? What do you mean? 」

(Kur)「Currently, our troops work in collaboration with the police of the Dungeon. But they are all packed in the outskirt, in the village, at the entrance of the Dungeon. We are defending, right? 」

(Seraria)「Oh well, but when we develop the outside of the Dungeon, I don’t think anyone would like to come in afterward. 」

(Kur)「Yes, everyone in the unit understands. So, we made it that every soldier would have a 1 week shift as outside duties. 」

(Seraria)「Yes, I know that well. 」

(Kur)「To put it briefly, the life in the Dungeon is too convenient. To the point that it became inconvenient to live outside, making noise. 」
(Seraria)「…… They shall train. 」

(Kur)「Nevertheless, outside there is no bath. It’s the same feeling as if you washed yourself with the water drawn from a village’s well. 」

(Seraria)「… In terms of hygiene, it’s not a favorable situation? 」

(Kur)「Yes, that’s why I don’t want the distinction between the Dungeon and its outskirts to remain while it is still small in scale. In my opinion, that could easily serve as an advertisement for the Dungeon. I think people would be more than happy to go inside knowing that even more wonderful equipment awaits them. 」

(Seraria)「…… Fumu. Let’s consider it positively. Still, we can’t do it unless all the representative agrees. 」

(Kur)「Thank you for listening to my advice. I’m working in the Dungeon with Seraria-sama but I think it will already hurt me to go outside. 」
(Seraria)「Ara? You don’t want to guard outside anymore? 」

(Kur)「I shall refuse. It is so inconvenient to light a candle compared to magic light. Seraria-sama what about you, how about going outside? Yuki-sama probably wouldn’t mind it. He knows about Seraria-sama’s temperament and will say yes if you are the one asking. 」

(Seraria)「N o w a y」

Something like going outside huh.
How inconvenient would it be to return to Rochelle?

(Kur)「There’s a separate matter as well. 」

(Seraria)「There’s still something? 」

(Kur)「Yes, that’s something I can’t judge either. 」

(Seraria)「What is it about? 」

(Kur)「A part of… There is more than a quarter of our members that want to live here with their families. 」

(Seraria)「Oh, I see. 」

This Dungeon’s defense, laws, original rules, and advanced technology.
It was so sophisticated that it was unmatched in this continent.
When you have a lot of knowledge from the continent, I’m convinced you would try to bring your family here.

(Seraria)「I’ll talk about that with them. 」

(Kur)「Thank you very much. 」

Our talk lasted for a while and the clock showed 12:30.

(Seraria)「Mou, it’s already this late. Let’s eat our meal quickly and head to the Adventurer’s Guild. 」

(Kur)「That’s right. Today, our Dungeon will finally open for the adventurers. 」

(Seraria)「Wait a moment, we’re still doing trials. We’re only calling for adventurers so that we can get another impression. And we will see if there is any difference with the assessed difficulty the Adventurer Guild made. Only then we will determine the difficulty of the Dungeons. 」

(Kur)「That was rude of me. It was my first experience building a Dungeon with everyone . And while we made it only four floors, I’m still really excited. 」

(Seraria)「I don’t really understand though. 」

With these words, right after I left the office, Delille was heading here.

(Delille)「Oh, Seraria-sama. Thou art still here? Right on time, why don’t we eat together? Naturally Kur, thou shalt eat together with us」

(Kur)「Thank you very much. But Delille-sama, have you decided on what to eat today? 」

(Delille)「Oh, not yet. There is the need to decide. 」

Delille was now treated as a specialist of the military and police.
That’s only natural for a Demon King.
Her special duties allowed her to freely move between the police and the military. And she could battle whenever her judgment found something deviating from the rules and that she needed to act.
No, that was the same for all representatives.
It wasn’t only Delille. However, she had that unique position.
Of course, all the guys who complained, ended to jail after tasting the power of the Demon King.

(Seraria)「By the way, what happened to Yuki and Labiris? Are they together? 」

(Delille)「Both had a different business. They are supposed to meet at the Adventurer’s Guild. 」

(Seraria)「Business? 」

(Delille)「Yuki is at Naruja’s blacksmith dealing with connections and Labiris is doing check ups at the government building. 」

(Kur)「…… Both are busy, right. 」

(Seraria)「Don’t you want to help too, Delille? 」

(Delille)「Well, I am yearning to help Yuki. But his standard of work is nothing but headaches. 」

(Seraria)「Furthermore, his way of thinking is outside of standards. 」

(Delille)「And, let us talk about lunch. It seems that recently a sushi shop has opened? How about it? 」

(Seraria)「Eeh, that’s the shop Yuki made」

(Kur)「Is it good? 」

(Seraria)「Yes, let’s head there. 」

That way, we walked alongside Delille.

(Kur)「Ano, what is sushi? 」

Oh, Kur never ate one?
I was looking forward to her reaction.

(Seraria)「You will understand. It’s certainly your first taste. So look forward to it. 」

After that, Kur frequently came to the sushi bar. She was astonished at Yuki’s handmade product.
Afterword of the author
Yes, this was the story of Seraria’s military network.
It’s painful, inside is so convenient and outside so inconvenient ahah.
Well, work is just like that!!

Also, Kur and Delille helped Seraria in making her Dungeon.
You can somehow predict the result Ahah.


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