Chapter 64 – For the things I lost

Chapter 64 – For the things I lost
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Chapter 64 – For the things I lost

Side : Herge

I was participating in the meeting.
Of course, in my disguise.

We heard about Crack’s story.
Eventually, the root of this conflict was driven by the desire to save someone.
By the people who believed that their actions would lead to a brighter future.

Crack-san and Dest-san were seriously listening to the meeting now.
There was nothing I could do, me, who had been swept away by the past.
There were many things I wanted to say to them. Lots of lives that were lost.

Still, what I had to do now was not to consume myself in revenge.
But to save the lives that could be saved.

Here, we can save the people Crack-san talked about.
The number of people was slightly large, so we had to increase the size of the building and education, but that wasn’t something that couldn’t be done.

(Lutz)「Well, I thought there was a purpose for onii-san to visit us directly. Are you trying to collect people legally?」

(Yuki)「There is no legal bullshit though. That country… No, that unpleasant town, everyone of their inhabitants can come and live here. I’m sorry that I went there without asking you, but we have a lot of things we have to work on and I want it to advance. That said, I only invited them. Well, as it’s difficult to manage, when I went by myself, I also asked for someone who would support too. 」

(Lutz)「You asked~? Hee~」

Lutz-san didn’t believe him.
Well, I wasn’t believing the remark Yuki-san said either.
Because Alshtail, the Holy Woman he talked about, was present.
How, from your simple request, the top of a country would come here and have a meeting just like this?

(Yuki)「Well Lutz, let’s leave that aside. The problem is that this time a bit more than 10 000 migrants are coming. 」

(Lutz)「You’re right. Although the process with 355 people was hectic, 10 000 people will kill us」

She’s right.
When we issued the cards of the immigrants, I also went out to help in disguise but that time sure was busy.
Here we’re talking about 10 000 people.
It wasn’t amazing, but that wasn’t something we could judge.

(Crack)「We understand your concerns. So, let’s gradually accept people here in 2 or 3 months. In the meantime, with the help of Alshtail, we can take measures for the refugees in the other side. The supporting fool who wants to starve the people will push against us. But we can hold for 2 or 3 months. 」

Crack-san who understood the situation said that we could make the immigration successful by dividing it, with the help of Alshtail-sama.
Indeed, there wasn’t necessary to accept the 10 000 people all at once.
They would come here gradually and we could let those who came ahead share guidance to reduce our burden.
But, wasn’t that a little harsh on Alshtail-sama?
I didn’t know how she felt, but…

(Alshtail)「…… About the support asked by Crack. We rescued Lulu-sama and we will be able to help our citizens, I got enough evidence with me. I won’t spare my efforts. Please, take care of the people that overflow from our hands. 」

Alshtail-sama deeply bowed.
As Lulu-sama said, she’s straightforward.

(Lutz)「Alshtail-sama promised to help. It’s certainly a pleasure for our side, but what do you intend to explain to the upper echelon.  Will you just say that the refugees are going into this Dungeon’s city? That it will halve the civil war in Ritea to some extent? They’d say the Holy Woman went mad. Well, they are hands to see over here, but that’s not very bad. Even if you intervene, you need to watch your steps. At present, we’re basically stealing people from the country Ritea. Even if we’re feeding them. Because there’s also the face of a country1)aka their Honor or Prestige. Because they can’t keep up, they’ll have to trust another place in their stead. So, what will you say?」

Certainly, as Lutz-san said.
There would always be someone who wants to try and intervene in order to make an alliance with the Dungeon.

(Lutz)「In other words, Alshtail-sama, Crack-san and Dest aren’t allowed to act without permission. Because it’s impossible to use the treasury and have the support of the Dungeon just like that. 」

(Lulu)「Lutz-san, is that okay?」

(Lutz)「Oya, Lulu-sama, do you have any good idea?」

(Lulu)「Yes, just in case, I had already talked with Yuki-san for the repayment after he rescued my life… No, using the pretext of being a political opponent of Alshtail, I’ll be staying permanently inside the Dungeon. 」

(Lutz)「Wow. That’s a good idea. The truth is, Lulu-sama now holds the right to negotiating with the fairies. If I’m not mistaking, you’re now recognized as a considerable position in Ritea, no?」

(Yuki)「Yes, Lulu-sama was thinking of getting the seat of the Prime Minister as soon as we’re done with the treatment. However, If Lulu-sama meant what she said…….. Let’s say she’s a representative from the Dungeon supporting Ritea. If we do that, our opponent won’t be able to disagree with us. More precisely, the fairies are also living here. 」

Indeed, if Lulu came here as a representative, nothing bad would happen.

(Ellis)「Does that mean that we will publicly announce this Dungeon?」

Ellis was asking for confirmation.

(Lulu)「Yes, Ritea can’t provide enough support so we will become the partner that’ll support them. It will take time before the citizens hear it, but the upper echelon will hear of it much sooner. 」

(Yuki)「Alshtail. I don’t mind announcing it. But this is my territory. And even its autonomy was admitted. If a stupid aristocrat makes a fuss about this Dungeon, I will immediately lop his head off. I won’t accept any complaints. Rather, be especially strict with the nobility. 」

(Alshtail)「Ye, yes!!」

Alshtail-sama answered with her voice turned inside out.
Chii ane-sama2)She talks about her sister, Seraria was seriously staring at you.

(Seraria)「You already saw it. I’m not the one running this place. All of the people here are representatives, and we all make decisions together. Us being representatives is just a facade, but don’t make light of us. Remember, if any of the inhabitants who live here are affected by noble of your place, I will kill them. 」

(Yuki)「Well, even after doing all that, they’ll eventually make a fuss. 」

Yuki-san answered slowly.

(Alshtail)「Th-that can’t be happening!!」

Alshtail-sama tried to refute……

(Crack)「No, I also agree with Yuki… Dono3)he hesitated which honorific he should use towards Yuki. If you look at this place and you see that it’s a little powerful, there’d be many stupid nobles taking that as a pretext to meddle in. 」

Crack-san said that a problem would obviously appear.

(Yuki)「Therefore, I have a solution, will you listen?」

Yuki-san had a funny look when he said that.
This is certainly, certainly not good…..

(Alshtail)「You have something!? Thank you, by all means!! In this way, Seraria-sama is going to slash and slash the alliance…… 」

(Seraria)「Ara, what’s the point in allying with someone that can’t hold the reins of their own subordinates well. 」

Chii ane-sama was too cautious.

(Alshtail)「Seraria-sama, please calm down!! This alliance nonetheless has a firm front and can’t afford to lose!!」

(Seraria)「…… I wonder what you’re talking about. 」

(Alshtail)「This alliance aim to clear the regrets of Seraria-sama’s younger sister, Herge!! By no means…… 」

Alshtail-sama tried to continue but……

(Seraria)「Do not open your mouth aaanyymoreeeeeeeee!!!!」

Chii ane-sama exploded.
She withdrew her sword and walked toward Alshtail.

(Alshtail)「No, something…. there’s a mistake….. 」

(Seraria)「Shut up. If you think about the alliance, it’s only a matter that was put together to suppress the Demon King. 」

Chii ane-sama was seriously angry.

(Seraria)「Alshtail. There’s only one behavior you can take before me. Kneel and ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, I will cut your neck right in this place. You’re uglier than Crack. 」

(Crack)「Meanie… 」

Chii ane-sama, without any hesitation, swung her sword through.

(Yuki)「Well okay, calm down Seraria. I already said that I have a plan. 」

The sword that was supposed to drop Alshtail’s neck was stopped by Yuki’s action.
I have no idea what he did.

(Seraria)「…… Haa!! I understood what you mean. But I will ask Yuki to pay for this later on. 」

(Yuki)「Be gentle with me. Then, Alshtail. Why do you think Herge was killed by the Demon King? Haven’t you heard? The truth?」


(Yuki)「Oh yeah, it’s a compromise we had prepared. It’s because we couldn’t afford to cause a war. 」

(Alshtail)「Don’t tell me… Seraria-sama has… 」

(Seraria)「I know, Ritea assassinated Herge. 」

(Alshtail)「…… 」

(Yuki)「Have you understood the reason why Seraria is angry?」

(Alshtail)「…… Seraria-sama. I am really sorry about this incident. 」

Alshtail lowered her head deeply.
Yes, I was indeed living. But for chii ane-sama, she can’t forgive Alshtail who openly lied.

(Yuki)「… Alshtail, you have to speak with the top of your country. You say that we know everything about Herge. If anyone from the nobility comes here, his neck will fall. Her sister is making a riot here. 」

(Alshtail)「…… Yes. I’ll tell everyone. But what about Lulu… 」

(Lulu)「Yes, I am also carrying the role of the hostage. And the matter of aid and support is also a form of compensation. 」

(Seraria)「When you announce this, the vicinity of Ritea will soon become full of enemies. At that time, Rochelle will take the initiative and attack you. This is the strategy Yuki said that could silence the upper echelon. If the matter of Herge is known, everything will be a mess and you won’t know when you lose your life, do you get it?」

Chii ane-sama said that and pulled her sword which she caressed lightly.

(Yuki)「Now, we have a rough outline for our plan. Let’s resume after a break. 」

Chii ane-sama put her sword in its sheath and tried to leave the meeting room.

(Crack)「Seraria-sama. Can I ask you one thing?」

Crack-san asked chii ane-sama.


(Crack)「I can agree with what you said a short while ago. But, why didn’t you threaten me with your sword? It’s not an exaggeration to say that I took away your little sister. Hasn’t Yuki-dono told you?」

(Alshtail)「… Crack. I am also a knight. 」

(Crack)「Ha, we know. It’s the goddess of war who gave you the Valkyrie’s job. 」

(Seraria)「You’re right…. I don’t want to use myself for the past. I want to use it for the future and not make wasteful death. 」

(Crack)「I have the same thought. Because I was blaming the future, I threw away a lot of things. 」

(Seraria)「That’s why, don’t try to escape from your sins. For the death of many people. For the death of Herge. Grab a hold of the future and make it have sense. I wonder if you see the difference?」


(Seraria)「Then, there’s no meaning to slay you and throw you away. If you have instead come here to challenge me, and lose your life, then I welcome you anytime. The future you desire is connected to Herge’s death. 」

When chii ane-sama said that, she walked away.
Crack-san was doing Ritea’s most respectful way of salutation.

(Crack)「Ano, I’m going to live but… 」

(Lutz)「Well, please give up. If not, she’ll destroy you?」

Lutz-san struck his shoulder.
…… Shikushiku 4)SFX: Sobbing
Afterword of the author
Yes, Seraria became furious for her beliefs.
Well, Herge is alive!!

I will be absent tomorrow.
That’s because I must write「The Gundam side story」!!


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References   [ + ]

1. aka their Honor or Prestige
2. She talks about her sister, Seraria
3. he hesitated which honorific he should use towards Yuki
4. SFX: Sobbing

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