HDUH – Chapter 53

Translator: Antheor
Editor: Tensky,

Chapter 53  is out! Enjoy
That’s a long chapter for you!
Author really… I’m speechless of what you wrote xD


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A picture would spoil too much. So instead, I will write a useless story from my work.

Today I received a call from one of my fellow worker. I work as a tech support for my company (Well a part of my job is).
Someone who is working since 5 years using the same ID and Password everyday forgot her password so I had to find it.
What do you think is the worst problem?

That’s I am annoyed to resolve some false problems?
That we have access to the passwords?
That she forgot hers?
That we don’t have a password policy?

That’s Enough, you shall read the chapter now.



Access the chapter by clicking the link below :

The Slime, the Demon King of violence.

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