Chapter 53 – The Slime, the Demon King of violence.

Chapter 53 – The  Slime, the Demon King of violence.


side: Yuki, real name: Kazuya Torino


Now then, Lulu was just waiting for the arrival of the Holy Woman.

Car can sure be useful.

So, I was myself consulting everyday with the others in order to solve the problem with the fairies.

Fufufu… It gave me the feel as if I was working in modern Japan.


Today was the time of the fourth phase. With the tour of the Dungeon facilities and the tour of the workshops.

Since we only had a small amount of people to do the work, the inspection of the work field could only be done by yesterday.

I practiced for a bit, then I went to work.

I was still not used to this. After my oral explanation of the textbook, Naruja-san displayed 20 Iron swords in front of me.

She took the materials out of an unlimited box.

As one would expect,  the process of an alloy and iron was a troubling matter. I showed to them after they joined modern knifes and completed katanas.

The information that I found from the Internet were only explained orally. At first I thought it was a problem but not anymore seeing the draft products displayed in front of me. Even more so if we consider today’s work only as a practice.


And as for another matter.

Yesterday Philia went to sleep during the meeting.

Not a problem at all. That’s because with her small body, she had hammered iron the whole day and had showed me a completed sword.

The center of gravity and the balance were a bit off but for a first try it can be considered enough.

She was tired so she fell asleep naturally.

But in the morning Philia was crying.

An usual kind of crying at that.


(Philia)「Nii-sama conveniencceeeee!! I don’t want to give nii-sama to others!!」


That’s correct. Those affectionate children were clinging to my shoulders every night.

I’m very happy about that but Philia was tired. Nothing I could do about it.

I was consoling her that way…


(Philia)「I wanted to go PeroPero Dezuuuuu!!」

WARNING NSFW Here is the PeroPero picture

PeroPero? Did she want an ice cream?

As I had been thinking, Labiris and Aslin had saved me from Philia.

At that time I had sworn to myself that I would get up and give her an ice cream.


Let’s do our best today I guess.

The everyday training schedule started after breakfast at 8am. Then we start to work at  9 am.

At present it was 8.30am. Since everyone was going to come into the training room I had to move to another place.


And that’s when I moved that it happened.


The intruder alarm rang.


Chi, troublesome.

I gathered everybody and we began to discuss this matter.


(Naruja)「Eto, can you tell me Lutz-san. Is it an alarm for intruders? Inside the Dungeon?」


Naruja-san, as she was not aware of everything yet, tilted her shaky head to the side.

Millie and Tori were in training room A as per usual giving lessons.


(Yuki)「Yes that’s correct, our opponent just entered our detection range, we don’t know yet his full informations but we determined that it should be a living creature… It’s verified that he’s humanoid. He still isn’t entering the Dungeon. Does anyone have something to report from the animals you are each controlling?」


That way I asked for the opinion of everyone.

The past few days while I was in the Dungeon, I didn’t only work on the construction of the town. I also tested new training methods for the demons and new method of scouting.

Well, they didn’t seem as if they could concentrate well on it since they weren’t familiar with it yet.


「Birds of my side confirmed that he was heading straight toward the Dungeon.」

「It’s the same for me, I heard from the squirrels that he is heading directly to the Dungeon.」

「… I also know he is definitely coming here」

(Aslin)「…Hiku1)Crying sfx,Hiku」


Oh, Aslin was crying? Why?


(Labiris)「Yuki, the tanuki2)Japanese raccoon dog under Aslin got killed, that’s why. I received a report from one of my followers.」


Ouch, Aslin loved this tanuki.

Would I need to pass on my meal?3)I Think author did a mistake because it doesn’t feel right to speak of a meal just after the death of a tanuki <_<


(Philia)「ah, nii-sama!! Huh, this!?」


Meanwhile the time I was thinking, Philia pointed out something in the corner of the screen.

This young girl even if not an adult acted more and more adult-like.


『Ah, oh. Can you hear me? Dungeon master? I thought it was strange that the beasts were watching from far away, but as I thought. It’s magical power. Is this one of your servant? Can’t you see me? However, when you know that a Dungeon is newly made, you also know that the usage of such beast is useless. Well then, it’s a waste of time to kill them all. Should I go forward? So be it. let’s see each other in the Dungeon.』


The screen got cut off abruptly.

Perhaps it got killed.


(Labiris)「… One of Philia’s got killed」


Although her face looked to be in pain. Philia did not cry.

Good. I had to comfort her at a later time.


(Yuki)「Now, does anyone know of this girl? I cannot imagine her being seen more throughly by the animals under our control…」


When I asked everyone, The face of Herge who was standing alone suddenly paled she then muttered something.


(Herge)「… blood-eating Princess 4)鮮血姫


(Oriel)「Herge-sama, do-don’t be ridiculous!?」


Oriel was overreacting to the words of Herge.

What, who was the blood-eating Princess?

After everyone listened to Herge, they stared to the screen.

What did this mean.


(Lutz)「… I don’t want to believe it. Onii-san, I agree with Herge-sama’s opinion.I think we shouldn’t underestimate her.」


(Riel)「Me, me too, I also think, she should be the blood-eating Princess!? Th, that’s because she’s wearing a black dress!!」


Black dress? Is this the trademark of the blood-eating Princess or something?


(Kaya)「… With the grasping of the animals under our control to such extent, I too believe she is the blood-eating Princess.」


Lutz, Kaya and Riel all agreed to the words said by Herge.


(Yuki)「Hey, who is the blood-eating Princess? Is her name popular?」


(Lutz)「Oh, onii-san doesn’t know, should I say it is natural? However, we don’t have the time to explain it leisurely right now. Let’s move every fairies gathered in the training room to the place where they may be able to escape.」


(Yuki)「It’s serious to this high degree?」


(Lutz)「Yes, I trust onii-san’s abilities but honestly. The name of the blood-eating Princess is horrible, it’s unrealistic.」


Now we talked after we began the transfer.

It had came to an unanimous agreement that we had to do it.

Back at the training room when i had explained everything to Millie and Tori, they started to evacuate immediately as their faces were more and more pale .


(Yuki)「Ellis, you seem to have the deepest knowledge of this matter. Can you tell me what you know?」


That said, I wanted to rely on the Elven knowledge.


(Ellis)「 Only a bit but it’s true. Yuki-san, there is only two people bearing the name of Demon King in this continent. The blood-eating Princess is one of them.」


Oh yes, a short time ago had happened all those three events. Mauve, the soldier of Rochelle and the knights of Ritea.

And now I suddenly had to deal with a Demon King event?

Oh maybe it was because of the previous incident with the self-proclaimed big four?


(Ellis)「No, this matter has nothing to do with the self-proclaimed big four. The blood-eating Princess basically act alone and goes around the continent destroying villages, towns, or even nations. As for her, the「Demon King of Tyranny」 was her original nickname instead of the blood-eating Princess. It is said that her dress was originally white but……」


(Yuki)「Does that mean that her dress ended black because she didn’t wash the blood?」




Heyhey, at least make it a red dress.


(Millie)「Yuki-san, the evacuation has ended.! Quickly Yuki-san evacuate!!」


Millie rushed here.


(Yuki)「No, Demon King-sama nominated me. I would be troubled to escape in that case. Everyone, go wait with all the evacuated. In the case that I die, leave this Dungeon at once. Does everyone have his Dungeon core? Use them to make new Dungeons.」


(Lutz)「Wait!? Onii-san!? You’re willing to fight!?」


Lutz  approached me as soon as she heard my statement.


(Yuki)「Okay okay, calm down. I’ll stay in the deepest part of the dungeon and I’ll escape if it becomes dangerous. If I judge that I cannot intercept her, I’ll make Lutz and the others run away first and concentrate on stopping her. I will not die.」


(Labiris)「… Yeah, he’s not lying.」


Labiris who held my hand verified the that I meant what I said.


(Lutz)「….. It would be nice. But if it becomes dangerous, please escape by all mean okay? I don’t want to be a widow so soon.」


(Yuki)「Don’t worry. Go ahead and take your leave.」


After I said that, everyone reluctantly walked to the shelter.


…Huh? Did I unexpectedly set myself to a death flag5)Japanese sometimes talk about “Flag”, it’s like  seeing an event as a flag in a game ?

Wow, time out. Because there is no way that such words would go out normally, please disable the flag.


Somehow, I must break this death flag!!

Thinking that way I went to the Dungeon remotest area.

An alarm echoed. Saying that the blood-eating Princess already broke inside the Dungeon.

She was currently in the first floor. I needed to take advantage of the MAP6)距離を稼ぐ為のMAPである.

In the meantime, I placed the Goblin army and the Slime army in the second flour to make an interception line.


Let’s have a look at the blood-eating Princess status.


Name : Delille ・Le. Kossel 7)名前:デリーユ・ル・コッセル

Tribe : Humane

Status : Demon King

Gender: female

Occupation : Demon King , blood-eating Princess.

Age : 235 years old.


Lv. 412

HP: 12020

MP: 9200

STR (Strength): 5740

DEF(Defense):4400+3000(Dress of the blood-eating)

INT (Wisdom): 2,920

AGI (Dexterity): 6032

LUK(Luck):20+100(Memento earrings)



Unique skill

Overawe of the Demon King (The abilities of each opponent below your level decrease as a whole.)

Magics of the Demon King (Stop of one’s own aging、Automatic recovery、Deployment of magical protective barrier、Rise of physical abilities)

Fist of the Demon King(If you don’t holdl a weapon, attack spead increase and power rise.)

Instinct of the Demon King(Detection of the enemy, perception of danger, rise in judgment abilities, increase in the speed of thoughts)

Growth like a flower (Even if you don’t defeat your opponent yourself, there is a high probability to earn experience points)

Normal Skill

Royal etiquette (Well, she’s basically popular. She’s human, raised by human, she just happened to grasp some manners.)

Fire magic LV3

Water magic LV3

Wind magic LV3

Kossel sword mastery LV4

Kossel shield mastery LV2

Kossel martial arts LV5

Arithmetic LV3


What did you think of the previously displayed status of the Demon King?

Also, the explanations of the Royal etiquette was totally inappropriate.

Everyday, I updated the status so that it was easy to see,. But after I had  seen the informations I was feeling at loss.

No, I think the explanation was accurate, but the sentences were too vulgar?


But as expected of a Demon King.

She had twice the Level of Kiyu. What a cheat.

Ah, well. She is a Demon King after all. It seemed like I had not confirmed it with Herge’s story, was she the first in history?

After all that thinking, she had already traversed a layer of 5km in a mere 2 minutes.

Let me see, with her current speed she should be around… 150km per hour. How great, what a monster.

Well then, I was looking forward at what I could do with my interception line at the second floor.

For the time being, I wished I could be in the actual place to have a talk.


Side :  Delille ・Le・Kossel


I 8) she uses Warawa  which would loosely translate into “This humble self”, basically it’s somewhere between wealthy merchants and lower end nobles. didn’t know how old my age was reaching.

Since that day, I never looked at my status. I decided to leave it in mystery.


My country had once fallen in war, because of the human greed. It ended in wasted ruins.

Because of that specific skill of Mine, 「Growth like a flower」, All the experiences from the soldier, babies, men and women ended up being collected by I.

Ironically, after the enemy had killed all of our people they couldn’t defeat I.

And before they had noticed, all the enemy who had attacked us had become crushed under this fist.

The pure white dress I received from Otou-sama9)Father was dyed in blood.


Even after I had washed the dress, the color of blood never fell. I thought it was wrong. I thought that I didn’t know how to wash it properly.

There was no maid to take care of I anymore.

This was the thing I should always carry.

So I decided to wear it.

Despite being dyed with blood, the comfort was not changed  just as before.


The town of my country, the streets of my villages, everything was decimated. A putrid smell swelled in the air.

If left like that, it would cause plagues or an outburst of undeads.

So, I burned it out with strong magical powers.

After I burned everything in my country, I killed everyone of the invading country and burned all of their nation.


I, who had no home to return, drifted out of the country with my stained dress intact.

Even without eating food or getting any drink, I could continue without problem.

After that, I rescued oppressed nations, subjugated thieves, smashed troublesome Dungeon Master that created Dungeons. Crushed foolish countries.

And before I noticed, I was already called a Demon King.

It’s laughable. I, one of the humans, not a demon, was called a Demon King.

But, I didn’t care about such a thing.

If it can reduce the tragedy from that time, it’s something I am willing to bear.


Then I heard rumors from the countries Galtz and Rochelle.

It was a stupid thing. The act of a foolish territory because of greed.

The crime of a country that I missed.

For such a problem, replacing the head of the top of the country was the best.

That’s what I thought but when I stepped into the country, the battle was already done.

Because it was self-purification it was even better.


When I hanged around Rochelle I heard some funny stories.

It was said that the Holy Woman Herge received a Dungeon just before her death.

Funny story, because a Dungeon can only be operated by a Dungeon Master.

Something like taking control was certainly made up.

Well, knowing that, I decided to kill the Master of this Dungeon directly.

I understood. This country still has a pest inside.

Let’s hope that later an opportunity shall come. Let’s not waste time for now.


It’s good to declare war with animals and all.

But seriously, what with this Dungeon?

It’s supposed to be a floor but until the wall nothing can be seen except for a road in the middle of meadow.

There was no demon or anything.

For the time being, because I could see the stairs at the end of the road, I was using flying magic to reach the other end of  the floor in one go.


(Delille)「What’s the meaning of this? Why bother adding a sky to a Dungeon?」


This question was involuntarily leaked from my mouth.

It was strange. This Dungeon was strange.



When I reached the second floor I fell miserably to the ground.

I uttered a strange cry I never did since a long time.

By what means I couldn’t fly? No, it as if I couldn’t release Mine power?

When I captured the numerous Dungeons there were cases of such traps.

It’s the kind of trap that’s unclenched when the system detect an intruder with magic.

At first glance, it’s a good trap. But monsters can’t use their magic either.

Just like a double-edged blade.

But for I, I only needed to increase my physical ability in my body.

Wait… I couldn’t use my skills!?

No, that wasn’t it. I won’t forget how to use Mine fist nor Mine sword.

This was a trap that seales acquired skills?

No, it’s not the acquired skill either, then it’s the skill I was able to release that were sealed.

I was able to calm down eventually and remembered that I already strengthened Mine body’s ability.

Did I fail to use my skill earlier?


(Yuki as a slime)「Nice to meet you? Should I call you blood-eating Princess?」


Like that came one person. No, one monster. The one who turned up was a slime.


(Delille)「Humph, blood-eating Princess is popular. But Mine proper name is Delille・Le・Kossel」


(Yuki as a slime)「That was rude from me. May I refer to you as Delille-dono then?」


(Delille)「Ah, how rude of you. When there’s a family name, it’s a disgrace not to use it.」


Thus, I tried to fly but failed immediately.

I confirmed that any usage of magic and skill was sealed.


(Yuki as a slime)「Shut up lass. After you broke into my home, why should I be courteous, idiot?」




This feeling, I was disgusted.

Perhaps this monster was a doppelganger, the shadow of the Dungeon Master.

Different than the earlier sightseeing, I experienced an overwhelming intimidation as if I was below a throne.


(Yuki as a slime)「Well, I am a bit different than you but I have some understanding. That’s why I will still attach the dono. How does it sounds Delille-dono? That, if you don’t mind, I would like you to return as it is? Or maybe you didn’t come to fight but to visit? In that case, we will not be open to the public yet, so please refrain back」


(Delille)「What’s not open to the public. Do you mean that I am invading your country?」


(Yuki as a slime)「No that’s wrong. Do you know that this is the official Dungeon from the country of Rochelle? And that the Dungeon has the official recognition of the entire state?」


(Delille)「Idiot, I know that. It was a mistake to declare that they took over the control of the Dungeon and that it’s suitable for training. I know that, because I already took over Dungeons. I killed Dungeon Masters but I was never able overtake the control of a Dungeon. Don’t make fun of I!!」


That’s why I cut off the discussion and went to hit him.

No matter how much my magics and skills were sealed, our difference in level was still overwhelming.

I will kill this monster quickly and was already thinking of the way ahead.




The Slime stopped my fist.

No matter what, it was only a slime. There’s no way it could stop Mine fist…


(Yuki as a slime)「This is the first time I had to personally meddle. I really didn’t want to do this. Too much trouble.」


(Delille)「Hey, you, stupid!? Even if it’s a mutated slime, there’s no way… How!?」


The slime was entangled around Mine body.

I couldn’t move, why!? That’s stupid. I wasn’t able to use Mine skills nor Mine magics!!

There shouldn’t be a case even if the slime was stronger than me when I am rendered powerless!?


(Yuki as a slime)「Come on, don’t make a face as if you’ve seen a ghost. I don’t care how experienced you are but you shouldn’t be surprised by something of this degree. The world is wider than that you know? Well, let’s put that aside. For now, are you a being that can live without breathing?」


(Delille)「What, you!?」


As soon as he said that, the slime began to cover a part of my face.

Are you trying so suffocate I!?

Your nucleus!! If only I could crush your nucleus, slime!!

Thinking so, I tried to break the slime’s nucleus, but I couldn’t grab it because of its body’s property!?


(Yuki as a slime)「Hee, you’re trying to aim at my nucleus. Well, good luck with that.」


The shadow of the Dungeon Master made an expression as if it said well done, but it didn’t last for long. Right after it took a book out of its bosom and started reading.

Oh, don’t make fun of me!!

A slime of this caliber, with only a flicker of my magical power, I could tear it in pieces!!

I’m focusing my consciousness… tried to activate my magic… With no results again!?


(Yuki as a slime)「Oh, I’m bored already. If you can’t even break something of this degree, don’t expect to breach in any further as you won’t be able to pass any of the other lines of defense. Let’s finish. I’m a busy man. Well, then.」


(Yuki as a slime)「Pikuー!!」


I heard a small cry come from the slime.

Next I started moving independently of Mine will.

What was going on!?


(Yuki as a slime)「Let me tell you one thing. Is this like a boss? You know yourself that the release system is enclosed. Well, where are you now ~?」




Inside the slime’s body!?

In other words, I was under the control of the slime. It can unexpectedly use its skills inside his body!?


(Yuki as a slime)「Yes, then good night」


Thus I lost my consciousness, hurt by my own fist.


side : Lutz


Should I say it was as always?

We watched the whole process and we were all stunned.

Onii-san provided us with the status. Numbers I thought we could never compete against.

I thought that we had no way but to give up.


(Yuki as a slime)『Yes, then good night』


This words said, the blood-eating Princess fell, stunned from her fists.


(Lutz)「O, onii-san. It was splendid. That’s impossible though, to not repel her but rather to capture her…」


On the screen, we could see the blood-eating Princess thrown inside the special cell where the self-proclaimed big four were restrained.


(Yuki as a slime)『No, I only left it to the slime because she could fly over the pitfalls and with her status it would have been troublesome. It worked better than I thought. 』


(Lutz)「Far from working, it was perfect……. By the way, what is the slimes level, is it outrageous?」


(Yuki as a slime)『Not at all, the level is 82. And if you compare the status he isn’t one-tenth in power.』


(Lutz)「haa? If it’s only a tenth of her power, how can it suppress the blood-eating Princess…」


(Yuki as a slime)『Fufufu, if you hear the name of this slime, you will be surprised!! Its name is「Surakichi-san10)It looks like it’s a from a Japanese manga called Slime adventure chronicle 」!!』


…… I couldn’t recall this name anywhere in my memory.


(Lutz)「Eto, this「Surakichi」,is it a great name from your hometown?」


(Yuki as a slime)『… I’m not sure if it’s a great name in my hometown. Well, in my hometown, it’s how we call the strongest slime!!』


(Lutz)「Eto, is level 82 a legend?」


(Yuki as a slime)『I will show you the status』


Did I say something wrong?


Name: Surakichi

Tribe: Slime

Status: Legendary slime (Special status thanks to its name. Also Luna’s hobby 11)(名前による特殊身分・ルナの趣味)???) Follower of the Dungeon Master.

Gender: unknown

Occupation : Legendary slime (Special status by its name. Also Luna’s hobby) and leader of the slime army.

Age: 0 years


Lv. 82

HP: 1304

MP: 3200

STR (Strength): 980

DEF (Defense: 2230

INT (Wisdom): 3920

AGI (Dexterity): 632

LUK (Luck): 45



Unique skills:

Legendary slime (Burning ○・Draconic ○ Body, can change the slime’s size up to twice the current and can change the property of the body’s fluid. Slime’s magic bullet)12)Some censure in this sentence : 伝説のスライム(灼熱の○・ドラク○ボディ化・自身の知ってる種類のスライムへの性質変化・スライムスキルの倍化・マダン○)

Slime body LVL5 (The physical attacks, magic attacks, and skill attacks is strengthened 50 time. The power of the unique skills is strengthened by 100 time).

Dissolve body(Can be activated arbitrarly)

Body molding(The body is flexible, can make tentacles for example.)

Weakening(Lower the status of those inside its body.)

Fighting spirit(There’s a limit on how many times it can be used)

Benefit of being inside the Dungeon (Status UP)

Normal Skills:

It feels like those skills are only a facade.

Lightning magic(Raijin heritage.)

Release of all the magical power (Well technically, it’s a big magic bullet).


(Lutz)「Pfft!? What’s this!? Eto, the full strength of the blood-eating Princess is 11480. Cut by a hundred time it’s 114.8. The defense of Surakichi-san is 2230, that’s insane!?」


Before I noticed, I attached 「San」to it just like onii-san did.

I meant, what with those numbers!?


Well, in this Dungeon, the blood-eating Princess can fly over a long distance and in this Dungeon, the slime Surakichi-san is stronger than the Demon King.


I had to declare that, with this strange slime Surakichi-san, I’m now seeing monsters in a new light.


Afterword of the author

Finished it by lunch break!!

Have an nice meal!!


That’s it, the Demon King appeared.

It’s related to the slime.

People who read a lot should guess that a slime can be even stronger AHAH!

Listen,「Surakichi-san」is a legend!!




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References   [ + ]

1. Crying sfx
2. Japanese raccoon dog
3. I Think author did a mistake because it doesn’t feel right to speak of a meal just after the death of a tanuki <_<
4. 鮮血姫
5. Japanese sometimes talk about “Flag”, it’s like  seeing an event as a flag in a game
6. 距離を稼ぐ為のMAPである
7. 名前:デリーユ・ル・コッセル
8. she uses Warawa  which would loosely translate into “This humble self”, basically it’s somewhere between wealthy merchants and lower end nobles.
9. Father
10. It looks like it’s a from a Japanese manga called Slime adventure chronicle
11. (名前による特殊身分・ルナの趣味)???
12. Some censure in this sentence : 伝説のスライム(灼熱の○・ドラク○ボディ化・自身の知ってる種類のスライムへの性質変化・スライムスキルの倍化・マダン○)

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    “I uasn’ttt able to gift you a lrick at ball!!!”
    (“I wasn’t able to give you a lick at all!!!” while crying)

    The words are quite “raw” actually 😛

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