Chapter 81 – The useless God descends once again

We decided to change some names after a lengthy discussion.

Roshuru ==> Rochelle.
Gai ==> Galtz
Lily ==> Lilith

Names will be changed within the previous chapters soon.

Chapter 81 – The useless God descends once again

side : Lutz

It seems that Onii-san is finally ready for it.
Today I’ll wash my body thoroughly, no we will bath together and afterwards without delay, we will reach out to the futon…..
Oops, my head is being dyed the color of desire.
Not good, not good, there should be something else to think right now, something important.
My head is full of intimate rendezvous with Onii-san, but somehow I have to advance my thoughts.

Everyone around me seems to be saying something, but I’m thinking about developing my relationship with Onii-san, my cheeks became loose.
Let’s play it safe.
Lutz, this affection is not the only thing you wish for.
If it’s about Onii-san, because I decided to be useful for him, my body can easily be driven into lust and passion……

(Lutz)「Oh about that, Onii-san. I understand Onii-san’s intention, but why the sudden turn around this late?」

Well, why this timing?
Because he has to embrace the Princess?
No. If that’s the case, then you could put that off until you properly love us first.
Considering Onii-san’s experience, we held back and lost the initiative, so I believe there’s something else behind all this.
Of course, the reason we’re holding back, is in order to understand and embrace Onii-san’s affection.
It’s certain that Onii-san has become increasingly impatient towards embracing us.
Then why, what convinced him to endure until now? What changed?

(Yuki)「That’s true. It is a bit late. Listen to me for a bit, because it’s hard to say. It’s fine even if you dislike me because of this. 」

At Onii-san’s serious words, everyone looked up at him.
Let’s be honest.
Onii-san, it is probably impossible to dislike you.
Everyone firmly displayed it on their faces.

(Yuki)「Okay, I’m from an unprecedented race. I am a Dungeon Master. So there might be a possibility that I can’t have children, Maternity… There’s no safety that anyone of you can give birth, or even if it’s safe….. 」


Everyone’s face became frozen stiff.
I forgot that Onii-san is a Dungeon Master, he just has the same appearance as a human.
If it goes bad Onii-san’s children might become monsters, or existences closer to the original Dungeon Masters.
There are demons who like to use women, have them give birth and kill them afterwards.
In case of certain monsters, there’s even some of them who guarantee death to the mother’s body the moment it becomes pregnant.
Ah… Onii-san the truth is, you really love us.
He didn’t get defeated by his lust and thought of our safety first.
However, doesn’t this answer mean…..

(Lulu)「No, that’s not possible!! I’ll give birth to danna-sama’s1)husband child!! 」

Lulu-sama closed her ears and desperately denied his story, she frantically denied.

(Lutz)「I-it’s a l-lie!!2)Uso! This is too terrible!! Ahhhh!! ?」

I spilled tears from my eyes, my head shook, showing my unwillingness to part with my children.
Compared to the heavily disturbed Lulu-sama, we were still calm, in a way.

(Yuki)「Relax Lulu. It’s all right. Like I said it’s alright. 」

(Lulu)「Uehh, Hiku, I hate this. Hate it, why is God so cruel!! ?」

Onii-san hugged Lulu-sama to calm her down, but I was shocked to see her continue to go rampant within Onii-san’s arms.

(Seraria)「Ah……. Aaah, it’s fine dear… What’s wrong? To make a child… Is just a way to show love to another. 」

Lulu-sama had yet to settle from this but Seraria began to take back a bit of composure after hearing Onii-san’s speech and began to, albeit whilst tearing up, help calm Lulu-sama.
That’s right. Onii-san didn’t explain like this only to be cruel.
It became like this because we had expectations of how to make children beforehand.
…… As one would expect, we’re being too impatient.
I probably won’t be able to calm down without Lulu-sama settling down first.

(Yuki)「That is……. I have approximately 70 to 80% confidence. So it’s okay. Lulu, we can make children. So please stop crying, calm down. 」

(Lulu)「Hihku, egu, th-the th-truth? Can I truly make children with danna-sama?」

The light of reason finally started surfacing inside Lulu-sama’s eyes.
However, how can Onii-san be so sure we will be able to make children?
No way, it hadn’t been tested until now, so someone would have to experiment it.

(Delille)「Doth not fear everyone!! Mine body shall be the first to get pregnant!! If by any chance, this mother’s body should be damaged, or a hole should sprout from inside mine belly3)Alien :3, Mine person will manage. Let us proceed with copulating, Yuki?」

Indeed, would Delille put her Demon King’s robust body to use?
If it doesn’t go well with Delille, it would be painful, but she has the highest chance of staying safe.

(Yuki)「No no, it’s different. It’s easier than that, I don’t want to resort to that at all, there’s a much safer way. 」

「「「That is?」」」

Every girl wanted to hear Onii-san’s answer at once.

(Yuki)「I know that you are watching, get down here already you useless Goddess!! ! 」

After hearing his words, a strange voice echoed around us.

(Luna)『Haaahahahahahah!! As usual, or maybe should I say as unusual, it’s serious!!  Are you going through with it here Yuki? That’s the first time I received a question from Yuki for a very Yuki-like problem. 』

Wait a minute.
Didn’t Onii-san say Goddess?
When I thought the words through again, I was crying at Onii-san’s words, trying to decipher where the voice came from, right when a breathtaking beauty appeared in the banquet hall.

She was making a strange pose.

More specifically, she had one hand on her waist while the other one was up in the air, her index toward the sky.

(Luna)「God advent!! 」

(Yuki)「Get lost4) or disappear!! 」

To the woman who suddenly appeared, Onii-san without asking any question, sent her into the pitfall near the doorstep.
Yeah, somehow I feel like it’s fine.

(Luna)「Wait, WAIT!! Is there somethinngg wronnggg withh youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?」


We heard such a sound.
But a hand instantly came out of the pit, and the woman crawled out of it.
Are, didn’t she just hit the bottom!?

(Luna)「Seriously, I haven’t contacted you in so long and now after a long awaited reunion, what I’m receiving is this!? 」

(Yuki)「Noisy5)Urusai. This is the most critical part for my future family planning. Then, your answer?」

(Luna)「There is no problem. I had said it from the beginning that you would adjust. At any rate it’s a different worl… 」

(Yuki)「The situation hasn’t been revealed to that extent. 」

(Luna)「Ara, you made it this far but haven’t talked about anything yet?」

(Yuki)「If I was to talk about it now, it would bring unnecessary mayhem. For the time being, I just asked you a simple question, not to call for a meeting. Please, don’t say any more than necessary. 」

E-eto, I don’t know who is this girl, but I know she is way outside the norm.
I’m seeing Onii-san disliking a talk for the first time.
Perhaps this woman is troublesome, maybe even bad.
While I was thinking that way, she turned around……

(Luna)「Oh really? Well, in such a short time you’ve turned this place into an harem, that’s not good. Hey, you hentai!! 」

(Yuki)「You’re so noisy!! Answer me clearly. Is there a problem or is there not!?」

(Luna)「Ehh, Yuki wants to make children with the women here and now he is asking me for my seal of approval as warranty. Children will be born normally when there’s sex!! 」

(Yuki)「Heyy!! Choose your words a bit more!?」

After that, silence dominated this place.

(Seraria)「E-eto. I don’t know who you are. But I’m glad after hearing those words from you. But dear, this means of warranty is…… 」

Seraria spoke those words as fast as she could.
She’s exactly right. I couldn’t help but worry knowing this person was the one giving the warrant.

(Lutz)「Excuse me. Onii-san, can you tell us who is this person is for the time being?」

(Yuki)「Ah, that’s hard to say, but….. 」

(Luna)「Luna!! Goddess!! Moreover, your senior6)Chill: waifu!!!! 」

…… Oh, of course.
Should I take her to the hospital? Can she even be helped?

Anyway, after finally getting back on our feet, Onii-san looks like he just facepalmed.

(Luna)「Nee nee7)Nee is a sort of kawaii hey, why is the reaction so weak?」

(Yuki)「No, but suddenly someone before our eyes proclaimed themselves 「Goddess!!」 Someone who believes in such a line would be even more outrageous. 」

Sorry, but Onii-san’s right.

(Luna)「But, Yuki that’s no good right? You know about it and aren’t they your wives? So you diligently persuade them. 」

(Yuki)「It’s impossible. Even if I could prove you to be a useless goddess, I would absolutely not introduce you as a goddess. 」

(Luna)「Shameless as usual. In this situation you can’t even understand the worth of me coming to my world….. 」8)Not sure : こっちの世界で揉まれて少しは私のありがたみがわかったと Chill: Tsudere: Tsun tsun tsuuuuun!! pretty sure it says that

(Lutz)「Wait a minute, did you summon the reigning Goddess of this world?」

(Luna)「Yup, it’s as easy as that. Ah, I see. If I use one of my tricks, those children will trust that I am a God, won’t they?9) Not sure: そいつらに一発芸とか私がさせればこの子達も私が神だと信用するわよね?Chill: I’m amending a minor point of causality

(Yuki)「Stop it now.10)Chill: your not going to start a war or anything are you? Useless God. If you do that, you will lose absolutely all credibility in the future.」

It is quite something to make a Goddess resort to trickery, but hearing that from her frightened me…..

(Luna)「Then, I guess I should call a known God, who do I call? There’s so many in this world11)Chill: Wheels within wheels, my boy. 」

(Yuki)「There should be Lilith from my wife’s country huh? I heard that she is the god they worship in her country and that she appears every so often, also my wife has been acknowledged as her Saint, in said country. 」

(Luna)「Ah, then let’s call for Lilith as a test. That’s a good thing, if it’s a goddess you’re already acquainted with, when she appears, then you won’t be able to call her a fake, right?」

(Yuki)「You don’t understand huh. So be it, let’s hope Lilith really is a god then. 」

(Luna)「Of course. And even so there’s measures to see if it’s a fake. Well, let’s call her. 」

My ears felt something strange.
It’s somehow like hearing the carefree summoning of a God……
For Herge-sama who had received Lilith’s protection and Lulu-sama’s who bears the same story, both of their face where puffed. I can’t tell if they are angry.
Thinking about it, that would certainly be the kind of joke you shouldn’t make.

(Luna)「Now, come forth Lilith12)Chill: I choose you!!! 」

When Luna put out her hands, a light fell on the stage and became the shape of a person.
The form also resembles a woman.
Is it Lilith’s shape?
I had never seen the real thing, so I couldn’t make a judgment, but considering the behavior from that self-proclaimed goddess, it should be fake.
Thinking about this, I took a glance at Herge-sama and Lulu-sama. They now looked like statues after seeing the new guest……

(Lulu)「Ah, Ah, Ah…… 」

(Herge)「U-so …… 13)Uso means Lie

Both of them were dumbfounded to the point that their mouths became agape.

(Lilith)「What is it Luna-sama. I am kinda busy, though?」

(Luna)「What are you talking about. There’s Yuki-like sort of achievements going on here and yet you act like that. But I’m aware you know? That you’ve been peeking at Yuki lately?」

(Lilith)「Uuh then it was exposed, I understand. Then I have no choice. I was wondering what Lulu-sama had in mind when she traveled over to someone. 」

(Luna)「Well that might be. But for the meantime, let’s make something funny. We will raise the atmosphere in this place. 」

(Lilith)「Ehh, but I’m not able to do anything in this form you know?」

(Luna)「Of course not! Now get over here with your body aswell!!14)Not sure 私とはいかないまでもそれなりの体つきなんだから脱げばよし! ! 」

(Lilith)「Nooo it’s too powerful!! 」

Finally digesting what was happening, Herge-sama and Lulu-sama were coming back to life.
No, they suddenly began moving at the fastest speed.

(Lulu & Herge)「「What are you doing to Lilith!! 」」

…… Apparently, this Lilith-sama is the real thing.
In other words, that self-proclaimed Goddess should be real too.
I understand the reason why Onii-san wanted to postpone her so much.
Especially in this case, considering Lilith-sama is from a foreign country, I have no doubts that Ritea would start a war. 15)I’m lost at this sentence こんなの事、他国やましてやリリーシュ様を祭っているリテアでやれば戦争間違いなしです。Chill: Probably: You dragged our goddess around like a dog (god spelled backwards :3), now DIE!!

Afterword of the author
No matter how you look at this, she is an useless Goddess!! !
But, there was no way to prove that she was actually a Goddess.
That’s the reason why Yuki hesitated the most.
In a little while, the stability of each country.


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1. husband
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3. Alien :3
4. or disappear
5. Urusai
6. Chill: waifu!!
7. Nee is a sort of kawaii hey
8. Not sure : こっちの世界で揉まれて少しは私のありがたみがわかったと Chill: Tsudere: Tsun tsun tsuuuuun!! pretty sure it says that
9. Not sure: そいつらに一発芸とか私がさせればこの子達も私が神だと信用するわよね?Chill: I’m amending a minor point of causality
10. Chill: your not going to start a war or anything are you?
11. Chill: Wheels within wheels, my boy
12. Chill: I choose you!
13. Uso means Lie
14. Not sure 私とはいかないまでもそれなりの体つきなんだから脱げばよし!
15. I’m lost at this sentence こんなの事、他国やましてやリリーシュ様を祭っているリテアでやれば戦争間違いなしです。Chill: Probably: You dragged our goddess around like a dog (god spelled backwards :3), now DIE!!

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    So… THAT was why he held back so much!?

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