Chapter 18 – The plan is a success.

Chapter 18 : My plan is a success.
side : Lulu

I was waiting for the other girls inside the Castle. We planned to meet for the first time here.

And she reached the capital… while holding someone’s corpse.

(Lulu) 「Seraria-sama!!」
(Seraria) 「Lulua!! Excellent!! Please help Herge immediately!!」

Therefore, Seraria-Sama brought in the fake Herge-Sama as scheduled.

(Lulu) 「Seraria-sama please wait!! She is the cause of everything done by the Holy Country Ritea!! if I’m careless…!!」

「She is a friend of both me and Herge!! We can’t help her anymore!!」

Kur-San stared at me and displayed a mortifying face. It’s a natural act that even I can understand. Despite that, I lowered my head and displayed a bitter face, as if I chewed onto an insect.

(Kur) 「Please, please…!! To Herge-Sama!!」

The voice seems as if it was squeezed out, but I cannot answer their expectation. Because Herge-Sama must pass away at a public location . However, it’s not like I won’t be doing anything. I could loose my job here, or even worst, my head.

(Lulu) 「With full power!! Extra Heal!!」

The healing’s light spread with Princess Herge, who was covered in blood, as the center.

(Kur) 「How, how can that be!! Is this the power of Ritea`s saint!?」

Kur-San voiced his surprise. That was natural, I had purposely widened the range of the spell as much as possible, in other words…

(Passerby #1) 「Ooh!! The pain inside my body is lessening!!」
(Passerby #2) 「Hah!! My child’s fever went down!!
(Passerby #3) 「My waist doesn’t hurt anymore!?」

Not only the peoples from the army, the whole Capital was within the range of my spell.

(Seraria) 「L,Lulu!? Reduce the output immediately!! It is dangerous for you!!」

Seraria-Sama noticed the changes around us and tried to stop me.

(Lulu) 「N, No, Herge-Sama is like a younger sister for me too… I will never give!!」

Like that I used every ounce of magic power I had to hold my spell for the longest time I could…

(Lulu) 「Ah.」

Thus, I fell unconscious.
side : Rochelle the sixth

Even if it was an act, seeing my daughter’s corpse….
Doesn’t this one need to throw some tears as a performance? This one’s face was already ragged with tears. Sobsob
(Noble #1) 「Majesty!! According to Loire, this was the work of the Holy Country Ritea!! Herge-Sama was considered as a sacrifice to retain their national policy!!」
(Noble #2) 「 That’s right!! Contact Galtz and Ritea right now… No Ritea must be destroyed!!」
(Noble #3) 「Do not utter such stupidity!! Galtz country will unite with Ritea and attack the country!! We must not be careless!!」
(Noble #2) 「 We are on the right side!! How what Herge did can be regarded as a crime!! Since when you can’t save people!! We can’t remain silent, National Policy?!What allow them to decide for others?!」
(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「Calm down!! That won’t solve anything!! The damage dealt will remain in the long term, that’s why this one can’t do a poor job. This one want to save as many people as he could!! Do you understand!?」
(Noble #2) 「Then what do you expect!! Do you want to act as if we didn’t know what the Holy Country Ritea did!! Absurd!!」
This one was dumbfounded in front of the tempest caused by the act.

It was natural for the elders to act like that after knowing that Ritea was acting behind the scenes.
Hereafter, the future interactions may expand the war further.
Because this time, the Holy Country Ritea did not want to enter in a state of war, They played the card of the assassination.
In short, the other side dit not want to put a hand into war. In other word, by doing this, they would not need to start a war.
To be honest, as long as Herge was safe, This one want to end things gently. However, most of the Ministers who learnt about Herge death wanted to invade Ritea.

This one was able to stop them with his roar. Nonetheless, everything might collapse from the inside soon.

Therefore, I will make another move. A move in order to stop this scene.

(Seraria) 「Father, excuse me for interrupting the meeting!!」

That last move came right on time.

(Noble #1) 「Seraria-Sama…」
(Noble #2) 「 Princess Seraria…」

Their voices became small, it was natural. When asked who held the most grievance about Herge`s death, everyone’s answer inside the country will be Seraria.

When she entered the meeting’s room, Seraria purposely displayed a blubbered face.

(Lulu) 「Her story, Would you hear it?」

Lulu was the one who asked this, she appeared behind her.

(Noble #1) 「 Bastard! How dare you appear in this place!!」
(Noble #2) 「Se..Seraria-Sama, why!! She is Herge-Sama enemy!!」
(Seraria) 「Calm down everyone. This Holy Woman, Lulu-Dono, had a good relationship with Herge. This time, she really wanted to save Herge, disregarding the dangers, she used a powerful magic that even cured the injuries of everyone around as a result. You have no reason to suspect here now.」

The ministers got discouraged in answer to the talk. Some ministers had been affected by the spell after all.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「She have information regarding the current situation. Will everyone hear Lulu’s story?」
(Noble#1) 「If It’s your word, my King…」
(Noble #2) 「We understand…」

So, I winked to Lulu-Dono.
Really… It was a complete farce. Nonetheless, the damage would be spread even more if we did not do this.

Even if the holy kingdom of Ritea is responsible, we couldn’t meet them now face to face and say that they was the one responsible.

Then what do we do? This was the Dungeon Master’s answer.

(Yuki)『If you want to place the responsibility, why don’t you place it where it should be? For example, on the Demon King?』

(TL : Added to divide the voice in his “Thoughts” and the next part of the meeting)

(Lulu) 「This riot. It was the Demon King shameful plan.」
(Noble #1) 「What? Did you think that such a ridiculous joke will work!!」
(Noble #2) 「That’s right!! You should say the truth!! Know some shame!!」

They showed their disapproval at Lulu-Dono, however a helping hand rescued her.

(Seraria) 「Stop this!! If it was really a conspiracy from the Holy country Ritea, then, why would the Holy Woman Lulu come here alone!!!」
(Noble #1) 「Tha, that’s …」

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「Lulu came here incognito because she planned to teach Herge a new skill!! If Ritea planned something here, why would they sent her Holiness to this place!!」
(Noble #1) 「Certainly… Benefits can’t be found here for Lulu-dono right now…」
(Seraria) 「It is as father said. If Lulua didn’t come this time, a struggle would break between the three countries Ritea , Rochelle and Galtz. Moreover, it would deeply reduce their national powers. I, in the words of the Holy Woman… No, in the words of my friend Lulu, I believe!!」

Seraria stared at me with firm eyes. You should keep your crying face a little more… You displayed too much courage here.

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「Is it good now?? There was no need for Lulu-Dono to come here, to tell the truth and no need in coming here to lie.」
(Seraria) 「Lulu shed tears of grief when Herge died…if she tried to deceive me by acting, I will personally behead her.」

A painful silence covered the whole meeting room for a while.

(Noble #1) 「Fumu…, I think that I will believe in Seraria’s and Lulu-dono’s story. Even though it was for Herge, she also helped many people…」
(Noble #2) 「I don’t have any objections either…」

When one of the ministers gave his approval, they all started to agree until finally, they all had agreed. The plan was almost done.

(Noble #1) 「Afterwards, there is the relation with Galtz. 」
(Noble #2) 「Although this matter was planned by the demon lord, it was the greediness of Loire which caused the march on Galtz , that’s why…」

(TL : Added to display a Time shift)

Afterwards we will meet with Galtz Country in order to discuss cease-fire and compensation.
It was a splendid move to have Lulu-Dono come here. The meeting advanced almost according to the plan. Thereafter, Rochelle will not have to continue this meaningless struggle any more.
To the one ruling over a country, war should always be the last resort. AAlthough the event caused Herge to be unable to appear in public, I supposed that it was already a good luck she didn’t die.

The one who suffered the most this time was probably the demon lord who had not done anything.
After all, the three Countries will rally against him, even though he hadn’t done anything. If this story is accepted, Ritea will probably be happy to participate in the alliance.

Although I don’t know what Galtz will do, they will probably also decide to participate.

Since we were talking about an alliance in order to defeat the demon lord, it will probably bear the name “demon lord subjugation alliance”.
From now on, I will probably have to focus on the internal affairs for a while…

(Sixth King of Rochelle) 「How does the dungeon master plan to move from now on?」

Although I heard his policy, I cant see at all which direction the Dungeon was heading towards.

Author’s word :
The storm of report of omitted or wrong characters are as impressive as ever and I am really sorry.
But thanks to you, I can keep writing with ease.
Please keep on reporting column, characters, pasting errors and more…
I write this story as a hobby. But for everyone’s cooperation until there, thank you.

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