Chapter 61 – The building of the Dungeons has begun

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Chapter 61 – The building of the Dungeons has begun

side : Tori

About seven days had passed since the immigrants came from Rochelle.
There were many people who had made trouble, but so far no one had blamed us.
Speaking of trouble, the supplies for training were scrambled everywhere.
The person who had to pick all the colored pens by herself was me.
This mess came from a third party.
Two idiots 1)Baka, one was transferred into the reflexion room for some time.
And the other one was made cleaning the toilet as a punishment.

There were various places but amongst them, the place for the laundry is especially small. And since it’s in line with the toilet, someone didn’t make his share and it was brought to attention.

Just like everyone from the fairies, one of the new immigrants exhausted all his money so he requested more. Oh, he was ordered not to try and extort money anymore with the help of the slave collar.
It could be used in such a convenient way!

Well, from the 355 new people, 30 of them were assigned to my police force.
It was a trial period. But since I explained everything and selected the place neatly, I was glad that they were doing their best.
Also, since there was the former newcomer of the fairies, even if they had to work in a place they had no knowledge about, it was still not a problem.
I needed to halve part of my people so that they could intake the security training from Riel.
Since I was a representative, I made my subordinates work at my office along rotation shifts. I asked them to calculate salaries, to check our necessary supplies and various others administrative tasks.
On an extent, Riel had been helping for other matters than the security training. But Kaya couldn’t since she was busy working the land 2)as in patrolling. She almost never came here.

(Tori)「There was a big increase, in a short amount of time, of the number of people who started to work. Since the town has begun to work at full steam, the police was already issued to the place the residents are supposed to move to.」

While I was thinking about the future and I was working on the report, I noticed that the time reached noon.

(Riel)「O~~i, Tori. We have to it with everyone for lunch, we have to treasure this moment.」

Riel blew into the room.
Which reminds me, did Riel just say that we will eat lunch with every representative, was it a meeting?

(Tori)「Wait a minute. I’m not done.」

I said that and resumed my work on the last document.

(Riel)「Well, after today’s lunch with everyone, we will all diligently resume work without meeting. Just confirm the replacement with the night shifts. If you have any problems……」

I spoke to the policemen who were still working at their desk and got out.

(Riel)「Iya, the head of the police is very serious ~」

(Tori)「What are you talking about? Even Riel as the vice-chief is doing her paperwork properly?」

(Riel)「I just fill out the documents prepared by Yuki-san and Tori. Nothing to the degree of Tori.」

We arrived at the Inn after I had a talk with Riel.

「Oh, you both came.」

(Tori)「I’m here」

(Millie)「Waa~, if Kina discovers this place, she’d blame me for hiding this.」

(Ellis)「Fuu, the hot water was nice. Ah, Tori and Riel, you’re here.」

That’s how all the representative talked before we all sat.
And so far, we all talked about where we wanted to sit.

(Lutz)「Ye~s everyone, I kept you waiting!!」

(Yuki)「Aslin, take it slow.」

(Aslin)「Nii-sama, Nii-sama!!」

(Yuki)「Yes yes, I’m following you properly.」

(Labiris)「… Yuki, tell me something too?」

(Yuki)「What do you want me to say?」

(Labiris)「… That you love me?」

(Seraria)「Please say that much. As my husband, you need to get used to dealing with women.」

(Labiris))「…As Seraria said.」

(Yuki)「What are you girls saying indiscriminately?」

When Yuki-san said that, Seraria-sama and Labiris-sama pinched his cheeks. And his leg got kicked.
But from the side, they looked like a parent and child.

(Yuki)「Then, today it’s a bit heavy for lunch but we’re having marbled steak.」

Yuki-san arranged steaks in front of everyone.
Until now, I had eaten several steaks different from this continent.
With plenty of spices and excellent sauce.
Too much!! Such a wonderful taste!!
Moreover, it’s marbled!! It’s tender!! It’s soft, it’s melting!!
Do you understand? Such meat exists!!

White rice was included with the meal. An all-purpose food, so versatile!!
Even fried, or when given sauce, the taste is so deep and it’s really good!!
The Dungeon is full of taste!!

That’s why I was greedily eating.
Indeed, I was so happy.
After I ate something persistent, although it’s a bit too fatty, I drink a bitter tea called green tea in one breath.
It’s a luxury too ~

(Lutz)「Iya~, delicious as usual huh? Nice meal. I don’t have the confidence to live outside anymore. And onii-san. Why did you make a lunch with a dinner?」

Instead of me who was becoming senile, Lutz asked the important question.

(Yuki)「Well, since there will be many people without dinner today, I made a lot for lunch.」

(Lutz))「What do you mean? Any work?」

(Yuki)「Oh, Millie with her personnel began to move at full-scale at the Adventurer District. But something is missing. Right, Millie?」

(Millie)「Yes, we don’t have any Dungeons to attract adventurers. So, I’m sorry everyone, but I would like you to make a Dungeon like we talked in a previous meeting. Of course, it’s not a problem of today or tomorrow. But hopefully the earlier, the better. I’m sorry Ellis and Lutz, but I decided to make a training dungeon with the guild members. You two wanted to make one too, right?」

(Ellis))「I understand, something like that. Do you make this Dungeon so that you can watch over the adventurers? I understand the story of Millie. We don’t have any problem with that.」

(Lutz)「Well then, Millie do your best.」

(Millie)「Thank you.」

I see, we already became accustomed dealing with DP by doing various things, and now we had to make a Dungeon with them?
Because it was something awesomely fun, it’s not unusual to forget a meal.

(Yuki)「Well, it’s just that. Once in awhile, we will contact you for dinner, but if you’re busy, don’t mind refusing. But you have to come back here before 10pm. Otherwise, I’ll take you out by force. What you do can’t interfere with tomorrow’s work.」

「…By force…Hue?」

「… Princess carry?」

(Lutz)「… Onii-san’s compulsion… rather than being forced… it’s like a reward, for me…」

Seraria-sama, Labiris, and Lutz were grumbling something, Let’s leave them alone.
There are some things I did want to hear more than that.

(Riel)「Yuki-san, I have a question? When we mutually make it properly, we will have to confront size…」


Everyone, as if struck by my remark, made round eyes.

(Yuki)「Of course we thought about it. Mille will explain now.」

(Millie)「Yes, if we make a lot of Dungeons at once there’s the risk that they collude together. As a result of our discussion, we decided that all Dungeon has to be moderate in size. The specific area is 2km².The teams who make the Dungeon are the same as before. In this paper, I wrote instructions and listed the members, please read it carefully.」

We received notes about making the Dungeons.

(Yuki)「Oh, for the creation of the Dungeons, I expanded the walls next to the Adventurer District 20 km further. Please make them there. We extended the number of location to 8 since Mauve and Seraria are somehow added. Please discuss with everyone and select which room to occupy. Once you decide your location, a transfer field will bring you there so that you can make the Dungeons. 」

(Lutz)「Uh? Oh, the adventurer will also use the transfer field? No matter how you see it, 20km to walk is too tight.」

(Millie)「It’s just like Lutz said, but it will be limited for those who have already found the Dungeon. In the beginning, the guild will offer money and ask them to search by walking.」

(Lutz)「Umm, are you sorting them out?」

(Millie)「Yes, that’s the information we will share. And that the deceased may become many. Of course… The monsters won’t attack at all those under the Guardian Appointment, but will intercept all the others. Of course, they might die.」

(Lutz)「So if you can’t reach it, you are not qualified to challenge the Dungeon?」


I understood, as one would expect from Millie. I didn’t think so far. I thought it would be a problem if you were showed the way.
But if you didn’t have the skill to challenge a high leveled Dungeon it would be a problem.
Considering that kind of thing, it’s a good idea.

(Millie)「And, sorry. I want the closest place to the Guild for the Beginner’s Dungeon we make. Is it okay?」

(Lutz)「It doesn’t matter. Because only a fool would go far for training in the beginning.」

No one had a problem with that.

(Yuki)「Then, let’s talk together everyone and choose where you want to build. And let me say this. You can use your DP income freely there. Because the DP earned by each Dungeon will remain within each Dungeon to prevent the need of strange calculations. But please contact me if you change anything in the Dungeon. Be it map, traps or monsters. We have to warn the adventurers accordingly to the change of difficulty. Good luck~. Even if there is a lot of treasures, if the monsters are too strong from the beginning or if there’s too many traps, the adventurers won’t stay for long. Balance it well.」

Mumu3)light chuckle, Yuki-san said.
When a monster is too strong, they won’t go inside. And if there are too many traps, it’s too bothersome.
If there’s too much treasure, in the beginning, there’s no need to take the risk.
But since the adventurers want to keep their lives and safely earn, there’s no need for them to take an unreasonable risk as well.

(Riel)「Hey hey, Tori, Kaya, do your best and get a lot of DP!! I want「Muramasa」!!」

(Kaya)「… Riel. This sword is certainly over 100 000 DP.」

(Tori)「Why do you want it?」

(Riel)「Er, are you not both interested? A sword with a cost of 100 000 DP? It’s surely amazing!!」

(Riel)「Well, the amount, don’t you think it’s too much?」

(Kaya)「… Now we must first decide our location」

Thus, we were immersed in making Dungeons.
Afterword of the author
With this, each team’s Dungeon begins.

Team Labiris
Team Ellis
Team Tori
Team Herge
Team Mauve
Team Seraria

皆「チームラビリス ○○ダンジョン 内容○○」4)IDK what the author said because it’s censured
I just wanted to say this once, OK?


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1. Baka
2. as in patrolling
3. light chuckle
4. IDK what the author said because it’s censured

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