Chapter 134 – Peeping

Chapter 134 – Peeping

Side: Labiris

There’s a lot of things to do and on top of that we just received an emergency call.
As per Yuki’s suggestion, all the work was passed on to the respective subordinates and now we have gathered at the designed location.
The women’s conference room.
One of the rooms over at the inn1)Tensky: I am uncertain is this the Japanese style inn or one of the normal ones for adventurers. Face:following the rest of the line it’s most likely the Japanese style one. has been specifically dedicated to the wives. If it was a normal situation, everyone besides Yuki’s wives, even Yuki himself, would be prohibited from entering, but an emergency situations calls for emergency measures.
Yuki has prepared the room for us.

(Lutz)「So, what’s the matter? And you know that everything said here is private, right?」

(Ellis)「What’s going on Seraria? Seeing everyone gathering like this makes the situation look urgent.」

Their opinion seems to be similar to mine. Ellis turned her eyes at Lutz and asked Seraria.
It seems that everyone here has the same doubts and is waiting for Seraria to explain why we are meeting up.

(Ellis)「Huh? Wait Leia, you are supposed to be attending Yuki-san and remaining with him right? So why are you here?」

(Riel)「Ahh— you are neglecting your duties!!」

Ellis noticed that the person next to her is Leia. And Riel jumped the gun.

(Seraria)「Don’t be like that, she’s doing her duties admirably. There’s no reason to be angry.」

(Lulu)「Ah, in that case I wonder if this emergency meeting is about Leia?」

(Seraria)「That’s exactly right Lulu. We have gathered here to discuss about Leia’s future.」

After we heard Seraria’s words, our line of sight all turned to Leia.
Ah, I get it. So that’s why we’re using this room.
Seriously, that Yuki.

(Leia)「He-hey, wives-sama!! I ww-would like you to ac-cept m-me as his concubine.」

Leia was stumbling with her words, with a shy and cute expression that has an impressive gap to her usual self. It made everyone speechless.

(Seraria)「Allow me to explain. Due to various horrible experiences and the resulting trauma, this girl here wasn’t able to hear any names when we met her. But she appears to have gotten over it and can hear them again. So I thought I appropriate to gather you all so that you can introduce yourselves.」

(Kaya)「….. So that’s how it is. Leia has worked hard. I’m Kaya, I would be happy to welcome you.」

Kaya’s reply came immediately.
She was the most worried about Leia.
After that, we all took turns to introduce ourselves.

「Leia, I’ll be counting on you. Name’s Ellis.」

「My name is Lutz. Please make sure onii-san is well protected as his wife.」

「I’m Tori. We will leave the protection of Yuki to you.」

「Riel here. Let’s do our best together.」

「My name is Aslin! !」

「Mine’s Philia! !」

「….. My name is Labiris. 」

「I go by the name of Lulu. Let us support our husband together.」

「Shera is my name. We have to do our best as his wives.」

「I’m Shera-sama’s maid, Kirue. I will be counting on you.」

「Interesting spirit thou hast to achieve such a condition. This one is hailed as Delille.」

Once we are done, Leia who was wondering about something slightly inclined her head to the side.

(Leia)「Excuse me, I heard that there was someone called Millie?」

(Ellis)「Ahh, she is working the farthest and is also very busy lately. That must be why she’s late I suppose? 」

(Seraria)「Maybe I can help you understand who she is. Millie is the person who went to pick you at the inn. She is the representative of the Adventurers district and busies herself with all kinds of guild things. Also, if she decides to accept you as well then that would be case closed.」

(Leia)「I see.」

During the explanation given by Lutz and Ellis, we hear a light creaking noise. It’s the door opening.

(Millie)「Sorry sorry. I’m late.」

In term of chest size among his wives we have: Lulu > Ellis > Me. After us comes Millie.
After Millie comes Leia2)Chill: Labiris one sidedly decided to declare the order of priorities.

(Ellis)「Oh my, you finally came. Just now, Leia was telling us that she wants to be one of his concubines.」

(Seraria)「We already gave our consent. Millie is the only one left.」

(Millie)「Seriously!? I’m so glad. Take good care of Yuki please Leia. He is a really important person.」


Millie was giggling as she took Leia’s hand, glad and relieved that we had found Yuki’s new escort.
Understandable because Millie depends on him the most among us — Or is it me?

(Leia)「Excuse me, I have a request for Millie-san, if you could hear me out…..」

(Millie)「Of course, what is it that you would like to ask?」

Millie tilted her head to the side urging Leia to continue, but Leia only managed to stagger, her mouth opened and closed a few times, unable to say anything.
Seraria who hadn’t spoken in a while took over with a big smile.

(Seraria)「I’ll make it quick. Today is Millie’s turn to monopolize Yuki. Leia wants to mix with you.」

(Millie)「Oh, I see. I’m okay with that. But, let me ask. Isn’t this the first time for you Leia?」

(Leia)「I-it is.」

(Millie)「Ah not good, that would make you start with group play3)For those interested, here is the term Japanese term, 複数プレイ. Google this only if you are considered an adult by the law of your country.. That would be a bit extreme. I know, you can go in my stead. What? Don’t look at me like that, I’m fine with it. Think of it as my welcome gift to you. And besides, it will surprise Yuki nicely and make him happy.」

(Seraria)「Good for you Leia.」

Yes, I think this development will be interesting. We can’t miss this!

(Leia)「Huh, whaaat?」

(Seraria)「This is a first for Millie to give in so completely. Do your best.」

(Leia)「Ho-w, yes!! I will do my best!!」

Her answer made everyone happy.
We all share a solid bond.

(Riel)「Speaking of which Leia, could you tell us what make you fall in love with Yuki-san? For me, I like Yuki-san’s normal atmosphere, and how gentle he made this place. You see, my hair? It’s a strange blend of black and white right? Yuki-san said that the colors mesh well and that they are cute. But the fact is, in the village I was always alone because of this hair. That’s the main reason why I’m so-very-much-overwhelmingly-overjoyed to have met with the normal, caring Yuki.」

Heeee, so that’s how Riel had fallen in love with Yuki? She never told us before.
I agree, that is Yuki-like. This is a good place to talk about your inner thoughts without any fear of discrimination.

(Leia)「E-eto. There’s nothing in particular like that. My love for him just appeared whilst we were moving around doing jobs, completely normal and there’s nothing to talk about really…..」

(Riel)「Eh? Then why did you fall in love?」

(Seraria)「Fufu. Riel, Leia did in fact say the same thing as you. My husband’s natural kindness is all there is to it. She says he looks like a hero-sama.」

The words coming from Seraria startled us all to the point where we almost fainted.

(Riel)「A hero-sama? Yes, that’s true. You could definitely call Yuki as a hero-sama.」

To Riel, it came out of the left field. She was wondering how she never saw him as a hero before.
Leia’s words are considerably on point.
Yes, Yuki is kind to everyone, saves a lot of people, and works hard even though there would be other alternatives.
I wonder what kind of face he would make after he was called a hero from a genuine hero.

(Leia)「Yes, that’s right!! To I who is a slave, he taught me how to carry myself with dignity, work politely, but above all he cares for me with a tender kindness. He may not lead a hero party, have a legendary skill or a legendary weapon but he is certainly a hero! !4)Face:when she learns he’s probably strong enough to fight the gods lmaoooo

With that it’s approved. Leia is worthy to be Yuki’s wife. She’s an amazing kid to have noticed the qualities of Yuki.

(Millie)「Speaking of which, you haven’t confessed to Yuki yet, have you?」
(Leia)「…… No.」

All of a sudden, Millie asked Leia about how far her relationship with Yuki had advanced.

(Millie)「Ahh, that’s bad. Yuki-san actually likes Leia, but it’s part of his personality to be careful around these topics.」

(Seraria)「…… That’s right. We’re talking about Yuki here. If you sneak up in his bedroom at night today, but do it poorly, he’d probably worry instead of putting his hands on you.」

(Leia)「Ah! ?」

That’s a possibility, yes.
Yuki is kind and gentle and there is also the fact that he must make her love him by force.
Well, since she could explode, I think that it cannot be helped that Yuki is so careful.
The thoughts were shared by all of us, some had their eyes lost dimly in the distance.

(Seraria)「Well well, then let’s do it by force! !」

You can’t do that. Yuki would definitely age by a lot. No, well he has eternal youth, so his body won’t age either way I guess.

(Ellis)「I don’t think it is a bad hand to play but let’s keep it as a last resort. Leia’s first time should be special after all … Maybe.」

(Millie)「Yeah yeah, Ellis. We know that you have strange desires to do strange things with Yuki-san.」

Ellis is the most outrageous among the wives when it comes to adventurous sex5)Ecchi: エッチ .
Yuki is able to hold up fairly well though. He always ends up fainting though.

(Ellis)「In any case, I think it would be best if you go straight to him and confess at night.」

(Lutz)「Let’s see. Onii-san isn’t that block-headed that he won’t be able to take the hand of someone when they are upfront like that.」

(Millie)「…… That’s right. Then how do we get it to a confession?」

(Leia)「W, well. I’m counting on you, thank you! !」

「「「Leave it to us」」」

You are loved so much Yuki.
This is a bit funny though. Sorry.

(Yuki)『Oh, Leia. Have you finished your training with Seraria?』
(Leia)『Y-yes. Yuki-san.』

(Yuki)『Oh, it’s the first time you called me by my name. I didn’t want to ask you to forcefully, so I’m glad you came around on your own.』


Arara, just calling Yuki’s name turned her face a whole other shade of red.
On a side note, the wives are peeping right now.
As for me, I could not possibly let such interesting things pass.

(Yuki)『Then, I’d like you to separate these documents. I have to go visit each department.』


They just work for a while after that.
It seems she’s able to do her job properly, there were no problems with that either.

(Millie)「Come on, Leia. You need to tell him while you two are spending time together alone. If you go outside you will have less chances to tell him.」

Millie gave direction through the call.

(Leia)『Well… Yuki-san! !』

(Yuki)『Yes, Is something the matter?』

Good luck Leia.
After their brief exchange, she moved quickly. Getting in front of Yuki in nothing but an instant.
Then her lips tightened.
Yes it’s perfect.

『Hum! ?』

Yuki too was surprised.

(Leia)『I love you! ! Please make me your concubine, I have already received permission from your wives so it’s ok! !』

(Yuki)『…… O, okay.』

Fufufu, he wasn’t be able to keep up at all.

(Ellis)「This seems okay.」
(Millie)「Yes, Yuki-san will be able to take care of the rest.」

(Lutz)「It’s not right to look into it any more.」

After the peeping party got shut down, I promptly cut the call. The last picture displayed was the blooming smile of Leia that looked like a fresh flower.

After that, when Yuki and Leia came back to the inn, Yuki was looking tired and pale. As for Leia? She was all shiny.

…. Ara, did you do it right then and there?
Afterword of the author
Awakening of the hero!!
Yuki was eaten.


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References   [ + ]

1. Tensky: I am uncertain is this the Japanese style inn or one of the normal ones for adventurers. Face:following the rest of the line it’s most likely the Japanese style one.
2. Chill: Labiris one sidedly decided to declare the order of priorities
3. For those interested, here is the term Japanese term, 複数プレイ. Google this only if you are considered an adult by the law of your country.
4. Face:when she learns he’s probably strong enough to fight the gods lmaoooo
5. Ecchi: エッチ

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