Chapter 54 – The Demon King and the children

Chapter 54 – The Demon King and the children


side: Labiris


We were standing before a small grave.

This time since the Demon King came, two animals died.

Poor things, they gave up their lives to help us.

But for Aslin and Philia it was as if they lost members of their own families.


(Aslin)「Hegu, Hiku. . . . . 」

(Philia)「. . .  U,Uuuu. . . . . 」


At the feet of Aslin and Philia gathered their other animals, they mourned the loss of their friends.

Here were Yuki, Oriel, Herge, Ellis, Tori, and Riel.  The others were either working or at the training center.

Because they would tell about this place I won’t explain it to you now.


(Yuki)「Then, have you seen enough?」

(Delille)「. . . . . . 」


And now, this was the Demon King who was the reason for these graves.

She had woken up from being unconscious and went through the streets of this Dungeon.

Yuki wanted to show her that we had no intent to invade the country Rochelle.


(Delille)「. . . . . .  It was a misunderstanding of Mine」


No one was afraid of Delille  now.

The thing is, Yuki  already appointed us as guardians so we could not longer be harmed unlike the residents.

More than anything, Aslin and Philia were now looking at her as a fellow human and not as a Demon King.


「Since I woke up and I received answers. There is no need to make this life of Mine stand still. 」


Delille  expressed as she looked at Aslin and Philia.


(Yuki)「Well, you were able to solve the misunderstanding. That’s for the best. What do you plan to do next?」


(Delille)「What do I plan next? Am I not seen as a sinner in this place?」


(Yuki)「Ahah what the heck are you saying. Don’t give up on your life. Come, formely apologize in front of them. 」


Yuki said and pushed Delille  toward Aslin and Philia.


(Delille)「Because of Mine own feelings, I did something like that. . . 」


(Yuki)「Delille , until now you thought about your own feelings, right? There is always several possible result, it was just one of them. Well, didn’t you just come by the road? And now you are crying because you killed your opponent after a mistake?」


(Delille)「. . . . . .  Such a thing is. . . 」


(Yuki)「Maybe because you just wanted to press your opinion into others, you did it that way? Because you thought of yourself as absolute?」


(Delille)「. . . . . . 」


(Yuki)「Haa~, indeed. Were we evil with great power? And since you believed this you easily, convinced of your actions. But then, you found out that it wasn’t true. However Delille  it’s still not good.  You need to be calm to make your own judgments. Well, the difficulty is normal since you were defeated for the first time as you have always lived under your own beliefs.  I guess it’s easy to blame things on your opponent. 」


Yuki was speaking to Delille , he tried to calm her.


(Delille)「……Isn’t your position against I similar? Don’t you want to kill I?」


(Yuki)「That’s true, it’s easy for us to make a mistake as well.  Do you understand my point Delille?」


(Delille)「. . . . . . 」


(Yuki)「In our case, you already understood that you made a mistake.  At least apologize」


(Delille)「Urgh, now I am afraid, I can’t think of anything to say. . . 」


(Yuki)「That’s how it is? You’re not some scary creature. You’re a doll. With no emotions. That means you can’t even have fun together with everyone. You won’t even cry if someone close to you dies. 」


(Delille)「Me, am I a human? I was always called a Demon King since my powers were out of the ordinary. Mistress?」


I feel something changed with Yuki ‘s words, Delille had a soft voice when she had called out to me earlier.

It was hard to understand Yuki’s words, but I think Dellie was a capable person.

Because she said that she came to beat the dungeon master when she was talking to Yuki ‘s shadow on the call screen.

She had thought that we wanted to invade Rochelle.  Although she asserted that it was a misunderstanding, she was not violent, only trying to do what she thought as right.


That’s why, we won’t make a scandalous request to Delille nor will we punish her.

Separately, I think the death of the two animals under Aslin and Philia was a bad thing.  

If this was Yuki’s life, I don’t think I could ever forgive her.


(Yuki)「Rather than an human, it’s about someone you care, someone you can communicate with, someone you can understand. If you don’t narrow the definition, it’s normal for Aslin and Philia to shed tears. 」


(Delille)「Ah. . . 」


(Yuki)「Although the animals can’t talk the same language, they are our friends. It’s possible to talk even with the Demon King.  Despite her powers or the fact that she is a loli baba. Well, there’s always a limit, but nothing is absolute. Just like I don’t feel like trying to convince everyone I meet one by one. 」


Same as ever, Yuki said something strange again.

Was it obvious? Because as a Dungeon Master, he is responsible for various monsters, would it be the reason for his way of thinking?


(Delille)「That’s just like that but. . .  WAIT A MINUTE!! You said that I was a Loli baba!? I don’t know what Loli means, but I know what’s the meaning of Baba1) 婆 Old lady, granny!! I’m a young girl, I demand correction!!」


(Yuki)「Ohoh, if you’re young tell me your age. Can you possibly show me your status? How old is it for a human to be called young? Surely around 20?」


(Lutz)「No no, onii-san, if you got past 20 you’re already old. 」


(Delille)「Guh. . . !?」


Araaara, Yuki you’re being mean.

As for me, as long as I can have Yuki’s kids, nothing else matter.

Fufufu. . .  It’s good that I had meet the Demon King Delille  today.

As one of our companion. . .  No.  I will welcome you as one of Yuki’s wife.


From our conversation so far, Delille  was very pure.

I needed her to be appointed as a guardian, no matter what.  I must persuade her to seduce Yuki and have her waist swing.

Yuki hated coercion, but I would use everything I could to protect him.

Well, because I didn’t want to be hated, I wouldn’t use dirty means.

In the end, Delille  had no other choice than becoming a bride for Yuki. Ufufu.


When Yuki  and Delille  were talking; Aslin and Philia came together.


(Aslin)「Ano. . .  Onii-chan. 」


(Philia)「Nii-sama. . .  that person?」


Oh yes.

I understood that Delille  was flinching.

Those eyes, I couldn’t bear them too.


(Delille)「Ah, uh. . . 」


(Yuki)「Oh, right. This girl is the blood-eating Princess.  The Demon King. Here, come on」


Doing so, he pushed the stiff Delille  in front of them.

But Delille , looking at their eyes, couldn’t open her mouth in front of them.


(Philia)「Delille -san, she is the mother.  Was the child worthy?」


(Aslin)「…It’s the father. . .  Did the child do its best to the end?」


Two tanukis were in the arms of Aslin.

In the hands of Philia was a weasel.


Delille  who heard their words started to shake even more. . .


(Delille)「Ah, against my hand. . .  They struggled until the very end. They were brilliant. For you, the parents, they never gave up. 」


(Tanuki X 2)「「Kyuu」」



The animals made a small cry to say that they understood Delille ‘s words.  They afterwards left the children and disappeared into the forest.


(Delille)「. . .  Why did they not bite me?」


Delille  had thought that she would be injured since the children were crying.


(Yuki)「You fool. Animals are different from people. They will kill and die for living. But this time, even though they died, they still had a body. In the wilderness only the bones would be left. They will now become nourishments for a next life. Those kids just wanted to make sure. They wanted the parents to know that their deaths weren’t for nothing. 」


He was explaining the children’s attention to the slow witted Delille .


(Delille)「You mean. . .  It’s fine. I came here like a mad girl and they are not even angry. . . 」


I didn’t know what she was thinking.  But Delille  was staring toward the children leaving to the forest.


(Delille)「But, the girls left before I could hear their answers. . .  」


(Yuki)「No problem, you can ask the persons themselves?」


(Delille)「Ask directly?」


(Yuki)「Ara? Today you brought a lot of trouble to the Dungeon. You think that you can just lower your head, say bye and everything is done?」


(Delille)「That is harsh」


(Yuki)「At least, I want you to work here for the trouble you made. This place is not just mine, it’s also the house of those girls」


(Delille)「How lenient. Is that Mine punishment?」


(Yuki)「Lenient? You just made a Declaration of War with our Management. 」


After I stepped down, Delille  was grabbed immediately by Tori and Riel.


(Delille)「Why, no!?」


(Ellis)「Since you just said that we are lenient, I want to make you experience it directly.  And I was just thinking.  Can you work well?」


Ellis had a rare smile. But she had a blue vein too.


(Ellis)「For the time being, you have to prepare dinner for 70 persons.  Once finished, you will have to shop out for goods, then prepare the baths. . . . . . 」


Awesome Ellis, she memorized everything.

You don’t want to hear this.  But later I’ll give  to you a lot of other works.


(Delille)「Hey, hey, wait a minute!? That’s too much even for Mine body!?」


(Ellis)「Ara, are you really the Demon King? But you can’t split up?」


(Delille)「Eeehh, don’t mix I with  a slime-like monster!?」


She said all that but she didn’t start a rampage.

It really seemed that her roots were kind.


(Surakichi)「Pikuー2)Surprised sfx!!」


(Delille)「This!? Y, you are the slime from earlier!?」


(Surakichi)「It’s my pleasure to meet you. I am Surakichi-san, I will be the one supervising Delille -san. 」


If it’s Surakichi-san then my mind would be at peace.


(Delille)「Hey!? Yuki, you said that you are the Dungeon Master!? Yet you’re ignoring I!! Is it okay, you’re the king of the nine right!? You should send a dangerous  character like I in jail!!」


In her last struggles, she tried to ask for Yuki’s help.


(Yuki)「It’s a pity. But this Dungeon runs thanks to everyone’s opinion. Give up. 」


(Delille)「Cooking, I have never done thaaatttt!!」


Oh, then she’s not worthy to be Yuki’s wife.

I’ll have to teach her firmly.


Then, today was over.

Delille was lying motionless.  We wanted to allot her to an empty room in the inn but she was too exhausted.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I pulled another futon in our room and let her sleep.

Of course, to Yuki’s room.


(Delille)「Uwa~ Yuki, You need to be gentler with me. Those girls are abnormal, this amount of work can’t be done. Now I won’t leave your side Yuki!! Otherwise I will be treated like today again. The name of the Demon King can’t be under the feet of those girls!! That’s why, don’t make I work too hard, make I work normally—!!」


Delille was hugging Yuki, wagging her tail before him.

She’s slacking. . . .  But why was I feeling something else?


Well, no matter how she cried, I’d have her work hard again tomorrow.

Shall I have her work at the store, the entertainment facilities, or the baths in open-air?

She knows arithmetic, it’s convenient.


Afterword of the author

Now you understood? The children in the title isn’t about Alsin or Philia.

To the people who’ve read this far.

I believe the children will certainly grow bigger and stronger.

But I pray that they won’t exceed Surakichi-san.


So the Demon King came alone.

She will now work hard as an administrator LOL.




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1. 婆 Old lady, granny
2. Surprised sfx

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