Chapter 135 – Hero waifu enters the scene

Chapter 135 – Hero waifu enters the scene1)Anth: I’m very sorry but I had to, actual title would be: The hero wife awakens.

NSFW: Picture of Leia
Side: Yuki

Haa, I feel dizzy.
I would have never thought that Leia would come for me. That she would rush at me like that.
Although my vitality had been strengthened, I didn’t have the mental fortitude to suddenly do it at work2)they were working normally when she made a surprise move without taking mental damage.
Leia seemed to not care about where we were at all, after the third round the damage was becoming too heavy to bear.

I already decided that I wouldn’t appear on the stage.
If my footprints remained later in this world it’d be the fault of that bad boy harem. 3)Chill: wut wut in de but?? Tensky: He’s decided that he will others bear the public front while he remains hidden as a backstage support, Anth: No he’s saying that he tries to remain hidden but that with his wives it’ll be hard lol
No, if I were to write back to Japan about my current situation then it’s certain I would arouse sympathy in others4)Chill: nono, not sympathy. riajuu bakuhatsu!.
But it’s not Earth here so even if I talk about my home planet it’d just be fantasizing here.


A pair of twin gray tails were brushing against my chest.
We are still wearing clothes because we couldn’t get completely naked here.
Leia looking cute thanks to her resting on me, which was quickly maximized5)her looking cute as she looked up at me.

(Yuki)「Are you feeling ok now Leia?」

(Leia)「It feels as if Yuki-san is still inside me.」

(Yuki)「……Ah. Well, it can’t be helped. Do you have any pain, can you move?」

(Leia)「I’m so happy that I can’t move.」

….. This is useless.

(Yuki)「Let me tell you something quickly.」


Leia immediately focused her eyes at me when I told her that I had something to say.

(Yuki)「As you know, we are going to do some pretty dangerous things and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. If you’re with me, then you will also inevitably get involved in it. Is that okay with you?」
(Leia)「No matter the path you take, wherever you go, or whatever may happen, I will be your sword and shield and I will stand by you.」

Even if I know that it was unneeded, I couldn’t help but feel that this was a decision that neither she nor I could make lightly.
But for me that is something I already committed myself to. Simply leaving the future to others is something that can’t be allowed.
Everything would remain the same.

(Yuki)「Thank you. Since that is the case Leia, if you ever grow tired of me, you should leave me quickly. No questions asked. And should I die, please don’t worry and find your next happiness.」

(Leia)「 I don’t want to. I will stay with you until the end. All of your wives share the same opinion.」

(Yuki)「Please cut it out, everyone has the same opinion?」

(Leia)「That much is obvious. You are a hero-sama after all.」


(Leia)「Yes, you lead people, you save people, and you bring peace. Yuki-san is exactly what a hero-sama is.」

I was surprised to see Leia’s confidence, her eyes shining steadfast with certainty when she spoke.
I’m a hero huh? What would I think myself to be? The world strongest convenience store? Nah, impossible.

Then I remembered something6)Chill: that one title he got: Hero’s Hero.
It’s nonsense that I was a hero but someone must have seen me as one, or else Luna couldn’t have pranked me.

Anyway, her awakening condition was to do ecchi things, if she failed to awaken then her power would reach critical mass and explode.

Wow, I was swept away by her momentum and neglected changing location, but if I made a mistake then the explosion would have been here, in the middle of the city.
Slightly strange though is that I can’t sense any benefits of being a hero in Leia7)Meaning he doesn’t feel that her status has made any changes. What does that mean?

(Leia)「Well, did I say something strange?」

She looked at me, her face seemed to be about to cry from my silence.

(Yuki)「You are wrong, I have not become a hero.」

(Leia)「There’s no such thing!!」

(Yuki)「I appreciate the feeling Leia, but I’m an husband before being a hero.」

(Leia)「Y-es. Yuki-san is our husband.」

We cuddled for a while when suddenly Steve came in.

(Steve)「Excuse me, general. The paperwork for the military preparation…..」


(Yuki)「What’s the matter Steve?」

Recently Steve had become able to speak the human language normally.
I miss the time when I was speaking in Gobu, it had a strange charm to it.
And just like that, Steve dropped the papers on the floor and charged out of the room in a mad dash.

(Steve)「I am not jealous!! General is just a fooolllllllll!8)taishou no baka yarooooooooooo! !」

No, you are jealous.
Maybe I should call a female goblin for him.
Is that it? If you want a female goblin you just have to ask you know?
After that, the Goblins could be heard chatting in the corridor.

(Goblin 1)「Wait, isn’t that general Steve?」

(Goblin 2)「In any case, he’s just jealous of general Yuki’s wives again.」

(Steve)「I’m not interested in women so much, let’s go eat.」

(Goblin 3)「Let’s.」

What, I’m sorry. Steve.

(Leia)「Do you have work to do now?」

(Yuki)「Yes, I did something bad to Steve. Maybe next time I should introduce him to a friendly woman?」

(Leia)「Don’t do that, I’m sure she’ll vomit blood.」


Leia didn’t seem to understand much. Steve is one of the oldest member of the Dungeon. He’s been here even longer than Seraria. So you would expect some results.
Still, if there was no advance in his story with women despite his best efforts, then it would be a disastrous defeat.
Well, there is the racial wall, but Goblins were now widely accepted as fellow inhabitants of Weed. It’s not rare to see them eating with other people.
But Steve couldn’t even manage that.
I heard the story from some other guys, but it seemed rather exaggerated.
If that’s true, then what Leia said only added more salt to his wounds.


(Leia)「Is this the end of the day?」

(Yuki)「Yes, let’s go home?」


After that, Seraria found Steve submerged in melancholia. He got judged for his mistake of skipping work and almost got squeezed to death, but they got back to training in the end.
Somehow, it’s a rare talent that you can keep up with Seraria. Don’t you agree Steve?

(Leia)「What are we doing for dinner today?」

(Yuki)「Let me think~ It might be a gratin or something like that.」


(Yuki)「Ah, you put cream sauce at the base and cheese at the top. They make the base ingredients.」

(Leia)「Haaaa, it sounds like a great dish.」

Although I tasted it many times, I realized that even the good cuisine of this continent is from before the sixteenth century of earth.
Why did I choose the sixteenth century? That’s because it was just before french cuisine started flourishing.
Before that, well it’s not like good things didn’t exist, but they were never gathered and distributed form their native rural areas because of a lack of preservation methods.
It was an era of endless wars. The hundred-year war had just ended, was it around the thirteenth century?9) Anyways, culture was only just regaining it’s bearing.
Spices have existed since around the first century, but it has always been reserved as objects for the nobility, it was ever so rarely shared with the masses.

And even after the war ended it took a long time.
In other words, the average person of this continent can’t afford spices, they’re simply too expensive.
Salt was just about obtainable. In some places pepper is called a black jewel.
And speaking of meals, for most people it’s nothing besides a fact of life, nourishment….. Just burn the food to sterilize it and eat it.
Local cuisine does exist, but it remains local, hardly shared to other places.
The food itself just doesn’t last long enough.
That’s why, the food we are going to be regularly treating Leia to is a complete unknown for her.

(Yuki)「From now on please eat all the delicious things you want.」


Leia said back to me and smiled.
Yes, her smile is also good.

(Leia)「But I have to learn how to make it. Maybe I can try making some dishes from the village I’m from as well? I know It’s not that delicious, but it might help as inspiration.」

(Yuki)「I’m looking forward to eating your creations. Let me tell you a good thing.」

(Leia)「Good thing?」

(Yuki)「Leia let me guess, you’ve never used spices, am I right?」

(Leia)「Yes, it’s too expensive.」

(Yuki)「But from now on, you can use as many spices as you like. Therefore, try making village dishes as delicious as possible. Everyone else makes their own local cuisine.」

(Leia)「That’s amazing!!」

Yes, since Weed has so many races we hold events regularly and there are some cooking shops selling local food. We promote it as a good method of cultural exchange.
There’s a lot of people however that are not picky about what they eat or taste.
It’s the spices that harmonize everything well.
Because of that, there are a lot of people who visit each other to eat their food and compliment them, there’s also a lot of shops where you can go to enjoy a meal and do the same.
This was part of Weed’s policy too.
You should invade through the belly!10)Anth: Luffy anyone? ! There’s no sin in a meal!!
Then, the people from outside came to eat too. Money rained. Money increased. Uhauha.

(Leia)「Ah, we’re already at the inn.」

(Yuki)「Even if you don’t use a ring, you will be there in a flash if you talk on the way.」

(Leia)「Because talking is so much fun. Everyone, we have returned.」

「「「Welcome home.」」」

We were greeted by everyone at the entrance for some reason.
Ah, I get it.
I wonder if it’s because of them that Leia took her action.
I knew it by intuition, furthemore everyone talked to Leia straight away, completely ignoring me.

「Looks like it worked.」

(Leia)「Yes, thank you all a lot!!」

「Congratulations. From today onward you’re a wife just like us.」

And so on and so forth, I wondered why my wives were getting along so well.
I was glad as long as there was no problem.
Before long, Labiris climbed on took her usual place on my back. She was looking at Leia the whole time.

(Labiris)「Did you do it?」

(Yuki)「Yes. Leia is quite aggressive.」

(Labiris)「Oh, so that’s why Leia looks so happy.」

Once Labiris finished her climbing, we moved to the kitchen.
All the girls were talking to Leia, there was no need to force anything.

(Leia)「Well, I did what I did but there is no signs of any change.」

(Seraria)「Ara? Did you not get the benefits of a hero?」

(Ellis)「I think that you need to ask Lilith directly, she must be in the vicinity.」

(Labiris)「Oh well. I’ll call her. By the way, what is on the menu today?」

(Yuki)「It’s gratin.」

When I said that, I brought the image to my mind and Labiris looked at it with a brief touch of my memory.

(Labiris)「Fumufumu, it looks like it’s not a difficult dish so far.」

(Yuki)「It’s a matter of the ingredients and the sauce used. As always Labiris it’s very helpful to have you around; you’re a great help.」

(Labiris)「Because I’m your wife Yuki, it’s only natural.」

Because Labiris can see the images of my memory, she was able to serve as a substitute for me and the display of her skills when she cooked the dishes would put anyone to shame too.
She’s a beautiful young girl with big breast that I don’t deserve.

「Do you know that praising me will only make the night more intense?」

Labiris was happily hanging over my head.

(Yuki)「Then, shall we start the hard work?」
(Labiris)「Let’s do our best.」
(Aslin)「Ah, this way. Leia onee-chan.」
(Philia)「Ok. I will help with the cooking too.」
(Leia)「Excuse me. I’m going to have a conversation with everyone.」
(Shera)「Kirue, what are you making today?」
(Kirue)「I heard from Yuki-sama that we will have gratin today.」

That way, we gathered all our cooking partners.
During that time, the kitchen became very lively.

(Lutz)「Puwah, there’s nothing more to add, gratin is great.」

(Millie)「Eh, have you tasted the gratin before Lutz?」

(Lutz)「I usually put gratin as a part of our frozen food catalog in the store.」

(Millie)「Uwa, I didn’t know.」

(Lutz)「Fuhfuhfuh, I’m well informed about the delicacies from onii-san’s world.」

(Millie)「You have to tell me. Secrets like this isn’t allowed.」

After their meal was over and they finished their part of the gratin, Lutz and Millie had a strange fight.

(Lilith)「Fuwa~, it was a feast. It’s delicious~. Shall I try to make this in the church?」

(Leia)「Then I’ll help you priestess-sama.」

(Lilith)「Thank you. Leia-chan.」

Leia was talking with Lilith who was called by Labiris a bit earlier.
Lilith had become a priest in the Church of Weed, her name is so cheap that it worked.
Lilith was doing the same job as a priest in the village where Leia was living, Leia also seemed to recognize her so she’s happy with the meeting.
Well, that priestess made Leia a hero.

(Lilith)「That’s good, Leia-chan.」


(Lilith)「He’s a good person, don’t you think?」

(Leia)「H-he is.」

Leia replied to Lilith with a bright smile.

(Lilith)「Yuki-san is your partner.」

(Leia)「Eh, how do you know that?」

(Lilith)「Fufufu, that’s because….., Leia is my hero.」

(Leia) 「Come again?」

As always she casually dropped her remark like a bomb, but you know, she’s a goddess right?

(Lilith)「Take a look at your status.」


Unable to say anything, Leia’s expression froze as she explored her status.

(Leia)「Eh, eh!? The hero of love? The protection of Lilith-sama!?」

(Lilith)「Yes, I’m actually that Lilith. I came down to this plane in order to look for a person that could become a hero. That person is you, Leia-chan.」

(Leia)「Yo-you are talking about me? Not Yuki-san?」

(Lilith)「Yes, he is a lot more amazing than that. I wonder if Leia-chan understands that?」

(Leia)「I understand!! B-but me, a hero…..」

(Lilith)「It’s all right. Everyone here knows that already. And because you are a hero, no, because you are Leia-chan. You have become a necessary shield to protect him.」

(Leia)「What on earth is going on…..」

Leia was getting more and more confused.
For the time being, I calmed her with my ultimate move, an especially sensual hug.


(Yuki)「Calm down and listen. This is a talk about the hero Leia and the future.」

(Leia)「…… No.」

While everyone slowly came to gather around us, I continued to explain the story to Leia.
How when we met her, she had the skill of a hero but it was unawakened.
That, according to Lilith’s explanation, she could literally explode if things were done poorly.
And that it was to prevent an unforeseen unwanted awakening.
Then how I had done it for Weed.

(Leia)「Puh, that’s a lie.」

When I explained to her, Leia unable to endure it laughed.


(Leia)「From the beginning Yuki-san, you are telling me that it was for the sake of Weed. If that was true, why would you hug me now?」

(Yuki)「It is…… That’s because I don’t want Leia to feel betrayed and leave…..」

(Leia)「That’s also a lie. Aren’t I hugging you back very tightly?」 11)Anth: Not sure if she talks about him or her here. Face: she’s saying she’s holding onto him tightly to show she doesn’t intend to leave him I believe.

(Yuki)「Mu, muu」

(Leia)「Well, I understand. This is why the wives were worried. No, I’m one of your wives now too. That’s why I will protect you from the people who try to take advantage of your kindness.」

Leia was telling me that but honestly, I was a bit confused here.
I was trying to ascertain her feelings but her eyes, full of joy, were reflecting another emotion.

(Leia)「I love you dearly, from the bottom of my heart. And I have no doubt about your love. The power of a hero which dwells in this body is all for you.」

Everyone was either laughing or smiling at Leia’s declaration.
It seemed that only I could not understand.

(Seraria)「A maiden’s heart is both complex and simple.」

That was what Seraria told me at the end.

No, I still didn’t understand what it meant.

That’s how today, the hero wife Leia was born.
Afterword of the author
A detailed explanation of Leia’s hero skills will be displayed tomorrow.
Leia is a very strong child.
I keep pushing and pushing and pushing through my writing.


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References   [ + ]

1. Anth: I’m very sorry but I had to, actual title would be: The hero wife awakens.
2. they were working normally when she made a surprise move
3. Chill: wut wut in de but?? Tensky: He’s decided that he will others bear the public front while he remains hidden as a backstage support, Anth: No he’s saying that he tries to remain hidden but that with his wives it’ll be hard lol
4. Chill: nono, not sympathy. riajuu bakuhatsu!
5. her looking cute
6. Chill: that one title he got: Hero’s Hero
7. Meaning he doesn’t feel that her status has made any changes
8. taishou no baka yarooooooooooo!
10. Anth: Luffy anyone?
11. Anth: Not sure if she talks about him or her here. Face: she’s saying she’s holding onto him tightly to show she doesn’t intend to leave him I believe.

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