Chapter 52 – Job allocation problem

Chapter 52 – Job allocation problem




I was now being taught the way of smithing by the fairy tribe from their elder; Naruja-san.

I was deeply impressed!!

The fairies, together with dwarves are good at making things.

And through special means, can create advanced enchanted weapons or armors with magic.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember my parents at all.

That’s why, I wasn’t able to forge as I should as a dwarf.

My nii-sama1)Big brother IE Yuki expected  it from me, but I am really sorry that I was not able to make anything.

So I was taught blacksmithing by Naruja-san to be of help for my nii-sama!!

Then I’ll have a baby with nii-sama!!

Aslin-chan is a human so it’s quite difficult for her to bear a child with here small stature but that’s not the case for me. Since I’m dwarf, we can produces children even while being relatively small.

So, earlier than Aslin, I can take care of my nii-sama’s lust!!

Since nii-sama is kind, it’s sure that he will embrace me in a lot of ways.

But it was practically certain that nii-sama wouldn’t use us to attend his sexual desires.

I thought he wasn’t interested but it’s different.

Secretly, when my brother was asleep, I once touched nii-sama’s important place with my hand and it made it big.

Thereafter, Labiris-chan noticed. She said that we had to calm the thing because it would be pitiful if we left it like this. She then joined me and we eased nii-sama together.

It was a strange taste, but I was happy since it was for nii-sama.

I hope that the day when nii-sama ask us directly would come.

I thought it was very strange that he won’t. I asked, why doesn’t nii-sama intend to lay his hand on us?

Then Labiris-chan said 「Yuki is currently protecting us to the best of his abilities since we are young. That’s why, after we grow up a little, he will love us even more.」

Indeed, I think that Labiris-chan was right.

We were now, with our Onee-chan2)With our Big sisters, the most important people for nii-sama that he was protecting carefully.

Not just us three. The six others and the fifty-seven people who came recently were also important for him and the focus of his protection.

In such a busy time, nii-sama cannot afford to do such a thing with us.

Then, to reduce the burden of nii-sama, I borrowed the help of the fairy tribe!!

That’s why, please don’t hesitate to love us!!

Oh, but, since then, my nii-sama desires were taken care off by Labiris-chan, Aslin-chan and Lutz-san almost everyday.

Labiris-chan makes nii-sama sleep with sleeping magic. Then he lies in the bed and he sleeps soundly.

I mean, Labiris-chan said that if we didn’t do this he will do it by himself!!

That’s not good!! I will not give nii-sama’s baby source to a tissue!!

Even if it’s nii-sama I won’t allow it!! At least, it should be taken out in our mouth!!

Rather, I wanted to put it in the middle instead of going PeroPero3)Sfx for licking but then Labiris-chan said 「You definitely can’t because Yuki would be surprised」to stop me.

That’s right. If before I would realize, a baby was made, I would be surprised too.

And if it happened like this to my nii-sama, I would be a little dissatisfied too.

I would like to do it with nii-sama when he is conscious.

However, today was another night where we will be licking nii-sama.! I was looking forward to it!!

(Naruja)「Are you okay? Philia-chan」

When she noticed, Naruja-san asked me.

(Philia)「Oh, I’m sorry. I am all right!!」

It’s bad, it’s bad. Even though I was learning how to work as a blacksmith.

Now, as per my brother plan, after work was done I was doing light blacksmith practice with everyone.

(Naruja)「You sure? Don’t go overboard alright? Yuki-san asked me to protect you, well even if I think he is going a bit over protecting.」

(Philia)「Mou4)A cute way of saying Roh, nii-sama!!」

(Naruja)「Fufufu…, well you seem okay. But as Yuki-san said, it looks like you have talent. I suppose that you should not know anything about smithing, yet you have no hesitation when you strike the iron. Is it because of dwarven blood? Usually when someone strikes the iron for the first time, they became cautious.」

Naruja-san praised me while I was hitting the iron.

But because I was normal, I didn’t understand that much.

I want to make the sword that my nii-sama will draw as soon as possible!!

(Naruja)「….. That is what makes a blacksmith. They put their mind into the things they make. I do not know but I understand well. Perhaps because magical power has emotions? Philia-chan, calm down. I know the feelings you have for Yuki-san and I know you will soon become excellent for him. But for now, when you make things you can’t neglect any part. When you swing the hammer you have to do it with all your might and mind.」

(Philia)「…… I am sorry」

(Naruja)「It’s fine. Be sure to keep this in mind. Because it will surely be helpful for Yuki-san.


After that, I immersed myself for a while. I forgot the time and continued hammering until Naruja-san called me to stop.

(Naruja)「Come to think of it, I didn’t see Yuki-san today. Philia-chan do you know something?」

(Philia)「Yes, this morning he went  with Lulu-sama to help.」

So on our way back, we talked about nii-sama.

(Naruja)「Oh about that, I have a problem. I wonder what to do, maybe I should have a talk with him tomorrow.」

(Philia)「Is there something? Does an important matter require you to speak with nii-sama?」

(Naruja)「That’s right Philia-chan. Would you like to go to the shop for a moment?」

With Naruja we went to see today’s shopkeeper of 「Super Lutz」Lutz.

Super Lutz is a convenient shop with various groceries and miscellaneous goods.

For now, other than the shop for training supplies, the other ones are not open. I mean, we don’t have enough manpower.

Super Lutz is a size that I had never seen before.

Because it was a store based on the house?

But nii-sama5)Author used onii-chan here, but I think that I’ll stick to nii-sama said, since it’s a supermarket it need to be big.

taking the size of 4 – 5 buildings, product are placed together as narrowly as possible.

I was worried about thief but there was a cashier? And something called a barcode? If you go outside without paying, then you’ll be paralyzed!!

While I was thinking about this, the doors of the store opened and we went inside…

(Fairy)「Wow amazing!! This looks delicious!!」

(Fairy)「Hey, what about frozen food?」

(Fairy)「That was talked yesterday. Located inside your room, there is a microwave.」

(Fairy)「It’s amazing, this paper is white!!」

(Fairy)「Look here, this pen color isn’t black!?」

Wow, a group of fairies who finished their working hours came and went shopping, the inside of the store was overflowing.

It’s crowded, most of the fairies came.

Oh, right. Since shopping needs money, for the experiment 5 silver per person were taken out from the savings of the Dungeon.

Thanks to that they could shop without problem.

(Lutz)「Yes, accountant please wait here!!」

(Aslin)「Millie, this product is out!! Where did we store it again!?」

(Millie)「Chocolate is in the left side of the warehouse……!!」

(Ellis)「Your bill is 13 Fold. It will be 1 silver coin and 3 copper coins.」


Everyone seemed so busy.

Everyone knew that I was interested in smithing so they sent me off easily earlier…

Today, Labiris, Aslin, Lutz, Ellis and Millie were managing the store.

The group of Tori-san was busy with the cleaning of the training school and the shopping for dinner preparation.

(Naruja)「Oh oh, you did it this way?」

(Philia)「Have you understood?」

(Naruja)「Yes, I understood slightly. Is not that different from the outside here?」


(Naruja)「So, that’s the first purchase. People from outside will be looking forward to it. Knowing the dreadfulness of this dungeon to some extent. But, that’s in a good sense.」

(Philia)「Eh? Why?」

(Naruja)「Afterwards, it seems that Rochelle will bring about three hundred people, right? In that case Lutz will die out from exhaustion. There is a need to ensure absolute personnel before we can let people freely choose their work. We need to plan and stabilize everything for a while.」

(Philia)「I understand」

It was as Naruja-san said. Most of the fairies would certainly be going to the smithery or manufacturing.

But this way there wouldn’t be enough manpower for running the restaurant, public bath and so on.

At this pace, when the three hundred people would come we wouldn’t have the time to move around.

That is serious!! It’s not good if everyone’s going to collapse!! I have to talk to nii-sama!!

(Naruja)「Well now, may we help in some way? Philia-chan could be the cash register? Is it possible?」

(Philia)「I can do it but I can’t do the calculation… Even though it is automatic nii-sama said that it has to be done by someone who knew how to do the accounting……」

(Naruja)「Hey it’s fine. I will calculate.」

(Philia)「Very well!! Lutz-san!! Because Naruja-san will help us, we can open another cash register!!」

That way, Lutz -san finally noticed me.

(Lutz)「You are there Philia-chan. Welcome back. And thank you very much!! Then please open the second cash register here!! Ellis divide the lines!!」

(Ellis)「Okay, everyone. Because we will open this cash register, feel free to move to this line at your discretion!!」

After I opened the cash register, a lot of fairies with baskets full of candies came to me.

(Naruja)「Let’s work hard now!」



And somehow came the time when we closed the shop, ate dinner, and reached nii-sama’s place.

(Millie)「Ah~, that was a bit unreasonable after all.」

(Lutz)「Isn’t it? It was more than we expected. Onii-san said that Super6)Remember that Super is the name of Lutz’s company. As it’s writed like this スーパー; I may only use this word to respect the author even if it sounds clumsy wouldn’t attract too many customers. But in the end, we lacked manpower. But we can be thankful to the fairies for making us understand all of this. At this pace, I’d be lying broken in a futon even before the three hundred people comes. Definitely.」

Lutz-san seemed to be very tired. Because when we were done, and the shop was closed, she still checked on the sales and other details.

(Yuki)「Speaking of which, how was it for our customers?7)そういえば、言ってた方はどうだ?

(Lutz)「Let’s see.There was no thief thanks to the security features, but through our one of our cashier who forgot to count something thrice some fairies suffered damage. I’m sorry about that.」

8)(Not 100% sure who talk but I Think it’s Ellis.)「I am really sorry. I will apologize directly to them at a later time.」

(Naruja)「No, it doesn’t matter. I have already given instructions on my side.」

9)(Not 100% sure who talk but I Think it’s Ellis.)「Thank you very much elder.」

(Lutz)「As for accounting there is no margin for now. Because automatic calculation shouldn’t be wrong. Just in the case something goes wrong and the bill is false…」

(Ellis)「We will see in the future. I am mostly giving it away to the automation when I’m too busy or tired. And I’m afraid to make a mistake.」

「Yes, there is nothing i can do about it. I only have to raise my awareness as much as possible.」

It seemed that there was no mistake with the money I handled.

I was glad that Naruja-san helped me.

(Yuki)「Well, the immediate problem regarding the staff. We can do two things as a countermeasure. One, is to limit the number of people entering the store at the same time. Two, I feel regretful about it, but we’d need some fairies to be forced as store assistant. What do you think elder? As a person not from your tribe, I am asking for your cooperation…..」

(Naruja)「Yes, even if I am the one doing it that’s not a problem. In fact, it would even help us pay back a bit of the kindness we received. However, I’d like to add a litte condition to that.」

(Yuki)「What would it be?」

(Naruja)「It’s to the extent that I am ashamed… but a lot of idiots spend their money to the last silver and started to spend money they previously owned privately. So I’d like for a salary to be paid on a daily basis. I understand the current state of finance in this place. That’s a matter I have taken too lightly. I’m sorry.」

(Yuki)「… ahh, Lutz-san. How went the sales today?」

(Lutz)「Yes. So the sales today add up to 8561 Fold. 8 white gold, 5 gold, 6 silver  and 1 copper after calculation.」

(Naruja)「… Surely more than the amount you supplied here…」

(Lutz)「We gave to each person 5 silver. For 57 people that’s a sum of 2850 Folds. It was 2 white gold, 8 gold and 5 silver coins. If you deduct that from the total of money we earned, that’s a sum of 5711 Fold. The fairies certainly were selfishly taking out from their own money. That’s just about 100 Folds per person. 10)1 copper is 1 Fold. So 5 silver = 50 copper = 50 Folds that means the fairies spent twice what they received as a welcoming gift.In short, they spent 1 gold today.」

(Naruja)「Urgh, that’s ridiculous.」

(Lutz)「Well, I didn’t hesitate to make it a hard price in order to rebuke them buying too much. Are the fairies rich perhaps?」

(Naruja)「Waa, it’s embarrassing. That’s why I want for those extravagant idiots to receive a salary if they enter…」

(Lutz)「Certainly, otherwise it would bring dissatisfaction.」

(Yuki)「Exactly. Pointing out the fact that salaries are not paid, it will bring bad effects in the future.」

Nii-sama and the others are talking about something difficult.

However, I was quite happy today.

For some reason there were some rules between the three of us.

On the lap of nii-sama, the three of us had to sit in order!!

And today was my day!! While he was talking, Nii-sama was stroking my head!!

It felt very nice. So I will give my everything tonight!!

(Yuki)「For the time being, we have to decide an amount for the salary starting tomorrow…」

(Lutz)「But Onii-san. Will we work on the foundation of a base salary? Because you once gave us an explanation…」

(Yuki)「In that case, we first have to do the calculation so that the morons who spent without speaking don’t have to to wait for next month…」

(Naruja)「… … if … … … that … …」

Hah, I started to feel sleepy.

Nii-sama’s voice was getting farther away.

Ne, that’s bad…


Afterword of the author

Haha, it was disappointing!!

Yuki has already been PeroPero’d11)Sfx for licking!!

Don’t be jealous of him AHAH.

The area is left with a little trouble.

Nothing truly went wrong.It’s just some adjusting regarding the story.

Well, the guys who spent money should be prepared to bear the natural consequences.



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References   [ + ]

1. Big brother IE Yuki
2. With our Big sisters
3, 11. Sfx for licking
4. A cute way of saying Roh
5. Author used onii-chan here, but I think that I’ll stick to nii-sama
6. Remember that Super is the name of Lutz’s company. As it’s writed like this スーパー; I may only use this word to respect the author even if it sounds clumsy
7. そういえば、言ってた方はどうだ?
8, 9. (Not 100% sure who talk but I Think it’s Ellis.
10. 1 copper is 1 Fold. So 5 silver = 50 copper = 50 Folds that means the fairies spent twice what they received as a welcoming gift.

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