Chapter 30 – To use the uselessness of futility

Chapter 30 – To use the uselessness of futility

Finally is Herge’s turn to shine!!
Tough I didn’t say this before she is my favorite character!!
Don’t you think she is the most humane of the characters, and now she needs to grow up!!
To use the uselessness of futility

Side : Herge . Rau . Rochelle

On the other side of the screen, Lulu-sama who was following the slime got hit by an arrow.
And Yuki-san made a crappy signboard…1)Seele: She is referring to the signpost Yuki made when he fought the army
(Herge)「Lulu-sama!?..Yuki-san why did you write that?!. Because of you, Lulu became injuried!!」

I raised my voice to criticize the foolish thing done by Yuki-san.
By the way, they reached the place where the Royal Guards of Rochelle had to play the game 【From here on please enter only with six persons】.


Yuki-san sighed at my reaction.

(Herge)「Why aren’t you doing anything!?. Rather than that, why don’t you rescue her!!」

That is what I, complained about it.

(Labiris)「… Herge really, you never consider anything.The meaningless thing Yuki seems to be doing is in fact useful.」

From my side, I heard the sound of a cute voice.
It was Labiris who said that. She was currently acting as Philia’s and Aslin’s onee-san because this matter was probably too boring for those two.

(Lutz)「Indeed, Herge-sama is an honest Lady~. It probably was an easy thing to do. Well, the one over there should be your follower, I think?」

Oriel when sawing my helpless face stepped forward and asked Yuki-san in my stead.

(Oriel)「Was it with the purpose to know Lulu’s true intentions that you let her become wounded?」


When she said these worlds, Oriel’s anger toward Yuki-san increased even more.
Why would he do that?.

(Yuki)「No, this are two different things. Well, because Herge seems unable to understand, I will explain shortly.」

Yuki-San stared at my place.
I felt tremendous pressure but I didn’t shrinked and remained straight.
Because what I said wasn’t wrong.

(Yuki)「Herge, the only reason you should become angry is because of that signboard.」

(Herge)「What do yo mean!!. Why should I get angry about that!!」

(Yuki)「It wasn’t my objective to say something like don’t aim for my friend. The main objective of that signboard is to confuse the enemies. Herge, now do you see how dull is your judgment?. Instead of trying to find a reason to get angry at me. Why don’t you head toward Lulu and help her?」


I couldn’t refute what Yuki-san said.
I should go and rescue Lulu instead of questioning Yuki-san.
We shouldn’t argue here.
Immediately, I halted the conversation. I was ready to jump out but Oriel stopped me.

(Oriel)「Please calm down, otherwise you’ll get in the way of Yuki!!」

Oriel raised an unsual and severe voice to ask me to stop.

(Lutz)「…Onii-san. Herge is too straightforward isn’t she?. Mou, why don’t you simply tell us already.」

(Herge)「Why, I was only going out to help?」

Saying that, I shrugged my shoulders.
In the meantime, Lulu was advancing with serious steps inside the Dungeon. We could see blood flowing out of her back.

(Herge)「We can’t spare time talking!!. Her pursuers are already inside the Dungeon!!」

There was still quite the distance before Lulu could reach this deep.
A painful to see blood mark was left at the entrance of the Dungeon.

(Knight A)『What’s with that sign?』

(Knight B)『Something like this is at the level of the second Princess Seraria!!』

(Knight C)『Lulu escaped inside but look, it’s a mark of blood. She’s injured, it will be easy to catch her up.』

(Knight B)『What should we do?. How many people should we leave outside the Dungeon?』

(Knight A)『According to Seraria, the monsters and traps inside this Dungeon have stopped. However, no one had draw a map yet.』

(Knight C)『Even if Lulu is bleeding, it will be troublesome to follow her inside this maze.』

We could hear their conversation.

(Herge)「Hu-…hurry we need to save Lulu-sama!!」

(Labiris)「…You’re really stupid huh?. The enemies’ actions are fully readable now. Thanks to the injury received by Lulu…」

As Labiris said that. She was looking at the screen.

(Knight A)『We should kill her quickly before she goes to far. Outside two guards should be enough. You and you stay. The rest of us, will charge towards Lulu at full speed!!』

(Knight Mob)『Yes!!』

Like that, the person who seemed to be the captain took the lead and they charged inside the Dungeon.

(Lutz)「Herge-Sama, is as see~. Onii-san succeded with Lulu’s injury, now most of the enemy force is entering the Dungeon. I don’t think the signboard had any deeper meaning than what it says. But isn’t it a good way to completely lead them wherever we want them to go~. With that, we were able to see the opponents foolish actions and behavior and now, were able to find the best strategy against them. This time the sign was used to provoke the other party reaction. Well~, the only one who would put a stupid sign like that at the entrance of his own Dungeon is Onii-san only~」

The female of the same tribe as Oriel said that.

(Labiris)「… Therefore Yuki, since they already barged inside the Dungeon. How do you plan to deal with them?」

(Yuki)「Who knows how I will do it. Honestly, that will be difficult. And I will say it now. By playing as you said Herge, I will be able to gather more information. You said that it was a waste but it’s only your own judgement. When one thinks of a method that isn’t wasteful, it’s better than a method that is wasteful.」

Even though you did that to capture the opponent.
To injure Lulu-sama was wrong…

(Yuki)「… It’s bad. If we help Lulu then this Dungeon will have problems with the ones who want her dead, the ones from Ritea. To be frank, I don’t care if Lulu dies here. Then, she would disappear and so would our worries about Ritea. If Lulu dies here, we would have plenty of ways to negotiate from that. If we do that or if we help her. Actually I don’t care whether we choose one way or another.」

How could you spit those heartless words?
That you don’t care if Lulu-sama dies!?

(Herge)「How can you…!!」

(Millie)「Be silent!!. You useless Holy Woman!!. Since the beginning, the only thing you have been doing is complain!!. You insulted Yuki-san… The person that has taken good care of us!!. You got lost within your feelings without even thinking!!. You are so selflish!!」

Throught the room, the yell of the person whom I took away her happiness echoed, Millie’s angry voice…

(Lutz)「… Honestly~, I can’t bear to hear you~.Herge-sama, you may be an important woman Or was it a Holy Woman?. However, even if Onii-san doesn’t respond to your verbal abuses, did you think that we would do the same?」 2)Seele: 1st Mistress to the rescue!

(Labiris)「… That’s right. Besides, Yuki didn’t intend to leave Lulu-sama since the beginning. Weren’t 5 arrows fired?. Why would only 2 of them hit?.It’s strange but I think that the speed of the arrows decreased a bit. I can just think of it as Yuki’s doing.」 3)Seele: Legal wife to the rescue!

The two people stared at me with eyes filled with contempt.
Like before, Oriel who wanted to protect me appeared before me…

(Oriel)「The three of you, your anger is justified. However, Lulu is like an older sister for Herge-sama and Seraria-sama. Can you take that in consideration this time?」

She bowed deeply.

(Lutz)「…Haa~. Now I know your circumstances. However, please think a little more before you start talking. Honestly, if we had to choose between Lulu-sama and Onii-san, we will obviously not betray him.」

(Labiris)「… You only use Yuki to vent your anger.」

(Millie)「…Initially, it’s the fault of the Holy Woman if Lulu-sama is chased.」

Millie-san’s words made sense. They struck my head.
…That’s it. Now that the Holy Woman Lulu-sama got expelled from her country, and the fact that I called myself a Holy Woman, she probably went through quite a bit of hardships. Thinking about that, something started to swell inside my stomach.

(Herge)「…Gueh」4)Seele:…Really Author-sama, this is your favorite character?

I spat on the floor, drenching the tatami.

(Yuki)「Well~, Lulu is already here. If you can’t afford to heal her with your magic, I can call a goblin to do that in your stead. Herge, what do you want to do?. Keep spewing your remains and leave the healing to me?. Or cure Lulu by yourself?」

When I raised my face, I saw that the pale Lulu was watching me.

(Lulu)「…Herge-sama…. It’s not your fault…. Ritea, I couldn’t manage…I only wanted to stop them… So it was natural」


(Lulu)「…!? Herge-Sama… I know what you are trying to do… It was my mistake… So…」

Lulu’s face distorted when she said that.

(Yuki)「I will count up to five, in that time you have to heal her. You heard me so do it now.」

(Herge)「Huh!!. Even if Yuki-san isn’t the one who tells me that… I will do it!!. Lilith-sama, I will rely on your healing recovery!!. Extra heal!!」

Immediately, the arrows got removed. It was the highest recovery magic I could do.
Colors started to return in Lulu-sama’s face.

(Lulu)「…Herge-sama. Thank you very much. I can even lift my arm now. I am proud of you. So please, stop making a face like that. Never doubt yourself. You are the one who saved my life right now Herge-sama.」

I felt like the one who was saved, was me. The words of Lulu-sama made tears overflow from my eyes.
Aslin and Philia were happy when they heard her voice of gratitude.

(Yuki)「Well, this scene wasn’t bad. Can you tell us about your pursuers?」

(Lulu)「How is it going!?. Are they still chasing me!?」

In order to understand, Lulu-sama was staring at Yuki-san’s face.

(Yuki)「The 10 people who invaded fell inside a pitfall, Good bye. The two people at the entrance were successfully dealt with. Slime 02 and 03 made a diversion and slime 04 and 05 made a surprise attack like Mauve and the others suggested. By preventing them from breathing, they were captured. Now, the enemy’s remaining forces amount to 0. While staying vigilant, the slimes are transporting the captured soldiers.」

(Laburis)「… Was it thanks to the traps Yuki and I thought of?」

(Yuki)「They weren’t able to go that far. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for another time.」

(Labiris)「…That’s too bad.」

The head of Labiris was stroked by Yuki-San.
In the end, everything ended with the best results.

(Mauve)「Th that?They had a hard time.」

(Yuki)「Well yeah, slimes shouldn’t be able to work together like that normally. Also, to have a part of them rush directly towards their heads…」

(Mauve)「Althought they were careless, the slimes still managed to capture their heads…」

Mauve-san whispered that. Looks like he was remembering somthing.
If I’m not mistaken, they were neutralized in the same way.

(Lulu)「Did the ten people died…?」

(Yuki)「… Did you hear what we just said?」

(Lulu)「… Don’t mind it, thank you very much for your help. If possible, I would like to tag along when you’ll be questioning the two people.」

When Lulu-sama said that. She lowered her head to Yuki-san.
…Should I learn from Lulu-sama’s attitude…?

After all, he still think of me as a child… So annoying.

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References   [ + ]

1. Seele: She is referring to the signpost Yuki made when he fought the army
2. Seele: 1st Mistress to the rescue!
3. Seele: Legal wife to the rescue!
4. Seele:…Really Author-sama, this is your favorite character?

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapter, yareyare, one thing after another, MC will be made into a Yuusha before he notices it

        • a Yuusha is a hero chosen by destiny, summoned, or given a task by god… basically it’s something a human cant really become since you have to be divinely appointed

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