Chapter 17 – Is it NDK in various ways?

Chapter 17 – Is it NDK in various ways?

Side : Seraria ・ Nou ・ Rochelle

I never thought that I would stand on the stage and play a part of this drama. Although I don’t like taking part in a farce, when it was for Herge, I had no problem.
Because She is my beloved little sister. Before my eyes, I watched the three monitors.
On the first one, I could see that damned old man. On the second one, I could see the soldiers. And on the third one…

(Messenger) 『Loire-Sama!! It’s an emergency!! Let’s return to the castle!! The King and the Princess were assassinated!! The castle is in total chaos right now !!』
(Loire) 『Wha..what!? The King…!? And the Princess…!? I understand, I will bring back the soldiers immediately!! I am sorry messenger, can you return to the castle immediately and arrange for my return?』
(Messenger) 『Please depart immediately. I may leave now.』

Yeah, this one standing outside the Dungeon is Loire.
Yuki sent specially arranged protected small animals to scout him… How cunning.
It made me realize how strong he was. In a completely different way than myself.
His plan was to show off everything happening outside to the soldiers inside.

[content_protector password=”CAPTCHA”]After Loire sent the messenger back, and without knowing anything about the plan, he started to chuckle to himself.

(Soldier X) 『Loire-Sama, now Rochelle is almost in your possession.』
(Loire) 『Uhue, The Holy country Ritea only wanted to remove Princess Herge. It was nothing artistic, but thanks to cooperating whit them, I obtained huge benefits!! A reward in the form of a country!!』
(Soldier X) 『However, what to do with the soldiers remaining inside the Dungeon?』
(Loire) 『You can ignore it, they will die as it is. Even if they ally themselves with Princess Herge of the Dungeon, It doesn’t matter any more. If they impudently come to the Royal Capital, they will be captured and executed.』
(Soldier X) 『What about the foolish soldier, charmed by the Dungeon Master, remaining at the entrance?』
(Loire) 『What, you don’t understand either?! Even if she ally herself with him, she can’t reach the Capital.』
(Soldier X) 『Huu, what do you mean?』
(Loire) 『Fufufu, it’s an enjoyment for later. The good news reached right on schedule.We will be busy in the next future, all the remaining people inside the Capital missed the King’s assassination, none of them can escape. And at that time, with great sacrifice, This Loire will return after courageously conquering the Dungeon in the name of the King!!』
(Soldier X) 『Is seems, you already planned to abandon the soldiers. With this, Loire-Sama’s reward will be guaranteed once you return.』
(Loire) 『It’s as you said !! Everything was a part of my plan!!』

So foolish, I didn’t think he would reveal himself so openly. It’s only because of the place that he talked with this dignified manner.
Also, because the remaining 500 soldiers were definitely loyal to Loire.

(Yuki) 「… King Rochelle, what kind of feeling do you have now?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)『To be honest…』
(Yuki)「Well, try to hold it mentally until Seraria return. Everything will be up to her and Herge.」

Yuki said that while looking at Herge and Me.
We nodded back to him.
Now was the time to start the real thing.

(Herge)「Did you hear that, Soldiers of Rochelle?! This is the truth!! You guys have only been dancing between the palm of Loire since the beginning!! I will not sermon you for what you did before… Rather, I wish to express my gratitude for your loyalty! I and Seraria Nou Rochelle…」
(Seraria) 「This Herge Rau Rochelle, If you believe in her words, then raise your sword !!]」

The soldiers were silent on the other side of the monitor. But one soldier advanced, sword hung up. It was Kur, the direct commander of my army.

(Kur)『I pledged my loyalty to Rochelle and Seraria!!』


The soldiers raised their voices loudly, along with their swords.

(Seraria) 「Kur, let’s head straight for the castle and take Loire’s head.」
(Kur) 『Yes !! I abide!!』

When Herge and I reached the soldiers, the head of the Royal Guards, Aries Lester, gave his sword to Kur and knelt before us.

(Seraria) 「Kur, what’s the meaning?」
(Kur) 「Ah, Captain Aries is asking for punishment. He wants to repent for the matter with Loire.」
(Seraria) 「Aries…」
(Aries) 「I am ready to receive any punishment you may end up thinking. As I am technically responsible for the death of your Father and Elder Sister whom I had to protect. I won’t mind even if you behead me in this place.」
(Seraria) 「That won’t do.」
(Aries) 「Why…」
(Seraria) 「You heard Loire’s speech earlier. My father and my Elder Sister… The king and the Princess might be dead. Nonetheless, the country is still here!! So why is your reason to wield that sword ?! Was it only for the sake of the King !?」
(Aries) 「That’s…」
(Seraria) 「Protecting the Country and the King are all for the sake of our people. If you still have this feeling, take up your sword once more Aries, for the people!!」
(Aries) 「Yaa! This sword. It’s an honor to wield my sword for the Princess and the People !!」

*Sigh*, I somehow succeed and overcame it. I’m not good with speeches, unlike my *CENSURED* old man.
(TL : Feel free to replace it “クソ”-“Kuso”. Fufufuffu)

(Mauve)『Eheh, as expected she only lives in the battlefield. She’s cool nonetheless.』
(Aria)『Ohh, to think that Seraria already grew this much!!』
(Sixth King of Rochelle)『Fufufu, why don’t we let her become the King instead of this one?』

Krr, Even if it was an emergency, to hear them like this is.. Annoying!!

side : Aria ・Ral・Rochelle

(TL : Since the side changed, The bracket 「」 and 『』 changed altogether.)

(Sixth King of Rochelle)「Look like it’s our turn to act now.」
(Aria)「Yes, Father.」

As we received the usual report about the advance of Seraria’s Army, we heard another interesting report.
The only thing left was to deal with Loire. But we received a suggestion. That Loire might find an excuse and escape if he learnt about the assassination, so we too measures.

(Sixth King of Rochelle)「This one never thought he would have to fake his death.」
(Aria)「Nonetheless, I believe it is a good plan. If we can capture Loire, we will remove the root of the evil. If he does not confess, we can execute him with all the 」

A soldier came while I was speaking and started to report.

(Soldier Y) 「Minister Loire has been seen!! We are done with our arrangements according to the plan. However, if the King doesn’t personally pretend to be the corpse, I’m afraid that…」

With an expression that looked really worried, the soldier reported everything to my Father.

(Sixth King of Rochelle)「Don’t worry, Even if this one is already this old, this one is still able to wield his sword. This one is more than enough to deal with Loire!! Can you see this makeup? Doesn’t this one look alike to a dead person?」
(Soldier Y)「Ah, hai!! It’s an honorable dead face!!」
(Aria)「Fufu fu… It seems that your dead face is excellent, right father?」
(Soldier Y)「I apologize for my rudeness!! 」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)「Hun, Aria will wear the same thing. Therefore, we will be acting as dead people. The remaining part is up to you.」
(Soldier Y)「Ha!! You can leave it to me!!」

Having said that, he immediately started to move and left the room. This soldier will definitely become something big in the future because he remained calm regarding our jokes.

(Sixth King of Rochelle)「But to sleep together… When was the last time we did it?」
(Aria)「Humm, probably because Father became busy since a really long time.」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)「Somehow, we have to thank Yuki for his plan.」
(Aria)「You are right.」

We could hear footsteps coming from the hallway. The door was opened without reserve.

(Loire)「King!! Princess Aria!!」
(Loire’s follower)「Please calm down!! Minister Loire!!」
(Loire)「Heeee!! Calm down?!A lie… The King, in such a way…」

Loire shrieked, heading toward us.
Although I couldn’t see because my eyes were closed, How on heart was he able to display such a disgusting face toward us.

(Loire)「Leave… I want to have one last talk with the King. So, leave…」
(Loire’s follower)「Please, don’t openly do anything rash…」

After that, Loire’s follower disappeared. As soon as he would reach a place further away, he’ll get caught.
Silence wrapped the room, and after a for a short while, we heard a bitter laugh.

(Loire) 「Kuku…If it’s not the Mighty King? Everything went as planned after all. With this, the contract held with Holy Country Ritea is completed. The fake Herge died, and all the other members of royalty from Rochelle died as well. Even if Seraria and Herge return, they would not be able to do anything now. I wish a peaceful life for all of you in Heaven!!」

It was not necessary to explain any further to his retainers when he revealed everything like this.
I wanted to see the faces made by the elders waiting inside the next room.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「Fuu…. Is this one looking too old to deal with someone like you, Loire?」
(Loire) 「What? Ki..King!?」

When I opened my eyes, father was already wielding his favorite sword.

It took only five seconds and one of Loire’s arm fell on top of the carpet.
(TL : I got a challenge for you, if anyone can come with a better translation : ボトリと絨毯にロワールの腕が落ちます。 Especially with this really confusing part : ボトリと)

(Loire)「Uggiyyyaaaa!! Wh…Why!?」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)「This one got no reason to explain. Quick, someone brings him out!! Otherwise, He will die without treatment!」

Like this, Loire was brought away.

(Aria)「I was not able to take my turn.」
I said so and got up.

(Sixth King of Rochelle)「You should rather worry about what will happen next, a big hurdle is coming.」

At the same time, my father said this, the door was, once again, opened.
The same soldier from a short while ago rushed inside, displaying an ugly face.

(Soldier Y) 「I have an urgent matter to confer!! One of Loire’s underling was within the army Seraria-Sama persuaded!!」
(Sixth King of Rochelle)「Hmmm, it was obvious. What makes you so desperate?」
(Soldier Y) 「That, during the march of Seraria-sama’s army, he drew is sword toward Herge-Sama. Although Seraria-Sama didn’t meet any problem…」

(Soldier Y) 「He, Herge-Sama got pierced by the sword… and died!!」

This death was the concluding touch.[/content_protector]

Author’s word :
The storm of the report of omitted or wrong characters are as impressive as ever and I am really sorry.
But thanks to you, I can keep writing with ease.
Please keep on reporting column, characters, pasting errors and more…
I write this story as a hobby. But for everyone’s cooperation until there, thank you.

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