HDUH – Chapter 81

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Tensky,  Chillnova
Quality Checker : FacelessEntity The Degenerate
Meme finder : Erotic Neko

Chapter 81 is out, Enjoy!  I have a few things to say so please read until the end. 



First and foremost, we decided to change some names after a lengthy discussion.

Roshuru ==> Rochelle.
Gai ==> Galtz
Lily ==> Lilith

Names will be changed within the previous chapters soon.

Secondly, someone with a “special mindset and character” called “Erotic Neko” from our Discord wanted his name immortalized over the Internet. And because he had been around for a long time, and is very lively, he has the privilege to chose this chapter’s picture!

Thirdly… You can look forward to chapter 83 😉 Eheh~ I like being mean sometimes.

And lastly, maybe you’ve seen it, but we’re progressively invading the footnotes with our own tsukomis. Well… Deal with it xD It’s way more fun for us this way~
Hey, you, psst. Yes I’m whispering to you. How about joining our sect on Discord.?


Access the chapter by clicking the link below :

Chapter 81 – The useless God descends once again

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