Chapter 71 – Representative’s workload

Chapter 71 – Representative’s workload

side: Labiris

(Labiris)「…… Haa」

I leaked a sigh.
I wasn’t tired.
Just a bit lonely.

Recently, Yuki has less time to hold me.
Yes, it decreased.
For me, it’s a life and death problem.
After the large-scale defense of the Dungeon, new refugees from Ritea arrived every week. That was very chaotic.
Because of that, everyday was busy.
The only time when I could be together with Yuki was when all my work was done.
Due to the nature of their jobs, Seraria-sama and Yuki were often together, but that was impossible for me.
Since I was the head of the Dungeon.
Good grief, I had to finish today’s work on time!!

「Hey, jou-chan1)Lady. I’m in trouble now, so give me money. 」

Somehow, a foolish man came out.
Of course I ignored him, and rushed to the next meeting place.

「Hey!! Listen to me!! How can a brat like you be a representative!!」

Guys like him, many had flown from Ritea.
Perhaps they were trying to take the leftovers from the rescue policy.

(Labiris)「… Sigh. If you have any complaints, you can do it at the next election of representatives. I’m busy so move. 」

Saying that, I left that idiot.
I had no time to talk with such a fool.
I’d be healed if I can reach Yuki even one second earlier.
That was the problem when I went out alone.
Every time, I had to make a speech to the new immigrants, so all of them already knew my face.
But whether they listened to the end is another story.

「I said to wait!! Listen, give me money!! Since you are a representative, you probably have some!!」

(Labiris)「… Now I won’t listen to your words. So quickly move somewhere else. 」

「Oh yes!? I despise kids!!」

The men raised his fist over his head, and swung down at me.
But I didn’t particularly do anything to resist.


Since I was under Guardian Appointment, I could receive no harm.
Yuki had already anticipated that the representatives would be the target of violence because of our roles, gender, and appearances.
Therefore, that matter was settled.
So once I received an attack, I offered advice.

(Labiris)「Don’t you understand? That’s extortion. Because we’ll go to a police patrol, follow me. 」

「Don’t be silly!!」

For the second time, I offered him to surrender.
Well, more likely… He fled.

(Labiris)「Yes, yes. who was trying to pick a fight? And doesn’t he understand his own place?」

That said, I caught up with the fleeing man in a matter of seconds.


(Labiris)「Always the same reaction, it’s boring. 」

That’s why, I didn’t take my sword out of its sheath when I hit.


The man who couldn’t avoid my attack, took it straight and rolled on the ground.

(Labiris)「Now, listen to me until the end. You’ll be put into forced labor. And after this, you’ll be bounded by a slave contract that will forbid you to invade the Dungeon. Because of our notice, every country would hereafter recognize you to have sinned in the Dungeon. 」

「Wa-wait hey!!」
(Labiris)「Hey, patrol. Arrest this guy quickly. He got caught in flagrante delicto2)Latin : Legal term to say that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence. 」



Recently, I watched those events in series like they were a play.
I’m delighted when I defeat a resident.
… But it’s tiring.

Well, it seemed that I wasn’t the only representative targeted. The others were regularly intercepted and blamed too.

(Vilia)「Labiris nee-chan!!」

(Hiro)「… Onee-chan. Are you okay?」

When I waved to the crowd of people, Vilia and Hiro asked me.

(Labiris)「Oh, you two. Is the school today… a day off?」


(Vilia)「How is everyone doing? You are always strangely assaulted… 」

Vilia anxiously looked at me.
They were together at school while I was at work. We only met at lunch.
I was on good term with those two.
And they seemed to get along well with Aslin and Philia.
…… Particularly this Vilia. My intuition is whispering it to me. A woman’s intuition.
Surely, she will become a good ally.

(Labiris)「… I am okay but. With the increase of people, it’s not a rare sight to witness such event. Did you two undergo such event? I mean, did anyone in the school?」

(Vilia)「Yes, the diligent Yuki-sensei has been cautious. Especially when we move around with money, one of the leaders always accompany us. 」

(Labiris)「Which reminds me, the number of students increased and so did the number of sensei’s. How are they?」

(Vilia)「They are good people. The diligent Yuki-sensei and Seraria-sama selected them. So they made a tight consideration. 」

(Hiro)「…… All good people. 」

Hiro said, laughing.
This girl, she looked a bit similar to me.

(Labiris)「It’s fine if you are okay Hiro. But if anything happens, please contact me. 」

(Hiro)「Ye-yes!! At that time I won’t hesitate to Call you!!」

(Labiris)「You don’t have to be so stiff. The call is only a simplified version, and you can contact your acquaintance when you’re in the mood. 」

Since the number of migrants had increased, only trustworthy persons of each department received a part of the Guardian Appointment and could use the limited skill Call.
It was because we judged that representatives couldn’t always be near if a problem occurred.
In addition, all the military personnel and the police could use it.
It was for crime prevention.
Since it was a simplified version, only the features of communication and video recording could be used.
It was the role of representatives to use DP and help.

(Vilia)「B-but. Because Yuki-sensei trusted me, he bestowed upon me the Guardian Appointment… That’s not something simple… 」

Vilia looked downward as she muttered, only slightly opening her mouth.
The person herself had told it to Yuki, but until now, she was a child from the slum.
I firmly thoughts, she was the kind of girl to endure for her desire.
That’s why, I, Yuki, and everyone else trusted Vilia.
Oh, I just thought of something good.

(Labiris)「… Moshi moshi3)Japanese way to say Hello when one calls with the phone, Yuki? There is a little favor I would like to ask but…… 」


(Vilia)「Are you talking with Yuki-sensei?」

The two children were puzzled.
Just a moment, please!



Oh, it was surprisingly fast.
The children were really sweet.
Both Vilia and Hiro looked surprised at the call screen.

(Labiris)「Come now, quickly. Or have you forgotten how to use it?」

(Vilia)「N-no!! Etto, let’s press this… 」


(Yuki)『Well, sorry sorry. Since we are seeing each other everyday, that’s not a circumstance where I think to Call. 』

(Vilia)「Oh, sensei!!」


(Yuki)『Yes, I can hear you. Well Vilia, now we are not at school so I’m fine with the normal way of calling. 』

(Vilia)「O,onii-sama. Is that okay? Feel free to use the Call…… 」

(Yuki)『Way to go. You can use this privilege. No, you can enjoy it. Well, calling is just a feature but by all means try to enjoy it…… 』

(Vilia)「It’s fine!! I am happy that I can talk with onii-sama at any time!!」

(Hiro)「Me too.. 」

(Yuki)『Okay okay, then please excuse me, but I’ll return to my job. Now I’m ending the Call. 』

(Vilia)「Oh, I’m sorry…… 」

(Yuki)「Please feel free to come over at any time. And since now is exactly the kind of work you’ll do in the future, you two can help me. 」
(Hiro)「… oh?」

Yuki was standing behind the children, smiling at his successful mischief.

(Labiris)「That’s right. You can get a good opinion if it’s Vilia and Hiro. 」

(Yuki)「Ah, do you think so?」

(Vilia)「Eh? Eh? What do you mean?」

(Hiro)「… Teach me anii4)Brother. 」

That way, the two were carried by Yuki and I also climbed on his shoulders.
Yes, this is the best place.
My usual place.


(Hiro)「… It’s a cuddle. 」

Today, Yuki wasn’t cuddling Aslin and Philia.

(Yuki)「I’ll explain as we walk. Well, have you already explained it to Vilia and Hiro? Things about the Adventurer District.. 」

(Vilia)「Etto, the small Dungeons aren’t built, so there almost no activity, right?」

(Labiris)「You’re right. Besides, we still only have immigrants, and the adventurers have yet to gather. But I guess, soon… 」

(Yuki)「We actually build them steadily day by day. We contacted the Adventurer Guild and started to pull adventurers from Ritea. Because of that, we actually have to do trials of the Dungeons. 」

(Vilia)「… What does this have to do with us?」

(Yuki)「Well, strictly speaking, nothing. But actually, in the Dungeon District, we heard stories about children who want to actively participate in the Dungeon. 」

(Vilia)「Definitely not!? I can’t fight a monster!?」

(Hiro)「… I don’t want to fight with Surakichi. 」

… Hiro, it’s impossible for you to beat Surakichi.
He’s the strongest monster in this Dungeon.
No, when playing with children, Surakichi didn’t lose to anyone else.
In a sense, it was only the children from the school who could defeat Surakichi.

(Yuki)「It’s fine Vilia. It’s a meeting to put together practice tests. I know you are afraid, but can you try it once? Because it’s for Children, I want to be sure that there is no risk of injury… 」

(Vilia)「Uhhh…… 」

Mou, did she need another push?

(Labiris)「Villa. If you do your best, you can stay with Yuki. 」


(Labiris)「Sounds good, Yuki?」

(Yuki)「Well, I guess. The school would be disturbed because of it but its fine. I already had the thought of bringing someone along. All good. 」

(Vilia)「I will do my best!! I will defeat all monsters necessary and capture the Dungeon!!」

(Hiro)「Yes, I’ll call Surakichi to help out. !」

(Labiris)「To call Surakichi is no good, okay?」


That’s no good, Surakichi would trample on the Dungeon…… It was hard on our mind to make one, so to make a second?
This Dungeon was like a stronghold for the children.

(Vilia)「… Stay. I will stay at onii-sama’s room……. 」

I would have never known that this was the beginning of the her new title. Adventurer princess, Vilia.
… That’s not a bad thing right?
But for some reason, I had a bad feeling.


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References   [ + ]

1. Lady
2. Latin : Legal term to say that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence
3. Japanese way to say Hello when one calls with the phone
4. Brother

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